Friday, March 29, 2019

TYT: Cenk and the Jussie Smollett Thang

TYT:  Cenk and the Jussie Smollett Thang

It is strange to see TYT fall off so badly.  They were the bad boys of the far left and went against the grain of the talking points.  Cenk would take positions that weren’t part of the lock-step with the Dems.   
I love that the dislikes are in 2K while the likes are in 700s.  This is crazy.  And, we’ve already started the “healing” of his character due to him getting involved in a reward from NAACP.   

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Orville:  A different Hot Potato Game 

Well, it is basically the same game, but with a different ending.  It seems like a game worthy of the Klingons.  I love the Moclans reaction to Ed getting his hand impaled.   
From Wikinary, ((hot potato (countable and uncountableplural hot potatoes) 
(uncountable) A child's game in which players pass a ball or other item between them, with the object of avoiding being left holding the item when time expires.))’ 

Star Trek Generations: Nice effect

Star Trek Generations: Nice effect 

Back in the late 90s, I watched this movie in the theater.  There was a moment where I thought, “Wow, that was brutal.” If you look closely, the people on the hull of the Enterprise see the shockwave coming for them.  Some of the people on the hull react and start to run away.  It is a nice touch.  I like that moment, but it is a mean moment too.  These people fought a Klingon ship and crashed on a planet only to get destroyed in the shockwave.  It is nice that the wave does not use fire to destroy the planet but shakes it apart.   

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Jussie All Charges Dropped

Jussie All Charges Dropped 

Yep, this is officially bullshit. Despite all the evidence, the city of Chicago dropped the charged.  How did this happen?  Clearly, there was someone powerful whipping his ass.   
From AP News, ((Infuriating Chicago’s mayor and police chief, prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett on Tuesday after the “Empire” actor accused of faking a racist, anti-gay attack on himself agreed to let the city keep his $10,000 in bail. But he maintained his innocence and insisted he was attacked.)) 
The fact that he faked a hate crime just pisses me off.  He wanted to be the King of SJW and he doesn’t deserve it.  It is not about you, Jussie.  This harms every gay or black person that has really been attacked and you want to feed your ego and support your shitty music.  F’ you, Jussie.   

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Stripes in Louisville way back in 1980

Stripes is a strange but funny movie.  Some of the jokes you could not do today due to the wokeness of our society, but it is a classic.  Clearly, the people making Police Academy took this idea and expanded to two hours.  On Stripes, the third act is a completely different movie and is a bit jarring.   
A few years ago, at my favorite restaurant, I was looking at a wall and there was an autographed picture with the owner of the restaurant and Bill Murry and Harold Ramis.  The photo was taken years upon years ago.  I realized this was on the set of the movie Stripes.  They filmed most of the movie in Kentucky back in 1980.  Portions of the filming happened in Louisville.   
Back in the day, Louisville sort of looked more like the grittier New York.  So, it stood in for a bigger city.  Louisville had more industrial parts of the city and railroad tracks were all over the city.  Waterfront Park used to be an industrial park and a railroad junkyard.  Bill is very close to that area.  The training scenes were filmed at Fort Knox.  I’ve been to Fort Knox and it looks completely different than it is portrayed.  

Anyway, the owner of the restaurant is in the scene with Harold Ramis teaching students Basic English in the classroom.  I showed her the clip yesterday and she laughed and smiled.  It is interesting to show someone the scene they were in.  She filmed that scene back in November 1980.  Basically, she was watching a clip nearly 40 years ago.  I was a small child during this time.   
Recently, there have been movies and shows being filmed in the area.  Nic Cage filmed a movie here.   
Side note:  Murray drives down a portion of River Road.  Those giant plants in containers are still there.  They keep barges from crashing into the side of the city.  Now, the bridge where Murray stops the Taxi is called the Second Street Bridge.  In the movie, the bridge looks amazingly new and clean.  It looked a little beaten down a few years ago but is now getting a repaint and cleaning.  It is a completely different color now about 75% through.   It is now a yellow bridge. It should also be noted that the bridge takes on more traffic than it was intended due to tolls on other bridges.   

Monday, March 25, 2019

Ron Jeremy in Ghostbusters (Revisit)

Ron Jeremy in Ghostbusters 

Years ago, I did a post about everyone’s favorite, in his mind, pornstar Ron Jeremy.  From the 70-early 90s, Jeremy was in every popular porn movie.  He was everywhere.  To my total surprise, he appeared as an extra in one of my favorite mainstream movies...Ghostbusters.   
When the containment seal is broke, our little hedgehog can be seen staring at the ghosts flowing out of the firehouse.  I am sure he could have used his long penis to catch some of the ghosts.  It is odd to know that the most mainstream pornstar ended up in one of the most popular movies of its time.  And, most people didn’t know about it until recently.  The Ghostbusters Wiki even gave him an entry (I know that sounds bad).   
This cameo was discovered back in 2007-08 and it is an odd find.   
From Proton Charging((Around the time Ghostbusters was being filmed, Ron was just getting started in the film industry (adult and otherwise.) In the documentary Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, fellow actor Bill Margold mentions Ron trying to get him to join him as an extra on the Stallone actioner, Cobra. Given this and the fact that Ron is from and was living in New York at the time, it’s not that far-fetched. Just very odd.)) 
He would later show up in the porn parody of GB as the library scene back in 2011.  So, the circle is complete.  Lately, Ron hasn’t been in the best of health and there were accusations of elder abuse.   

I heard Ron doesn't like talking about his cameo in the movie.  I find it strange given his body of work.  He was in one of the Crank movies and a few other mainstream movies. 
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