Monday, November 14, 2016

Dave Chappelle on SNL

I usually don't watch SNL anymore, but damn they kicked ass with last weekend's episode. The Double Toasted guys had some interesting things to say about the episode and the election. I also liked what they had to say about Chappelle.
I loved the Chappelle and Chris Rock Skit.
Given this skit was political, I was thinking they'd bring in Chris Rock. Rock needed to be in this skit and I love how Chappelle plays off of each other. I love they're taking the piss out of rich liberals.
The Walking Dead Bit
I loved seeing characters from the early 2000s Characters from the Dave Chappelle show. I am sure he wanted to kill off these characters for a long time. However, I love that he brought them back for this skit. I'm not a fan of the Walking Dead, but I know the thing this skit is referencing.
I am also happy to see that A Tribe Called Quest is back together. These folks really hated each other.

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