Thursday, August 31, 2017

Reed College protest

Reed College protest
I believe in protesting and letting your voices be heard, but disrupting a class is wrong. People are paying huge amounts of money to hear a lecture and learn something. Disrupting the class for a protest is just wrong. People are there to learn and not have you disrupt their class. Just take it outside. It is that plain and simple.

It just seems counter to your cause when you stop the very reason people are learn. Are these the people you should protest to? Students?  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cool as Ice: JonTron review

Cool as Ice: JonTron review
It is good to see JonTron back to doing what he does best. I disagreed with some of his political stances of late. He took a few months off, rightfully so. And, he came back with this review.
Cool as Ice is one of those forgotten shit-gems that went out like Vanilla Ice.
So, how bad did this movie do?
From the wiki page, ((The film was developed as a vehicle for Vanilla Ice. It has received negative reviews, and was a commercial failure, grossing only $1.2 million from a $6 million budget. ))
Even with a low budget, the movie failed.  As long as you view Mr. Ice as the villain, the movie sort of works.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Gizmodo and that Hoss/h3h3 story

I posted a story about H3H3 winning the suit and thinking that was the end of the story. Case closed. Then, Gizmodo decided to write a story disguised as a hit-piece against h3h3. Everything about the story is on the up and up until a certain point where the writer tries to frame the story as a “Big guy vs. Little guy”.
From Gizmodo, ((Now is a good time to point out that the couple behind the H3H3 channel aren’t necessarily angels. They racked up millions of YouTube subscribers by making fun of other YouTubers and generally stirring up shit. And in terms of subscriber base, the H3H3 couple certainly comes off as a big bully. (H3H3 has 4.6 million subscribers, while Matt Hoss has 170,000.) With their strong following, the H3H3 couple also raised over $100,000 in crowdfunding for their defense. Even big bullies enjoy the benefits of the First Amendment, though. ))
That's part of creating content. If I create work, people are going to rate/review and even mock it. You HAVE to have thick skin. To frame it as a big guy bullying a smaller guy seems a bit off in this case. At a certain point, criticism and even online mocking have become bullying. (Being a black that was considered a geek, I know what mocking and bullying mean, and it is not somebody making fun of a YouTube video.) On all sides, criticism, joking and mocking has becomes a bad thing.
I have written blogs and some have shit on my work.
And, why are you white knighting for Matt Hoss/Bold Guy?
The rest of the story is pretty much fair except for a few snipes here there. I am noticing a trend of traditional media taking snipes at YouTubers with stories such as the Alex Mauer story and that disregard for the YT folks being affected by the strikes.
And, the mocking by h3 is a bit mild and actually not as mean or bad as some reaction channels. Ethan even gives Hoss some props. If you're going to frame it as a bully thing, you could also do it from the other side too.

Jokingly, I wasn't surprised the writer was a skinny dude with black rimmed glasses.  
And, now I will share this lovely image with you.  Enjoy. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The H3H3 vs Matt Hoss: It is over.

The H3H3 vs Matt Hoss: It is over.
I am not going to go through the entire history, but another YT person sued h3h3 over some butt-hurt feelings. H3 announced it on Twitter. In the end, the Judge made a judgment in the case.
From Tech Crunch, ((The key evidence in the record consists of the Klein and Hoss videos themselves,” Forrest writes. “Any review of the Klein video leaves no doubt that it constitutes critical commentary of the Hoss video; there is also no doubt that the Klein video is decidedly not a market substitute for the Hoss video. For these and the other reasons set forth below, defendants’ use of clips from the Hoss video constitutes fair use as a matter of law.” ))
H3's video didn't replace the original video and came back as review/parody more than anything else. The judge also dismissed the defamed aspect of the lawsuit. So, yeah this is a win for critics of work and parody.

I wouldn't put it past Matt Hoss to sue them again. Right now, his YouTube page is tanked and he has come across as a sensitive person that can't take a joke. That is just an opinion, Matt Hoss. Don't sue me.  
I'd love to hear Hoss' side of the story.  

