Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snooki: is Pregnant? Oh, God oh man.

Snooki: is Pregnant? Oh, God oh man.
From the Ottawa Citizen, ((Snooki is pregnant, everybody. At least, that’s what the New York Post is claiming, reporting her wee one is just three months along — and reportedly fathered by the 24-year-old’s boyfriend and sometime Jersey Shore co-star Jionni LaValle.

Read more: ))
Please say it isn't so. If you remember, she denied it few months back. I guess no one uses birth control anymore.
There are few things that bother me about this news.
1 This will spawn another TV show: I know they have a spinoff in the works, but now her 15 minutes of fame will be extended to 30 minutes. People will tune in just to see her horror child.
2 She is unfit to be a mom: Not everyone is meant to have children.
And, I have to agree with Teppi Jacobsen.
From Chicago Now, ((I am not an old fashioned gal but I still believe people should have children when they are married, or at the very least planned them and are emotionally mature enough to handle it. It's certainly not that she can't handle it financially. We all know that the cast earns a ridiculous amount of money for being slutty and dancing at Karma.  ))
Instead of fading into the mist of unpopular, we're going to see even more of this troll. Wonderful...

Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya

Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya

Yes, this was actually a recurring character from that 80s Transformers show. I went over my head when I was a child, but now I can clearly see the racism involved in the character of Abdul Fakkadi (King of Kings). This character showed up in two episodes in season three. And, he is a direct parody of Muammar Gaddafi. He behaves in an outrageous manner just like his real life counter part.
The nation of Carbombya (Car Bomb Ya) is a nod to Libya. And, the fact they note the country is in Africa and not the Middle East proves that it is a stand in for Libya (with the “ya” added to both states). The Decepticons used this country as a base away from their base.
Both GI Joe and Transformers had a lot of hidden right-wing jokes toward the Left.  This joke went a bit too far.  Plus, they used this country not just once but twice in the season. 
    Yes, this was shown on the show.  10000 Camels, really? 
Because of this portray of Arabs, Casey Kasem (professional voice actor) hated the character and the country. You see, Kasem has a Lebanese background. From his wiki page, ((Kasem is of Lebanese Druze heritage,[7] and he is a vegan. He has also been active in politics for years, supporting Lebanese-American and Arab-American causes and politicians. Kasem has written a brochure published by the Arab-American Institute entitled "Arab-Americans: Making a Difference."[8] ))
So, he left the show in protest.

Unicron Theme Remixed

Unicron Theme Remixed

Really cool remix, isn’t it? 
One of my favorite music themes from the origingal Transformers: The Movie is the Unicron theme.  I remember watching that opening with Unicron looming over that planet and eating it.  It was all backed up with this cool theme.  I always thought the third season should have brought back the theme whenever Unicron theme showed up.  Instead, the third season used very little of the TF movie score.
People, like the Angry Videogame Nerd, have noticed the similarities to the Drago theme from the Rocky IV soundtrack.  Vince Dicola did both scores. 
Here’s Drago’s theme
The same breathing beat and the low synth beat are the same. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Things

Random Things
~Miley Cyrus pothead: Why is she known for her pot smoking and partying instead of her singing? Do you remember when she used to sing songs? Cyrus was supposed to be in the animated Hotel Transylvania but dropped out. She claims she wants to focus in her music. But, I am calling BS on that. I don't care that she is smoking pot, but I think she is moving a little too fast with the partying given her age. Man, does she want to destroy that Disney image.
~For a videogame class, I downloaded Steam onto my computer. I have to play videogames on the system in order to pass the class. Right now, I am playing Bioshock. I love the game, and this is coming from a gamer that hates First Person Shooters. I really like the more RPG elements to the game. I've heard what MC has written about Steam, and it is a good program. I just can't play the bigger newer games. I barely got the game to work on my PC, but it works.
~Can we agree that Sean Young is crazy?: There is a reason people won't hire her for movie roles. She got into some strange scuffle with a security guard, because she didn't have a ticket. She ended up getting arrested for the incident. She is a mess, and this is coming from the guy that liked her in Blade Runner. Drunks always have ruin crap for everyone else.

