Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 1 of 3)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 1 of 3)

Despite some good aspects, this movie is truly a mess. This is clearly DC playing catch-up to Marvel's movie universe and it shows how desperate DC is to make a combined universe. It reveals that DC hasn't learned a damn thing about universe building with this movie. Even with some stuff edited out, Snyder's second DC movie is overstuffed with confusing and goofy nonsense. With all that's going on, nothing feels fully realized. The movie is somewhat saved in the third act with an impressive final battle with Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman vs Doomsday. However, you have to sit through two dreary earlier acts. For everything the movie gets right, it takes three steps back.
Where is the heart from the Man of Steel movie?
Due to the battle in Metropolis, from the last movie, Bruce Wayne witnesses some of his friends lose their lives. He sees Superman as an uncaring God that doesn't look out for the normal people. Batman decides he must take out Superman at all cost. Confounding this conflict, Lex Luthor is playing a major role in this battle of the heroes.
Trust me, I really simplified the plot in the paragraph above. You have Congress meeting and trade deals and shipping rights to sit through and even a piss joke that doesn't work.
I will say that the openning battle from Man of Steel from the ground level is impressive. And, they
Unlike Man of Steel, WB let the reigns off of Zack Snyder, and we get to see what a pure Snyder-DC movie would look like. While there isn't as much slow-motion-porn, the other weaker and annoying staples of Snyder's other works are present. Like Burton, Snyder is far more interested in style than proper character development and organic plot progression. The main story theme that played a central role in the first movie and grounded it is nowhere to be found in this movie. I am not even sure there is a central theme buried in all this conflicting and confusing story..
For every cool shot faithfully brought out from the various DC comics,you will have two or three questions about characters' motivations. That is a major issue. Snyder needs another director that is suited with telling stories to help with his visual style. This Micheal Bay trend of cool cuts and slow-motion over a good plot really needs to stop.
Yes, we get to see Superman and Batman duke it out, but the movie doesn't really deserve it. The script is so weak that it doesn't give us a proper reason for having Batman want to kill Superman. Batman, if he had problems with Superman, would probably discuss it with Superman first. It is like DC and Snyder wanted to force feed us the conflict from the The Dark Knight Returns without even bothering to convey a proper reason for these two to fight each other.
Captain America Civil War earned it because it built it up over time. We saw the differences the way Cap and Iron-Man viewed the world, so it worked. Here, the conflict happens over a span of ONE movie. Instead of having them fight, why not have to work together in an uneasy alliance? DC Comics was always the publisher that put writers first and the artwork second. Marvel Comics was more of an artist publisher first with style and look being important. It seems Marvel and DC have reversed that with their movie franchises.
There is clearly a bit of tug of war with WB shoehorning into their larger DC movie universe and Zack wanting to show Batman and Superman hating each other. Unlike Marvel, DC wants to force these iconic characters together in the form of ONE movie. So, we get these weak introductions to other DC characters that really don't make a difference to the already super-crammed story.
There is a shinning light in this movie. It is in the form of the lovely Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fun with comments...again

Fun with comments...again
Ladies, does this turn you on? 

I love getting comments from very new comments for old post I did years ago. Here's another one.
If you know me in real life, you know that I hate people wearing tank-tops/wife-beaters. I wrote a post three years about sleeveless shirts and I guess I have offended a bunch of people because I keep getting angry comments about it...three years later. Three years in Internet years is like 5-7 years.
From my post, (( Anonymous said...
Fine. We will all take them off and go topless. Would you prefer that? How about you mind your own business instead?
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:56:00 PM))
What the F'? My little three year old post got you so pissed off that you took the time to FIND my post, read it, get through the spam filter and then type up an angry comment...about a blogger hating on tank-tops. Really?
Then,you give me the suggestion to “mind my own business”. On my own blog? How does that work? Let also go to the extreme and threaten to go topless. Yeah, go ahead and try that.
Did someone piss in this guy's cornflakes and he was on a tear and targeted my posts? Of all the terrible things I wrote about on this blog, THIS was the thing that pissed someone off? 
Anyway, I got a huge laugh out of this comment and it made my day.  

