Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kirstie Alley vs. George Lopez

 Kirstie Alley vs. George Lopez
I'm not a huge fan of Lopez, but I have hand it to him on his attack against former actress current tweeter. Then he took it back after he took some heat from his “pig” comment. It is fine and good to come in and defend Alley until you realize all the nasty things she's done because of her “fair game” comments.
She's had a few feuds over the years via her twitter account. She was a serious actress that turned heads with her performance in Star Trek II and her amazing chemistry with Ted Danson in Cheers. Cheers was actually a better show with Alley starring more so than Shelly Long. She used to be a hard working actress, who was stunningly pretty, but now she's known for her reality shows and twitter battles. That is sad.
She needs to stop using Twitter and reality shows and get back to acting.
Anyway, this is what Lopez said about her, (( "Lopez Tonight" on Tuesday, March 22. "She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show she went to the market. And then she had roast beef. And this is her going all the way home," so he joked.  ))
Okay, that was more funny with the video than reading the quote. But, I'll give Lopez a point for that one. I guess Alley couldn't let that be, given her “fair game” teachings.
She tweeted this, (("Don't worry about George's comments...Just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk wolf...falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs." ))
Are two grown people fighting using nursery rhythms?
Lopez, is this a person you should apologize to? She revealed the name and address of the writer of a gossip writer in order to get “fair game” on someone.
From her fair game rant, (celebitchy) ((THat’s [name redacted] [phone number redacted]. [email address redacted] S SOME LOVE..tell her my DADDY sent you..More news on S to follow
about 23 hours ago from web
Please call Ms. [name redacted].Your natural instinct will be to be kind.Pretend your father just called you panicked that you were dying.Bang Bang
about 23 hours ago from web
@mladenstanisic SHe IS famous isn’t she? Now she really IS a public figure. Fair Game for Public photos and speech. Same terms as
about 23 hours ago from web in reply to mladenstanisic
I am also certain, there were some behind the scenes issues going on. Like the Church of Space threatening to removed their members from his show.
Can we at least make fun of Scientology members? 


MC said...

Yeah, to me this is a tough fight to pick a side in, since Lopez cheated on his wife, a woman who gave him a kidney so he could, you know, live.

At least Alley has the excuse that the teachings of her cult made her act like a total bitch.

Semaj said...

You're right. I have hard time siding with Lopez after treating his wife like that.

Alley is just being a mean Sci-con. She really needs to stop twittering and starting feuds though

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