Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nice touch by ILM in Star Trek Generations

Nice touch by ILM in Star Trek Generations
Yes, the effects are amazing, and ILM did some great work on this movie. They even pulled out the old Enterprise D model from nearly 8 years ago to shoot the space scenes, despite the fact the TV was using the smaller, more detailed model, in later seasons.
What I wanted to bring attention to is the detail in the explosion scene. You can see members of the crashed Enterprise standing on the hull of the ship looking up at the sky. You can actually see them reacting to the coming explosion. Most of them TRY to run away from the shockwave before it hits. That is a nice detail. I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking, “Wow, that was a neat shot and detail.”

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Crispin Glover hates the ending to BTTF: I actually sort of agree with him on this. It was more about the material things in the end. Marty gets the new truck and everyone has better jobs. However, they made this movie in the 80s when these things were important. The producer and director also felt there was a problem with this too. They mentioned it on the DVD commentary. They sort of ret-con this in BTTF II with the side story about Marty losing everything in that future car crash. I still like the ending because it is a stark contrast to his other timeline. It shows that universe is different.  They just used 80s values to do it.  I also find nothing wrong with success and wealth when you "put your mind to it".  
~Shrek 5? Just stop: With Dream Works considering another movie, is there a way to convince them to end the franchise? And, I liked the ending to 4 and loved the spinoff Puss N Boots. I think the fourth movie was a good way to end the franchise.
~All Things Good TNG episode: I re-watched the final episode of TNG on Netflix. I got a little misty-eyed with the ending. I love that Q and Picard kind of have a matural respect for each other at the end. It was Q that helped humanity out with Picard jumping around in the different time lines. I also like the final moments between Picard and Q where Q refuses to tell him if Picard will see him again. There are just too many great moments in the final episode. 
And, how about that space battle between Enterprise and the Klingons?  The Finale was a fitting tribute to show. I can't say the same for the Star Trek Enterprise finale. That was total shit.  That came out of ego and foolish where as the TNG ending came out of love of the show.  
BTW, the more fitting ending to Enterprise would have actually been more in seeing the birth of the Federation.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Godzilla Trailer 2

Godzilla Trailer 2
Well, this trailer was even better than the first trailer. It does answer a few questions.
-In the 50s, the US and probably other countries attempted to kill off Godzilla under the guise of testing nukes.  It would only be fitting that he's going to save the planet. 
-We get to hear Godzilla's modified roar.
-Hints of other monsters?: there are a lot hints that there are going to be more monsters in the movie. I am still thinking Godzilla is going to be our anti-hero.
-There is an impressive shot of a crashed plane on a highway. Is this the work of Godzilla or another monster?
-Everyone F's with the Statue of Liberty: How many movies have either destroyed or damaged the statue. The old lady takes more beatings than any other landmark.
-Something with wings, robotic or living, falls into the water at the 1:32 mark.
-Look at the dropping jet fighters. One of them has a guy eject and open a parachute. That's a nice touch.
Reddit has been posting stills of the trailer and it does look like Rodan might be in the movie or a lookalike. The marketing is trying its best to present this movie as the US going against just Godzilla, but it looks like there are a lot of monsters popping up and causing problems. Godzilla is the clean up crew.

To me, it looks like an alien invasion. What about that strange leg crashing down on the army. That's isn't Godzilla's leg.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Harold Ramis RIP