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting
On a serious note...
During Thanksgiving, Louisville made the national news, but for negative reasons. While watching The Force Awaken with friends, one of my friends told me about the shooting.
I hate to say things that are cliche in nature, but "This is why we can't have good things." There is always going to be some thug that ruins it for the rest of community. This happens a lot in the black community.
This happened in the West End of Louisville. A lot of people view that part of town as having a lot of crime, yet my part of town is considered the richer section of town. We had a major shooting in the East End too, so we can't blame it on just merely happening in the West End.
It is shameful to ruin a positive thing in the black community and shows there is a negative side of the black community I am a little angry that Black Lives Matters won't touch the main issue in the black community. That's black on black crime. This shooting proves that we have elements in the community don't give a shit about other black people.
Remember, it is Black Lives Matter. Yes, police corruption is an issue, but what is destroying is this thug element. We refuse to even discuss the black on black crime issue at all. If you're black like me and mention it, you're considered a sellout or outcast.
This shooting needs to be discussed and talk about reducing crimes. We need to change certain elements of our culture in order to become a better community.
I've always said that we need more black nerds and less thugs. Having swagger shouldn't be as important as having a proper education.
I just have an assumption that this latest crime (in a growing crime year) will be forgotten about and we will lose focus on the real issues. With the incident that happened at the waterfront and the Mall incident, it shows there are some serious problems in our black community especially in the young parts. We're all in trouble unless we discuss it and find solutions.
Okay , off my soap box.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Chris Chan, please stop begging for money...

Chris Chan, please stop begging for money...
I've been following this train wreck for a year or so. I can't get enough of this guy, but it is getting annoying that he keeps posting videos begging for money. At this point, his mother is being sued by two banks/credit card companies. And, Chris is not doing a thing about it. It should be noted the he/she spends most of his government check on Lego sets and video games. Then, he goes online to beg for money. 
How about selling some of those 1K priced Lego sets?  

Congrats, Verizon. You made one of the worst ads ever.

Congrats, Verizon. You made one of the worst ads ever.
This popped up on one of the videos I saw recent and I couldn't bring myself to skip the horrible ad. While love the Thrift Shop song that this is spoofing, this version is really hard to hear. 
First, why would you spoof a song that came out a few years ago. You're aiming this toward the younger crowd. It was released back in 2012.
Second, Why not hire Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to do the spoof. People would really dig the ad and it would go viral.
Now, this ad was bad, but not as bad as the Amy Schumer Old Navy ads...oh, boy. These ads are even worst than those Bud Light ads.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Not the best way to call into work...

Not the best way to call into work...
Hey, instead of calling into work, just create a bomb threat.
From News, ((Jessica Ward, who is not a UF faculty, staff member or student, was working at the Java Hut Coffee Kiosk in the New Engineering Building last Wednesday when she made a bomb threat against the building, according to the University of Florida Police Department. ))
First off, this HAD to happen in Florida where the worst things seem to happen. Second, she is in her 20s so this makes sense in their twisted minds. Third, she made this fake threat because she wanted some time off.
From Wsbradio, ((Police said Ward admitted that she wrote the threat in an effort to leave work at the time indicated in the threat in order to get some “me time." ))
Well, now she probably been fired and is in jail. She has a lot of “me time”. 
Mugshots are the new selfies. 

Mannequin Challenge: Please Stop

Mannequin Challenge: Please Stop
From Wiki, ((The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded, usually with the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. The hashtag #MannequinChallenge was used for popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is believed that the phenomenon was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2016. The initial posting has inspired works by other groups, especially professional athletes and sports teams that have posted increasingly complex and elaborate videos. ))
So, we can blame this on Florida.
I HATE this new meme challenge. It annoys me as much as the Harlem Shake. It probably annoys me the most because this is what cool people consider the Harlem Shake. If it involves being shown on camera, the cool kids will do it. It feels like a cool kids type of meme.
I just can't understand how and why this thing got so popular. It doesn't make sense to me. It does feel like this stupid meme/challenge will get out of hand too. Because I am old, I can't understand the appeal of freezing on camera.
We got everyone from Taylor Swift to prisoners doing this annoying thing. For some reason, this really bothers me, and I am not sure why though.
Besides, the Police Squad end credits did it much better and it was more entertaining.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Kanye West going crazy: When your people call the cops on you and the cops handcuff you, there are major problems in your life. Kanye started losing it even before this strange rant he had on stage. I've come to really hate him over the years due to his ever expanding ego. He has this strange vision where entertainer are above us normal humans. even his meltdown on stage had some of this strange stuff. And, you have to love that he stopped the show after two and half shows. 
~Supergirl is really taking off this season: Damn, they're really moving into a lot DC Comics iconic story lines. Heck, they even introduced the Cyborg story and they might even bring back Luthor. Yet, there are rumblings of a Superman spin-off too. I love that they're digging into Cadmus and the freaking Guardian. 

