Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ghostbusters all female cast thingy (My thoughts)

Ghostbusters all female cast thingy
 There was a point when I would have given a shit about this news and the outcry. I first took the position that there should NEVER be any sequel or remake/reboot of the franchise. Yes, the first movie is great, and the second isn't as good. And, the two GB cartoon shows are extremely well made and still hold up today. However, I felt a direct sequel to the first two movies with the original cast was out of the question because most of the people behind movie have lost touch with movie making.
Dan Aykroyd : He has completely lost his mind. He actually believes in all this shit and is hawking that crystal head vodka, which I heard was actually good stuff. Did you watch Blues Brothers 2000?
Harold Ramis : Sadly passed away.
Sigourney Weaver : Maybe she'd come back. She actually reprized her role in new Alien videogame, which was cool.
Ivan Reitman : He has made shit for years now and is a bit out touch.
Ernie Hudson : He's ready to pick up his check.
For me, Ghostbusters is a classic movie and one of my favorite movies. (Heck, I love the fact that Ron Jeremy is in the movie!) I kind of felt the powers that be really wanted to force another movie down our throats. Why ruin it with another sequel or remake. We already had a weaker remake in the form of Ghostbusters II.
Now with the new talk of a all female cast of new Ghostbusters, I was first shaking my head in confusion. It wasn't because they were female, but what was the reason for digging up this franchise again? Wasn't the videogame good closure to the franchise?
However, now I really don't care. I'd say let there be a female version of Ghostbusters as long as it is a good movie. While I won't see it on the opening day, I'd see it in the first week unless the reviews are shit. I don't care about the outcry from both sides of the argument.  It is just white noise for Men's Rights Folks and SWJs and they both annoy me equally when it comes to this topic.  I am kind of sick of the stories written about it from both sides, (including this post?).  
 If it bombs, there won't be another one. If it succeeds, we'll get a weaker sequel out of it. Having a female version of the movie won't take away from your love of the original franchise. Actually, this is a better idea than seeing a bunch of old farts chasing ghosts around (though the videogame was rather good).
Who cares really? 
I do think is in the right direction in getting stronger female characters in fiction.  I am just not sure Sony is up to the task given the interference they had on the new Spider-man movies. 
However, I believe today's younger audience won't be interested in watching a GB movie anyway.
I just think people should write an original movie with a strong female cast in mind that has enough crossover appeal for male audience members. And, can we stop making these shitty romantic comedies such as The Other Woman? If you want to start writing stronger female characters, start by not making as many shitty rom-coms.  Can we do that? 
If they play the movie safe, it's over.
BTW, Melissa McCarthy is perfect casting. Kristen Wiig would be great in the lead role. I also think they should have her touch up the script. And, keep the ghosts fairly creepy and not wussify them like some of the ones in GB2. 
I'm all for diversity, but let's just make sure the story is good first and foremost. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Things

Random Things

 ~Chinchilla at the pet store: I saw a Chinchilla at a pet store next to the gym. I used to have all kinds of pets growing up including rats and hampters, but never a Chinshilla. I saw one up close at a pet store. He was running in his large wheel and would jump out and give me a sideways glance. These things are so cute. However, they cost a lot of money. Right now, they cost around 140 bucks at the pet store
  ~Stacy Dash Did she actually say that?: First off, I used to have a thing for Miss Dash. I am really into light-skinned black women, and she was on top of that list. Not anymore. She made one of the stupidest remarks I've ever heard in a long time. She claims “bad girls” should blame themselves for over drinking. We talk about victim blaming and this is clear victim blaming. Just because a girl has a little bit too much to drink doesn't mean you should take advantage of her. And, mixing the gun control thing with rape is totally wrong and misguided. It does matter if a woman is slutty or straight-edge. Rape is wrong and it completely the fault of the person doing it to the victim. We as human beings have a choice to do good or bad things. Look, I know she's conservative, but not this stupid. 
 ~Mitt Romney leaves Presidential running: Thank you, Romney. Remember, this was the guy that honestly believed he was going to win the election. Despite the polling and the science, he was shocked by the loss. He also paid for a fireworks display, which never happened. The best part is the transitional website went live after his loss, which is the funnest thing I've ever seen. Just go away. 
 ~Suge Knight arrested and charged with murder: Speaking of a-holes, the thuggery asshole Suge Knight allegedly killed one man and injured another one by running over them with his truck. Somehow, there is an Ice Cube connection too, because the guy killed worked with him. There could be all sorts of things mixed in with this murder. Why would you do such a thing, Suge? I guess you can't ask a thug to think. I know there was an argument.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sabotage (this is actually real)

