Monday, August 07, 2017

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick!

Rick and Morty: Pickle Rick!
Brilliant episode. I like this one as much as the season opener. And, it mentions the original Earth they left behind from the first five episodes. It starts out as a bottle episode and turns into an action movie thing. Then, it switches gears into a show about emotions, while still carrying over the divorce story arc.
The concept of turning Rick into a pickle was neat to me. I like the pure crazy nature of it while still playing the action elements rather straight. He did all this so he would not have to go to therapy. That kind of hit home, because I had to make a decision to start going to therapy earlier this year.
It is an odd episode that made me laugh a lot. And, it dealt with some serious family issues as well. However, we now know that the Smith family is completely screwed.
-Cats don't like pickles?: That is news to me. I love that it was the fat cat that freaked out and attacked Pickle Rick and started him on his adventure.
-Danny Trejo as Jaguar: If you're going to parody action films, why not have the guy that plays the henchmen in them playing the major role in the episode? I didn't notice that he was designed and drawn like he was part of Gravity Falls. There are so many references to action heroes with this character that I can't even begin to write them down. Clearly one of them is Rambo.
-Susan Sarandon is great as the head-doctor: She plays it completely straight thus giving what she says about Rick more gravity. She destroys his concepts pretty good while making a comment about poop.
-Eating Poop: Yeah, the show throws a lot of poop jokes at us. I love the running gag of poop eating.

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