~Corey Feldman, when is this shit show going to end?: It seems like every few weeks we get another shit show about Feldman. Now, he's married one of his background “singers”. This will be his third marriage. I can't believe we're still talking about this useless hack, but it is still entertaining to see him fail ever single moment though. I might write a review about one of his “music videoes”.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

George Lucas loves noodles

George Lucas loves noodles
 Regrets Howard the Duck...

I laughed when one of my podcast sites mentioned that there is a photo of George Lucas sitting in a mall eating six dollar noodles. I looked it up, and it is true.  There he was eating noodles at a mall. 
This is the same guy that created Star Wars and created ILM. He is actually one of the founding fathers of Pixar. He sold his Star Wars franchise for billions of dollars and here he is sitting. He's just an old man eating noodles in a mall and it is kind of strange.
By the way,this happened in a mall in Australia. From, ((But that’s what happened to shoppers at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Australia – who earlier this week were treated to the sight of George Lucas himself getting stuck in to a plate of noodles.))
Maybe, he'll CGI in some fries and a Starbucks cup into the scene.  
He does seem to to be a bit sad doesn't he?  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Raven's Cry: AKA Pirates of the Caribbean knockoff

Raven's Cry: AKA Pirates of the Caribbean knockoff
I love watching train wrecks and this video game clearly falls under such a description. It is the Ride to Hell of pirate video games. And, the best part about this game is the publisher and developer literally released an unfinished game.
This terrible game had an interesting history. It was announced back in 2011, and another development team had to take over the game from the first team. It was finally released in early2015. And, it was supposed to be more of a sandbox pirate game.
Here are the best things to know about this game.
-Character's will NOT speak lines that are displayed on screen: This is because they didn't bring back the actors to add some lines to the cut scenes!
~There are game-breaking bugs and glitches all over the game!: You can actually break the game in the first mission!.
~Vendetta - Curse of Raven's Cry : The game was so bad that they removed the original game and renamed and re-branded the game Vendetta with the old name being the subtitle. They revamped many elements, but the new version was still bad.
~Accused of writing fake reviews: There are reports that the company making the game hired people to make fake reviews for the game and attacking reviewers that bashed the game.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~My mother is a published writer: My mother wrote a short article for a popular woman's magazine. I'm proud of her and everything, but she became a published writer before me. Heck, I couldn't even get hired on my college newspaper. I am proud of her, but there is a tinge of me now trying to get my shit together. BTW, she wrote an inspirational story about the post office and the kindness of humanity. These are things I not into given my negative view of humanity. 
~Doctor Strange: I still haven't brought myself to watch Doctor strange. People tell me how good this movie and some people put it near the top of their Marvel list. I love that Cumberbatch is playing Dr. Strange. Did you know this isn't the FIRST adaptation of the powerful magic user? I heard a podcast discussing the potential TV pilot (TV movie). Yeah, they were planning on having a TV show based on the character (sort of) years upon years ago way back in 1978. So, the 2016 movie isn't the first one. 
~Dr. Strangefate: Speaking of Dr. Strange... In the 90s, there was a huge comic book crossover between Marvel and DC. At one point, both universes merged into one and characters were combined. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate (DC) were merged together with Professor X. All three formed Dr. Strangefate. Strangefate was one of the few merged characters to know that this merged DC/Marvel universe wasn't meant to be. He did everything in his power to stop someone tearing apart the universe.
~Murder in the neighborhood: I live in the east end where there isn't as much crime as some of the other areas in the city. Most people generally feel safe in the east end. Well, two assholes decided to preform a home invasion on a woman's home in my neighborhood. They broke in the backdoor of the house and entered. The mother pulled out her gun and shot one of the intruders and he stumbled outside and died. His partner in crime decided to leave his friend behind to bleed out in a stranger's backyard. He was caught later. I am a supporter of people owning weapons to defend themselves, and this proves why. Could you have imagined the what they would have done to her if she didn't defend herself?
Anyway, she won't be charged. Kentucky has strong laws in favor of victims of crimes defending themselves and their property. Here's the best part of the story. The friend that survived is being charged with murder. How do you like those apples?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Luke Cage (review part 2 of 2)

