Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Distress Watcher has a list of 8 Top Miscasting in Movies.  And, I agree with him for the most part.  I wanted to mention a few from his list. 
Arnold as Mr. Freeze:  Yeah, this makes the movie even worst, and Patrick Stewart should have played the role.  Instead, we get Arnold playing a supposedly intelligent scientist.  I think not, Joel.
Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka:  I have to disagree.  I like the more mean-spirited Wonka.  I’m not a Tim Burton fan, but I think he got this one right. 
Colin Farrell as Alexander:  Couldn’t agree more.  Except Oliver Stone’s movie was doomed no matter who was in charge of the role.  The movie was bloated and poorly constructed.  Just like many of Stone’s recent movies.  Stone made to the decision to cast Farrell and paid the price.  Stone needs to retire. 
Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble:  Rosie really got the voice down and sounded just like her, but the weight thing was major problem.  Betty was very skinny, and then you have Rosie.  To be fair, the current state Rosie is in today, she would have never gotten the part. 

Mother of the year?: Amber Portwood

Mother of the year?
Did she just pull a Chris Brown? 
Again, MTV brings the worst of society to the forefront.  Luckily, I’ve never heard of Amber Portwood until this incident, and I hope never see her again.  But, damn she puts a beating on Stay-Puff guy aka Gary Shirley.  Why is there a reality show devoted to teenage dropouts getting knocked up and hitting people?  Then again, we are getting another season of Kirstie Alley’s reality show on another network…
Amber just seems like an unhappy person.  Every picture I see of her on Google Image has her frowning.  I’m sure Mr. Shirley isn’t happy being with her; hell he’s probably lucky to have one girl interested in him at all.  And, that’s probably the reason why he continues to have a speaking relationship with her.  But, that doesn’t mean he should take that abuse.  I’d take custody of the child and not have anymore contact with her. 
I feel sorry for the child.  For one, she has to be on that stupid reality show.  Two, her parents are these two fools.  Every child born to stupid people like this has to work harder not repeat the same mistakes as the f’up parents.  And, she has all this to look forward to when they rebroadcast these episodes on the Holodeck in 15 years.  Enjoy…
Can we raise awareness through NOT getting pregnant?  Does anyone not use birth control?  
 Yes, ladies, this guy IS single now.  There’s a lot to go around. 
It looks like his girlfriend isn't only one "with child"...

 One big happy family

Reporter takes down cameraman

Reporter takes down cameraman
Remember Rule 24, everything is all right because she’s hot.  I am sure the camera guy was pissed, but realized he’s hanging around a hot news reporter.  Is she the Spanish April O’Neil?  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tow Truck and Snow Machine vs Ford Explorer

Tow Truck and Snow Machine vs Ford Explorer

What were they thinking?  I love the reaction from the woman on the street.  I hope these guys lost their jobs.  I almost feel bad for the SUV owner, despite my hatred of SUVs.  By the way, no police officer came to file a report.

Party Down: Season 2

Party Down: Season 2
The main message for this show is “failure” and “giving up on your dreams”. You will spend the rest of your life regretting the dead-end job you took instead. Hmm, I wonder why this show really speaks to me?
I've been watching the second season of this canceled comedy show from Starz. No one really watched the show mainly because it was on Starz, but don't let that hold you back from watching the two seasons.
The show is comprised of actors and writers that never made it big in Hollywood, so they work at a shitty catering service. They're all bitter about their position in life. Plus, they have to serve people at parties that are rich and famous in Hollywood. The show is the flip-side of the Entourage. It is made up of losers instead of cool people. These are the people serving drinks at the parties that Vince Chase goes to.
Every chance they have to achieve greatness, they fall back to loser-ville.
~The Character of Lydia Dunfree is very much modeled after Sarah Palin it seems. Megan Mullally has this Palin-like character down pat.
~Kristen Bell does a great job as the bitchy manager of a rival catering service.
~The show ends on a hopeful note...sort of.  

