Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chinese Undercover Police Woman kills hostage taker

Chinese Undercover Police Woman kills hostage taker

The video is very graphic, but it is amazing how fast she was able to pull out her gun. She was quick. Some people are saying the cops went too far, because he only had scissors. There are times when police do go too far with minor infractions, but this isn't one of those cases. If you look at the girl hostage, she has blood dripping from her arms. The dude kept stabbing her with the scissors, he would have had no problem killing her.

Now, the multiple shots after the first shot was not necessary.

It is interesting that the state run news is milking this thing for everything its worth. That's the part I find a little troubling. It should be noted the undercover cop had never shot anyone before. If someone was pointing a weapon on me, I would certainly want her on my side.

Not attractive

Not attractive

Look, I'm the last one to call myself good looking, but Gov. Jan Brewer is one ugly woman. Talk about not aging gracefully. She has that Devil look that Joe Jackson (Micheal Jackson's Father) has. Maybe the hate and fear of illegal aliens morphed her into this strange Lord of the Rings character.

I hate sound mean, but could you imagine waking up to this every morning?

I love the fact that this little troll of a woman didn't get her way when Arizona didn't get all of its crazy immigration law passed. I'm not a full supporter of the other side, but this new law was in the wrong direction.

I also like that you can see John McCain gazing off into nothing in the background.

Universal Greeting

Universal Greeting

Friday, July 30, 2010

Montana Fishburne (part II)

Montana Fishburne (part II)

Well, this whole Montana Fishburne story is blowing up around the Internet.

Brian Pumper actually talks about the industry with Montana sitting across from him! She's in a damn video interview with Mr. Pumper. Now, it has come out there might be even more scenes being released through Mr. Pumper's series. She goes by the lame stage name Chippy-D. Why not Morpheus?

After this news broke, her Twitter account magically locked up. I know for a fact it was open, as were other things, last night. You better believe Laurence is calling her house to get an answer. No parent wants to hear that their daughter is getting into the adult business. Nothing good will come of this.

Montana Fishburne Revolutions: Laurence Fishburne daughter getting into Porn?

Montana Fishburne wants to be an actress...just not the kind that her father Laurence Fishburne is currently in.

On TMZ, they're reporting that Montana, daughter from Laurence's first marriage, is making a sex tape on purpose. From TMZ, ((TMZ has learned Montana Fishburne is starring in a porno flick for Vivid Entertainment -- explaining, "I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape." ))

You better believe Laurence is beyond pissed. Because I've listened to Dr. Drew a little bit too much, I think this a way to get back at her father for some reason. What better way to piss him off but to get into porn.

I also have to wonder if Brian Pumper had something to do with her new venture in Porn Alley. Supposedly, it was revealed that she's been secretly dating Mr. Pumper. Has this been confirmed?

Using sex tapes to get into acting or becoming famous aren't exactly the ways to get noticed and stay noticed. And, using Kim Kardashian as a career model isn't too smart, because Kim has nothing else to offer other than showing up to parties and reality shows. You'll get 15 minutes of fame, but that's about it. Hell, Paris Hilton's fame is starting to fade.

I'd love to hear what Laurence has to say about this news.

Yogi Bear is coming out as a CGI/Live action away.

Yogi Bear is coming out as a CGI/Live action away.

Over at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness, he posted a trailer to the movie, but I wanted to post it here for craps and giggles.

The trailer looks awful and it does remind me of the bad Garfield and The Chipmunks. Did any young kid ask, “When are they going to make a real Yogi Bear movie?”

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Teaser

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Teaser

Somewhere, Richard Grieco is watching this teaser and thinking, “That could have been me!”.

I like the fact Sparrow breaks the fourth wall and talks to the people.

You know what? I'm actually looking forward to this upcoming movie now. As long as the focus is on Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, then I'm all for another movie in the series. Sure the last movie was a total mess script-wise because they were writing the script as they were filming the movie, I think they gave this movie a little more time to breathe.

Btw, they're filming the movie with 3-D cameras instead of “Up-Converting” it .