Harold Ramis RIP

Damn, this one came as a total shock to me too. Most people that knows a thing or two about comedic movies is aware of this guy, writer/actor/director. He was a part of many pop cultural movies of two decades (80s and 90s). While some of his later movies weren't that good, I am looking at you, Year One, he should be remembered for his overall body of work. 
 From the Chicago Tribune, ((Ramis, a longtime North Shore resident, was surrounded by family when he died at 12:53 a.m. from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that involves swelling of the blood vessels, his wife Erica Mann Ramis said. He was 69. ))
I had no idea he was so sick. The family seems to have kept it under wraps because Ramis was actively trying to get Ghostbuster III movie off the ground. I still feel we don't need a Ghostbuster III movie, but I can see why he wanted to make another one.
Here are some highlights from his career.
Heavy Metal : I had no idea he did a voice for this strange T/A animated film.
National Lampoon's Vacation : I don't remember his appearance. But, he did direct the movie. The problem I have with the story is the animal cruelty. The dog death bit wasn't funny. It was just cruel.
Ghostbusters : He was also one of the writers and main stars in the movie. This is probably in my top ten favorite movies of all times.
Stuart Saves His Family : He directed this movie. Let's just forget this ever happened.
Analyze This : Directed and wrote, the movie hasn't help up as well as some of his other movies. However, this one is way better than the second movie Analyze That.
Groundhog Day : I love this movie. Enough said. 
Stripes : This movie was partly filmed in Louisville. And, some of the landmarks and locations haven't changed. I still get a kick out of the locations, standing in for New York, shown in the taxi driving scene. Heck, I kind of know where the apartments are in the movie.
I could go on, but I won't. He was important part of my movie-watching experiences. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jerry Goldsmith's Alien Theme

Jerry Goldsmith's Alien Theme
Words can't express how much I LOVE this theme. Goldsmith felt space should have a grand/romantic feel to it like in the same manner as Williams' score to Star Wars. The director and producers did screw around with Goldsmith original intentions. They added some classical music and some of Goldsmith's older stuff into the film version. I think Goldsmith wanted a more structured score than an Atmospheric score, you can clearly hear themes being introduced here.
I am almost certain the (Dark) swell 1:19 was some his early attempts at giving the Alien a central theme.
Scott wanted a darker tone, while Goldsmith wanted to make it lighter in certain places. Scott and Goldsmith went for a mixture.
Here's the more horror version of the main titles.

Guy with Fake Gun threatens people for the Lulz

Guy with Fake Gun threatens people for the Lulz 
This really pisses me off.
1 He and his buddy thought it was funny threatening people with a fake gun: People thought it was real. They're reactions were that of total fear. I can only imagine the fear the old man had as these two thugs rolled up.
2 You filmed it: How stupid do you have to be to do this?
3 You posted it on Instagram: All the cops have to do is track you down via your account.
Given the hostile environment we're in, where black men and women are getting shot for far less, why would you risks your life for a laugh? Stupid stunts like this one make it harder on all of us and puts us in harm's way. Unstable people are now more likely to bust a cap in my ass due to these sort of stunts and knock out game attacks.

Naturally, this ass-hat was arrested. You can check out some of his other videos at The Smoking Gun. Congrats, ass-hole, you're going to jail for being a fake gangster.   Joke is on you, Jack.  
Where's the laughter now?  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Girl has a freakout over tumbleweeds

Girl has a freakout over tumbleweeds
Yes, it is wrong to laugh at someone's phobia, but this video is funny. This guys gets the boyfriend of the year award for recording his girlfriend's freakout. What is the name for "Tumbleweed Phobia"?
Is she afraid of the Tumbleweed restaurants too?

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Okay, I am sold, Marvel. I actually laughed a lot during the trailer. And, I love the fact they make fun of the whole notion the “Guardians of the Galaxy” stuff. And, they note the corny-ness of the name. Who names themselves Star Lord? 
The film is basedon the 2008 team and not the one from the 60s. The one from the 60's is set in a different universe than the main Marvel universe.
I love that I am looking forward to this movie 100 times more than Transformers 4, and that movie has Dinobots in it.
Star-Lord : He appears human and acts like a Bro-Guy. I think this works. From what I can gather he isn't this brash in the comic books, but I could be wrong. I love the middle finger bit a lot.
Rocket Raccoon : This is the one that everyone wasn't sure about with myself included. However, I'm sold on the concept and CGI design. He's a badass talking raccoon. I get it. I'm looking forward to seeing this guy fight.
Gamora : At first, I thought this was Rihanna due to the makeup Zoe Saldana wears in the trailer. I mean she really does look like a green Rih. So, Saldana has three sci-fi franchises she stars in. This lady is busy.
Drax the Destroyer: He seems the most boring out of the bunch. But I could be wrong.
Groot : This guy has an interesting background and history. In the main Marvel verse, he was a bad guy first and became a good guy. They're not going for that history, which is fine. However, I am betting some of his super powers will be used in the he really can't die as long as there is a piece of himself left.
Is the mainstream crowd willing to sit down and watch this movie? I am not sure. It will rely on marketing. 
 See what I mean?  She kind of looks like Rih here.  We all know how bad of an actress Rih is.  Just watch Battleship. 
 Does the middle finger mean hello and goodwill in other cultures? 

