Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sarah Palin makes up a new word: “Squirmish”

Sarah Palin makes up a new word: “Squirmish”
I am not a political blogger, but this is too funny not to pass up. 
Man, Palin just created a new or did she?  I love that Palin just comes up with the best new words.  I also love when her supporters come in and try to defend her new words.
So, does that mean congress has to approve a Squirmish? 
Wait a second, Did Fox News remove and change Palin's word? She doesn't say it in this version, Was this re-edited? Why would they edit out her new word?
Palin, stay on script or let Fox re-edit your words. 

Wonder Woman TV costume revamped

Old version
new version below

Wonder Woman TV costume revamped
After millions of fanboys cried BS on the TV Wonder Woman outfit for the upcoming TV show, it looks like the designers made some changes to the outfit.  I didn’t like the blue boots, but kind of dug the upper suit.  Plus, I’m more for the slightly slimmer WW, because of the Bruce Timm version from JLU. 

And, I have to say I am pleased with the new upgrades to the outfit.  I f’ing love the red boot and the stars on the side of the pants.  This is certainly more of a blend of Golden Age and the newest costume from the updated series in the DCU.
 I still don’t like what I am hearing about the show, but I think they made some good choices with the redesign.  Now, if they can get Power Girl to show up on the show, I’ll be happy…
Who would you have play Power Girl?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Superman 64: Worst Game Ever? (The Rings)

Superman 64: Worst Game Ever? (The Rings)
You have to check out these “Let's Play” videos of probably the work game ever.
The game was based on the character models of the amazingly cool Superman: The Animated Series.   They even used some of the same voice actors for the game, considering it is a cart-based N64 game.  That being said, this game has to be worst game I’ve seen since that Alf game I bought years ago. 
The glitches are so bad that the actively tries to defeat you when you play on the real mission (via inside buildings). At one point in the “Let's Play video”, during the boss battle the main boss falls through the floor and you can't defeat her. You have to reset your game. Plus, there are numerous times when you can walk through walls and into voids with water. Why is the area within the level surrounded by water?
Why would they put so many rings in the game?
Playstation Superman?
After watching the Let’s Play videos, Proton Jon revealed that there was Playstation version of the game that was almost ready for release.  Blue Sky and Titus worked on a PS1 version.  Titus lost the license and the game was scrapped. Check out the full coverage here from Playstation Museum.
It seems the PS version of the game ended up being better than the dreaded N64 version. 
Yes, that was running on PS1 hardware.  Man, this might have washed the bad taste of Superman 64 out of the gamers’ collective mouths. 

Theodore Bagwell Crosses over to Breakout Kings!

Theodore Bagwell Crosses over to Breakout Kings!
I got into a discussion with one of my professors about characters crossing over from different shows with me mentioning Detective Munch.  And, now I got a kick out of the fact another one of my favorite characters is added on that list. 
I’m currently watching Breakout Kings On Demand and was surprised to see T-Bag show up in the opening.  He was one of the best things about Prison Break and it is extremely cool that he’s back in true form in this episode.  While he was a terrible person, you kind of liked the guy for his true badness. 
I like the fact that Breakout Kings and Prison Break share the same universe.  Both shows share the same creators, so it wasn’t a huge shock.  However, the show is produced by A&E while Fox produces Prison Break.
Robert Knepper is great reprising his role again.  It is hard to see him as anyone else, but T-Bag. 
-Some character has to explain what “t-bagging” means. 
-T-Bag throws a woman out of a moving car!  And she lives!
-T-Bag kills a lot of people in this episode.  But, he has a reason for breaking out again.  In a twisted way…
-T-Bag throws a guy into a rock grinder.  That was brutal. 
While I’m not completely sold on Breakout Kings, this crossover was a nice touch. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crash Bandicoot outtakes

Crash Bandicoot outtakes
Those were really funny.  I have no idea where these outtakes came from.
I always enjoyed the Crash ads because they seem to have a sarcastic attitude to them.  Crash was the unofficial mascot for the Sony Playstation years ago.  The series was at its strongest when Naughty Dog held the development rights.  It all came crashing down when Universal Interactive took full control over the series from Naughty Dog. 
To be fair, Crash was very much a product of the 90s.  His attitude was a huge part of the Extreme movement of that period.  But, I liked what they were doing with Crash at the time as far as gameplay and environments were concerned. 
Everyone remembers the ad where Crash shows up to “crash” Nintendo at their American HQ. 
Who was the actor that played Crash in the ads?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Abercrombie is selling Push-Bikinis to 8 year-old market?