Sonic Vs. Bobby Brown

Sonic Vs. Bobby Brown

The beat matches Bobby Brown's “Every little step” song for the most part. Btw, I love the bicycle shorts Bobby Brown wears in the video. I remember every girl and guy would wear bicycle shorts without riding a bike. Women would wear them to show off their ass.

Here's a different remix of the song.

Jesse Camp's “Camp” Doesn't like me

Jesse Camp's “Camp” Doesn't like me

I guess you can add Jesse Camp's family to the long list of people that don't like this blog. I received a delightful comment in my Jesse Camp post in which I kind of blasted the guy. A guy with the cool name Josiah left this comment on my post.

((Jesse Camp had to work at a normal job for six months as a requirement to complete his probation. Not because he had to because he invested his Mtv money very well and now never has to work another day in his life unless he wants to. I am his second cousin and know him very well. He is a brilliant guy and is much like Andy Kaufman. People that get so worked up about him - like you still do ten years after the fact - don't realize that the joke is in fact on you. ))

I don't get worked up about Jesse Camp and had totally forgotten about him until someone on a Podcast mentioned him.

Anyway, I left him a half-assed comment back below. I said, ((The fact you took the time to come in here a leave a comment on a shitty blog as mine seems to make the joke on you. If he has enough F’ you money going around, then he and his family shouldn’t have to care what I (a shitty little Blogger) or anyone else has to say…right?
With the exception of Andy Kaufman and the wrestler prank, I was never a fan of Kaufman’s work. Then again, Camp is certainly more entertaining than Pauly Shore or any of those reality shows that are on MTV now.
It seems strange that I actually yearn from the old days of MTV “with” Camp and the rest of the gang, crap and all.
Wait a second, did I just give props to Mr. Camp? Damn it, I again made my argument side with the other side…well shiiiitttt. ))

Actually, I am gratefully Josiah left a comment and he wasn't that Viagra Spammer. I'm more angry at that Viagra Guy than Mr. Camp or Josiah.

I think the Internet has more than enough discussion about Jesse Camp or Viagra.

End of Line...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Things

Three relics from the 90s?


Random Things

~I’ve been watching the old episodes from the DiC era of GI Joe. There are a few good things about this series, but most of it is bad. It basically boils down to the poor animation quality. Hasbro wanted to cut costs and dropped Sunbow and brought in the cheaper DiC studio.

~Tommy Wiseau was legal prick even before the whole NC/Wiseau: This Wiseau guy simply doesn't understand how Internet promotion works. I'm really starting to hate Wiseau.

~Beavis and Butthead return to TV: Is MTV the right choice to bring the show back? MTV isn't the same the channel it was back in the Beavis & Butthead days. I have to agree with the Distressed Watcher on this one, I think don't think the show really fits in today's audience. Now, making direct to DVD movies sounds like a good idea. Here's the NY Post story about the new show.

~Who told Kanye West about twitter?: So now we have Palin and Kanye tweeting away. Do we really want to know what's on their minds? Of course every single post is about Kanye West. Shocking...

~Mel Gibson has more tapes released. I'd say he should release these tapes in one big comedic album. Gibson starts using his revenge voice he's used in Payback and other movies. Yeah, this is man who claims to be a religious guy. Is he really that religious?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Resident Evil 4 movie panel Stabbing at Comic Con

Resident Evil 4 movie panel Stabbing at Comic Con

It appears a fanboy in a “Harry Potter” shirt stabbed another Comic Con attendee with a pen in the eye. The guy in the picture above got arrested for being an angry nerd. The first thing I thought when I read this was, “Please don't let this be a black guy, pleeese.” Magically, we can chalk this one up to another “black person making the rest of us look bad” deal.

Usually nerds and geeks get mad behind the online mask and not on convention floors.

There are a few things to learn from this.

1 Don't get arrested wearing a Harry Potter shirt. The guys in jail are going to have a field day with you.

2 Was getting a seat in the Resident Evil panel really worth it? I mean it is safe to assume the movie is going to be total crap.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last of the Mohicans Promentory (the difference between the film version and the album version)

"I won't find you."