 I love this shot because it sums up everything about the characters. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~This whole “incident” is troubling to me because it is a small studio that's shut down major websites from even mentioning the story. Not even Prince or the Space Church are able to pull the feat these guys have pulled off. They've even deleted the post in the IMDB page mentioning a boycott. I won't be releasing the post I wrote about the story at all because I know they will come down on me. I will just say this; Just come clean and apologize about the incident. That goes a long way more than threatening lawsuits.
~The Makers of the Bioshock franchise is calling it quits: Irrational Games, the ones behind Bioshock, are hanging up their company and leaving the series with 2K. I am truly shocked about this considering that Bioshock was a huge seller and praised by critics. The Bioshock games have an amazing story, but it is troubling seeing this great developer leave behind the Bioshock series. Basically, the head guy is reducing the studio to a smaller group and going for digital downloads. What does this mean for Bioshock? I am not sure. 

~Lil Kim is pregnant? I am really happy for you, but damn. She has completely ruined her looks with the facelifts and re-pumped lips. She figuratively looks like a cat person. She's more machine than woman (Star Wars reference). She's found someone to not only be with her, but to knock her up. So, who is the lucky (unlucky) man? Mr. Papers. Yes, the father is named Mr. Papers. It sounds like a money folding machine than another name for money. Mr. Papers is represents everything that I find bad about the black community. Fat gold chains, check . Sideways hat, check. Angry (I need to take a poop) expression, check. I am sure the kid will turn out...lovely. I know it looks like I am attacking Lil Kim, but it is part of a bigger problem in the black community. Why are we dating and having kids with ratchet women/men? How about someone that has a college degree?  
BTW, Mr. Papers has to be one of the lamest names for a rapper.

Go Ninja, Go Ninja go! Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Go Ninja, Go Ninja go! Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
I am guessing someone in the marketing department is a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles movies and Vanilla Ice. I simply love this ad, but it also makes me feel really old too. Today, we're all grown up and supposed to have kids. Ninja Turtles and Ice Ice Baby are pop cultural artifacts from an earlier time. These things are considered nostalgia classics.
Side note: I love the joke that Vanilla Ice is working as a stock guy.
Here's the making of...
And for poops and laughs, here's the actual song.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Did anyone ask for a hip-hop remix to a country song most people have forgotten?  This song is really terrible.  Somehow Billy Ray has turned his shitty song into a shittier song, and I didn’t think that was possible.  While his daughter has become more and more ratchet, he’s reliving his better days with a silly hip-hop version of his song.  Does the apple fall far from the tree or does the tree fall far from the apple?  
With crappy music and rap lyrics, it just comes across as another cheap attempt to stay popular.  I am just confused with the fact that this even came out this year when it feels like something from the 90s or 2002.  There is nothing redeeming about the song. 
It seems like he and his daughter on a mission to completely destroy music, as we know it.  They’re tag teaming in a ring beating the shit out of good music. 
I really hate this song. 
 Right now, the video has only reached 13,525 likes and 38,762 dislikes.
Grade: F+
~First off: Why did they dig up Larry King and put him in the front of this video?  Are kids really asking for Larry King cameos?  Was this a favor on King’s part?  Does he realize what kind of video he is getting into? 
His head is getting bigger and his body smaller. 
~Half Naked Alien Babes that twerk:  Okay, I’m down with that.  Were their suits painted on?  It seems that way. 
~What is up with that high-pitched noise being played during the song?  Is that musical?  it sounds like a kid playing around the pitch and someone forgetting to remove it from final track.  
~Buck 22:  I have no idea what or who the hell this is. 
~Where is the connection between his Achy Breaky Heart and aliens?