As you know, I hate Abercrombie. I hate the thumping techno music and the awful cologne being pumped into the air system. I hate the pre-ripped and dirty jeans that you pay full, overprice for. I hate the annoying D-bags that work at the store. And, this is another reason.
Now, the world’s most annoying company is at it again.  The company is giving little girls an early eating disorder over their body at age 8.  They planned on selling these push-Bikinis to children.
Did I also mention the bikini top is padded too?  I have a problem with the parents that think that it is a good idea to buy these things to their kids.  Let Abercrombie sell their shitty products; just don’t give your little girl even more problems to deal with at that age.  Let girls behave as girls and not have to worry about body image issues...yet.
Now, Abercrombie is feeling the heat and upped the age to 12. From The Columbus Dispatch, ((Abercrombie addressed concerns about the swimsuit with a posting on the company's Facebook page, which said, "We've re-categorized the Ashley swimsuit as padded. We agree with those who say it is best 'suited' for girls age 12 and older." ))
I still think 12 is a bit young too. That's just me.
I'll get you next time Abercrombie, next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Britt Rutter: Without Your Love (Another Ark Music Factory joint)

Britt Rutter: Without Your Love

Well, Ark Music Factory, I kind of like this song. I don't love it, but it isn't shitty.
The song isn't terrible, in a “Friday”way, and dare I say the tune is rather catchy in a Sonic the Hedgehog from the 90s kind of way. I mean the song actually sounds like something off a Sonic the Hedgehog tune. The Auto-tune is a bit too much, but goes with the digital feel the video attempts to convey.
If she laid-off the auto-tune, I think she might have a chance to really make as an artist. You can check out two of her other songs on her myspace page (not facespace). I think her voice lends itself to techno songs and dance tracks. And, she seems to be better than Rebecca Black in the voice department.
I think the song needs another minute or at least a remix by some European DJ or a rap by Lil Wayne. (Because all songs are required to have a cameo by Lil Wayne, right?) Not too bad, Ark.
The music video
Basically, Britt's boyfriend, who looks to be 20, starts to video-chat with her via the social media site “Facespace”. Jason forgets to sign out of the video-chat and accidentally leaves cam on for Britt to see that he's cheating on him with another girl. (Oh, the horror!)
Jason leaves his cam on the whole day and Britt watches him study and records him out of revenge. I guess it is a good thing she didn't catch him watching Spankwire or something. (Great Scott) Instead of slashing his tires, putting firecrackers in his mailbox, or leaving bag of flaming poop on his doorstep, she records him drooling on himself...when he's sleeping. I'm sure he drools when he's awake as well, but it's funnier when he's sleeping. She releases the video to the entire Internet to mock him.
That grown rapper (Patrice Wilson) makes another appearance. This time he seems to be stuck inside the Internet because we get to see flashing/flying sparks and wire connections. Someone send Tron after him to save him. You'll notice that he's inside most of the laptops! He's like poor man's Agent Smith. Get him out of there!
The music video then turns into an India music video with three of the girls dancing in a field.
-Uh, Facespace? Did Myspace and Facebook make love and birth Facespace? I love the fake company. How about some Red Apple cigarettes and some slushos?
-Are her friends frozen at the beginning of the video?
-Did she just create a Meme out of Jason?  

Veena Malik: This is one strong woman.

Veena Malik: This is one strong woman.
This woman is tough. She takes on a cleric and uses his twisted logic against him. She crushes him old school style. We need more woman like this in the world.
While I hate reality shows like this Bigg Boss  show is discussing, it should be noted that she is correct that the show is a mixture of stars. They even had a WWE star on the show. (Khali the big guy from The Longest Yard)
I look at a smart woman like this and think, “And we interview stupid blank slates like Paris Hilton.” 

