Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RIP John Hurt

RIP John Hurt
I was reading a fellow blogger's entry and it caught me by surprise. I've been off the news grid for a while. I didn't know John Hurt passed away. I remember him from Alien and that famous moment when that alien burst out of his chest. (Spoiler Alert)

He was in everything from Doctor Who to Harry Potter to Hellboy.  And, he was really great in Doctor Who.  
 I love watching him in Spaceballs when his character, surrounded by space truckers, has another alien burst out of his chest. It was neat to see Hurt come back to parody that shocking moment from that famous scene. That's why I respected him because he took the piss out of that intense scene. I didn't get that part of the joke when I was younger and just got the alien bit, but didn't realize it was the same actor.  

Strange PSA

Strange PSA
It almost seems like a parody to me.
The Q kid actually closes his friend’s locker door for him. What a strange direction. This kid either has the Zack Morris freezing power or he is a member of the Q. Why would he freeze him and talk to us instead?
The worst offense this kid did was freezing his friend and not unfreezing him! Yes, he uses the power of the Q and freezes his best friend but forgets about him. This kid is a dick.
How about that creepy stare-down into the camera? And, I love the mumble acting from both of them. Did they just pick two random kids from that school?  

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Remember when Shia LaBeouf was an actor?

Remember when Shia LaBeouf was an actor?
This strange ranting and repeated phrases makes it seem more like a cult than a protest. It makes me cringe and feel bad for him. Is this what protesting has come to in the age of Twitter? Standing in front of a camera and repeating shit? 
 Shia is looking more like an extra in The Postman than a leading actor in Hollywood these days.  I'd probably give him a couple of dollars if I saw him on the street.  I liked him in the first two TF movies and I dug him in his early work.  I even thought he was the best thing in Battle for Shakers Heights despite the mess that movie ended up being. 
I think his ego and other problems have gotten to him over the years. Shia is turning into a less talented Sean Penn. Whereas Sean is a pretentious prick, he actually has talent. Shia been doing these strange live “art” shows for a while now. Maybe I am just getting too old, but I don't get them. If you want to watch the protest art live, here you go...enjoy. Instead of repeating shit into a camera, how about refocusing the opposition to Trump in the next election cycle? How about grooming a powerful candidate to oppose him in the next 4 years?
Now he's been arrested.
From New York Times, ((The actor and performance artist Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Thursday morning on misdemeanor assault and harassment charges while protesting President Trump at a livestream art installation in Queens. ))
Basically, the trolls of the Internet have been trolling the “protest” and doing meme things into the camera, thus making a mockery of his art. Someone pissed him off and he got into a minor scuffle with a troll. Given the state of the Internet, he should have known people were going to troll him.
From NY Times, ((Mr. LaBeouf got into an argument with another man at the installation, pulled off the man’s scarf and, in the process, scratched his face. ))
While I hate Shia, I don't think he should have been arrested for this incident. He was just in a minor scuffle nothing more.

Tenchu music

Tenchu music
Because I have been on a VG 90s kick, I decided to get into another group of songs from an old PS1 era game. It is the first Tenchu game for the PS1. I remember hearing these songs during a play-through over a friend's house. I was amazed how smooth and laid back the tracks were and improved the presentation of the game.
The music is a cross between classic Japanese tones and modern jazz. Some people felt the jazzy tunes were out of place for a game that was set in old Japan. I felt it fit the style of the game perfectly.
Tenchu and MGS were both games set on stealth playing than straight fighting.
Again, you couldn't get this lifelike music on the N64 without spending a lot of money.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Skullmonkeys: Bonus Room Song (Re-Repost)

Skullmonkeys: Bonus Room Song (Re-Repost)
I wrote about this song nearly 12 years ago on this blog. For some reason, this song popped in my head and I started singing it countless times. This song plays every time you reach a bonus room stage. I remember hearing this song and laughing. And, the song even tricked me into thinking there was a monster going to attack me. (Here's the thing; there are monsters and you can die on certain bonus stages.) Yes, the song breaks the fourth wall throughout the entire song. I also like that the singer wants you to tell your friends to buy the game because he makes more money.
This is a brilliant song.   It is the best humor song in a game.

