Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Night Trap revisited

Night Trap
It is good to see Brad Jones take on the horrible videogame Night Trap. Night Trap is very much the VG version of The Room.
I've wrote about this strange videogame back in the day. It came out on the imfamous Sega CD system. It looks like someone compiled all the video clips without the videogame aspect. The actual footage seems to be from a discarded videogame from 1987. But, the actual VG was released as Night Trap in 1992.
The videogame pretty much summed up Dana Plato's career when she showed up for the videos within the game. I guess during the time of the release Plato was planning her other career...being a videostore robber.
Note:  I'm going to lay off her a bit because her son committed suicide last year.  
The “game” was intended for the canceled Hasbro Nemo VG system. I've never heard anything about this system until the reviews from above. There is very little info on Nemo other than it was supposed to be a VHS based game system.
Here are some alt-death scenes.

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