~He mentions “Wreaking Ball”:  Uh, the video where your daughter is naked and having sex with a wreaking-ball?  Smooth, Billy. 
 Someone give this man a time machine so he can go back to his own era where he was still popular. 
 They dug him up and brought him back to life with a voodoo curse. 
Sexy space strippers, the only thing worth seeing in the video.  Now, you don't have to watch the video.  Enjoy. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Issue

The Issue
Let's say I just wrote a post about two movie producers involved in a viral incident. It was a post about the legal threats that said producers are shooting around to everyone that even mentions the incident. I was going to post it, but realized even some of the bigger sites have been threatened and they've taken down the story. The story only lives on Reddit now with very little mention of the story on Google.  Not even Scientology has moved in so fast and attacked any mention of them.  
I have a strong belief if I post the story I will get a legal e-mail from the producers threatening me with legal action.

Should I even publish the story consider that I have no photos or quotes from the story?   

Friday, February 14, 2014

House of Cards First few episodes thoughts

House of Cards First few episodes thoughts
It is Valentine’s Day and all I am worried about is rushing home and watching the opening to the impressive House of Cards. I proudly told a female friend that I am going to spend it watching House of Cards episodes. Now you know how I will spend this holiday. The opening episode started out a little shaky, but damn did it end well.
~The opening literal begins where the last season ended. You're not missing a huge chunk of time.
~Did they change the theme song? It sounded like they remixed the song.
~Gear shift:  They really pulled off something really shocking in the first episode. Make sure not to read any reviews, because they're giving it away on some sites. The shocking moment pretty much changes the status quo of the series here on out.  I kind of figured it was going to happen, but it is still a shock.  
~Kevin Spacey is outstanding in these early episodes. His sneering mannerism are simply fun. In the first episode, he spends almost the entire NOT turning to the camera and breaking the fourth wall. At the every end, he looks at us and says, Did you think I'd forgotten you?” “Welcome back” after giving us a monologue at the end. He actually addresses the fact he didn't talk to us the entire episode. Brilliant just brilliant.
~Robin Wright is really evil this season. And, she now knows how far her hubby is willing to take things.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Star Wars vs Sochi: The Olympics just got interesting for me

Star Wars vs Sochi: The Olympics just got interesting for me
Yes, seeing AT-AT shooting at the guys was really neat. Plus, I loved use of the Battle of Hoth music. That was a nice touch. The only thing that would have made it better was adding a few AT-ST walkers to the shots of the AT-AT walkers. People tend to forget that they made their first appearance in Empire Strikes Back. They filmed more scenes with the AT-ST, but Lucas reduced the shots.

Anyway, I have to give the makers of this video props for the CGI and editing.  

Bus Driver fights 15 year old thug

Bus Driver fights 15 year old thug
This is why you avoid public transportation.  I also see this as a bigger problem within the black community.  Why are we so quick to use our fists when things don't go our way? 
Yes, the kid was 15 years old, but the kid also sucker punched the bus driver in the face repeatedly. The driver was driving the bus when this little thug slugged him in the face. Yes, the driver should have attempted to put the bus in park before defending himself. That put all of them in danger, but the kid needs some of the blame too because he put them in danger first. And, yes the teen is facing charges thankfully.
I remember a story in Louisville where another little thug threw a battery at abus driver's head while being kicked off the bus. The driver suffered some injuries and everyone on the bus had to wait for EMS and the police to respond. That's just loathsome thuggish behavior. 
The student did make a statement about his actions. From Aol, ((The 135-pound boy walked past the driver, then walked back up. He used an expletive toward Wells and then suddenly punched him. "I was mad that he was going to suspend my bus pass, so I got up and punched him in the face," a police report obtained by WISN quoted the boy. ))
That's because you were acting like an ass. He was doing his job. Okay, the bus driver should have put it in park and then kicked the little punk's ass and then called the police.  And, crashing into the cars was the reason he got fired.  But, still another working person effected by thuggish behavior. 
When are these folks going to realize these bus drivers don't play around anymore.  They will fight back.   
This is why I couldn't be a bus driver. Having to deal with a-hole like this teen would make me crazy, that and the fact I am a shitty driver. 
I say give the driver another chance.   
Remember this one?  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More on Geeks and Culture