~That kid that shot up the school yesterday: It looks like there is a pattern of violence in the kid's history. His father has a record of beating women, including the kid's mother. When are we going to start making connections between violence and domestic violence? That's no excuse for his actions, but still the pattern needs to be noted.
~That's Cra-Cra: The next time I hear this phrase again, I am going to cuss someone out. Words can't express how much I hate this new trendy word. Cra-Cra is short for “crazy”. I guess it is a little more than just being crazy. Can't people simple use the word “Crazy” instead? You're actually saying more letters using Cra-Cra than using the original word. Cra-Cra is Stu-Stu.
~ “Nice F'ing model” Honk-Honk: I guess Beetlejuice is basically an undead clown. So, that means he can honk his crotch area like in this clip. Movie guys like myself think of these sort of things.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (AKA Big Momma’s House 3, Big Momma 3, BMH 3.0, Big Momma: This Franchise is dead)

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (AKA Big Momma’s House 3, Big Momma 3, BMH 3.0, Big Momma: This Franchise is dead)
I remember complaining about this movie last year around the same time.  Even today, I can’t believe they decided to make another one of these.  And, this time they added the “son” factor to the story.  Why?  (It is Lawrence’s stepson.)
I won’t even bother to bore you with the plot, but it has something to do with a music box and a flashdrive. 
I kind of liked the first Big Momma movie.  It had some good actors and a darker undertone to the story.  Terrance Howard actually kills people in the first movie.  By the third movie, all of the dark humor has been replaced with silly jokes taken from other movies.  (Are we going to use the Twister game joke again?)  Gone are the Paul Giamatti, Anthony Anderson, Terrence Howard and Nia Long.  In their places, there are a bunch of no-name actors. 
The villains aren’t even serious anymore.  They’re cartoony and silly.  I was expecting the Bulk and Skull theme song to play every time they showed up.  They simply stand around holding their guns waiting to get beaten or kicked by the good guys.  What is going on here?

And, you know you’re in trouble when the original actor from the first two Big Momma’s movies declined to reprise his role as Trent Pierce Turner.  Yes, Jascha Washington, the actor from Like Mike 2, turned down this movie. 

In his place, here comes Brandon T. Jackson to stink up the place.  He takes the place of Washington as the stepson.  Jackson isn’t that bad, and really the movie is more about him and his fake female character befriending a chick that likes to sing.  I guess that is a call back to the first movie.  And, to be fair, Martin Lawrence isn’t in the movie that much.  But, the scenes he’s in aren’t that funny.  Lawrence has that same expression Eddie Murphy has in his recent movies.  It is the expression of boredom.  If Lawrence doesn’t care, why should we?  And, the movie doesn’t care. 

There was a time when Lawrence was a hot ticket, but he seems to follow in the same footsteps as Murphy and stopped caring about putting an edge to his characters.  His last best role has to be in Bad Boys 2.  Lawrence looks sleepy in this movie.   There is no fire his role when you compare it to his earlier movies.  (Remember how funny he was in Boomerang?) Take some time off and reflect, Martin. 

I guess there is a message in the story about going to college, but it gets pissed on by the lame jokes and bad acting. 

Did I mention there is a lame music video during the credits? 

There is no reason to even bother watching this third movie, because it is a rehash of the first two better movies.  Nothing is even remotely funny, unless you want to see how far Martin Lawrence’s career has fallen.  We can all point and laugh or cry.

A crap movie with a crap grade.  Sadly, the movie just barely made enough to warrant a sequel.  Let me be the first to say, “F’ Big Momma!”

Grade: F+

 Books, F' em:  Big Momma hates books and starts to shoot every single one in the library

Dancing:  This actually plays a huge role in the climax.  It is true. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Duloc (both versions)

Welcome to Duloc (both versions)
I’ve always liked this song because it is parody “It’s a Small World After All”.  I’ve talked about it before on this blog.  It is one of my favorite moments in the Shrek movie.  But, I had no idea they parodied this moment in the Shrek special. 
Best moment: Please keep off of the grass 
shine your shoes
wipe your...face
Here’s the Horror version
Watch Donkey’s expression when he first sees it.  Priceless…
-One of the figures loses his head literally.  Another one has his head in his hands. 
-Another figure beats a guy with a fish.  WTF?
-Break your…face.
-As a commenter stated in the video: In this version, Shrek loves it and Donkey is scared.  