ALF is a racist

ALF uses the N-word...
Mr. Alf uses the bad word at the 4:35 mark. I don't remember Alf using that word on the show.  Was this an episode I missed?  
Did a redneck on Earth teach him that word or did he hear it on a rap song? I'm one not the use the word, but this was 20 years ago. It is kind of unnerving to hear a staple of the 80s repeating the N-word over and over again. That's like Prime from Transformers smoking crack.
Actually, it was a little strange seeing Alf attempting get Andrea Elson to have sex with him. Then again, have you seen this picture of her?
John LaMotta, an actor on the show, doesn't care and really hated working on that show. From Vulture, (( "I thought the show Alf was a piece of shit ... worst work I ever did."  )). Actually, most of the cast hated working on the show, and Max Wright (Willie Tanner) really hated the show. I guess he hated being upstaged by a damn puppet.
Yeah, it is a little shocking hearing Alf use the N-Bomb, but I was more offended with him tricking me into buying that horrible videogame. He needs to apologize for that.
Yes, I used to own this terrible game. Alf, you owe me some money.
Oh, did I mention that you can beat the game in seven minutes?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old Fart "Hover Hands"

There has to be a word that crosses Cute and Hot, and I'm not talking about the old guy either.
Come on, old dude, don't pull the Hover Hands at this moment. This is probably the best thing you're going to ever see in your twilight years. Touch those hips.
By the way, what is wrong with the camera? Was the camera being dropped as it was taking the photo? Was the cute/hot chick and the old guy going into warp speed just as the camera was being flashed.   

I-Carly videogame?

I-Carly videogame?
So, this was what the Wii was built for? Oh, and this is the “second” videogame in the damn franchise.   

Community: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Community: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas
Somehow, Abed's world changes into a stop-motion Christmas special. So, he goes on a “magical” journey to find the “true meaning of Christmas”.
This episode is brilliant and it makes fun of all those Christmas specials and even progresses the overall Community. The stop-motion FX brings back memories of those fun specials.
Abed goes completely crazy and turns the world around him into a twisted brain-fart. And, yet the episode is filled with some heart-warming moments as the characters look for the meaning of Christmas. And, at its core that's what the episode is about under its clever references. And, this is coming from an agnostic guy.
I really need to watch more of Community.
There are many great moments worth mentioning.
-A Christmas terradactyl: This was a great way to combine the coolness of dinosaurs and Christmas.
-Humbugs: So, these bugs eat people that are cynical. I guess I'd be the first one they'd eat.
-Lost gets a jab: Yep, the writers of the show throw in a bash of sorts to the makers of Lost for good measure. I loved it.
-Snowman Chang: Who thought Chang could be so much cooler as a freaking Snowman?
-I could have used just one reference to Davey and Goliath though.
Grade: A-

Old Lady loses control of her wheelchair and takes down a girl in the process.

Old Lady loses control of her wheelchair and takes down a girl in the process. 
Okay, watch the right side with the old woman in a wheelchair and ignore the children dancing.  At a certain point, the old woman’s wheelchair goes crazy and shoves a young lady’s chair forward! (13-second mark)
You will notice a thud after the two of them disappear in from the screen.  I love the almost non-reaction to the accident by the rest of the crowd.  Plus, take note of the girl being pushed along, she never takes her eyes off the performance.  What a move!
The old lady rolls back, but what happened to the girl? 
By the way, the full video shows more of the layout of the room.  I’m guessing the old lady crashed the young girl into the DJ table or the stage.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Yogi Bear...

Yogi Bear...
Not since the Chipmunks II, have I wanted a movie to fail more than this thing. Were children or adults demanding a remake to the old cartoon show? Nope, but we got the movie anyway.
While the movie underperformed during the opening weekend, it has been doing steady money during the week. So, sadly this movie will probably become a hit. It is currently 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. There are a lot of bad puns being thrown around with the reviewers that aren't that clever.
Smarter than the average (fill in the blank)
Despite the bad puns, I find the reviews very entertaining.  

What does My Cousin Vinny and Sarah Palin have in common? Refutiate?

 Refutiate: Will it ever end
What does My Cousin Vinny and Sarah Palin have in common? How the hell should I know?
Once again, I get another informative comment from an Anon person. This time dealing with Sarah Palin's new word “refuliate”.
This is what the poster said, ((Anonymous said...
She did NOT make that word up.
That word was used in "My Cousin Vinny" back in 1992, during the courtroom scene..
Someone needs to get their head OUT of the basket.
So, I replied with this, ((So, a fictional movie made the word up and Palin took it as fact? Doesn't that make it worst?