Sabotage (this is actually real)
Yep, this is actually a thing. I heard the funny podcast discussing this movie over at We Hate Movies, and I died laughing at the notion of this movie. This Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is a part of his post governor career, so you know it is bad. I don't think Arnold is at the Nic Cage stage if career yet, but he's getting there.
Given that the movie received 19% on RT and the movie only made 17 million worldwide, I have to see this piece of shit. The wiki says the budget was 35 million, ouch. Remember when just Arnold's name above a title made it a hit? Not anymore. 
  Another funny thing is the movie went through a lot of title changes and release dates. Ten, Breacher, and then Sabotage.
Strangely enough, it is based on an Agatha Christie novel. (WTF?) It would seem someone from the Christie camp doesn't want anyone to know this movie is based on the book. I can't find much on the connection from official channels. I really don't see the connection but when you search “And Then There Were None” and Arnold together, you get Sabotage. That's just an odd connection.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Her (2013)

Her (2013)
Wow, I really like this movie a lot. I generally don't like love or romantic stories, but this movie is a charming and unique take on a romantic tale. What would happen if someone fell in love with an AI, and I mean truly fell in love? This movie explores that. Yes, there are some creepy moments here and there with the relationship. The movie is sweet and a little strange in that Spike Jonze type of way.
Joaquin Phoenix's character is a professional letter writer. One day, he downloads a new operating system. The system links up with his personality and forms a female voice. Voiced perfectly by Scarlett Johansson. The OS goes by Samantha. The actual OS is an AI and the two of them fall in love.
Phoenix is great as a dull guy that keeps to himself, however he is extremely good at conveying letters. While his character is strange, there is a sense of warmth to him. I actually believe he would fall in love with a voice. I really like Joaquin as an actor because he seems to always give it his all.
Johansson does an outstanding job with her witty voice and I damn near fell in love with her. What's interesting is Johansson wasn't the original voice of Samantha. Samantha Morton did the voice on set for the actors and actually did a recording for the movie. Later, Spike Jonze recast her with Johansson. I think it was a smart decision.
The other thing about the movie is there are bigger themes going on behind the scenes with the OS (AI). Samantha isn't merely an OS, she is actually a learning and feeling AI that wants to expand her knowledge and creates artwork. Later as the story progresses, we learn that other OS are expanding their knowledge and outlook on the world. It gets a little metaphysical in the last part of the third act and there's even a twist. This twist sort of turns their relationship on it head that's for sure.
I really like how the movie discusses what it is to be human. The movie says that perhaps it is our knowledge and memories that make us human more than just a collection of blood cells and skin. Can two people from different plans of existence really fall in love? Can we really fall in love with a voice? And, the movie goes into deeper into these meaning as the movie progresses, with a few creepy and funny moments thrown in. It is also refreshing to see people willing to be open to an AI having a relationship. OS and AI types seem to be the norm in this future.
As quirky as he is, Spike Jonze is in top form with the writing and directing. This is nice little movie that tricks you into a deeper meaning of love and life that wouldn't be possible in a normal romance story. Cool little movie, Jonze.
Grade: B+

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sports Illustrated Football Phone

Sports Illustrated Football Phone

I remember watching these ads for SI and having the commercials reveal that if you subscribed to their magazine, which I wouldn't, you'd get a free “Football Phone”. Wow, a phone that looks like a dumb football. “It's a football that happens to be a phone.” Does that mean sports fans are automatically lured to it? To me, it looks like a turd with numbers on it, but I am not a sports fan or a SI fan. 
  Now, if you would have given me this as a friend or girlfriend, I'd might consider you a new enemy.
I guess in the age of apps and super phones, SI no longer sells or give these things out. Since they don't make these anymore, I actually have to explain to people the concept of the football phone when I reference it.
Now, a hamburger phone seems practical. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

M. Night Shyamalan really hates critics...(Lady in the water)

M. Night Shyamalan really hates critics...(Lady in the water)
This is not clever and Joss Whedon does it better. I was listening to a podcast and this scene came up in the discussion.  I shake my head when ever I see this scene on TV.
MKS really has a major ego problem doesn't he? This is one of those scenes that pretty much shows you just how sensitive he is about criticism and it shows you the major problems with his writing style.
First, the critic has to explain everything that is going on in the us. Why? He almost looks at the camera and explains the cliches and the tropes involved in a horror scene. He does all this deadpan voice too. Not everything has to be explained in dialogue, M Knight. It is a visual medium too. Isn't this creature only interested in the Lady in the Water?  Why eat him?  
Second, M Knight hates critics so much that he breaks the rules of his own movie logic in order to kill off the character that represents all movie criticism. In the context of this movie, why was this character killed off. I love how MKS positions the critic as one of the worst people in the movie.
There comes a point when you either ignore criticism (Bay) or you improve on your craft. Bay may make shitty movies, but he knows his audience and he knows how to please that group. MKS seems to have completely alienated his early fans and he's suffering because of it.  At this point, studios would rather not put his name on their movies!
Listen to this interview. This guy has huge ego!  I love how he tries position himself away from North American critics.