Luke Cage is separated into to different story lines and styles. This might be jarring to some. DD did something similar with its season 2 with some better results. Halfway through the season, the show shifts significantly. It starts out as a street level hero fighting another street level gangster. I found these episodes to be really compelling and fun to watch. However, another main villain literally comes out of the shadows and becomes the main villain front and center. It feels like the show takes a hit creatively and it drops some of the more fun elements from the first half.
Here enters Diamond Back. He's more of a superhero villain than really a Cottonmouth or Kingpin. They did alright building him up, but he is clearly the weaker villain of the three (or four) villains portrayed in the season. He has a very strong connection to Luke Cage in the far past and it helps give us a better look at Cage. Still something is missing with him compared to Cottonmouth. Erik LaRay Harvey plays a convincing off the wall superhero villain with soe crazy and violent scenes with certain gangsters. I like Harvey, but he'd work better in a Defenders series than in Luke Cage.
I may hate Diamond Back, but Woodard's character really shines as the villain in waiting. She might very well be far more powerful than Cottonmouth and Diamond Back. While Diamond Back's ultimate suit is a bit too goofy. (BTW, there is a female version of Diamond Back.)
I also enjoyed the manner in which the Luke Cage writers handled the social issues with police and police brutality. They wrote the episodes in a manner that weaves the heavy message in an organic manner. It felt natural to the way the plot was going. Some of the writers from Marvel Comics should take note. The second half really takes on this element.
I just dig how organic this element of the story line comes out the actions of the superheroes and villain, yet it isn't preachy. Tell your message through the narrative.
I also like the stance Cage took on the problems in the African American communities. He doesn't like the use of the N-word and other things of that make him a hero for minorities. I also like that the show takes on the hip-hop throughout the entire season thanks to Cottonmouth's mouth club and the Biggie picture.
By the way, Rosario Dawson is again really good playing the same character from the other Netflix series.
Despite the shaky second half of the season, I enjoyed the newest Marvel series. The acting from the entire cast is amazing. There are so many great minority actors and actresses that it sometimes it is hard to pick your top ones. It is refreshing to see positive minorities in leading roles without it seeming forced or preachy (looking forward to Black Panther). They've set up season 2 and the Defenders rather nicely.
Grade: B

Jame Update: I have changed...I think

Jame Update: I have changed...I think
Yesterday, a punk young teenager tried to get smart with me at work. He made a comment that he shouldn't gotten away with. I let it go and just ignored him. He's basically one of these annoying Cartman types that thinks he can talk to people how he likes. Given I hate entitled self-centered young men with stupid haircuts, I would have put him in his place a year ago and made sure he'd never talk to me like that again. However, he doesn't matter. I may hate him, but I don't have to interact with him at all. And, I am fine with that.  It is a waste of energy to even waste breath on him. 
(Actually, a lot of people would have loved to have seen me yell and put down the stupid kid.)
I am different now. After nearly dying around this time last was actually around this time I checked myself into the ER and spent a week in the hospital, I've changed. I am much slower and take my time. Due to my various illnesses and horrible depression, I decided to get into therapy and I am glad I did.
I started to notice the change when I really didn't give that much of a shit when Trump won. Was I upset? Sure. Yet, it started to fade. (We made it through 8 years of Bush.)
I am more focused on taking care of myself and not letting my health and mental well being destroy me. I'll comment and make reviews on things, but I've set some goals for myself next spring and I want to make sure I can get there. (Perhaps someday I will get enough guts to write fiction again and try to get it published.)
I will never be that happily married person with kids and a house...and a minivan. Yet, I'm okay with that.
I've had some major setbacks (more friends and family dying this year) and I will have more setbacks, but my outlook is somewhat hopeful...hopeful to the point that I don't care about little shit entitled teenagers from the Twitter generation trying to get smart with me.
Now, back to me making fun of other people and shit on their dreams with my blog. 
 Young people are the new hipsters? IE the most annoying people? 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Chris Chan and Trump...