And, yes I loved My Cousin Vinny
I'm a little confused. What exactly was the point of the comment? Was he or she defending Sarah Palin? Was he or she defending the writers of My Cousin Vinny and stating that Palin stole the idea of the new word from Joe Pesci? I'm amusing Pesci was the character that supposedly made the word up. Using Pesci (Vinny) to defend Sarah Palin isn't best way to make her look smarter or stupider. But, it does make me remember the very hot Marisa Tomei in that movie, mmm.
And, I'd like to thank the Anon person for informing me that my head was in a damn basket. It is difficult to tell when one's head is misplaced in a basket. Someone needs to get my fist OUT of their face, a-hole.
It seems the word has never existed, and I looked it up on many online dictionaries. Nothing came up, except for my favorite site the Urban Dictionary.
There was one entry, and this is what it says under the term “MissPalin”. ((A misspalin is a misspelling added to a spell checker or the English Language.

Before Sara Palin refused to admit she misspelled "repudiate" as "
refutiate", and then claimed that she was like Shakespeare adding new words to the English Language, there was no word to describe a misspelling willfully added to correctly spelled words. ))
If Palin actually kept using it, she could have easily turned her new word into the next “irregardless”. Irregardless is used so much that is has actually become a real word for many. Heck, my word processor doesn't detect it as a misspelled word. But, there are conflicting reports on the validity of the word though.  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Swatch Watches: I remember those now…

Swatch Watches: I remember those now…
They were the Trapper Keepers of watches at the time.
As I was reading Wil Wheaton's blog about him recalling Swatch Watches, I actually remember a lot of girls in my school wore them. Actually, it was considered cool to wear a lot Swatches. 
Swatches were huge back in the 80s and I mean really huge.  Many of my friends had a few of them.  I myself had those non-Swatches that were Transformer watches. 

I was curious about the origins of the Swatches, so I looked them up on Wiki. It looks like they were created by the Swiss and the name comes from “Second Watch” which means Swatch. This is one of those style trends I'd like to see again.
“I like your Swatch!”
By the way, some of these old Swatches are selling for 300 bucks.

Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy
Tron 2 is not a prefect film, and does have some pacing problems, but it is certainly one of the best visual films I’ve seen since Avatar.  The special effects are truly breathtaking.  Even most of the fight scenes are well shot.  The problem with the film is mostly some of the padded scenes toward the middle. 
Tron Legacy is set 27 years after the first film and deals with Kevin Flynn’s son Sam Flynn.  Sam discovers a gateway to “The Grid”, an upgraded world from the first movie.  Just like the first Tron movie, normal programs find themselves being pushed around by mean programs that round them up for various reasons.  Clu, a program created by Kevin Flynn, now rules the Grid with an iron-fist.  Clu is the main bad guy this time around, and he looks like a young version of Flynn. 
In the real world, which is only in 2D, the film shows us Sam as a prankster/hacker guy that seems to live an aimless life.  This probably has to do with the fact that his father left him 20 years earlier.  I also enjoyed the nice little knock against Microsoft with the boardroom scene.  These early scenes show that the digital real world has surpassed the original world of Tron. 
The new world of Tron truly feels like a videogame world coming to life.  We get a good look at this new world through the amazing disc and light-cycle battles.  And, let me just say the light-cycle battle is one of the coolest visual treats in the movie.  Each cycle explosion feels fluid and each zip pass the 3D camera is flawless.  The scene truly displays the masterful work from the CGI creators.  It is a shame we don’t get enough of this kind of work in the rest of the story. 
The story is weakest component that audiences will discover in this sequel.  Some critics call the story thin, but I disagree.  I found the back-story interesting, and wished the writers fleshed it out a bit more.  It feels jumbled and rushed.  Like Avatar, it falls into normal plot clich├ęs and set pieces that aren’t that interesting.  Then, the story limps along during the middle of the film as well. 
The soundtrack/score really stands out and enhances the digital atmosphere of the movie.  The techno/dance Daft Punk composed the score.  I’m surprise how well written the music is coming from a group that is known for catchy dance tunes. 
Overall, Tron: Legacy is a sight to behold with its amazing FX shots and pure fun factor.  It is a real shame the makers of the movie could pace the movie better and write a better story.  Despite its shortcomings, the 3D is good, the FX is excellent, and the music wonderful in Tron Legacy.
Grade:  B-

Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny Cami Secret parody video

 Funny Cami Secret parody video
I love the parody, but what a stupid concept for a real product. So, are women willing to buy this snake oil?
Here is the real video
From the official site, ((Is your closet overstuffed because you only feel comfortable wearing certain pieces out at night and feel that they are too revealing for the office. With Cami Secret you can take your favorite low cut blouses and shirts and make them office appropriate in seconds. ))
Then, why would you wear low-cut tops at work?  I just think it is a bit of waste to buy a fake camisole.  And, I think camisoles are cute…real camisoles. But, it is only 10 bucks for 6 of them so there you go. I just think if you don't want horny guys looking at your chest, then wear something different.
The only way this product would work was if the ghost of Billy Mays appeared and pitched the product.
“Hi there, Billy Mays here for the Cover Boob! Are you tired of stupid, horny guys gawking at your fun bags? Then try the Cover Boob and...Oxi Clean.”
Side Note the rather busty woman in the ad has a blog of her own and talks about her Internet fame from the ad. Her name is Allison Mosier and she's taking the attention in stride. If my junk was a part of the Internet discussion, I'd feel very uneasy. There is even a facebook page trying to get Mosier onto SNL.

Men Without Hats Safety Dance Remix

Men Without Hats Safety Dance Remix
I have to say that this is one of the better remixes I’ve heard.  Somehow, the “Everybody Dance now,” remixes well with the song from 80s.  I am not sure who remixed this version or even if it is an official remix.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vent Harassment: Server Bot fun

Vent Harassment: Server Bot fun
I love how these guys can't get into harassment. They actually found his YT account too. This video made my day. 

Pickle Phobia: What in the hell?

 Pickle Phobia: What in the hell?
I'm calling BS on this girl. She's a waitress and she's afraid of pickles.
But supposedly she has a great fear of pickles. I would have brought out a guy in a pickle suit while he danced to Peanut Butter Jelly time.
Side note: I love pickles. And I just discovered these spicy cut pickles that are the bomb. I've been putting them on my sandwiches.  

Nicole Kidman misses her children...

In Tom Cruise news...
While I am not a gossip blogger, certain stories do crossover to pop culture status.
Nicole Kidman misses her children: I found it odd that after Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman, her children went to live with Tom Cruise instead of living with their mother. Gee, I wonder why that is?
From the Celebrity Cafe, (("When children are teenagers, they have a say in where they want to be," she explained at the time. When it comes to their upbringing, "Yes, they're being raised as Scientologists," she told the publication. "I don't want to go there." ))
Sadly, whenever someone even brings up the word Scientology to Kidman, she won’t say a word and generally have this strange expression.  I’ve heard stories of the Space Church trying to put out some bad things about her to the press after the divorce. 

How can someone keep their children away from their mother, a mother that hasn’t done anything bad to their children? 

My top Ten Facebook posts of this year.

My top Ten Facebook posts. If you have read my blog long enough, you'll pretty much see the same thing.  

1 Hi there Billy Mays here!!:  I did one because I am a big Mays fan.  I randomly shout this out at work all the time just to piss people off. 
2 Anything Goes:  This one comes from listening to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom score before posting this. 
3 Garbage Day!:  From that wonderful scene from Silent Night Deadly Night 2.  Who thinks a trashcan can block bullets.
5 I guess I don’t have to change my profile…nice:  That was during that “change your profile to a cartoon from your childhood” weekend thingie.  I didn’t have to worry about changing mine because I only use cartoon characters. 
7 Men Without Hats quote: word up. 
8 I really hate the 14th.  Bah, Humbug:  I’ve gone on long rants about Valentine's Day.  I hate that little naked mutant baby that shoots arrows into people without asking.  Plus, for single people, this holiday means nothing to us.  It is just another reminder that we’re lonely assholes that can’t find that special someone…and waste even more money on them.   Thank you, Valentine’s Day. 
9 Poop:  Hey, you do it. I do it.  They do it.  We all do it.  Let us let poop bond us together for world peace.  (That just sounds wrong)
10 Snakes on the Plane quote:  Hey, I am about five years late to the Internet Meme, but that’s what I do.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm the Shiiiiit