Quantum Leap (the rest of season one)

Quantum Leap (the rest of season one)
I just wrapped up the shortened season one on Netflix.  Here are a few notes on the episodes.
-Al is no longer the asshole he was in the opening episode.  I mentioned that Al seemed like more of jerk in the early portions of the premiere.  As the season progressed, you can clearly see the good friendship.  There is a nice moment where the two of them sing a song on a radio together. 
-We get some of the early hints that people can actually see or hear Al.  During one episode, Al is screaming directly at an old woman in a car while she is driving toward her death.  She listens to him and saves her life.  She actually hears him and says, “You didn’t have to curse at me.”  She even looks in his direction.  That was a nice little moment.  This would be hinted at throughout the series.  Animals and certain children can see Al. 
-A young Michael Jackson makes a cameo appearance:  It is kind of creepy now, given that Michael is dead, but it was cool seeing a young Michael dancing.  He has a dance-off with Sam.  It is a cute scene.
-“The Color of Truth”:  This is the episode where Sam leaps into a black man.  And he accidently sits down in a “whites only” diner.  This causes a major problem for his family and other blacks within Alabama.  This episode is beautifully written, directed, and acted.  It doesn’t come across as being too preachy either.  The best moment is when Al stands in the empty cell singing “we shall overcome”.  We get an inside look into Al’s history and his part in the civil rights movement. 
-A young Jason Priestley shows up in one episode. 

That Knight Rider truck ramp/ KITT thing

Mythbusters: That Knight Rider truck ramp/KITT ride
Wow, it worked.
I remember watching KITT roll up the Knight Truck in each episode.   I loved it.  I also thought it was cool that they had a moving base inside the truck full of computers and a support team.  I remember I wanted to get the truck as a toy.  I’m not sure if I had it or not, I know I had KITT. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kirstie Alley vs. George Lopez

 Kirstie Alley vs. George Lopez
I'm not a huge fan of Lopez, but I have hand it to him on his attack against former actress current tweeter. Then he took it back after he took some heat from his “pig” comment. It is fine and good to come in and defend Alley until you realize all the nasty things she's done because of her “fair game” comments.
She's had a few feuds over the years via her twitter account. She was a serious actress that turned heads with her performance in Star Trek II and her amazing chemistry with Ted Danson in Cheers. Cheers was actually a better show with Alley starring more so than Shelly Long. She used to be a hard working actress, who was stunningly pretty, but now she's known for her reality shows and twitter battles. That is sad.
She needs to stop using Twitter and reality shows and get back to acting.
Anyway, this is what Lopez said about her, (( "Lopez Tonight" on Tuesday, March 22. "She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show she went to the market. And then she had roast beef. And this is her going all the way home," so he joked.  ))
Okay, that was more funny with the video than reading the quote. But, I'll give Lopez a point for that one. I guess Alley couldn't let that be, given her “fair game” teachings.
She tweeted this, (("Don't worry about George's comments...Just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk wolf...falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs." ))
Are two grown people fighting using nursery rhythms?
Lopez, is this a person you should apologize to? She revealed the name and address of the writer of a gossip writer in order to get “fair game” on someone.
From her fair game rant, (celebitchy) ((THat’s [name redacted] [phone number redacted]. [email address redacted] S SOME LOVE..tell her my DADDY sent you..More news on S to follow
about 23 hours ago from web
Please call Ms. [name redacted].Your natural instinct will be to be kind.Pretend your father just called you panicked that you were dying.Bang Bang
about 23 hours ago from web
@mladenstanisic SHe IS famous isn’t she? Now she really IS a public figure. Fair Game for Public photos and speech. Same terms as
about 23 hours ago from web in reply to mladenstanisic
I am also certain, there were some behind the scenes issues going on. Like the Church of Space threatening to removed their members from his show.
Can we at least make fun of Scientology members? 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Much Hi-C ?

 Too Much Hi-C ?
At work, someone brought in a pack of Hi-C. It got me in the mood to try this boxed juice drink out again. It is one of those childhood memories of getting a box of it in my Transformers lunch box a few days a week. So, I went to the store and got a ten-pack of the Flashing Fruit Punch. I ended up giving one to my professor during a meeting.
Hi-C is one of those drinks you can drink cold or warm. I drank most of them all day and got kind of sick. I don't remember this happening when I was young.
But, the flavor did bring back the nostalgia of those days in the cafeteria. While I didn't have many friends to sit with, I still enjoyed spending time in the cafeteria.
I noticed that Hi-C is produced by Coca-Cola from its Minute Maid division of the company. I had no idea.
By the way, Capri Sun was the rival drink for Hi-C among children. In the US, Kraft Foods distributes it. But, Coca-Cola distributes it in the UK.   