Last of the Mohicans Promentory (the difference between the film version and the album version)

While reading through the SF's list of top film scores from the past 20 years. He mentioned Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman's Last of the Mohicans score as being one of his favorites. Most of the better tracks came from Trevor Jones, Jones would leave the project leaving it to Edelman to finish.

One of my favorite tracks has to be Promentory. This track is used during the final battle between the heroes and the villains. It uses Celtic (Scottish and Irish?) rhythms with some Native American chords and drums. The problem is the first album version of this song is completely different structurally and tonally. There are portions of Promentory that were only heard during the movie.

Full FilmVersion (as listed)

Comment: There are some really good chords in this version that's lacking in the old album version. The baseline is also different as it's louder. Some of the stuff absent from the old album version is the 4:30 mark onward. These are my favorite portions from the movie version.

Album version

Comment: There is still stuff to like about this version, but it doesn't hold a candle to the film version.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Armond White Super Troll?

Armond White has once again proved that he’s completely full of crap and doesn’t have a grasp on film criticism. I listened to main Slash Film podcast with everyone’s favorite critic to hate and hoped he would come across a little more believable. (Make sure to jump to the halfway mark around 45-49 min to get to Armond White's take on Inception)

And, after listening to Armond on the podcast I've grown to really hate the man. Jack Mathews from Rough Cuts (Moviefone) put it best about the guy. Mathews says ((White is a classic, unapologetic elitist and one of the few to ever work for a general interest or mainstream publication. For good reason: As White's editors are being constantly reminded, the inherent insult to readers' intelligence by White's approach is risky business. His haughty, theoretical approach is the stuff of academia and film journals. ))

White has this academic view of film criticism, yet praises films like Terminator Salvation (A deeply flawed but not bad movie) and Norbit. It makes no sense. The movies he praises are the movies that are the main problem with Hollywood system. Most of the movies he likes are the ones that the Hollywood system has interfered with.

Looking at this list that MC has provided for me from Flick, there is something wrong here.

Dance Flick: Does anyone really find any artistic value in this movie? I liked Scary Movie 1, but has this team made a good movie since (Little Man? White Chicks?)

Terminator Salvation: There are so many stories about what happened behind the scenes of this movie to fill a book. At one point, there was a daring ending involving a Terminator taking over the John Connor role after the real Connor dies. The movie intended to be R-rated but the studio forced a PG-13.

Jonah Hex: This movie has a long history of rewrites and re-shoots, and re-edits.

And, list goes on.

Then, there's this elitism that seeps into every measured and bloated sentience from this guy. The guys on the Slash Film podcast were respectful, but Armond got a little mad when they made some comments about Michael Bay. He seems to regard Bay as a better director than say Nolan. I find that just amazing. The man might just be faking this whole thing just to get attention.

Armond White went after Ebert and the Internet critic community as a whole.

White says this about Ebert from Slash Film, ((That’s what’s called being a shill. And it’s a tragic thing that that became the example of what a film critic does for too many people. Often he wasn’t practicing criticism at all. Often he would point out gaffes or mistakes in continuity. That’s not criticism. That’s really a pea-brained kind of fan gibberish.))

Uh, if a musician plays an off key note, shouldn’t someone write about that? Gaffes and mistakes are part of criticism. While it shouldn't be the entire review, these things do need to be pointed out.

I'm going to reserve my final thoughts on this guy after Slash Film releases their After Dark Podcast.

The Legend of Jessi Slaughter (No relation to Sgt. Slaughter)

The Legend of Jessi Slaughter (No relation to Sgt. Slaughter)

The video that started it all...

What do you get when you cross an annoying 11-year-old with a webcam and the entire Internet? A strange Internet Meme that continues to build upon itself. The video above is a typical pre-teen girl that believes the world revolves around her. Little did she know she was about to get more attention than she could imagine.

A certain group of people took to giving her a bit of Internet revenge, and that's when the shit hit the fan. It's been reported that she's had fake pizza deliveries sent to her and many harassing phone calls from people on the Internet.

Instead of letting her new found Internet fame fade, she posted a tearful response...with her father threatening the entire Internet. That's not the smartest thing to do.

I have to say that her father is total kickass person because he's a cross between a wrestler and a poor man's Billy Mays. You also have to love the vintage facial hair. I truly believe her crazy bushwhacker father will destroy the Internet and then Universe to protect his poser daughter.