Skullmonkeys came out in the early days of the Playstation. It took full use of the CD ROM format and used live music as its stage music something that cartridge couldn't at the time. Skullmonkeys always felt like an unofficial sequel to Earthworm Jim due its similar humor and character design. Come to find out, part of the team that worked on EWJ broke off and formed their own company that made Skullmonkeys and Neverhood.
Here are my favorite songs from the game.

Shooter at Milo event

Shooter at Milo event
From The Stranger, ((Monday, January 23, 12:56 p.m. The name of the 34-year old man who was shot in the abdomen at the University of Washington protest against Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos on Friday night has not been released yet. ))
I am finding Milo to be more and more annoying with every minute, but when will these protesters learn that they're feeding the troll every time they protest him. More or less, a protester at a college event shot another protester at the same event. At first it seemed like it was an anti-Trump person shooting a Milo/Trump person. But, it looks like this is not not the case. The victim was there against Milo speaking it seems and the shooter was there for the same reason.
Here's the creepier part; The shooter contacted Milo and asked him to give him and sign him a Trump hat. WTF?
From the Stranger, ((Hey Milo,” the 29-year-old former UW student reportedly posted to Yiannopoulos’ Facebook page at 7:24 p.m. “im outside in line to your UW event.
I got sucker punched (he was a bit limp wristed) and someone jacked my #MAGA hat,” he said, referring to the ubiquitous red and white “Make America Great Again” caps worn by supporters of President Trump.
Anyway for me to get a replacement signed by you?))
So, the shooter wanted to meet Milo while armed, which is illegal on campus. Hmm.I just don't get what he wanted from Milo.  
We also had a guy attack a right-wing reporter in one event. We also had a woman set another woman's hair on fire. What is going on to make the left act like the far right? This is certainly not the left I remembered growing up in the 90s.  They used to be chill peeps that didn't care if Clinton cheated on his wife.  They wanted to legalize weed and gay marriage.  Now, they're the group that talks loudly and carries a bigger stick. 

Let's call her Smokey-gly Puff.   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Random Things (2017 ED)

Random Things

~2017 Strong?: After getting some counting, I feel I've gotten better compared to the couple of years before. I also reached a medical milestone where I no longer have to see the heart failure folks due to my major improvements over the months. I will miss them because they saw me at my weakest and nearly at wit's end. While I will never be a sunny happy shiny person, I do feel better about myself for the most part. My therapist got me through some issues and I now know what I have to do to keep the depression away. I need to keep creative and keep telling stories while writing...

~Reading a Book: An Internet fan of my blog sent me his book to read: And, I have to thank him. I've been enjoying it. His style is very similar to mine and I like it. I hope he keeps on writing. (I'm still reading it.) It might just get me back into writing fiction again. Though it will probably be a short story. First my goal is to get back into bicycling then writing. 

~Wax Candy: This shit was the worst tasting candy I've had ever. Most people my age have either forgotten or blocked it out of their minds. This shit was very waxy on the outside but had these strange jucies encased on the inside. I am not sure whose idea this was but it feels like candy that lingered on from the 50s and manged to survive into the 70s and 80s. Why does candy from the 40s and 50s suck so bad? Does it have something to do with the depression era?
~Last Obama: I will miss having Obama in office. I have grown to respect the guy over the 8 years. I enjoyed that he moved from being far left to center in his time in office. I think the country is better off when he shifted to the center. While I don't use the affordable healthcare act, I do know people that use it and are grateful for it. While Trump won't completely gut it, it won't be what it is today. I just like to thank Obama for not being Bush 3.0.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

This is library (thank you)

This is library (thank you)
Damn, 2017 is already starting out with the best memes. This guy actually gets these protesters to shut up for once and tells them the most important thing. “This is library.”
Thank you, sir.
And, you can hear one protester laugh.