This was the Transformers lunch box I had.  The Box art is based on the movie and third season of the show. And, the Thermo drawing is based on season one.  Most of the characters on the thermo were pretty much dead by the third season

Five Fast trailer (5 Fast 5 Furious) (The Fast and Furious 5)

 Vin: “I smell what you're cooking. It smells like White Castles.”
The Rock: “Actually, it's Krystal burgers.”

Five Fast trailer (5 Fast 5 Furious) (The Fast and Furious 5)
I like this second trailer. I just hope the movie recaptures the fun of the first two movies and not the dreary mood of the 4th movie. I think Vin and Paul wanted to move away from the franchise, but neither of them really became huge stars. I did like Vin's character from Riddick movies though.
The Rock looks very good in the film. He looks like he's back to his size when he was in WWE.  Uh, wasn't the Rock in a movie called Faster? 
Trailer 1

Paul: “We should have gotten Geico or progressive insurance”

Dora (YouTube Poop)

I don't remember this being on Dora (YouTube Poop)
What in the hell?
I love that Dora leaves him to die. 

James Horner on his work on Star Trek II and Aliens

James Horner on his work on Star Trek II
He reveals a lot about his amazing work on the second trek film. I knew he was close friends with Trek composer Jerry Goldsmith, but I had no idea he actually sit in some of the recording sessions for Star Trek The Motion Picture. Some of he best can be heard in this score. The only problem I have with Horner is that he keeps re-using the cues from this score in many of his action films.
He worked on the sequel right after Goldsmith in the same manner that he did for Aliens behind Goldsmith's Alien score. He's also wrong about it not having any relation to the first film. He used the blaster beam in the same manner as Goldsmith did in first movie. He even uses it in nebula scenes, thus recalling the feel of V'ger.
His interview about Aliens score
Horner didn't have a good time scoring this film and had a breaking off with Cameron. He never fully finished the score the way he wanted to. Cameron and the producer didn't get along too well because of the last minute changes in the movie. They threatened to fired him, which was pretty mean. To be fair, Cameron had a hell of time filming the movie. He had hundreds of problems in production and post-production.
Horner patched things up with Cameron with Titanic and they worked on Avatar.
I really like Horner's score to Aliens. The sharp military beats are just plain fun to listen to. There are hints of Goldsmith's score thrown in for good measure too.
Keep in mind it is not an original score, but still entertaining.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Tommy:  Oh, hi, Football. 
 Random Stuff
~Lady Gaga defends Rebecca Black: Right, this is the one “artist” you want defending you. Gaga is still being accused of stealing songs from Madonna and that Korean group. Doesn't that make Rebecca Black's career legit? Nope, sorry, Gaga.
~Red Dawn being reviewed through crayon pictures: I loved it. I still remember watching RD as a child and wanted to hide out in the woods fighting Russians. The movie really isn't that inspirational because most of the teens die horrible deaths. I like this girl's swagger. I need to pick up RD.
~Speaking of Red Dawn, the remake is going through some major re-writes involving the villains. The film has been completed, but the villains were a Chinese invasion force. Now, probably realizing how big the movie market is in China, the producers might be changing the villains to North Koreans. Keep in mind this will be done in post-production. MGM threw in about 1 million to make the changes. That still doesn't mean the movie won't suck.
~The Room's director/writer/actor Tommy Wiseau might have not directed his Opus “The Room”: It looks like someone has come out of the woodwork to contend the directing credit for the horrible movie “The Room”. Sandy Schklair came on as a script keeper of sorts and Wiseau shoved into the directing chair because Wiseau had no idea what he was doing. I'd let this one pass, dude. I'd let Tommy take all the credit because the movie is total crap.
~Para-hawking: I want to try this. This is so cool. I'll take some non-birds of prey like a parakeet instead.   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leonard Nimoy hawking “Laser-disc” Demo (Magnavision Model 8000 DiscoVision )

 Leonard Nimoy hawking “Laser-disc” Demo (Magnavision Model 8000 DiscoVision ) (Source)
Wow, Spock has a strange talking space rock that explains the advantages of the Magnavision video disc player. I remember hearing that Nimoy doesn't like talking about his role in the animated Transformers movie from the 80s. Actually, he says he doesn't remember anything about the movie. I have to wonder if he's more embarrassed by this promotion.
How much did they pay Nimoy?
What is crazy about this machine is that this was the precursor to DVDs back in 1978. That's right, 1978. It is interesting to see that this technology has been around for ages. And, having Spock promote your product is just cool.
One thing that is worth noting is how big the damn thing was. However, it looks just about the same size as the First Xbox system.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cop takes it a bit too far