Not since the Epic Beard Man has a meme turned into such an epic viral event. Phrases like “You dun goofed” and “Consequences will never be the same”. (What does that even mean?)

She has an entry on Dramatica and Know Your Meme.

She also has a definition in the Urban Dictionary. Here's one of the entries in the definition, ((A term made for those who act beyond their age through means of vulgar language, lewd pictures, and often threaten others in a manner so obscene it is almost laughable. "Jessi Slaughters" are often found on YouTube and other video streaming sites to vent their frustrations and babble on about nonsensical things such as waffles and fictitious romances. As a final note: "Jessi Slaughters" are also highly prone to internet memes. ))

That pretty much sums up exactly why they went after her. She had no business being on the Internet unsupervised at the age of 11. It is incidents like this one that are the reason she doesn't need to be on the WWW.

The Rock takes on Jessi Slaughter and the Billy Mays Clone

If Want to try some Ventrilo Harassment, someone compiled her father's clips and made a soundboard. Check it out!

Most Brilliant Businessmen in Movies?

10 Most Brilliant Businessmen in Movie History

Someone sent a link to this point, so I'd figured I'd give it a whirl and talk about some of the people on the list.

Gordon Gekko: With a name like Gekko, you have to be a badass. Mr. Gekko represents the cooperate greed that’s gotten the world in the financial trouble that we’re in today. Michael Douglas has played this role numerous times over the years, just under different names. If you want to cast a ruthless businessman, Douglas is your guy.

Sam "Ace" Rothstein: Yeah, he’s that guy from the underrated Casino. My only problem with this character is he gets too caught up in Sharon Stone’s character. He would have probably been better off ditching her in the long run.

Michael Corleone: While there are some good points to be made in for Godfather I & II, he stronger business senses shine in the otherwise dreadful Godfather III.

Charles Foster Kane: I recently watched Citizen Kane and I just loved the movie. It is based on William Randolph Hearst, but you can replace it with any real life media mogul. (Ted Turner). What is interesting is that Kane’s life pretty much follows the director’s life and career as well. It is very interesting when watching it today with the parallels between Orson Welles and Kane.

Nintendo’s 64 Disk Drive/ (64DD)

Nintendo’s 64 Disk Drive (64DD)

The video above pretty much shows you exactly how it works. I only heard about the 64DD in passing through magazines and old sites, but never paid attention to it. This video gives you a better insight that the big N had some things planned for the system, but it never came to be. Hell, Nintendo of America didn’t even support it.

After the break with Sony over the Nintendo Play-Station, I think Nintendo's interest in a disc-drive started to wane and they supported cartridge-based games. So, the 64DD was their answer to the cartridge-based games made by Sony's Playstation. The 64DD used magnetic disks for storage, so basically is was a form of a Jaz Drive or Zip Drive.

The 64DD came with a modem, a mouse and a keyboard. It really seems very similar to the early Sega Saturn NetLink device. The modem for the 64DD connected via the RANDnet.

I personally think, like the Sega NetLink before it, this add-on could have given a boost to Nintendo. But, they really didn’t support it. It seems like certain elements in Nintendo didn’t want to push the envelope with new technology and Internet content. I mean the N64 should have really been CD-Rom supported at the time anyway, given the lower cost of developing for CD-based games. With the exception of the Wii, I always felt Nintendo was always one step behind the other companies, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft. And, I felt it was on purpose.

After watching the video above, it would have been interesting to see this 64DD in action over here in North America.

This 2001 story from IGN 64, explains exactly why Nintendo kind of lost interest in 64DD and the broken promises of the DD. It was announced back in 95 but N released back in December 1, 1999.

A few more bits of information...

-Here is a strange Japanese Promotional video.

-This guy paid 600 dollars for the add-on.

-Here's a British preview of the system from 1998. It is kind of funny that the Nintendo guy is trying his best to hype system. Notice how vague he is about the DD and the release date?

-All of IGN's old coverage of the 64DD. This is a very good read.