It seems libraries are not only places where homeless men come in and chill, but a place for people to protest. I am not sure why strange things seem to happen in libraries (Like two women getting arrested for sexual acts in libraries or the BLM protest.) I don't think protesting and masturbating are things you can do in libraries.  Maybe that's changed.  
There are times and places to protest, but the library where people are really trying to study and make a better life for themselves isn't the place.  I am all for fighting for what you believe in, but disrupting a bunch of college students seems counterproductive to me.  These students could be your potential allies.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Those Coke MagiCans

Those Coke MagiCans
From Wiki, ((In this promotion, some Coca-Cola cans had cash prizes or gift certificates inside instead of Coca-Cola. The prizes were spring-loaded to pop out once the can was opened, lifting the prize into the opening. The prize would either be money, from $1 to $500, or coupons redeemable for trips or merchandise. The total giveaway of cash and prize coupons was $4 million. ))
Yeah, you might open a random Coke can and just a prize would literally pop out of your can. I remember thinking it was a cool idea at the time. Now thinking about it, not so much. I guess that's what Coke Rewards replaced it. So, the prize cans were filled with “ammonium sulfate ”, which the spring-set prized cans were filled with instead of Coke. This was where the promotion ran into a snag.
I remember reading about Coke scrapping the promotion very early in because some dumb-asses drink the “bad water”. Plus, the spring would stop working in some cases. I guess not so magical. 
And, yes being connected to the New Kids on The Block was a big deal back in the day. (They're singing the song.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Hidden" Fences and Hidden Figures: Hidden Outrage

Hidden Fences and Hidden Figures:  Hidden Outrage
Well, that's unfortunate. I was looking up showtimes for a family member for Hidden figures and I accidently looked up times for Hidden Fences, which is another movie with a black cast.
From Moviefone, ((That was the case during Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards when both Jenna Bush Hager and Michael Keaton accidentally called "Hidden Figures" -- a film about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race years -- "Hidden Fences," confusing the flick with another nominated film with a predominantly African-American cast, "Fences." Bush Hager made her gaffe while interviewing Pharrell before show began,  ))
Heck, I get The Intern mixed up with The Internship. It is easy to screw them up. Heck, they both have the HF as initials. It seems the Twitter-verse wants to make this a racial thing. Come on, now. Why are you offended? It was a funny mistake.

John Oliver ad (new)

John Oliver ad
I saw this ad while watching another video, and it had me laughing. Seeing John Oliver interact with other HBO shows is funny. I love seeing Curb Your Enthusiasm bit and Larry David sort of explaining where he's been. I actually thought the show ended five years ago. I guess not. This ad also cross-promotes the other HBO shows.

I love seeing Kumail Nanjiani giving Oliver the business.  
Oliver as a lot of material to work with this upcoming year...oh, boy.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Chris Chan's Brother, bro

Did you know that Internet's crazy person Chris Chan has an older half brother. His name is Cole Smithey and he is a rather famous movie critic in New York. He has his own website and title. Trigger Warning: Visiting the site will make you more pompous and self righteous. He also has a few YT channels.
Cole is the Spock to Chris Chan's Sybok. (Yes, a STV reference)