Racist much? Vlog gets two teenager girls in trouble

Racist much?  Vlog gets two teenager girls in trouble
Wow, that was extreme. 
From The Huffington Report ((After two minors from Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Fla., posted a nearly 14-minute-long racist rant on YouTube, the girls are "no longer students at the school," ))
I’ll the first to tell you there are huge problems in the black community, because I’ve seen them first hand.  What these two girls are talking about is just racist.  Here’s my question; why would you make a Vlog on YouTube and not think there would be a blowback against you? 
The biggest problem I have is the use of the N-Word, and the version that ends with “er”.
It seems the girls have taken steps to apologize for their remarks. From, ((I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video, and not putting a stop to it myself. No matter someone’s opinions, racism is never appropriate of any kind, and for this many people to get hurt I am so sorry. I never wanted that. ))

Father wants you to sit down

Woman ends up being a little be too revealing on the train for a dad
I will not post this video on the site, because her outfit is a little bit too revealing. But here's the link.
Basically, a woman, in a mini-mini skirt, started to circle one of the poles making sure everyone saw her mini skirt. A “concerned” father (tm)confronted her and called her a whore because he had his son with him.
There are two problems with the video.
1 Yes, she wore that mini-mini skirt to show off her body and made sure everyone saw her. I really don't have a huge problem with that because she wasn't grinding anyone.
2 Why would the father proceed to cuss in front of his son after trying to protect his precious eyes from seeing a woman's ass? Uh, you called a woman a whore in front of your child. I call that more damaging to him that the mini-skirt. Hmm, me thinks it might have been better to go to another car.
Who is this woman anyway? Just for research purposes.

2 Dollars! And 18 GD cents!

2 Dollars!  And 18 GD cents!
“I want my 2 dollars!”
Why would you destroy a computer and injury yourself?  The best part is the guy limping away.  It should also be noted that everyone else in the restaurant calmly waits for their order after the outburst. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Justice League Doom

Justice League Doom

Well, this looks very good. 
Here’s the background behind the movie.  It is loosely based on the comic book story Tower of Babel and the Legion of Doom.  It was one of the last projects that Dwayne McDuffie worked on before his death.  So, I guess this is a tribute of sorts. 
Most of the cast from the Justice League series has returned.  (Daly is from the Superman TAS)
-Nathan Fillion he plays the GL character in this movie.  He reprises his role from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights 
-Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy both returned as Superman and Batman.  That was a good choice. 
-Susan Eisenberg returns as Wonder Woman.
I have no idea what GL is going to do with that hand.  There are so many options.  WW doesn't look too pleased (Not again look)
Side note:  I always find it amusing that DC Comics has had some of the best superhero cartoon movies while Marvel Comics has had some of the weaker cartoon movies based on their franchises.  And, they are owned by Disney.  DC comics can’t get their live action franchises off the ground, while Marvel has thrived. 
Here's a bonus video of Catwoman...enjoy.  

Chris Brown and Rihanna are stupid

Chris Brown and Rihanna are stupid
I keep hearing stories about the two of them making up and trying to get back together.
-CM Punk:  He seems to have gotten into a little twitter battle with Chris Brown and should be commended for taking Brown to task.  Most famous people seem to overlook what Brown did.  While other celebrities have been accused of domestic abuse, we have clear evidence of his temper.  CM Punk has made some nice responses to Mr. Brown’s attacks. 
-Jay-Z:  Another guy that deserves a mention is Jay-Z not clapping to Brown’s performance on the Grammys Awards Show. 
-Chris Brown showed up for Rihanna’s birthday party:  Rumor has it, Chris Brown tried to force everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Not everyone agreed.  He didn’t want people to know that he appeared at the birthday party.  I would have told his people to f’off.  Feeling a little guilty there, Chris?
-Now, the two have released remixes of their songs with each of them showing up in the other’s song.  Wow, just wow.  This sends the wrong message.  I guess we have to now to look at Rihanna and see if there is something wrong with her.  After that beating, she should have done everything to cut him off and never talk to him again.  If someone nearly kills you, you don’t make up and try to be friends. 
This is so bad, and makes Rihanna look bad.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Dog’s Life TV pilot: Holy Crap, it is real! (McGurk: A Dog's Life)

A Dog’s Life TV pilot:  Holy Crap, it is real! (McGurk: A Dog's Life)
Even the announcer sounds bored with the material.  To my total surprise, the show was actually real and presented as a pilot to NBC, but was shown on ABC after it failed. This one Norman Lear's last pilot created. Lear was responsible for some of the biggest sitcoms on TV. (All in the Family The Jeffersons Sanford and Son Good Times Maude )
This sitcom looks bad... “Work It” bad. I guess we all have our off days.  This show feels more like one of those cheap Hanna Barbera cartoons than a live sitcom. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog on a Progressive commercial?