MC wrote up an impressive post about Women and gamers. This video does support his views on the subject.
However, I am still not sold on Anita Sarkeesian. The bigger problem I have is the branch of extreme geeks.  They are the ones sending her threats and other mean things instead of calling her out on some of the flaws in her videos. She shuts down her comment sections due to the extreme views from guy geeks, when they should be taking the high road and point out the flaws in her claims. When the extremists become the story, the counter points are lost. It becomes a story about ALL geeks attacking her because of her video series and not because of a difference in points of view.  The one getting attack can dictate the discussion because they're the ones viewed as the level head ones.  
Letting the extremists geeks take over the discussion means the other side can refocus the discussion on them and not the real stories about women and characters in gaming.  having a real discussion the guy/woman geek culture is worth having, but we need to stop with the extreme talk first from the guys.  I understand the anger because 10-20 years ago, women looked down on guys that played videogames.  Being a D&D player or a RPG gamer meant you were never going to talk to a woman...ever.  I've lived through those times and perhaps it is a time for a change (sorry, Obama).  
MC and this guy gave me a different side of the story. Maybe, we as nerds are trying to close out the people we once called enemies.  MC has opened my eyes a bit, but I still can't side with Anita.  I just not sure Anita is the right person to give a fair look at women in videogames.  

Rodman: Letting all out in a North Korean Hotel?

Rodman: Letting all out in a North Korean Hotel?
Again, this guy is his own personal wrecking ball. He bends over backwards to please his friend Kim the Leader. What does he do in his hotel?
From Sports Grid via Korea Times, ((Rodman was drunk the whole week of his stay. And the night before he left for the U.S., he was drunk unconscious, and vomited everywhere he turned. He even urinated and emptied the bowels in the hallway,’ a source told Free North Korea Radio. ))
I guess after making Double Team with JCVD, he has no fear. He was kicked out of the country. This takes a lot of balls to poop and pee in a hotel owned by the Supreme/Great Leader. You can't behave like a jackass in a country where they lock you up and kill you for “making porn” videos.
From Korea Times, ((Rodman was reportedly asked out of the country with a warning “Never will you be welcome here without the completion of your alcohol abuse treatment program,” the source said.))

This supposedly answers the question as to why he left the country and went into rehab. He checked out of Rehab and is now on a drinking run throughout bars. We're going to see him dead in a few years aren't we?
Like I've stated before, I have a family member, I was close to years ago, that is spending a lot of time in jail for drug and alcohol abuse.  Outside of jail time, he literally spends his whole time drunk and high while he waits for his government check each month so he can spend it on booze and drugs all over again.  At least we know that he's not using and forced into rehab.  But, he gets out next month.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guy goes full comando in McDonald's

Speaking of McDonald's...a guy came into one store completely naked.
Because I don't post full nudity on my blog and I don't want to post man meat on my blog, you can click here and enter at your own risk NSFW. I like the different reactions from the people to this naked guy. Some want to fight, I am not sure why because you're bound to brush up on something you don't want. Others want to run away from him.
I also like that the cops don't want to touch him either.
I am sure having a guy walking around with his dong out brings your food code from a A down to a C at least right?
By the way, someone already made a Terminator joke in the comment section. 
What is with all these crazy people migrating to McDonald's? 

Woman shoots up McDonald's Drive Thru

This woman wanted a burger with bacon, but McDonald's screwed up the order like usual. She called the place and demanded a re-order. She came back to the same store and reordered her bacon burger and it didn't come with bacon again. She did what any sane person would do...not.
From The Huffington Post, ((When she discovered the order was incorrect again, Torres allegedly verbally confronted the employee and exited her vehicle. She's accused of shooting one pistol round into the drive-thru window. ))
Now, another report claimed that she stayed in her car and fired her gun right across the driver's side into the store, thus hurting her friend's ears. Shooting up a place because they screwed up an order is bit of an overreaction in my book. Okay, they screwed up on two orders in a row. 
 However, now you're facing jail time. By the way, I love that expression. It is kind of a half smile/frown. 
Did she think bullets were a form of currency?
Why does this come to mind when I hear this story?