After watching some of his reviews, I have come to the conclusion that he and I would not get along. He seems to view movies through a SJW lens whereas I view movies in the world they are in instead. It is okay to have social and interesting messages and deeper meanings as long as they fit into the context of the movie and a preaching story. And, he seems to be more on the hipster side of entertainment than I am from what I can tell from his Twitter page. Yeah, I don't hang with the crowd that likes old funny hats from the 30-40s, skinny jeans, beards, shitty underground music and PBR. Whatever floats your boat.
He is known for giving bad reviews for popular movies probably due to his hipster-ism. He's more of a left-leaning Armond White with shades of virtue signaling to be fair. Due to his pretentiousness, he is considered a lolcow too, but not on the same level as Chris Chan.
However, I give him respect for making a name for himself and not making a complete fool of himself like his younger brother Chris Chan. Like Cole, I am estranged to certain family members in my life that are nearing death's doorstep. So, I understand why he has distanced himself from his mother and brother. (They weren't invited to his marriage engagement, ouch.)
What I am shocked about is how “well put together” he is compared to his younger brother because they both had the same crazy mother. Plus, Cole had the added trauma of his mother nearly shooting him in his head (I'm not making that up). I think the fragile state that Chris is in today can be linked back to his upbringing from his mother and father and Cole took it the opposite direction and built something positive out of it. Cole got out of that family situation and never looked back.
When their mother dies, which might be soon, Cole might have to make a decision on what to do with Chris. Chris is in such a bad mental state that he might have to be put in an institute. (Though Chris could end up in federal prison if he continues to threaten President Trump's life.)

Checking it out: My Singing Monsters

Checking it out: My Singing Monsters
I saw the ad on YT and got interested in the concept . Since I come from a musical background and love music based games, this peaked my interest. It is basically part music based gaming with some Pokemon elements thrown in for good measure. You combine your monsters together for a concert. Plus, there seems to be updates that add musical elements to your concert. I think it is a neat concept and gets kids into music. And, that's a good thing.
I think the songs are very catchy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Damn, and I thought Fox News had hot female anchors, but this channel seems to have an overload of attractive anchors. Anyway, Amber Sherlock got a bit mad with Julie Snook for wearing white. Yes, they're all wearing white, but it was an accident. I like the way Snook handled the meltdown. You can tell these two ladies don't like each other. 
We all needed something this amusing now. 


Woman makes a T-Mobile Store a T-Mobile Drive-Thru

Woman makes a T-Mobile Store a T-Mobile Drive-Thru
Side Note: Notice the employee that dipped outside through the newly created hole in the store.
Damn, she was pissed off. Now, I am hearing conflicting reports as to why she decided to make the store an open-air location, but I heard it was over a cracked phone. (Link to the original video...just in case)
Here's the kicker. After driving to the store, she wasn't done with her epic rampage.
From From Palmbeachpost.com, ((Shinobia Montoria Wright is accused of driving her SUV into the store, smashing glass displays with a squeegee and then attacking a store employee. ))
So, what compelled her to drive her SUV through a T-Mobile store?
From Palmbeachpost.com ((A Wellington woman who told police she was having a “bad day” allegedly went on a rampage Thursday at a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, according to an arrest report. ))
I can't believe this falls under “a bad day”. This is a “I want to ruin my life with some bad judgments” day. I mean who does this? It is a freaking phone. I always knew Apple fans were crazy. I'm joking, Apple fans. I love (loved) QuickTime.
Oh, and THIS happened in Florida. That's all I am saying.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room

Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
This song is so 1984 with all its robotic beats and sound effects.  There is a certain charm with these type of dance songs.  This was when you still had to have a voice to make a hit. 
I remember really digging this song when I was a child. I didn't understand what the song was really about. Either the song is about a girl defending herself against another girl stealing her man or a girl planning on stealing another woman's man. The song can't decide.
Before TLC, there was Klymaxx. They were a 80s all female funk band that had a bunch of sexual driven songs. I always found this song to be their best one, but they have a few others I dig too. I am surprised Glee didn't do a cover of this track. 