More Chris Chan foolishness

More Chris Chan foolishness

Every time I think Chris Chan is going to bore me, he does something completely stupid. After the Brony-Con, Chris Chan continues to wear his stupid My Little Pony ears and horn...everywhere. he even wears this headgear out in public. He even wears the damn thing in church. Church! And, that was what got him in trouble.
Completely missing the point, he was upset and decided to bother one of the MLP actresses with a handwritten, not via Twitter.

It should be noted he is STILL wearing his MLP outfit today. I am not sure if he is going to wear it into court tomorrow if he shows up.  He doesn't have a true cent to his name other than his government check every month, so there isn't much they can get back any money from him.  
When talking about racism and other issues, so people don't want to see you wear some stupid MLP things. It is just not right.   

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall (Thoughts)

Once again, we are reminded why the White Walkers are truly total badasses. This episode didn't disappoint. I love how the show keeps building upon itself with the growing threat of the White Walkers and their zombie horde. As many have stated, this is basically a western just set in a sword-wielding time period with fantasy elements.
The action scenes were filmed like a grand western battle with a small force dealing with a bigger surrounding force. I liked the final stand aspects of it. There are a few video game element thrown in too with them picking off zombie after zombie that I enjoyed as well.
This band of folks didn't get along at first but fought together like a team. And, I love that Jon Snow is willing to give himself up to let the others get away.
Speaking of that, we get our first glimpse of the Dragons just destroying the horde of zombies with their fire. We have been waiting years to see this moment and it is amazing to watch finally. Great special effects. By the way, we already know that fire has no effect on White Walkers, but their zombies are toast.
Then, we get one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show. The Night King kills one of Danny's dragons. Because of plot leaks, I knew this was going to happen months ago. Despite knowing of this shocking moment, it is still emotionally hard to see a dragon dying on screen as it screeches and crashes into the ice and sinks down into the water. And, to hear its fellow dragons cry out in sorrow also saddening. Then, you have that cold expression on the Night King's face. That is such a brilliant moment.
I might say that the dragon dying is far more intense and sad than the Red Wedding. We got to see these dragons grow up and develop like any other character. And, one White Walker dispatches one of them with a single ice blade (probably magic based).

Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Thoughts of recent events.

 Due to recent events, I have to add my two cents.  Generally, I am sick of the Trump protest and the far-right nonsense that I just ignore it all.  And, I will probably not vote in the next election.  
I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s, so I have been around for a long time. I've seen political strife for years, but I have never seen it this mean and personal. I generally try to keep this blog as positive as possible, but the recent events in VA need to be discussed.
I may disagree with the far right, but that doesn't give me the right to hit someone over the head with a bike lock or set someone's hair on fire. That also doesn't give me the right to hit a group of left-leaning protesters with a car either.
Here's the thing, crashing a car into a group of protesters is wrong and shows how disconnected we are with people. There is so much hatred in the air that this redneck decided to ram his car into a crowd of protesters. The far-far-right has been emboldened by Trump's nonsense. The far left has become pretty bad in itself, but not on the same level. And, it seems people on the left have finally started to attack the more fringe elements on the left. We need to see this calling out by the right too.
Something is wrong when Nazis roam around acting like they own the place. And, a guy was so angry that he rammed his car into a group of people, so something needs to change. Being a black man, I have NEVER seen it this bad.
We as Americans have to be better than this. I think we need to move toward the center of politics in order to get things done. If our President won't stand up to extremist views, we need to. It is okay to disagree with someone without hurting or killing them. We've forgotten that.
Then there is the muted response from Trump that even I was offended by because it was way off the mark. You can't blame both sides when one side actually murdered and hurt many people. What has become apparent is Trump isn't the President of all the people in the US, but for a certain demographic and nothing else. When you take that oath, you represent us all, Trump. It is your job to stand up against hatred and violence and not give weak-ass answers. Trump doesn't understand that protesting is very different than someone ramming a car into a group of people. And, he should have come out against these Nazis and KKK members. It is not that hard to do and Mr. Trump couldn't do it.
Heck, Bush Jr. would have handled himself better.
This is a sad day. For the good of the country, it is time for Trump to step down. I still think we can survive four years of Trump, but some of us won't make it.  We just have to get a candidate that isn't as corrupt as Clinton or Trump.  
As Americans, it is time for us to shift away from the extreme left and right and move toward the center.
Now, let me get off this soap box and get back to talking about pornstars, pop culture, and crazy Chris Chan  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

unsolicited opinions about Israel: Rick and Morty?

