Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Well, that happened

Guess who is being sued
That’s right. It is Chris Chan. He’s been racking up credit debt for many years now. He's been basically refusing to pay for these loans and it has finally caught up with him. Mariner Finance has put their foot down and taking him to court.
Here’s the issue; he generally doesn’t tend to take care of things like this. So, he could end up in jail for not showing up to court. It is a shame he's turned into this mess.
Given his living conditions, something has got to give. He lives in a fire hazard with the ever growing piles of junk and filth. I think he needs to be placed in a mental hospital and given the proper treatment.
Side note: I find it amusing that they’re using his “dead name” in the court documents. I guess he's not legally a female woman yet. Will he spaz out when they use his dead name in court and improper pronoun?
Does this seem like a sane person?

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