-A site devoted to the 64DD.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Predators (Soundtrack Review)

Predators (Soundtrack Review)

Written by and composed by John Debney, Debney heavily relies on Alan Silvestri’s masterfully produced first two Predator films.

To be fair, I am a huge old school Alan Silvestri fan. I still listen to his Back to the Future and Predator franchise scores. I consider them to be some of the best action scores the 80s had to offer. Alan’s score to Predator is still hailed as one of the best scores from that period.

So, how does John Debney’s score to Predators (2010) hold up to Alan’s music from the franchise?

Extremely well! If someone told me it was Alan that wrote the music for this soundtrack instead of Debney, I’d be hard pressed to prove otherwise. Debney does such a good job producing that Alan sound that I can’t tell if there is any Debney type of cues in here. There are some new cues and themes, sparingly, but they feel like a natural extension to the Predator franchise.

Debney did add some electronic beats and even some rock guitar, but these tools are things that Alan Silvestri uses in his recent work. You can tell Debney loves Alan’s score because it shows with the way he’s written this new one.

Predators is a score that is bombastic and mean. The score uses pretty much all the actions cues and themes that made the first movie so memorable. Debney doesn’t hold back and goes for the loudest score he can produce and I praise him on that. Most scores today are more laid back and not at the forefront like this score.

For people that want a subtler score, this is not for you. Unlike the Aliens Vs Predator scores, this is a clear-cut tribute to the first movie’s loud and angry sound. If you have the cash, I highly recommend buying this soundtrack.

Grade: A-


-Debney adds a sound effect that sounds like a predator breathing! Very nice.

-There are some Asian and Spanish influences in small portions of the score.

The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying

Ricky Gervais attempts to make a smart comedy with an interesting concept, but sadly it doesn’t hold together. The Invention of Lying doesn’t exactly know what it wants to be. However, the attempt is still noteworthy, I would like to see more movies try to tackle similar themes.

In this world, people are unable to lie. The entire human race simply tells the truth all the time. People say what is completely on their minds, and everyone is okay with it. One man (Gervais) discovers that he can tell a lie. He uses this knowledge to his advantage in his life and the lives of the loved ones around him.

First off, Rick Gervais is brilliant as Mark Bellison. Gervais always handles awkwardness like a true craftsman, and this movie is full of awkward moments. Probably some of the best moments are the Jennifer Garner blind-date scenes. To be fair, this Bellison role isn’t that far removed from his role on Extras. He is a TV writer for one of the Broadcast Networks.

Speaking of Networks, TV shows consist of people sitting in front of cameras and reading historical scripts. And, the TV ads have people telling you how they really feel about the products. This world-building stuff is very interesting and I would have loved to see more of it before Gervais discovered lying. I also enjoyed noticing that everyone in this world seems to only wear drab colors, and the artwork is very Spartan. There is no such thing as the idea of fiction in this world. And, Gervais does a good job showing us the limits of a total truthful world.

What didn’t work for me was the clashing of the movie themes. The first half of the movie seems to ride steady with a romantic comedy vibe, but switches gears into a high concept story about religion and death. Gervais’ character actually creates a religion and it dives into the positives and negatives that come with a new religion. The problem is that neither story is fully explored because they are both shortchanged. It is because they have to share a movie together. Gervais attempts to cover too much ground for a 99-minute movie.

Jennifer Garner is the other problem with the movie. Garner tries her hardest to bring some heart to an otherwise flat and dry character. Her character comes across little petty and a bit rude even for a world based on truthfulness. I wanted to like Garner’s character but she is under-written because of the clashing themes.

In many ways, Invention of Lying is bold with some of its ideas with religion and death, but then it tries to hard to also be a romantic comedy as well. Both crowds will feel a little cheated. Invention of Lying isn’t bad movie; it is just not what I wanted out of a Gervais joint.

Grade: C

Friday, July 23, 2010

Spam this

"We're doomed"

To the Viagra comment spammer…

Why do you keep coming in here and leaving multiple comments disguising your post as a legit comment? The fact that you take the time to get through the “word verification” and actually partly read the post your spamming seems a bit of a waste because I usually delete them in a matter of hours if not minutes. And, then you keep coming back and continue posting your shitty product.