-Why is there a shirtless guy strapped up to a machine? Are they draining his life force? Do women kidnap shirtless guys and bring them into the ladies room?
-The 80s Fanny Pack: This was a popular thing back in the 80s. This was before you were considered a douche bag and before we got man-purses.
-Objectification of men: I am all down with that, and the 80s were when we saw women in music videos do the same thing that men did in their videos...making women sex items. 
-A young Vivica A. Fox is supposed to be in the video: I can't find her.
There is a 8 minute version of this song, which I like better than the 4-5 minute version.
-The Men All Pause: This song makes a cameo in the track. This was another hit for Klymaxx.
-“I'll be your Freakazoid”: This song also makes appears. This was another hit for a group called Midnight Star.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wendy's is a bit roast-y

Wendy's is a bit roast-y 

I generally hate Twitter, but I love when a company does something interesting with a Twitter account. At some point, Wendy's got hip. And, I love when they shit-talk the other fast food companies in their tweets. (Side note: Someone is trying to create a controversy with Wendy's account with the frog meme.)
I like Wendy's more than anything else, but I haven't been there in a long time. I don't eat burgers anymore, but I dig their chicken products. 
I've noticed that Wendy's always had that Sonic the Hedgehog attitude when it came to advertising.  
Remember, this is the same company that created these videos.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Chicago Kidnapping

This is just crazy
This kidnapping is troubling. You can watch the 30 minute Facebook her thanks to Brittany Herring posting the crime on her own FB page. Now, I am starting to sound like a broken record and repeating myself. There are some serious issues that need to addressed in the black community especially in our young ones. (second video)
The Trump thing is merely a smoke screen for something completely more important. What is important is that they kidnapped a guy with mental problems and decided to torture him. Given the state of Chicago and our black community, this is just an outgrowth of what is happening currently in our cities.
Since we live in the Twitter/Facebook era, even the criminals have to live stream their criminal acts. I've seen numerous videos of people doing illegal acts and live streaming it for the world to see it. It is just odd. Could they not foresee their own arrest? Brittany's name is right there in the Facebook stream just for the cops to track her down. I also find it strange that they were pleased with the fact the video was going to go viral. It is also interesting that we see all of the social media background from these four criminals.
This Brittany person was arrested back in October for stealing stuff, so she wasn't a saint.

As much as I disagree with Black Lives Matter and hate them so much, you can't blame this incident on that movement. These are clearly just ignorant thugs that wanted to go out and torture a guy for the heck of it and not for some politically motive. Do these people look like the types that would be involved in the political discord?

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Shaq's love song: Make This a Night to Remember

Shaq's love song: Make This a Night to Remember
Damn it, I was going to make fun of this song, however the song isn't that bad. The worst parts are the Shaq raps and the rest of the artists and music are pretty good. So, the song is better than Shaq deserves. While Shaq was a terrible rapper and actor and free-throw shooter and video game maker, he surrounded himself with talented artists. That's like surrounding a turd with cake and flowers.
When I think of a long song, I don't like of the man that broke basketball boards and made Kazaam and Good Burger. I don't want to think about Shaq “making this night to remember” with a woman. This is the Icy Hot/The General pitchman not the one to make love songs.

However, this song is not bad. I love that this song comes from the album “Respect”. Yeah, sure from the guy that made Shaq-Fu.   
Ladies:  While I am probably a 1 or 2, would you want to wake up to this in your bed?  

Not the Mass Effect DLC I wanted...or maybe I did

Not the Mass Effect DLC I wanted...or maybe I did
I love the scanning for resources bit. Someone in this porn product knew about the Mass Effect series. I also like the Janice puts the controller down and the game is still playing! So, she is really messing up her play-through to have sex. Is it really worth it?
While Mass Effect already has sexual content in it (somewhat tasteful), the Rule 34 STILL applies for even this game. I am not going to see Krogan porn on Google...not at all. I love that they just drop the “M” off of Mass Effect and call it Ass Effect. It reminds me of Call of Booty.

I randomly decided to look up Janice Griffith on YouTube and discovered this little gem. BTW, Janice is a BIG time weed smoker from all the videos of her smoking weed on YouTube. Strange.   