Cop takes it a bit too far
Okay, they had every right to stop the first guy the way they did, because he was going batshit insane.  But, the way the cop handled the chick was a bit too harsh.  He beat her with his nightstick and then pepper-strayed her.  And, the cop grabbed her by pants and pulled her back.  And slammed her to the street. 
She certainly needed to be arrested, because she was involved in the beat-down before the cops showed up. 
Here’s the full version of the fight.

Predators (Part 1 of 2)

Predators (Part 1 of 2)
Predators works as direct sequel to the first two films and fits into the groove and vibe of the first film.  Story wise, it also hints at the same structure as the first movie.  There are so many callbacks that I probably missed them all.  Most of the movie is fine and very entertaining, but it is the middle of the film that falls apart.  I felt the movie needed another 15-20 minutes to flesh out all the story points laid out in the film. 
A group comprised of mercs, soldiers, and killers all find themselves stranded in the middle of a strange jungle.  They soon discover that they are no longer on Earth, but a different planet.  And, they also discover that the Predators are hunting them down for sport. 
The first 30 minutes where the characters walk around and attempt to figure out what, where and why they’re there is very entertaining.  One character even notes that the sun hasn’t moved in a few hours and the compass is way off.  This whole first act harkens back to the first movie somewhat, but here the people aren’t much of a team.  I also enjoyed the big reveal at end of the first act with them realizing that they aren’t on Earth anymore. 
From there, the story shifts into the Predators and the group fighting and hunting each other.  For the most part, director Nimród Antal does a good job keeping the action kinetic, but not confusing.  Antal’s direction fills the role, but it doesn’t have the style of John McTiernan’s first movie, but that’s okay. 
With the directing being fine, the biggest problem with the movie is the script.  There are a few missteps that almost derail the entire movie for me, namely the total shift in tone and structure with the introduction of Laurence Fishburne’s character Noland into the movie.  The movie is moving along nicely when it hits a brick wall in the form of Noland.  He is a crazy army guy left in the jungle surviving the hunting parties.  Since he’s been there for a long time, he’s gone a bit crazy.  The problem is the character could have easily been deleted from the movie with some minor reshoots.  All the pacing the film had goes out the window when the group shacks up with Noland. 
Noland is there to merely tell the moviegoers that there is a blood feud going on with to sub-races within the Predators.  And, it is one version of the race we haven’t seen before.  Noland seems to want to help out the group and quickly turns on them for no reason.  Despite the movie trying to tell us why he betrays them, it still makes no sense.  And the heel-turn renders the character useless to the plot.  And, the character is promptly gotten rid of with no big fanfare or sendoff. 
Laurence Fishburne deserved better than what he received in this movie. 
As I wrote earlier, the movie needed another 15 minutes to sort out some of the interesting concepts in the movie.  Such as the Predators clearly can communicate with the humans and do in fact understand them.  Because one character talks to one of them and the Predator clearly understands him. 
Another concept that is interesting is the fact these Predators capture humans and send them to this game preserve to be hunted down.  There is a lot of history that could have been hinted at.  If you remember in Predator 2, one Predator hands Danny Glover a Civil War style gun.  Thus, implying that the Predators have been studying humans for ages now.  We would have seen remains of human beings from some of the war time eras throughout history. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poker Face (Eric Cartman Version)...on Rock Band

Poker Face (Eric Cartman Version)...on Rock Band
I at first thought someone just edited the TV version of the South Park version of the song to the game, but this is clearly a different version from the one sung in that SP episode. It looks like the South Park guys re-recorded the song and added a new beat to it for this game. Plus, all the references to Whales aren't in this version of the song. I love that they even did a different version
Kotaku is stating that it comes with the Lady Gaga Pack being released on Rock Band.
Here's the TV version of the song.

Rebecca Black (Friday): The horror?

