Monday, March 07, 2011

Do Rhinos stomp out fires?

Do Rhinos stomp out fires? 
Are they the version of a fire fighter for the jungles and forests? 
I remember watching the scene from above with my uncle when we watched the entire film “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.  It was probably one of the silliest and funniest scenes in the movie.  But, the whole concept of “Rhinos Stomp out fires” movie fact stuck with many others and me.  Many people truly came away from the movie thinking it was a fact.  A guy on a podcast even mentioned it as fact in a podcast recently. 
So, I was curious and looked it up.    
Over at Myth-Busters, they did some research into the myth, and they say it is completely false. From their site, ((The first is that rhinos - like other animals - have an instinctive fight or flight response to any potentially dangerous situation, and fires certainly fall into this category.

"The fright and flight reaction that helps keep animals safe is very strong...I can't imagine that it could be sufficiently overcome to allow rhinos to 'firefight' by stomping on the flames," says Carter.
Knowing this fact, it kind of broke my heart, because the movie went out of its way to prove that Rhinos stomped out fires.

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