Friday, January 06, 2017

Rogue One (Part 1 of 3)

Rogue One (Part 1 of 3)

Rogue One is an entertaining movie that fits in perfectly into Episode IV and the overall Star Wars universe. The movie does add certain interesting elements to Episode IV that will change the way you view that movie. Standing on its own, Rogue One can be a fun if somewhat a serious movie. With breath-taking special effects and note worthy characters. For me, Rogue One is a worthy addition to the Star Wars franchise. Gareth Edwards did a masterful job handing handling the movie as a stand-alone story and a bigger piece in the overall franchise.
Basically, this story starts out with a ban of “rogues” trying to get the plans to the Death Star.
In a nutshell, I loved watching this movie. It fills in a lot of story issues I had with the Death Star (but there are still issues with Death Star II) . I had so much fun revisiting the story of Episode IV with something new and interesting in the form of Rogue One.
For the first two acts, the movie goes out of its way to be something different from the rest of the Star Wars franchise. The movie even starts out very differently from the other SW movies due to no opening crawl. For me, I think I the movie should have opened with a crawl, but I understand their decision. The movie does feel a bit disjointed in the first few scenes. However, the story starts to take shape later on and works with it rolling on into the action-centered three act.
Rogue One adds something menacing to the Episode IV and gives us the viewer more gravity into how grave the situation turns out to be. The Death Star and other characters from the Empire are seen as being truly evil and helps give us context in Episode IV.
I've always felt that Episode IV is a movie that doesn't quiet feel like the other SW movies in the trilogy. Vader's suit and helmet are different. The ships look different and the Empire uniforms look basic. This Rogue One movie fits more into the world of EP-IV and EP-III than any of the other movies. Many of the players from EP-IV are not in the rest of the movies, so A New Hope sort of stands alone. And, they show up in Rogue One as side characters.
A New Hope is a basic story with some strip down events due to the budget and being filmed in the 70s. There were limits as to what could be shown, and then there were the issues behind the scenes to factor in as well. Rogue One helps fill in that gap with Part III and IV and further into Return of the Jedi. And, the technology has improved so much that we can we bigger battles and characters. Plus, the movie does also ease us into a richer universe which are the later movie. We see more of the other races involved in the Rebel Alliance. We also get a precursor to the major space battle in Return of the Jedi.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 3 of 3)

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor (Oh, Boy)
One of the biggest problems with BvS is Lex Luthor. Sure he is not the land-grabbing fiend from the Donner/Singer movies, but he is not the reserved and big thinker of the Luthor from the 90s and 2000s was either. Eisenberg performance is out there and very annoying to the point that it is hard to get through all of his scenes.
What were they thinking? What kind of Luthor is this? You make him a wormy nerd that has these strange quirks.
Luthor is supposed to be a foil for both Superman and Batman in the later comic books. Yet, I don't find him all that convincing in this movie because Mr. Social Network's performance. Luthor of this movie is that nerdy kid that got beat up in high school, but is now an evil version of Bill Gates with a bit of Steve Jobs thrown in there too.
The performance is way over the top and needlessly silly. His profound statements aren't that profound due to bad writing. He feels more like he's playing a cross between Steve Jobs, Zuckerburg and the Joker. Luthor should never be compared to the Joker in any manner. Yet, Zack or WB wanted him to be this manic genius who is very much in shape.
Luthor should be seen as a calculating businessman with a super mind. He's a person that believes humans have the potential to be great given a little push. Super heroes hamper humanity's progress. Luthor should have viewed Batman as the way humanity can be great and to take it further with Batman killing Superman. Thus, proving his point. This should have been the focus of the movie.
Again, this is where the weak and dumb script hurt the movie. I think Nolan would have found those parallels. Nolan is good at finding an overall theme like in the first movie there is a theme of fatherhood and Superman making a choice between his home planet and Earth.
Luthor leads to the other problem of the movie.