Sonic Rush: Wrapped in Black

Sonic Rush: Wrapped in Black

I posted about this song years ago. I wondered where they got the sample “Too Black, Too Strong” from. Some people surmised that it came from Malcolm X. This video and this wiki has confirmed that it comes from a Malcolm X speech.   I believe it is from his Grassroots speech and it is an anti-integration remark about coffee.  
I don't agree with Malcolm's remarks here, but it is interesting to hear it here.  
It seems odd to use the voice of a civil rights leader (some would say he wasn't a CR leader, but he changed his message later in life)  in sample for a game, but it works for the retro feel. Plus, the composer used a lot samples from older songs for the entire sound track. I actually like this song a lot.
So you have a Micheal Jackson and Malcolm X connection to Sonic.  
Side Note:  I'm sure Malcolm would be pissed to know that the Nation of Islam is connected to Scientology today.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 So stupid even an caveman can...oh shut up. 
~Geico, why the annoying ads: I run into these ads all the time on YouTube and they are annoying. I really hate the damn talking cat and mouse. Why must you annoy me with such loud and unfunny ads. And, don't get me started on the silly Caveman ads, which spawned the equally bad Caveman TV show. If you want me to buy your product, don't annoy me.  I quickly dash for the mute button when I see a Geico ad.  There are a few ads from the company I like. 

Corky Romano got arrested.
~Chris Kattan pops up with a DUI: Whoa, where did they dig up this guy? He's pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet. I remember he showed up in a soda ad a few years ago and he's not looking too good these days. Kattan was funny for playing the same character in every movie, but his movies weren't good to begin with and that was part of the problem. Now, he's known for this DUI and SNL. He was caught driving like a drunken madman late at night by another driver before crashing into another a courted off section of the road. 
 What does it all mean? 
~Algebra 1: I am studying math for my upcoming venture into Algebra 1 for next semester. My major weakness has been and always will be math. It has been a major problem my whole life, but I've been putting this to the side long enough and it is time to take the bull by its balls. (You thought I was going to say horns didn't you?) I've overcome a lot of setbacks and done things I never thought possible, but this is my biggest uphill battle.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

George Zimmerman VS DMX: Canceled...thankfully

George Zimmerman VS DMX: Canceled...thankfully
And, it was the promoter that canceled the fight.
From New York Daily, (("This was the wrong person to put in the ring and define celebrity boxing thank you," he tweeted from his handle @hollywoodbox11. "I walked away from av [sic] million dollar payday with this fight but to be honest I'd rather be happy and make people happy thank you."))
Well, the whole thing was in poor taste considering a young kid died by the hands of one of the fighters and that's the only reason he is famous. I am guessing he was getting a lot of negative heat from the promotion.
Hopefully, we can now see both of these guys fade back into being has been and “who was that guy?” worlds. Sadly, you better believe Zimmerman isn't going to go away. He's going to claw and scratch to keep his 15 minutes of fame. 

Random Things

Random Things
~X-Factor destroyed by FOX: I guess FOX finally had enough of all the problems and ratings slumps on the show and pulled the plug. Simon Cowell was pretty much leaving the American show anyway, and that's what their blaming the cancellation on. However, we know it was because no one was watching the show. The music coming out of these shows were pretty bland anyway. Does anyone even remember the winner of the X-Factor show. Cowell is one of the reasons music is in such a bland and vanilla state that it is in today.
~Gary Oldman in talks for Star Wars: I'm all for it. I think he's a great actor and would fit right in with the SW universe. He's been in the Batman and Harry Potter movies, so he knows his way around franchises. Please sign him, Disney.
~Dr. Who restart (2005): I have to say I am impressed with the restart of the Who series. I will have some more thoughts on the subject later. There are some problems, but no as much as the lead actor of the series had with the show, which lead to his departure.
~The Room gets a movie based on the book of the making of The Room: Wait, what? I have tried to sit through the real movie The Room countless times and I can't get through it. I am not sure if I can through a movie based on the movie or even the book. Here's the best part: James Franco's production company has secured the rights to make the movie. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will also be working on this project. It is a book based on the one of the actors involved in The Room. With the three of them involved, it might work.

By the way, I can actually take the movie in small clips and reviews.  

Thursday, February 06, 2014

George Zimmerman vs. DMX (huh?)

