Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jame Update: I have changed...I think

Jame Update: I have changed...I think
Yesterday, a punk young teenager tried to get smart with me at work. He made a comment that he shouldn't gotten away with. I let it go and just ignored him. He's basically one of these annoying Cartman types that thinks he can talk to people how he likes. Given I hate entitled self-centered young men with stupid haircuts, I would have put him in his place a year ago and made sure he'd never talk to me like that again. However, he doesn't matter. I may hate him, but I don't have to interact with him at all. And, I am fine with that.  It is a waste of energy to even waste breath on him. 
(Actually, a lot of people would have loved to have seen me yell and put down the stupid kid.)
I am different now. After nearly dying around this time last year...it was actually around this time I checked myself into the ER and spent a week in the hospital, I've changed. I am much slower and take my time. Due to my various illnesses and horrible depression, I decided to get into therapy and I am glad I did.
I started to notice the change when I really didn't give that much of a shit when Trump won. Was I upset? Sure. Yet, it started to fade. (We made it through 8 years of Bush.)
I am more focused on taking care of myself and not letting my health and mental well being destroy me. I'll comment and make reviews on things, but I've set some goals for myself next spring and I want to make sure I can get there. (Perhaps someday I will get enough guts to write fiction again and try to get it published.)
I will never be that happily married person with kids and a house...and a minivan. Yet, I'm okay with that.
I've had some major setbacks (more friends and family dying this year) and I will have more setbacks, but my outlook is somewhat hopeful...hopeful to the point that I don't care about little shit entitled teenagers from the Twitter generation trying to get smart with me.
Now, back to me making fun of other people and shit on their dreams with my blog. 
 Young people are the new hipsters? IE the most annoying people? 

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