Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guy with Fake Gun threatens people for the Lulz

Guy with Fake Gun threatens people for the Lulz 
This really pisses me off.
1 He and his buddy thought it was funny threatening people with a fake gun: People thought it was real. They're reactions were that of total fear. I can only imagine the fear the old man had as these two thugs rolled up.
2 You filmed it: How stupid do you have to be to do this?
3 You posted it on Instagram: All the cops have to do is track you down via your account.
Given the hostile environment we're in, where black men and women are getting shot for far less, why would you risks your life for a laugh? Stupid stunts like this one make it harder on all of us and puts us in harm's way. Unstable people are now more likely to bust a cap in my ass due to these sort of stunts and knock out game attacks.

Naturally, this ass-hat was arrested. You can check out some of his other videos at The Smoking Gun. Congrats, ass-hole, you're going to jail for being a fake gangster.   Joke is on you, Jack.  
Where's the laughter now?  

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