Friday, February 14, 2014

House of Cards First few episodes thoughts

House of Cards First few episodes thoughts
It is Valentine’s Day and all I am worried about is rushing home and watching the opening to the impressive House of Cards. I proudly told a female friend that I am going to spend it watching House of Cards episodes. Now you know how I will spend this holiday. The opening episode started out a little shaky, but damn did it end well.
~The opening literal begins where the last season ended. You're not missing a huge chunk of time.
~Did they change the theme song? It sounded like they remixed the song.
~Gear shift:  They really pulled off something really shocking in the first episode. Make sure not to read any reviews, because they're giving it away on some sites. The shocking moment pretty much changes the status quo of the series here on out.  I kind of figured it was going to happen, but it is still a shock.  
~Kevin Spacey is outstanding in these early episodes. His sneering mannerism are simply fun. In the first episode, he spends almost the entire NOT turning to the camera and breaking the fourth wall. At the every end, he looks at us and says, Did you think I'd forgotten you?” “Welcome back” after giving us a monologue at the end. He actually addresses the fact he didn't talk to us the entire episode. Brilliant just brilliant.
~Robin Wright is really evil this season. And, she now knows how far her hubby is willing to take things.

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