I'm the Shiiiiit
I've made the whole Clay Davis “shiiiiit” moments popular by the posting them here and on the FB. I had no idea someone made a rap song with Clay Davis. I'm not a huge fan of the song, but they do receive points for putting Shiiit in the hook.
Here it is in all its glory...

Jesse's “Camp” doesn't like me, or is it actually Jesse Camp?

Jesse's “Camp” doesn't like me, or is it actually Jesse Camp?
Someone left a comment on my post about my response to another comment left on my original post about the guy named Jesse Camp, you know the guy from MTV. And, he had this to say about that “family member” that left me the sharp comment.
Anon, ((The hilarious thing is according to wikipedia Jesse camp's real first name is Josiah..I highly doubt he also has a cousin named Josiah...sounds like someone is obsessed with making himself seem successful ))
And, Anon is correct in that Mr. Camp was in fact born Josiah. Does that mean I've actually been visited by an actual celebrity? Well, at least someone that's been on TV...It's like getting a visit from Snooki or Sarah Palin's daughter.
So, did Mr. Camp pose as his own second cousin to defend his body of work to me? I feel so honored or dishonored. I'm not sure which. In order to patch things up with Jesse and his “camp”, here is his Twitter account. He has some amazing “tweets” over in Twitterland. Such as calling everyone that tweets fat or taking about a messed up boob on a girl. And, I hate to say this but his tweets are far more entertaining than Snooki's.
Thank you, Jesse...I guess.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Newsflash: Princess Leia thinks that Battlefield Earth guy is gay!

Newsflash: Princess Leia thinks that Battlefield Earth guy is gay!
I know officially love Carrie Fisher again. She did an interview with the Advocate where she revealed that John Travolta should just come out of the closet already.
This is what she said from the Advocate, ((Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be. ))
It all comes from a Gawker post that alleges that Teri, I mean Travolta, has been seen messing around with men at spas. Then there are those pictures of him kissing another dude on the lips. This is all okay from normal celebrities, but the problem is the fact JT is a Scientologist. And, I shouldn't have to get into the views the Space Church has against that group. And, I found it fascinating that two of its biggest and famous members are constantly rumored to be gay.
It is sad that these people aren't allowed to “come out” because they're members of a church that uses questionable tactics to keep their subjects in line. I'm not going to beat up JT too much because he's had a rough couple of years. I still haven't forgiven him for Battlefield Earth though.
Getting back to Carrie Fisher, I like that she just blurts it out not realizing she's just become a target by the Space Church and JT's lawyers. She might be at the age of “too old to care”. Does she become “Fair Game” in the Church's eyes?
Battlefield Earth vs. Star Wars...
Can the Space Church take on Anon and the legion of Star Wars Fanboys?
Does Xenu side with Darth Vader on this one?  

A movie...

Fun with movies...I discovered this little gem of a site a hours ago and made a few videos. I decided to have some fun with one of these.
The site is very good and easy to use, but my only problem is not being able to cut and paste text into the movie-maker program. You have to type every word out. Once they get that fixed it would be fun to play around with this.

Tron Jeremy: Now, this is just creepy...

Tron Jeremy: Now, this is just creepy...
I don't want to know what happens after the trailer ends if you know what I mean. Who is the busty girl that partners with him in the trailer?   

Pageant of the Transmundane last week from MC.

This one is for the pandemic called Hover Hands. I did a story about this new discovery, and I found the whole Internet Meme interesting.
Anyway, thank you to MC. And, all those nerds and geeks that make those awkward pictures for all of us to enjoy.   

I don't even want to know what just happened in his pants.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Legend of Amber Lamps: Amber Found?