Chris Chan and Trump...
Yes, Chris Chan not only threatened and suggested to kill Trump, which is illegal, he used a Transformer toy to represent the hair-hatted fiend. Really, Chris? Have you lost the few remaining brain cells you had? Make sure to read the entry on Trump vs Chan here. It is a funny yet sad read because the state of Chan's mind is sad. And, they are likely going to lose their house due to the unpaid bills and lawsuits from credit card companies.
Now that Alex Jones took notice of him, Chris has doubled down on his illegal talk about Trump not realizing that people are reporting him to the Secret Service and the FBI for the lulz. He just keeps digging himself in a bigger hole. He'll probably get a visit from the Secret Service real soon.

Dave Chappelle on SNL

I usually don't watch SNL anymore, but damn they kicked ass with last weekend's episode. The Double Toasted guys had some interesting things to say about the episode and the election. I also liked what they had to say about Chappelle.
I loved the Chappelle and Chris Rock Skit.
Given this skit was political, I was thinking they'd bring in Chris Rock. Rock needed to be in this skit and I love how Chappelle plays off of each other. I love they're taking the piss out of rich liberals.
The Walking Dead Bit
I loved seeing characters from the early 2000s Characters from the Dave Chappelle show. I am sure he wanted to kill off these characters for a long time. However, I love that he brought them back for this skit. I'm not a fan of the Walking Dead, but I know the thing this skit is referencing.
I am also happy to see that A Tribe Called Quest is back together. These folks really hated each other.

Friday, November 11, 2016

U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage AKA Nic Cage keeping up his poor movie run

Nic Cage keeping up his poor movie run
Because I wrote about Nic Cage a few weeks ago, Google sends me news suggestions about the guy. Thank you, Google. Anyway, he has another poorly received movie coming out. It is directed by Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City). And, you also have to throw in Tom Sizemore for a good laugh. Yep, there is a movie with both Cage and Sizemore.
Like other Cage based movies, this turkey is currently at 10% on Rotten Tomatoes.
I mean look at the poster. Cage looks bored in just the poster alone.
Yes, this is based on a real story. And, this actually happened just like the trailer says it does. However, doesn't THIS story below sound like a better one than the movie? 
It is just a shame they made a shitty movie about a compelling story. If you can remember, they had that really good scene in Jaws talking about this incident.So, just rent Jaws and watch this chilling scene instead. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

William Shatner as Two-Face

William Shatner as Two-Face
Pure Shatner.
In his prime, I think Shatner would have made a great Two-Face. Here's the thing; this new series of animated movies are based on the old 60s Batman episodes. And, there is even a comic book based in that same 60s continuity. While the 60s show was never my Batman, I've come to respect that campy show...somewhat. (Most of the surviving cast reprise their roles for the new series of movies.)
What really stood out for most fans of that show is there was NEVER a Two-Face episode. Could they have gotten away with a Two-Face on the family friendly series? Well, it looks like there were plans for this villain to show up in the 60s show after all. There was a script written for Two-Face.
From ((was Two-Face, however, Two-Face almost made it to the Adam West television series in a story called "The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face" written by science fiction master Harlan Ellison, ))
Yep, that Harlan Ellison from that great episode of Star Trek called City on the Edge of Forever. And, make sure to read their story behind the unused script, because it is a compelling read. The producers eyed Clint Eastwood as their version of Two-Face at that time. Some say the show was cancelled before they could produce the episode. However, Hollywood Babble-On claims that Ellison was blacklisted by someone in the network and he vowed to never produce any script from Ellison.
From ((According to the story, Ellison and Samish had gotten into a physical altercation years earlier over a script Ellison wrote for the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea series, leading to Samish banning Ellison from ever working on an ABC show again (good thing he wrote the brilliant "Demon With a Glass Hand" for The Outer Limits before this happened!) ))
That sounds like Ellison.
Anyway, here is the trailer for the first 60s animated Batman movie.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump. Really America?

