Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damn you, Adobe, and Youtube.: YouTube has stopped working on Firefox and Chrome

Damn you, Adobe, and Youtube.: YouTube has stopped working on Firefox and Chrome
I guess I updated my adobe flash and now Google Chrome and Firefox will not play YouTube videos. Everything from Hulu to other videos sites work just as they did before, but YouTube is completely unusable. I've installed and uninstalled Adobe, and nothing happened. I just keep getting the black box of death from YT. This started yesterday.
The only browser that works with YouTube now is Internet Explorer. That's right I have to watch YT videos on the shitty IE system. That is total bullshit.

If you're experiencing one of the following problems:
The video player is replaced by a black or white boxColors are splotchyThere’s a green line splitting the player in twoThe seek/navigation bar is missing or displaying incorrectlyThe video stops playing when you change the resolution may be running into a known problem with hardware accelerated video playback in Flash 10.02 hitting a percentage of YouTube users. We're working hard alongside Adobe to get this fixed, but in the meanwhile please visit the following Help Center article for workarounds that will get you back to watching videos:

We realize this has been frustrating, and we really appreciate your patience as we iron out the bumps in this new feature. ))
The little workaround doesn't work. Man, being forced to work with IE is brutal.


Holly said...

Workaround does NOT work. I am SO pissed. If y'all figure out a solution, pls let me know -I am NOT using IE

Holly said...

Has anyone tried to uninstall adobe?

Semaj said...

Yeah, it doesn't work for me either. I'm going to contact google tomarrow see where they're at with this problem. I'm using IE for all my YT stuff and blogging stuff. IE sucks badly. I can't believe how badly it handles YT.

Holly said...

Found a cure on an adobe forum!

For Firefox:

tools -> options -> advanced -> Network -> clean now (the cache)

It worked for me :-)

Semaj said...

Yeah, it looks like Google cleared up most of the problems. I was not loving using IE

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