Rebecca Black (Friday):  The horror?
I’ve been sitting on the whole Rebecca Black story after learning about the recent podcast of Fat Guys at the Movies where they mentioned Rebecca Black’s music video and song.  They talked about how bad the video was.  That was when I knew I had to see it for myself. 
So, I watched it and I have to say, “Well, that was bad, really bad.” I am not going to attack her as a person because she’s a 13-year-old girl.  Because of the heavy auto-tune enhancements, the song sounds like a sober version of a Kesha song.  It is bland and sounds like something The Borg would listen to, but the sheer crappy nature of the video makes it appealing. 
Why brother with all the auto-tune?
The rapper in the video is one of the people behind the “music video packing” company that provides a platform for teens to make music videos…for a fee.  The company is called Ark Music Factory, and factory is the right name for the company.  They churn out bland music and videos for the teen market.  Did I mention that her mother paid 2 thousand for this project?
I'm kind of happy she didn't have company take down the music video, because she could ride out this Internet fame for a while.  Hey, if Charlie Sheen and the entire cast of Jersey Shore can turn turds into dirt clumps, why not keep it rolling?
Out of the steaming piles of dog poop, Rebecca Black has become an Internet celebrity of sorts.  So, I guess the money was worth it…I guess. 
Bob Dylan-like version: I love this version.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alexandra Wallace: Racist, troll, fart knocker?

Alexandra Wallace is one of the dumbest people in the world.  I really hate this woman.  She did a rant about “Asians in the library” and it came across as downright racist and bitchy.  Was she looking for trolling or is she that stupid?  She’s like the female Gilbert Gottfried.  Hell, can we fix her up with Gilbert? 
I just can’t believe how stupid her remarks were.  Of course, like Gottfried, she got the full shot of Internet hate on her butt.  We shouldn’t take away her right to spew shit speech; people have to make sure to have alt-views against her own.  This is something certain people don’t understand about free speech.  With the good, there’s going to be bad, such as the Westboro Baptist Church idiots or Scientology.  They have to right to spew their twisted views, they just can’t clamp down on other opposing views. 
Now, I’m all for self-censorship.  If you feel a stupid, racist rant coming on, feel free to “shut up”. 
So, does Alexandra deserve to be kick out of UCLA?  Nope, her newfound Internet Fame for being a racist is enough. 
Oh, the story gets better.  Alexandra Wallace planned on making more videos.
 From, ((John Wallace, a Sacramento-area retail developer, posted on Friday at 11:17 a.m.: "She's asking for domain suggestions for 'Asians on their cellphones in the library!' She's shooting videos as I write."
John Wallace also posted March 3 that his daughter was cast to be in the audience of MTV's "Jersey Shore" reunion show.))
Yeah, that last part about Jersey Shore just sums up what kind of person she is. So, her father was proud of her “Asians in the library” video? He proclaimed it on his Facebook, which has magically disappeared. What exactly is he teaching her?
Btw, she has to be around 18-23 and she already has implants. WTF? Check out her old modeling pictures here and see for yourself
But, the video responses from the video have been great. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Darren Aronofsky off The Wolverine (Wolverine II)

Darren Aronofsky off The Wolverine (Wolverine II)
From Movie Line, ((As I talked more about the film with my collaborators at Fox, it became clear that the production of The Wolverine would keep me out of the country for almost a year,” Aronofsky said in a statement. “I was not comfortable being away from my family for that length of time. I am sad that I won’t be able to see the project through, as it is a terrific script and I was very much looking forward to working with my friend, Hugh Jackman, again.” ))
Well, that didn't take long. Darren has walked away from other projects before. Did he want to a Robocop Reboot, but walked away from that. Is this statement just a cover for something else going on?
Something about “being away from his family” I don't buy.
If you remember, Fox interfered with Gavin Hood when he directed the first Wolverine movie.
I kind of knew this would happen, but I had hoped that he would follow through. Now, Fox will probably hire new director they can push around. I think Darren would have brought a grittiness to the film that not even Fox could envision.
Oh, well.

RIP Nate Dogg

RIP Nate Dogg
I had no idea he passed away a few days ago.  I still listen to Warren G’s Regulate, which featured Nate Dogg.  (Video Here)
I always liked his smooth hooks in hip-hop songs.  His style pretty much gave a new sound to gangsta rap in the 90s, moving it away from New Jack Swing. 
He will be missed
“Next stop is the Eastside Motel.”

