Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RIP John Hurt

RIP John Hurt
I was reading a fellow blogger's entry and it caught me by surprise. I've been off the news grid for a while. I didn't know John Hurt passed away. I remember him from Alien and that famous moment when that alien burst out of his chest. (Spoiler Alert)

He was in everything from Doctor Who to Harry Potter to Hellboy.  And, he was really great in Doctor Who.  
 I love watching him in Spaceballs when his character, surrounded by space truckers, has another alien burst out of his chest. It was neat to see Hurt come back to parody that shocking moment from that famous scene. That's why I respected him because he took the piss out of that intense scene. I didn't get that part of the joke when I was younger and just got the alien bit, but didn't realize it was the same actor.  

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