No one cares about your Viagra and stop f’ing around with my blog. Take a short walk off a long pier…wait a second.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tommy Wiseau takes down The Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room.

Tommy Wiseau takes down The Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room...(Story behind it)

From “The Room” Wikipedia (before someone takes it down): ((In 2010, the Nostalgia Critic reviewed the film. He placed it firmly in the "so-bad-it's-good" genre and ultimately recommended his audience to view it. The review was quickly removed due to a copyright infringement claim from Wiseau Studios[citation needed]. This also confirms the removal of the review by Obscurus Lupa (a contributor to the site). In response, Doug Walker made a sketch satirizing Wiseau for bringing the review down, stating that it is protected under fair use. This sketch also lampooned John, a staff member of the official website for the film, who apparently was the first to bring the complaint. ))

About a week back, the Nostalgia Critic made a video ripping up Tommy Wiseau’s stupid movie “The Room”. But, at the end of the review, NC actually told people to go out and see the movie. I’ve made a few posts discussing the sheer shitty nature of this movie and the fact Wiseau had no intention of making it a “black comedy”.

Well, it looks like Wiseau’s ego was a little bruised after NC made his review. So, Wiseau’s studio put out a copyright infringement notice and the NC review was taken down. This is clearly a bruised ego plain and simple and it makes Wiseau look like a total tool bag.

So, NC made a response back to the infringement business.

It is critical that people write and send e-mails about this issue. The reason it is important is because it opens the door to other studios to clamp down on bad reviews that they don’t agree with. People have the right to voice their opinions about shitty movies and to rip them apart.

If you want to really hurt them, stop going to those screenings of the movie throughout the world and stop making money for these assholes until they let the NC re-post his review.

Let’s “Refutiate” Tommy Wiseau’s claim!

You can e-mail your complains to the official site behind “The Room”.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin makes up a new word (Refutiate)

Sarah Palin makes up a new word (Refutiate)

English was a living language, and you just killed it, Sarah. Someone from the GOP please keep an eye on this woman. I personally have no problem with her tweets, because they seem very amusing to me. So, I “refutiate” Sarah’s Twitter page.

Side Note: She didn't make this word up. John McCain made this word up back in 2008. She just remembered it and added to her tweet a few years later.

True Blood: Post Mortem

True Blood: Post Mortem

This is an extra bit of storyline based on the viral marketing stuff going with the current season of True Blood. I found this extra bit of storyline really helps give more info on Mythology.

Too Hot for Mother: The Cathleen M. Miller tale

Too Hot for Mother: The Cathleen M. Miller tale

Do you remember when you were a teenager and had that one friend that had the hot mom? Do you remember wanting to spend some alone time with you’re friend’s hot mom? Well, four teenagers from Chicago Ridge did just that and whole lot more.

From CBS, ((Cathleen M. Miller, 40, of the 5800 block of West 109th Street in Chicago Ridge, is charged with three counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of criminal sexual abuse, according to Cook County State's Attorney's office spokesman Andy Conklin. At the Bridgeview courthouse on Tuesday, Miller was ordered held on $900,000 bond, he said.))

First off, is it wise to publish the address of the woman’s home on the Internet? You can literally Goolge Map her house. Anyway, this 40-year-old woman got caught having sex with four of her daughter’s guy friends. You heard that right. Talk about parents embarrassing their children.

Read on, ((Between Feb. 1 and June 1, Miller held parties at her home at which she would provide teens with alcohol and marijuana, according to court records.

Miller had intercourse with two of the teens, oral sex with a third and fondled a fourth, according to prosecutors, who said the boys were friends with Miller's teenage daughter.))

I wouldn’t have a huge problem with this story except for two things; one, the guys were between 14 and 15. They barely even know about the wonders of the female body yet let alone have a driver’s permit. That’s way too young. Two, they were her daughter’s freaking friends. This is going to screw up her daughter’s life for a long time.

Yes, we know that young guys in these situations don’t have the long term damage as say girls, but there are some other people that are the victims here and it will effect them even more.

From the weekly vice, ((Miller's daughters, aged 3, 11 and 14 have been removed from the home and placed with relatives while the Illinois DCF investigates.))