Sonic the Hedgehog on a Progressive commercial?  

This is a strange little Progressive ad.  Why is Sonic in the ad?  It seems a little odd.  Sega has tried to destroy their Sonic character and franchise for years now with bad games, so it just seems strange that someone has thought to bring him back for this ad of all things.  I don’t think this is even a cross promotion. 
Why doesn't Sonic talk?  Doesn't he sound like Jaleel White?  White did the voice for three different series.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kate Hudson: Same damn character?

 Kate Hudson: Same damn character?
I was watching Something Borrowed  (Yes, I am a dude and single and I watched the movie), and I noticed that her selfish character from Bride Wars is extremely similar to her character in SB. They are very mean characters obsessed with marriage or the concept of marriage but with the love thing.
Neither movie is that good, but Bride Wars seems worst to me. But they have similar concepts.  

Nicki Minaj: Stupid Hoe (Review?)

Nicki Minaj: Stupid Hoe (Review?)
We like the Nicki Minaj.  We really do.  I find her cute, but this is just strange. 
I at first thought this was a take on the TLC song Silly Ho, but it has nothing to do with that old song. 
I really don’t know what to say, but at least the music video is…colorful.  As far as the music goes, the song feels like someone just let Nicki sit in a studio and randomly come up with things to say in the mic.  While it isn’t musical in any way or shape, it is better than Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair
I’m not sure what the song is about other than something about a “stupid hoe.  The beat is what is really annoying about the song.  The “whooo’s” are a bit too much for an already frantic track.   For good measure, they threw in that annoying air raid siren. 
You see I am not sure if this song is supposed to be taken straight or a parody of those strange videos from the 90s.  
Yes, the masterful Hype Williams did direct the music video, but the editing feels more like a YouTube Poop edit than an actual video.  I nearly passed out because the frantic flashing on the screen. 
And, I get that is video is a take on those strange Busta videos he’s been known for.  But, the music is so annoying that is hard for me to sit through it.  However, what do I know?  The video has gotten major views on YouTube.  This video isn’t for me.  It is for the girls that spend a hundred hours texting and have attention span of 2 second.  I get that.  But, can we please have a song that doesn’t make the ears bleed?
Then, there are those creepy anime eyes. 
I should also mention that BET refuses to show this video.  Yes, the BET that is known for showing bad “booty” videos.  So much so, The Boondocks made fun of it.  Really, BET? 
 Did I mention she is also some type of shapeshifter in the video? 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Reply to the reply of the reply girls...

Reply to the reply of the reply girls...
Okay, I like the Reply Girls I really do, but these replies on the reply girls are funny.

Yes, it is true that they shove their boobs into the front view so guys will stare at them at get huge view counts. And, you can clearly tell that are promoting their boobs because they cut off the top of their heads so you can get a shot from the neck to the chest.
Like this...
The question I have is this; is there a male version of this? If so, where does the camera pan to? Okay, I don't want to know that.
One of my favorites is Laura Tickled because she really blatantly does it.
I can agree with the outcry against these girls, but I am subscribed to a few of them. So, I am torn. Like I said, I have no problem with it.

An Amazing fail...

Jetski is the least of your worries…
I wanted to see what happened after this.  Did the van just float away? 
By the way, this seems to happen a lot…

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (GH2) not looking good…

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (GH2) not looking good…
The reviews from Rotten Tomatoes are slowly coming, because they naturally didn't screen this for critics. Right now, the movie is at 16%, but the audience is at 62%. To be fair, I hated the first Ghost Rider movie, so I might not even bother seeing this one. Plus, the Crank and Gamer guys are making this movie, which doesn't boost my confidence with the movie.  I mean Gamer is a total mess and I wasn’t a huge fan of Crank 2.  But, they do tell an interesting story about Ron Jeremy in the podcast How Did This Get Made.
To be fair, this version of GH looks better than the one in the first movie. Plus, Idris Elba is also in the movie. He was also in Thor, yet another Marvel production. I guess he likes comic books.