The Legend of Amber Lamps: Amber Found?
I wrote a few posts about the Epic Beard Man bus fight months ago. Yet, there was a woman sitting on the bus ignoring the entire thing while listening to her headphones. She wore a purple skirt and purple pantyhose. The Internet Gods proclaimed her “Amber Lamps” and an Internet Meme was born.
There were Facebook pages and t-shirts created for this mystery girl that was too cool to watch two dumb-asses fight on a bus. Somehow, this woman became a spinoff meme from the other one. And, people wondered the true identity of Amber Lamps. At the height of her popularity, she kept a low profile.
Then someone found something on a Facebook Page mentioning the incident on bus. And people put two and two together. A guy named Ian Frazier discovered her. This is what he said. ((Ian Opp Frazier Already found her.Allison Budzinski.Her wall post from weeks earlier commented on an AC transit incident where she figured "Found out today the bus system is not for me, i'll be walking from now on", She also lives in the same city where the Epic Bearded Man and Pinky fought.With so many people asking her and adding her, she put her facebook on hella lockdown))
This is her Facebook page. As you can see, it is locked-down. You can't even send her a friend request. Looking at the picture and the location of her “current city” it does seem to fit. From her locked facebook, I am assuming that she is fully aware of her Internet meme status. It seems like she wants nothing to do with this whole thing. But it is interesting that she has caught everyone’s attention when you got two stupid and loud people going at it on a bus.
So, what has everyone learned from this situation? Don't ride public transportation.

Best traffic stop ever!

Just a little wax will buff that out.
Best traffic stop ever!
I love that the cop was being a total dick and the old guy then proceeds to crash right into the police car and over it. The best part is that the guy is gunning the engine after his car is resting on the hood of the cop car. Going to jail instead of ticket isn't the smartest thing to do. But it makes for a funny video.
This incident happened in 2008 in November. The guy that backed into the cop is Henry Raskin, and he was 70 at the time. I love that cop pulled a 70 year old over for a speeding ticket. I guess that town is hard up for money these days.
I did some digging on Raskin and I have to wonder if this is his son on Facebook. There is a picture of an old man in his 70s in the profile picture, but I'm not 100%

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hover Hands: Don’t put your hands on that girl ("Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty Geek!")

Great, you can touch your gun, but not a cute girl.  WTF? (That didn't sound right)
Hover Hands: Don’t put your hands on that girl
While rolling through the Internet Tubes, I came across a post about a term “hover hands” at ED. I first thought they were talking about that hover hand icon that happens when you hover your mouse over a link, but I was wrong.
So, I checked the super cool Urban Dictionary for a proper term on these “Hover Hands”.
From Urban Dictionary, ((Hover hand usually takes place in photos at conventions when a nervous nerdy guy is posing with an attractive female actress or model. They usually rap their arm around the chicks back and have their hand hover over the females shoulder or waist, afraid to touch them. ))
I've looked at least ten booth babe pictures, okay more like over 200, and never noticed it before. But there does seem to be this “hove hand” epidemic running through the nerd and geek community.
When you think about it, geeks and attractive women do in fact cohabitate in the same location, and that's conventions (sci-fi and videogame). You have two extremely polarizing forces smooshed together in one place. Geeks are afraid of hot chicks and hot chicks hate geeks. So, what we get are awkward pictures.
There are entire blogs and websites devoted to this pandemic.
Hover This one has also “sex hands???” too.

 I have no idea what is going on here.  Why is that girl holding an oversized ball?  My head hurts. 


Chris Jericho :  You will never…ever touch me…again. 

Come one, it is freak Y2J.  You have to touch him.  

 These girls are pretty hot.  You might have to break your Hover hand rule.


Wait, what's the PC guy doing here.  Oh, yeah he's a PC and not a Mac.  Mac guy would be mack-ing all over these chicks.  

Best videogame commentary ever (El Presador)

Best videogame commentary ever
MC e-mailed me this wonder commentary by the masterful El Presador. Don't take my word for it.
Alright, people!
There is this ESPN/WWE like smack talk that this Mr. El Presador does that makes anything seem 100 times better (over 9 thousand? ). I like this guy a lot. He's like all a mixture of all the energy drinks and WWE stars wrapped together into one MegaZoid.
Here are a few other videos from the guy.
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