Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quantum Leap (the rest of season one)

Quantum Leap (the rest of season one)
I just wrapped up the shortened season one on Netflix.  Here are a few notes on the episodes.
-Al is no longer the asshole he was in the opening episode.  I mentioned that Al seemed like more of jerk in the early portions of the premiere.  As the season progressed, you can clearly see the good friendship.  There is a nice moment where the two of them sing a song on a radio together. 
-We get some of the early hints that people can actually see or hear Al.  During one episode, Al is screaming directly at an old woman in a car while she is driving toward her death.  She listens to him and saves her life.  She actually hears him and says, “You didn’t have to curse at me.”  She even looks in his direction.  That was a nice little moment.  This would be hinted at throughout the series.  Animals and certain children can see Al. 
-A young Michael Jackson makes a cameo appearance:  It is kind of creepy now, given that Michael is dead, but it was cool seeing a young Michael dancing.  He has a dance-off with Sam.  It is a cute scene.
-“The Color of Truth”:  This is the episode where Sam leaps into a black man.  And he accidently sits down in a “whites only” diner.  This causes a major problem for his family and other blacks within Alabama.  This episode is beautifully written, directed, and acted.  It doesn’t come across as being too preachy either.  The best moment is when Al stands in the empty cell singing “we shall overcome”.  We get an inside look into Al’s history and his part in the civil rights movement. 
-A young Jason Priestley shows up in one episode. 


JerryTerrifying said...

Which episode was Michael Jackson on? I just watched through most of Quantum Leap a few months ago and don't remember catching that.

Semaj said...

"Camikazi Kid" ep9. He's the bathroom with Al and the kid overhears Sam talking and they have a dance off.

here's bad recording of it

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