Sunday, November 06, 2016

Shut up, Wesley!

Shut up, Wesley!
I haven't agreed with everything Wil Wheaton has said over the years, but I find his TNG stories rather amusing. He even admitted it was a mistake leaving the show (IE Lt. Yar). However, “Shut up, Wesley” was a meme before there were even memes. Due to the hatred from fans everywhere, that phrase became the calling card of Wesley Crusher.
I guess the co-star of Flubber (look it up) has had enough of the meme and proclaimed a ban on the it. He said this on Twitter. ((“NEW RULE: I’m officially over people saying “shut up, Wesley” to me, even in jest. From now on, I’m insta-blocking anyone who does that.” ))
So, Patrick Stewart came back with the funniest troll moment of all time.

However, the “shut up. Wil” happened in a different Twitter thread.
I know that Wil has been a pretentious guy lately, but I am going to cut him some slack. Many child actors had to go through similar things. And, truth be told, he isn't leading cops on a police chase and getting arrested like a certain other child actor from another “Star” franchise. They tend to get bitter about certain things they hear year in and out. I'll give him a pass for this blow up.
Now, shut up, Wesley.

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