Monday, March 28, 2011

Abercrombie is selling Push-Bikinis to 8 year-old market?

As you know, I hate Abercrombie. I hate the thumping techno music and the awful cologne being pumped into the air system. I hate the pre-ripped and dirty jeans that you pay full, overprice for. I hate the annoying D-bags that work at the store. And, this is another reason.
Now, the world’s most annoying company is at it again.  The company is giving little girls an early eating disorder over their body at age 8.  They planned on selling these push-Bikinis to children.
Did I also mention the bikini top is padded too?  I have a problem with the parents that think that it is a good idea to buy these things to their kids.  Let Abercrombie sell their shitty products; just don’t give your little girl even more problems to deal with at that age.  Let girls behave as girls and not have to worry about body image issues...yet.
Now, Abercrombie is feeling the heat and upped the age to 12. From The Columbus Dispatch, ((Abercrombie addressed concerns about the swimsuit with a posting on the company's Facebook page, which said, "We've re-categorized the Ashley swimsuit as padded. We agree with those who say it is best 'suited' for girls age 12 and older." ))
I still think 12 is a bit young too. That's just me.
I'll get you next time Abercrombie, next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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