CathyMay15: Best Song EVER

CathyMay15 is her name.  I like this girl’s swagger. 
This has to be an act right.  No one would do this without looking for trolls and hate right? 
The reason I say this is because she seems to turn off her cam the same way…right into her crotch.   And, there is a bit of self aware to her terrible-ness. 
However, I did discover that her YouTube channel is no longer around, thus giving reason that perhaps this is real.  Usually when a video reaches a certain fame level, that owner of the video deletes their account.
More of her wonderful songs below

Vent Harassment: Do a Barrel Roll

Vent Harassment: Do a Barrel Roll
I was in a bad mood all day, and this vid made my day. 
It reminds me of this one. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Howie Scream

Not to be confused with the Wilhelm Scream, this scream is a lower scream that sound producers use in movies and videogames too. Heck, it was used in an old Buttonfly Jean commercial. I like the Wilhelm Scream better, but this one is catchy too.
More after the jump

Damn you, Adobe, and Youtube.: YouTube has stopped working on Firefox and Chrome

Damn you, Adobe, and Youtube.: YouTube has stopped working on Firefox and Chrome
I guess I updated my adobe flash and now Google Chrome and Firefox will not play YouTube videos. Everything from Hulu to other videos sites work just as they did before, but YouTube is completely unusable. I've installed and uninstalled Adobe, and nothing happened. I just keep getting the black box of death from YT. This started yesterday.
The only browser that works with YouTube now is Internet Explorer. That's right I have to watch YT videos on the shitty IE system. That is total bullshit.

If you're experiencing one of the following problems:
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Grown Ups

Grown Ups
Well, that wasn't funny.  You would think with all these “funny people” in the movie would at least be amusing, but it’s not funny.  There are a few laughs here and there, but it just isn’t funny.  There is little to no plot, and it is just a collection of unfunny gags and unfinished skits. 
A group of friends from childhood, which they were all members of a childhood basketball team, get back together due to their coach dying.  They all spend time together to bring back good and bad memories. 
I won’t call this movie a mess, because it knows exactly what it is doing.  Heck, the last 15 minutes follows the Sandler formula to the letter.  (It is a point in every Sandler movie that all problems are solved in a crowd setting.)  The problem is the movie feels like a bunch of random jokes with not much of a story.   There are a lot of insults and riffs, but nothing else.  Even the plot isn’t brought into the story until the last 15 minutes of the film. 
I can see Adam Sandler and the director saying, “Why bother with a script?  Let’s just film it.”  That can work such as it does on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  In this movie, no one is even trying to be funny.  When I look back at Sandler’s earlier works, his stories are stupid and goofy, but there was a structure within his scripts.  That’s what made his movies fun, even with the formulaic second half of his career, his movies had structure…almost too much structure, but it was there.  Then, we get this movie.  If Sandler doesn’t want to try anymore, why should we care?  
Here’s the rest of the cast
Adam Sandler:  This is the type of movie that his character from Funny People would make fun of.  Sandler truly looks sleepy, tired throughout the movie.  Time to start chasing penguins again.
Kevin James:  Hey, who knew Paul Blart showed up in another movie?  Seriously, it is Pauly B.
Chris Rock:  He came into work wearing the same outfit from Death at a Funeral.  To be fair, Rock is probably one of the better characters in the movie, but the toe jokes were getting very old. 
 David Spade:  What happened to Spade?  It looks like a hundred bees stung him, because he looks bloated and bored.  He’s morphed into Rob Schneider as far as talent goes.  Maybe if I think of Tommy Boy and Black Sheep long enough, this version of Spade will disappear from the timeline.  
Rob Schneider:  Not funny.  There is nothing funny about his character.  He bangs an old woman, big deal. 
Salma Hayek:  I love Salma a lot, but she is hard to take here.
Maria Bello:  Her character arc involves her spraying breast milk into the face of another woman.  I’m not making this up. 
Maya Rudolph:  She’s married to Rock…
With little or no structure, Grown Up feels like a dull and boring movie carefully edited and marketed to the mass-audience.  I can’t count how many people have told me that they loved Grown Ups.  I simply I can’t see it.  This movie is worst than Little Nicky and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry combined. 
Grade: F-

Paul Blart: Rope Man
Yes, this what David Spade looks like today. Remember when he was the small skinny guy?  Age is a bitch isn't it.  
Director:  "Adam, this is a script.  We're not going to use it."
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