Did Rick and Morty do an unofficial joke about the meme “unsolicited opinions about Israel”?
Of course, the alien “star-based” hero would never have known about the political issues of Israel or if their unsolicited. I think this is a subtle jab at Marvel's foolish joke in  Angela, Queen of Hel and that strange off-character rant. Keep in mind THIS episode is based on superheroes and the Marvel team-ups and Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not sure which writer slipped this in, but it is clearly a side joke in there about Marvel while making a bigger joke about this issue and no one wanting to touch the subject. Not even the man made of a million ants wants to talk about it.
It seems they hid a meme within a bigger joke.
Side Note: The Angela comic was later canned due to low sales.  

About that Taylor Swift Courtroom sketch art

About that Taylor Swift Courtroom sketch art
I was watching the Double Toasted guys rip on this dude's drawings and they're right. The artwork leaves much to be desired. I have to say they do look like coloring book drawings. Damn.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DSP Tried It: Being trolled in World of Warcraft

DSP Tried It: Being trolled in World of Warcraft
Okay, this one had me laughing a great deal. For his Patreon goal being reached, he had to play WOW on his stream. The problem was that hundreds of trolls went to his starting zone and messed with him. They killed every monster and kept turning him into a turkey. While I have been down for a while, this truly raised my spirits.
I love how he complained about the chat not helping him and the fact the game is “too social”. You can tell he is really pissed about this. He hates social interaction of any kind.

Jump on it , My Brony

Due to other factors and recent events, I feel a bit depressed. However, then I saw this gem of a picture. 

Basically, Chris went to a Brony Con and walked around dressed as his favorite My Little Pony outfit. Even though he has money-lending companies suing him, he goes on spending money (given to him by tax payers and fans) to stroll around a convention. The money-lending company WILL garnish his wages and makes that government check that is around 800 dollars a month to whatever he makes on  Patreon.
Yet, I have to give him credit for being oblivious to the major issues he's facing. He just keeps on going through without a care in the world and keeps spending hundreds of dollars on VG stuff and toys.
He looks happy, if not creepy and out of place. Even for a Brony convention...
Side note: I don't get the Brony thing and I've only met one male Brony dude. He was walking around with an MLP backpack (at age 20). I laughed and went on my way. I guess Brony's are that fan base that other fan bases look down upon right?
Side Note II:  He brought his Sonichu comic books around and was showing them to people, including children.  

 Please note the creepy old man behind Chris that appears to want to beat up Chris.  And, the frightened little girls.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Star Trek The Motion Picture "memory wall scene"

From Forgotten Trek, ((Director Robert Wise rejected it during postproduction and replaced it with Spock’s spacewalk. ))

I got these photos from Forgotten Trek where they go into great detail the scenes involving Kirk and Spock exploring V'ger. Here are the scenes as they were written in the script. And, check out the other site that has a ton of pictures of this forgotten scene.
The key is to find out what really happened behind the scenes for Paramount to pretend the memory wall scene was never filmed. Paramount has stead-fast denied that these scenes were ever filmed and only released test footage of the suits flying by.
It was during this time when Abel's FX team was fired from the movie, (Paramount is very wishy-washy about this fact) and Trumbull and Dykstra were brought on full time. Trumbull and Dysktra scrapped all the footage from the memory wall scene and completely re-wrote the scene. Instead of a long scene where Spock and Kirk enter V'ger. We have Spock flying through the memories of V'ger's trek across the universe. They even changed the space suit design for the re-shoots.
Trevanian had this to say about the whole ordeal from the Trek boards, ((We know that they shot on the trench and memory wall stage for a week or more going by the making of stuff. We also know that there was some bluescreen shooting for it. Right there, that suggests it was shot in its entirety. 
More significantly, Doug Trumbull has claimed he is the guy who talked Wise into dropping the sequence, DURING POSTPRODUCTION. Trumbull official position on the show started in 79, after the sequence was shot. He says that the whole movie fell apart at this sequence when he saw the rough cut. Cinefex 1 addresses all this. ))
I find it interesting that Paramount will not talk about the trouble it had behind the scenes with the special effects and other issues. Truth be told, the movie is lucky it was released at all. And, part of the blame was laid squarely at the feet of Gene.  
TMP never received a test screening, which was something Robert Wise wanted, but he had to rush this movie out the door for the opening night. It is neat to know that they did have a little time to reshoot the memory wall scene and turn it into the space walk scene we see in the final film. I like the final version better, but it would be nice to see the actual deleted scene.
Here's the director's cut version of the space walk scene (there is a slightly different one on the VHS copy)
Side Note: When they were filming the memory wall scene, Clint Eastwood visited the set at the same time with his family. There is even a rare photo of his visit.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Red Letter Media “busted” Ghostbuster (2016)

