Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Cringe is Worthy

The Cringe is Worthy
I am a huge fan of train wrecks and Kent B is one of those said wrecks. Ever since discovering him on Kiwi Farms, I have been keeping a eye on him. In many ways, I was Kent growing up. Due to my strange nature of dealing with social interactions, I was an awkward kid that didn't have many friends.
With that, I also had difficult times getting the attention of girls as well. Even if I threw I rock at a girl, I couldn't get their attention. Look, I was and still am an unattractive awkward guy. I was that thirsty teenager kid that went crush crazy if a girl merely talked to me. I had to learn the hard way that you get nothing from those interactions.
Kent seems to not understand this and thinks he can pull a girl on an 8-10 scale. He then gets upset and hostile when they reject him. He is basically the black Elliot Rogers.
He doesn't understand that they smell the creepy stalker vibe coming from him when he interacts with them. It makes for cringe-worthy videos. And, sometimes sad videos.
If I were to give him advice, I'd say he needs to stay away from women for a while. Just act civil around them not flirt with them. Just because a woman is nice to you at her work means she's open to a relationship. You're not entitled to be happy or to have a girlfriend, Kent. Getting laid shouldn't be your world, fixing yourself should be your primary goal.
He gets into these patterns where a woman will speak to him and he believes she is attracted to him. He gets all strange and he falls into depression after the rejection.
With the video below, a girl stood him up on his date and went out with another guy.

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