President Trump. Really America?
I hate Hillary Clinton with a thousand suns, but I can't believe how angry people are that they elected a reality star/Biff Tannen. Yes, America voted in the villain from Back to the Future series.  
It will be interesting to see where the far-far left handles an ego madman in the White House. Oh, and Obamacare is gone, but on the other side Wall Street has to be shitting its pants too. Well, it is said and done. The next four years are going to be extremely interesting to watch in a WWE sort of way.
Do I think we picked the worst of two evils? Yes, because Trump is a hothead guy that will bring us down with him.  Given I am in therapy, so I am not freaking out as much as other people.   
It won't effect me as much as people without company health insurance. I need the health insurance to survive literally. I am not under Obamacare and those people are going to lose Obamacare in the next four years. However, having him in office will affect the company I work for that needs globalization to expand.
Hey, if we can survive 8 years of Bush, we can get through 4 years of Biff.  Overall, I will just be observing and finding these next four years very crazy and entertaining.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Trump vs. Clinton: I really didn't want to vote today, because it doesn't matter in the end because this state will be voting for Trump no matter what I do. I also have very little hope for Clinton too. I don't want her in office either, but she is better than Trump. I don't care if the Reps win next election, but I just don't want Trump.
~High School Principal on the Ballot: I also noticed my former high school principal was on the ballot page. He ended up across the river in Jeffersonville IN under some controversies there. I remember shaking his hand at my graduation, but I really never liked the guy. And, he got into a bit of trouble after I left school and ended up in southern Indiana. Spoiler Alert: I didn't vote for him. 
~Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers: It seems there are going to be some messed up things coming up for the shorter season next year. Certain things WILL FALL this season and a major enemy will enter the land. Hmm, that sounds very cool. Check it out here with a spoiler warning. It looks like Season 8 will have a major White Walker presence, but will play a major role in the upcoming season too. 

Monday, November 07, 2016

When tires attack...(Throwback)

When tires attack...(Throwback)
Do you remember this classic viral video? I believe this video sort of came out during the time of the Grape Lady. Think about how much this guy has bad luck. You're just pumping gas and a random big ass tire comes out of the shadows and it knocks you the f' out. By the way, this happened back in 2006.
Did he piss off a warlock or witch and he or she put a curse on him? You better believe he was really messed up after this.
Every time I pump gas, I get worried that a random tire will emerge from the darkness and knocked me over.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Shut up, Wesley!

Shut up, Wesley!
I haven't agreed with everything Wil Wheaton has said over the years, but I find his TNG stories rather amusing. He even admitted it was a mistake leaving the show (IE Lt. Yar). However, “Shut up, Wesley” was a meme before there were even memes. Due to the hatred from fans everywhere, that phrase became the calling card of Wesley Crusher.
I guess the co-star of Flubber (look it up) has had enough of the meme and proclaimed a ban on the it. He said this on Twitter. ((“NEW RULE: I’m officially over people saying “shut up, Wesley” to me, even in jest. From now on, I’m insta-blocking anyone who does that.” ))
So, Patrick Stewart came back with the funniest troll moment of all time.

However, the “shut up. Wil” happened in a different Twitter thread.
I know that Wil has been a pretentious guy lately, but I am going to cut him some slack. Many child actors had to go through similar things. And, truth be told, he isn't leading cops on a police chase and getting arrested like a certain other child actor from another “Star” franchise. They tend to get bitter about certain things they hear year in and out. I'll give him a pass for this blow up.
Now, shut up, Wesley.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Nic Cage in Louisville

Nic Cage in Louisville

I was checking out “Filming in Louisville”, and I came across stories of Nic Cage filming a movie in Louisville. (He is co-starring with the lovely Selma Blair ) And, I am probably more interested in Selma Blair than the crazy Nic Cage. (Due to that kissing scene with Buffy)
The movie is called Mom and Dad.
So what is this movie about? From IMDB, ((A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids. ))
Sounds like fun. And, very fitting for Louisville. Maybe the parents watched the Wicker Man remake and went crazy.
So, yeah, we have a freaking Ghost Rider in Louisville.
There are photos of “Castor Troy” in the Louisville wearing goofy things. I love that Cage has the same confused expression in every picture he's in. So, there is a chance I might even bump into Mr. Cage too. I will probably just say, “Not the bees” and “I could eat a peach for hours”. “Put the bunny down.”
Joking aside, I would talk to him about his time on Superman Lives and his take on the project. 

Pokemon Go user gets arrested

Pokemon Go user gets arrested
Yes, this guy is an asshole. I think the police officers kind of overacted too. When you see he's just playing that silly Pokemon game just let him be. However, the Pokemon guy should have handled it way better and not try to antagonize the officers. And, they gave him every chance to NOT get arrested. See what would happen if I tried that stuff.
I never understood the craze that is Pokemon Go, and I can't see why someone would get arrested over it for this silly game. Kind of like getting arrested for Sonic Boom. The whole thing is cringe worthy. 
So, I guess the police officers had their own Pokemon Go moment by arresting this dude.  
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