Red Letter Media “busted” Ghostbuster (2016)
After the dust has settled, we get an in depth review by Mr. Plinkett.
My biggest issues are some of the story elements and character things needed a re-write. Why not show the GB group bust more than one ghost in the first two acts? What was the point of Bill Murray's appearance? Where are the montages about catching ghosts?
Something was lost between the pre-production and post.  
Yeah, the blame does fall on  Paul Feig . He had the cast and the effects to make a good movie.
And, yes Mr. T does sell an oven just like Hulk Hogan. Except Mr. T's oven doesn't allegedly burn down houses.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Drive Time: Yep

Drive Time: Yep
I like seeing this commercial and love the joke during the end of the ad. The Drive Time ads are usually about these two ladies kidnapping potential car buyers and brainwashing them about their product. Kind of creepy. So, they're usually lame, but this one is cute.
This one is a bit different because it parodies the hip-hop MV from the late 90s and early 2000s. The light on the camera lens gives it away.
The kicker is this song is based on a song by E-40 called “Choices”. It is a rather dirty song. It has a connections to pimping.
I guess E-40 loves Yoda.

Was it ripe? Nope.  

Monday, August 07, 2017

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick!

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick!
Brilliant episode. I like this one as much as the season opener. And, it mentions the original Earth they left behind from the first five episodes. It starts out as a bottle episode and turns into an action movie thing. Then, it switches gears into a show about emotions, while still carrying over the divorce story arc.
The concept of turning Rick into a pickle was neat to me. I like the pure crazy nature of it while still playing the action elements rather straight. He did all this so he would not have to go to therapy. That kind of hit home, because I had to make a decision to start going to therapy earlier this year.
It is an odd episode that made me laugh a lot. And, it dealt with some serious family issues as well. However, we now know that the Smith family is completely screwed.
-Cats don't like pickles?: That is news to me. I love that it was the fat cat that freaked out and attacked Pickle Rick and started him on his adventure.
-Danny Trejo as Jaguar: If you're going to parody action films, why not have the guy that plays the henchmen in them playing the major role in the episode? I didn't notice that he was designed and drawn like he was part of Gravity Falls. There are so many references to action heroes with this character that I can't even begin to write them down. Clearly one of them is Rambo.
-Susan Sarandon is great as the head-doctor: She plays it completely straight thus giving what she says about Rick more gravity. She destroys his concepts pretty good while making a comment about poop.
-Eating Poop: Yeah, the show throws a lot of poop jokes at us. I love the running gag of poop eating.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Rustville the conclusion?

