Friday, November 25, 2016

Not the best way to call into work...

Not the best way to call into work...
Hey, instead of calling into work, just create a bomb threat.
From News, ((Jessica Ward, who is not a UF faculty, staff member or student, was working at the Java Hut Coffee Kiosk in the New Engineering Building last Wednesday when she made a bomb threat against the building, according to the University of Florida Police Department. ))
First off, this HAD to happen in Florida where the worst things seem to happen. Second, she is in her 20s so this makes sense in their twisted minds. Third, she made this fake threat because she wanted some time off.
From Wsbradio, ((Police said Ward admitted that she wrote the threat in an effort to leave work at the time indicated in the threat in order to get some “me time." ))
Well, now she probably been fired and is in jail. She has a lot of “me time”. 
Mugshots are the new selfies. 

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