The story behind Doomsday's beginnings works for me. I am fine with that because it is still in the spirit of of Doomsday origins with it being based on Kryptonian DNA technology. In the comic book, he is basically from Krypton. In the movie, Luthor builds him from Krypton science. It fits in spirit.
The makers of this movie decided to design Doomsday to look like a lump of flesh that has similarities to a turd than the actual Doomsday from the comic book. Doomsday from the books looks chilling with his bone/horns. Given the progress with CGI, they couldn't have made him more like his comic book counterpart.
Why waste one of your most important villains from the 90s on a throwaway fight toward the end? The Death of Superman should be its own stand alone movie. Yet, let's shoehorn this into an already bloated script that is all ready on faulty legs as it is. Doomsday is merely a means to get to killing off Superman. This is Superman's second movie. Why kill him off so early in his career? DC, it makes no sense.
I think this was John Peters wanting to add his own Superman Lives story line into the new continuity. The movie should end with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman agreeing to making a Justice League because they are stronger together than apart. Nope.
In the end...

Batman v. Superman is a bloated mess with a lot of missed opportunities. And, DC micromanaged this story to the nines and it shows with the uneven story. The movie lacks the heart of Man of Steel or the Nolan Batman movies. The writing and character development are the causalities of this mess. The manner DC is handling their collective universe is very problematic. I am not saying DC needs to follow the Marvel movie universe model, but DC needs to take some notes on how to build an universe.

With BvS being a major misstep, I hope DC can course-correct. And, I hope DC moves away from Zack Snyder's influences and brings in more story-centered creative people. If they stay with Zack, he will send the entire DC universe over a cliff. The movie isn't a total disaster, but it is still a dreary and un-fun mess. BvS is not the bad-ass movie we wanted.
Grade: D+  

Daddy Da Da, Yo, check it.

This might be one of the most hidden gems of the Internet ever. I saw this video on iDubbbz channel and couldn't believe how cringe-worthy this music video happens to be.
It is like an lame PSA from the 80s had a baby with a shitty 90s religious rap group and this is what was shat out. Plus, you throw in a bit of Mr. T's “Treat Your Mother Right” music video for good measure. Look, I I agree with the message of the video, but this lays it on so thick that even DC Talk and other goofy rap groups would say you're working too hard at it.
This might be in my top 10 cringe-worthy videos of all times. This Daddy DaDa is clearly not a rapper and there seems to be a religious vibe with certain elements of the video.
-Why does Daddy look like a reject from a monster movie?
I don't think DaDa is fully aware that he is crap, but I hope his band is aware of this fact though.

-Normal ladies on the floor: What does that even mean?
-How about that acting in the first few seconds of the video.
-picking up women on the floor: So, what are they saying here?
-"Don't hurt me!" : I find it a bit disturbing that singer gleefully sings that line lovingly.
-90s Flute Solo: You had to have a flute solo in your R&B track in the early 90s. I guess someone wanted to make this video even more 90s...X3.
I love this music video and more people need to see it.  

Anyway, Mr. T would be proud of this song and video. Treat your mother right.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year...I guess.

Happy New Year...I guess.
Bah Humbug
2016 is another shit show of a year. I think 2015-16 were bad years. Beacause I don't drink, party or do drugs, New Year stuff falls flat to me. I've never understood the celebration for it. It is just another year ending, big deal. I know a lot of people do enjoy it.
2016 did mark a change though...
I was at my all time low in depression in 2016. Things got so bad that I was sleeping all day and just going into work, which is bad because I detest going into work so much. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed completely. When the people in my healthcare were insisting that I seek mental health, I knew I had to get help. For the first time in my life, I got a psychologist. So, things have gotten better at the end of this year due to me working things out with my therapy sessions. I will never be happy, but I will get better over the coming year that I don't hate just waking up. So, I am looking forward to that part of 2017.

I will be finishing up my review on Batman vs Superman. I have a Rogue One review coming up too. Stay tuned, because I will keep you entertained for 2017.   
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