Well, there is an update on the Ariana Grande lawsuit case I wrote about earlier...I didn't want to write about it during the court case because he wanted people to talk about it. Thus, hyping up the issue. He went around to all the local news channels to ask them to cover the case. (they turned him down) And, I didn't want to add to this BS at the time.
Basically, the judge threw out the lawsuit.
Make sure to head over to Kiwi Farms to read the transcripts from the court appearance. The judge and lawyer in the case pretty much took turns destroying Russ. Make sure to back page into more of the transcripts, but the meat of it in on this page. The defense team uses Russ' own FB post against him, which is probably the reason Russ's FB is gone.
Anyway, the lawsuit was thrown out for a number of reasons. And, the judge actually threatened to put him in jail for some of the things he said about the lawyer defending Ariana Grande. Russ now owes 1,500 dollars to the defense team (I know I am using the wrong term) for putting up this bogus lawsuit. Ouch.
So, he's come out of the case owning more than coming in. Damn.
I hate when people misuse the court system for their own personal feelings. There are real issues with people with disabilities that are discriminated against that need to be heard and not some guy that “felt” threatened by a tiny woman in a meet and greet backstage.
Anyway, Russ is also being evicted from him living space due to some “issues” and a former adult industry worker has put out a warning to current working girls about this guy.
What is with this guy and women?  

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

American Gods

American Gods
Because I was out of the loop, I let this series pass me by. I’ve watched all eight episodes of the first season and I have to say I am really digging the show. I honestly didn’t think I would like it due me being a non-religious person. But, the concept is rather brilliant in a way. It is a world where all gods exist in some form or another in North America. Some are old and others are brand new. They interact and have disputes like the rest of us.

The show is based on the Neil Gaiman book. From what I can tell, the series is following the book rather faithfully. I think the concept is open for changes and course-corrections too. Bryan Fuller is deeply involved in the development of the series with Gaiman.
-The format of the show is interesting: The cold openings are usually a short "movie" about a god living in America and the things they do. Some of them have normal jobs and others do their godly deeds. I like seeing inside these gods' lives. I know most of these gods will play a bigger part in the overall story. Some of the other gods first appear not to be attached to the main story will do weave into it from time to time.
-New Gods: I LOVE the concept of these new gods coming in and wanting to throw out the old gods. So far I've seen the Internet God (Naturally, he's a major asshole, Kind of like a 4chan person.) Then, there is the TV god. She is in the form of Lucy from I Love Lucy. I love that because Lucy was a pioneer in TV. She also mentions that she is an older god than Internet. That's a nice touch. Then, we have Crispin Glover as the globalization God. He seems to be one of the more powerful gods. Glover was born to play this role. These gods are considered the main bad guys of the show.
-Ian McShane  : He’s great in the second lead role. He is a bit of a more positive character than his great character from Deadwood. He plays a major god on the series and he has a major plan to bring the old god together. I love that he drives around in an old car and hates technology. Watch the show just to see Ian interact with Shadow. (Actually, his role is similar to his small part in Game of Thrones)
-Shadow played Ricky Whittle : I like this guy and I like his character. The show centers around him. I like he has a bit of an edge to him. He kind of reminds me of a young The Rock. I glad they picked a big guy that can act.
-There is a Goddess that eats people with her vagina: I wish I was making this up. She uses Craig's List and goes on dates with men and women. She has sex with them and proceeds to swallow them whole into her lower regions It is rather distributing to watch actually. I know this is right from the book. But, WTF? I guess there are worst ways to go.
-Dane Cook : If you hate Dane Cook and wondered where he's been since 2005, then this show is for you. He has a small part, but important part of the show, which I am not going to give away. He plays a self-centered asshole. Imagine that. And, this is his best role since Simon Sez .
-Crazy ex-living girlfriend: That's all I am going to say.
If I had one thing to hate about the series is its overuse of slow motion. It feels like they took a page out of Zack Snyder's book. Please stop doing that.  

Well, that happened

Guess who is being sued
That’s right. It is Chris Chan. He’s been racking up credit debt for many years now. He's been basically refusing to pay for these loans and it has finally caught up with him. Mariner Finance has put their foot down and taking him to court.
Here’s the issue; he generally doesn’t tend to take care of things like this. So, he could end up in jail for not showing up to court. It is a shame he's turned into this mess.
Given his living conditions, something has got to give. He lives in a fire hazard with the ever growing piles of junk and filth. I think he needs to be placed in a mental hospital and given the proper treatment.
Side note: I find it amusing that they’re using his “dead name” in the court documents. I guess he's not legally a female woman yet. Will he spaz out when they use his dead name in court and improper pronoun?
Does this seem like a sane person?

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