The Difference between a dude, a woman, and a geek...

Taken from Facebook, a normal woman would notice the cute dog in the picture.  A dude will notice the huge and lovely breasts in the picture first.

I noticed the Frito Lays sitting nicely in the box behind them.  And, my first thought was, "Why hasn't anyone  open that bag yet."  What a waste...

I need to get a girlfriend, if I am thinking of chips first.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vanilla Ice: Roll Em Up

Vanilla Ice: Roll Em Up
Around the same time as Hammer finding his “gangster” version of himself, Vanilla Ice tried to do the same thing and darken his image by appearing gangster too.  This was end product of Vanilla morphing to a different character. He talks a lot about weed and a bit about ICP. 
Again, the music isn’t that good.  He went from being a strange version of MC Hammer to a pale version of a gangster rapper. 
Why does this remind me of K-Fed's album cover? 

He went after other white rappers in the track “The Wrath”.  He even throws in a gunshot as if he’s gangster…yeah right.

MC Hammer (Hammer): Pumps and a Bump

MC Hammer (Hammer): Pumps and a Bump
This was between Family-Friendly Hammer and Religious Hammer.  When MC Hammer’s popularity started waning, he took a darker turn with his music and image and started going for the gangster rap look and feel.  This horrible song is was one of those attempts. 
This around the time that Hammer started following the trend instead of leading it.  He partnered with Death Row and other hardcore rappers at the time.  It is a rather sad attempt at that.  You can hear this song at dance clubs still. 
Basically, the original music video was a just a cheap knockoff of many of the “booty shaking” videos from the 90s.  The song is generic and not that catchy like Hammer’s earlier songs.  Plus, we seem to get more shots of Hammer’s crotch than shots of the ladies.  I guess Hammer was impressed with his own body. 
About the Speedo thing… From Wiki, (( After the "Pumps and a Bump" video is shown, a female interviewer asks Hammer, "A lot of women want to know, inquiring minds want to know, what's up with the Speedos? Tell us the truth, was there a sock in there?" Hammer appears to become embarrassed, then laughs and says, "I always have reservations from the standpoint of the questions that get asked. You know, 'Is it real?' 'Is this that?' You all know better than that. That's all real Hammer man." The interviewer proceeds with the questioning, "But why did you make another version? Was it because there was a rumor that you had an erection?" Again, Hammer laughs, and then jokingly asks "There was a rumor that it was headed in your direction?" ))
Here’s the other “less little Hammer” version of the music video.   And, 100% more Deion Sanders…

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will I see Star Wars Ep1 in 3D?

Will I see Star Wars Ep1 in 3D?
I am not sure. After reading SF's post on the subject, I thought about watching it again. Another fellow worker mentioned watching it last weekend. I liked all the political stuff and the pod race scenes, but there are two things that will keep me from watching the movie.
1. Jake Lloyd: After watching the amazing “Making of” video, it is clear that Lucas made the wrong choice as the leading actor in the movie. He's bad really bad. “Are you an angel?” Lucas what are you doing?

  1. Jar-Jar Binks: So-sir goin to be annoying Okay-Day.  I've come to actually like him in the other two movies, including his cameo in Return of the Jedi.  Look for him, he's there.  

Phone Thief is a brazen dick…eww

Phone Thief is a brazen dick…
Good job on the part of the guy that confronted the thief.  The phone thief, who seems to mug for the camera, was caught.   Ross Heckman is the D-bag in the video stealing the phone. 
"Look Mom.  I'm on TV...stealing stuff."  
“Now, put it F’ back.”
The guy that taped the D-Bag also wrote a blog about the incident. It was a good move on the guy taping to not touching the guy.
“Would you mind not stealing someone else's phone?”
So, yeah the D-Bag was caught thanks to Matt “The Stand Up Mathematician. 
From the Liveleak link, (( 21-year-old Ross Heckman, from Addlestone was arrested on Monday (February 13) on suspicion of theft before being taken to a police station in Victoria, central London, where he admitted the offence.The man was handed a caution with conditions that he pay the victim £499, write her a letter of apology and not commit any further offenses before June 14 this year. ))
I think that's fair. Next time we'll just send him to the Klingon Prison Planet Rura Penthe.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Things