George Zimmerman vs. DMX (huh?)
Hold on, George, who kills people, will fight DMX. Uh, DMX is the that's been in prison for years now due to drug use. His weight has shifted from fit to skinny numerous times. And, you choose DMX to fight you in the ring? That's stacking the deck in your favor.
I think we shouldn't even bother watching or promoting the fight, because it is just another chance to have Zimmerman receive more attention and money instead of him getting a real job and leave the spot light. While I don't think we need to sign a petition, we just need to not buy the PPV match.
The sad truth of the matter is that it two people looking to extend their fame. Has DMX been in the news for anything other than being arrested recently?
From the Washington Post, ((Although, with so many charges for drug possession and being under the influence, is the 43-year-old in any kind of shape to take on the 30-year-old boxing enthusiast? Maybe that’s why he promises to break every rule in boxing. That I’m even asking that question makes me ill.))
Yes, I think a guy that's been beat up from drug use is not in the best shape to be fighting anyone. This fight is like a broken down Nova vs. a Mini Van in drag race. No one wins and nobody should care. 
  Now, I am hoping that DMX or any black person doesn't not sign up for this match and it quickly goes away.
From, (("The boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX is not officially confirmed. DMX has promised to 'beat his ass,' but no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet," Domenick Nati told The Star-Ledger. ))
Maybe this clown circus can be avoided. DMX, if you have any brain cells left, don't do this fight. Let Zimmerman fade away.


Adam Orth pops up
Remember that guy that trolled the entire Xbox fanbase and got fired. I think he really got fired for spilling the beans about the Xbox One being connected to the internet. And MS received the negative heat from it.
The funny thing is he became a meme and got fire over it. You know what? His actions were just a precursor for the attitude MS would take on later after E3. The problem with always online system is too many people can slow down and shut down people just wanting to play a solo game. Why would MS stand behind a program that has proven to be a failure? 
 After the incident, he had an interesting story about his reaction. From Kotaku, ((he actually unplugged and got himself off social media. "I saw the first wave of it, and that was enough," he says. Friends still told him what people were saying. His wife read a lot of the comments. "It was a horrible experience for all of my family." ))
Yeah, the shit storm seemed to be focused on him, but it did shift to MS when they revealed the Xbox One. Some of it he deserved, but the threats were out of line and just plain stupid. It's a VG system, guys.
Look, I receive some Internet fame (strangely enough currently over a Woody Allen post), but I've never been a meme...yet. So, that can change your outlook on life. However, that “deal with it” just sticks in my mind as just being a prick. And, it is the same attitude MS had after the reveal of the Xbox.
Supposedly, he got a new job and is healthier than ever. So, I guess someone had a better year than most of the MS Xbox team. Maybe, some good can come out it with his speeches.  And, he seems to have gotten the better deal out of the two big names that got fired/left MS. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Probably the coolest man ever...drunk (To the window to the wall)

Probably the coolest man ever...drunk (To the window to the wall)
I hope someone will find this guy and give him a record deal. Where did he dig up the memory, while drunk, to sing a 2003 crunk (Krunk?) song?
This is the reason I never touch alcohol. I am not sure what random shit I might say in an uncontrolled form. For all I know, I might start singing Kenny Loggins songs.

To the window to the wall...

Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP

Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP
I am pretty upset with this news.  This guy was an amazing actor.  He played bad and good guys equally well.  You can tell that Philip really enjoyed playing the various roles.  It seems his demons got the better of him.  And, it is another reminder of the toll addiction takes on people.  
What about his great role in Mission Impossible III?
His monologue in MI3 is wonderfully evil. 
I loved watching this dude act.  He was the one that taught me the term “Sharted”
Probably his most head turning role recently has to be his character in The Master where he played a version of L. Ron Hubbard.  That role is so freaking great that it put a smile on my face because of how close he role was to Hubbard. 
Anyway, he will be missed. 
TwisterYep, he was one of the storm chaser crew members. 
Boogie Nights: He played the behind the scenes guys in the porn shoots.  He was a closeted gay man that beat himself up for letting his homosexuality out.  There are some great scenes with him and he nearly steals the show.
Red Dragon: Isn’t he the guy that gets murdered by the main killer in a wheel chair? 
Along Came Polly: “Let it rain!”  He’s great as the has-been child actor. 

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