Sunday, January 08, 2017

Shaq's love song: Make This a Night to Remember

Shaq's love song: Make This a Night to Remember
Damn it, I was going to make fun of this song, however the song isn't that bad. The worst parts are the Shaq raps and the rest of the artists and music are pretty good. So, the song is better than Shaq deserves. While Shaq was a terrible rapper and actor and free-throw shooter and video game maker, he surrounded himself with talented artists. That's like surrounding a turd with cake and flowers.
When I think of a long song, I don't like of the man that broke basketball boards and made Kazaam and Good Burger. I don't want to think about Shaq “making this night to remember” with a woman. This is the Icy Hot/The General pitchman not the one to make love songs.

However, this song is not bad. I love that this song comes from the album “Respect”. Yeah, sure from the guy that made Shaq-Fu.   
Ladies:  While I am probably a 1 or 2, would you want to wake up to this in your bed?  

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