These family members will have to live this down forever.

By the way, this never happened to me with my friends’ mothers.

Something tells me Cathleen Miller won’t be getting anything for next Mother’s Day…

The California Raisins: The Grape Escape

The California Raisins: The Grape Escape

Linkara did a review on the California Raisins comic book and mentioned a non-released videogame based on the California Raisins franchise. (Yes, it was a franchise.)

In videogame, the Raisins enemies are fruits like Grapes and Apples. Uh, in the cartoon show and comic book the Raisins’ enemies were junk food people and fast food creatures. It just seems strange to make their allies enemies in the game.

So, why wasn’t the game released officially?

From Lost Levels interview, ((“Why was the game never released? I honestly don’t know. As far as I know, the game was complete and ready to go,” said Morgan. “Some people have had consprational theories that someone may not have wanted the game released – it’s fun to think that, but it’s probably more likely that it was a marketing or company politics thing. The truth is that I was too far from the decision making to be privy to what went on. I understand that the game did have some healthy pre-orders from the retailers...”))

Monday, July 19, 2010

G.I. Joe: Cold Slither

G.I. Joe: Cold Slither

Part One

Part 2

Part 3

Yes, this episode does age the show a bit. An 80’s hair band?

So, Cobra Commander is completely broke and needs money fast. I guess Cobra got caught up in inside trading and his organization is paying the price for it. So, Cobra has to slum it and make backhand deals in order to make a new band called Cold Slither with the Dreadnoks.

I enjoyed seeing Shipwreck and few others under “the spell of Cobra”. The writers had a field day with the people under the spell acting high.

The story is more than a little goofy, but it has that 80s charm. It gets even dumber when the GI Joes picks up their instruments and start singing at the end. The animations and character models take a bit of nosedive in a few places, which brings the episodes down a bit.

Is this how the record industry fools the American youth into believing Lady Gaga and Kesha are good? Someone needs to look into this.

-They brought this song back a few times in later episodes in GI Joe.

-I love the fact the Twins attempt to sell their old Cobra base to other terrorist. Try to spot all the real life people these characters are based on at the 3:17 mark of part one.

-Cobra Commander has to deal with mobsters: I thought that was rather amusing too. The short mobster has to be a nod to the Scarface/Ventriloquist Batman villain.

-This song has also showed up in a number of Transformers episodes too! Jazz and Blaster have played the song a few occasions. This is another Transformers/GI Joe connection, which means they share the same universe.

-Are these action figures real?

-I strangely find the women of GJ Joe in groupie outfits very appealing. Yes, this happens in the episode.

Make sure to read this review on the episode too. The writer does a better job covering the episode than me.

Random Stuff

Thank you for the great news. Since I'm dead, would I be able to read this message?


Random Stuff

~Blue Crush 2?: Did someone ask for a sequel to Blue Crush? This “Sequel” is supposed to be a direct to DVD release. So, they're not even bothering to attempt release it in the theaters. When you can't bring back Michelle Rodriguez and Kate Bosworth, then you know you're in trouble. I have no idea who any of these people are in the IMDB page.

~Bristol Palin & Levi reunite: Two really stupid people are finally coming back together to get married. When you name your son “Levi”, you're really setting him up for failure. Did I mention that Levi wants be an actor/model? I love the fact both families aren't that pleased with Levi and Bristol's engagement. It sickens me that two non-famous people got paid to do an interview and show pictures.

~Lindsay Lohan vs. Joan Rivers: I know that these two are in a Twitter battle, but I really don't want either one of them to win. I've grown tired of both Rivers and Lohan for different reasons.

~“You have died of Dysentery”: Have you ever died of Dysentery? I had no idea this meme ever existed.

~Old Spice T-Shirt???: While checking Busted-Tees, I saw that the company was selling “Swan Dive” t-shirts based on the Old Spice ads. Guess what? All the shirts are already sold out. Not that I'd buy one. Unless they sell Semaj T-shirts...

~Tits or GTFO: I find it rather funny that this woman has no idea what the phrase means. The phrase is kind of mean. And, you wonder why fanboys and Nerds don't get laid.

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