Random Things
~Who is Paul McCartney?: This was spoken on Twitter during the Grammy Awards Show. Are you f'ing serious? I know we've raised kids on a fresh dose of Justin Bieber and other lame acts, but to not bother Wikipedia-ed the bloke just seems stupid. Are young people so into just their thing that they won't bother looking up the old dude? I am waiting for someone to say, “Who the hell is Whitney Houston?”. Maybe, I just hate young people. This is just another reason not to sign onto Twitter.
~Facebook Drama: Someone said this in their FB post ((One less crackhead on the planet... )) I was a little pissed off, but everyone entitled to their opinion. Yes, I've may have attacked people for giving Anna Nocole Smith's death such attention because she didn't have that much of a body of work. She was know more for that shitty Reality Show more than anything else. However, at least respect WH enough because of her body of work.
~Katy Perry disses Brand? I still think Russell Brand should have worked out his marriage to Perry. She is a very cute woman. I'd certainly try to make it work. What was Perry wearing that the Grammy?
~To all the women on Twitter that are saying “Chris Brown can beat me up any time”, please stop it. You're making yourself look really bad. I talked to a woman about Chris Brown at work. She said, “Whatever happens between those two is none of our business. We don't know what really happened that day.” I told her he was beating and biting her and then left her in the car. I still didn't get a change in reaction. Why are we giving him a break for this?
~I've been playing an videogame called To The Moon for a videogame class I am in school. So far, I am really liking it. It is a throwback to SNES days. I am currently writing a Power Point for the game for class tomorrow.  I'll have more on this game hopefully...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead (48)

Whitney Houston Dead
From Rolling Stone, ((Whitney Houston was found dead today in a Beverly Hills hotel room, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.
Paramedics arriving at the Beverly Hilton found the singer's body.  ))
Well, we knew it was going to happen. No one parties that hard without it coming back to hit you hard. This is what happened to Whitney. She only 48 years old. That is extremely young for someone to die in such manner.
Like Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, this a wake up call to substance abusers.
She was an amazing artist with an outstanding voice. She brought many elements of R&B and Soul to the mainstream. In her prime, she was a pretty woman. (Yep, a good looking woman with talent too.) She came around during an age when you had to have real talent to reach the charts.
I remember hearing her songs and loving the smooth sounds coming from the music. Her voice was simply outstanding. A lot of female artists have modeled their voices after hers.
She also had some pretty good roles in a few movies. (The Bodyguard  Waiting to Exhale  )
At one point, she was just as big as Michael Jackson. That all changed...
Years later, she started to be known for her heavy drug use instead of her music or acting. I remember seeing her in a performance and she couldn't even hit all of those high notes she once could. It was really sad to hear and watch that. Then there was the train wreck of that stupid reality show with Bobby Brown.  That show just made both of them look like jokes. And, do you remember that strange interview she did where she said, “Crack is whack”?
Oh, Boy. 
Here are some of my favorite hits from over the years. I guess having an amazing talent wasn't enough for her and she turned inward and started destroying herself. A real shame I say.
Side Note: For fun, I would loudly sing “I'm Every Woman” just to get people to laugh seeing a big dude singing that song. Sometimes my other manly friends would join me in the song.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Work It Canceled (I guess it did "work it" that much)

Work It Canceled
I remember hearing about this show on a podcast.  It was a podcast that actually had the creators of the show on it defending their decision to make the show.  I never bothered watching the show myself, but only heard how bad it was on TV. 
I just wanted to know who green-lit the show, because this is even low for the FOX Network.  I didn’t realize how bad the show was until I bore witness to the awful trailer. 
I mean really, are you so bankrupt with idea that you would think this concept would even work. 
And, yes, that was Fernando Sucre from Prison Break.  What in the hell was he thinking? 
I know that the GLAAD went after the series, but the critics roasted this turd show like it was an Adam Sandler movie.  I am not sure I could bring myself to even watching the 2 episodes that aired.  It is like little 30 minutes of Big Momma’s House movies all over again.

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