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Gym Time: I joined a fitness gym in order to keep my body in shape for by biking in the warmer seasons. I use the various bikes to keep my legs in shape. I have to say the women in the gym are freaking amazing. I mean very very strong and hot. While I'm more of a cute girl type of guy, these women are amazing too. BTW, it is a 24 hour gym. 
 ~Heroes and X-Files are coming back: I keep reading about all these network shows coming back to life. Back in the day, I'd be happy to see some of my favorite genre shows coming back from death. However, today I feel like this is the last breath of the four network formats that are now failing with reality shows and shitty contest specials for has-been actors. Now that's not working for them, they're bringing back some of their drama shows from the past (hits from the past). Heroes Reborn will not have Zachary Quinto returning.
X-files already attempted a revival with that lame movie that came out a few years ago. It was very boring and uninteresting. Sadly, the show was a product of the 90s and probably. Why relive it again? 
Is anyone asking for a X-Files or Heroes stories? They both left a bad taste in our collective mouths.  
 ~Google Suggested...Kim Kardashian: I keep getting Kim as a suggestion. I honestly don't know why. I guess I did some searches for her way back on her “rocky” marriage. Besides her ass, I really don't NOTHING interesting about her. And, I see her a horrible person. She is someone with zero talent, but acts like she has something to offer to people. Heck, I feel bad for even Kanye West because he has to be around this “fame whore” 24/7. However, he made his dicison. I do get a kick out of the fact that I get these suggestions. 

 ~James Holmes Trial: Man, I hope this asshole spends the rest of his life in a Max prison, because I am sure he won't get death. Remember, this asshole killed 12 people. He also wounded 7o folks in the attack. 70! These people just wanted to go to the theater and watch a movie and this f'er decided ruin everyone's lives. Jury Selection is happening right now.
~BTW, I have never been called for jury duty my entire life...ever. On the other hand, my mother has served twice on a jury. WTF?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yee vs Copy That

Yee vs Copy That
When memes combine, they become stronger more powerful.
Has anyone found this “Copy That” guy and interviewed him? 
Copy that.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your sign is offensive (Mark-Mark-Mark)

Your sign is offensive (Mark-Mark-Mark)
In this video, no one wins. First off, kid should know he was just manipulated into acting out. This is what these guys do. They put out offensive and demeaning signs in order to get reaction out of someone that is hyper sensitive. They record it and post it making you look like the asshole. They then hide behind free speech. When I see these asshats on campus, I just walk pass them and ignore them. When they hand me shit, I promptly throw it in the trash in front of them.
Here's the thing, they have that right. If you want to get back at them, make a counter protest or mock-protest right beside them and have your own camera guys recording. You fight ignorance with parody.
Second, Mark-Mark-Mark should have never grabbed him (?) by the neck and thrown him to the ground either. That was going way overboard. He seems a bit too overzealous with throwing that squeaking kid around. I thinks he enjoys it a little too much.
Kid, if that pig squeal is your battle cry, you're not going to scare anyone. It sounds more like you're taking a poop than attacking someone.
-Double Middle fingers: That means business.
-“Take a hike”: Is this the 50s?
-“Your sign is offensive. It's hate speech. It provokes assault.”: This is something all minorities need to understand. Just because someone calls you something racial, sexist, or homophobic doesn't give you the right to “pop off”. When people know what buttons to push by using these words, it GIVES them power over you. And, you will be the ones going to jail...not them.
If it offends you, challenge them with a smarter and better argument. Better yet, don't let them bother. It should be the haters that have a problem with you, and not the other way around. But to try to rip the sign from them or attack them is completely wrong.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chris Brown concert shooting

Chris Brown concert shooting
Did you notice how fast that area was cleared out when the shots were fired? Holy crap. I hate Chris Brown, but if you pay for ticket you should expect the violence to attack you. I'm almost sure you can see one woman shot and holding her wound right after the gunshots. 
This is f'ed up
There's always some assholes that are going to ruin shit by shooting people.
BTW, five people were shot in the incident. And, it appears Chris Brown's probation has been revoked after the shootings. This is the second shooting he's been mixed up in. 

Who's $%#@ This is?

Who's $%#@ This is?
She went all "flip mode" on his ass.
Yes, I hate these thugs, which you can clearly see he has a sag going on and the loud talking. I hate these types of people in the gaming and black communities. Someone had to remind me I hate thugs almost as much as hipsters. And, he didn't need to stand up and act like a clown during the VG battle. I hate most showboating except for the kind that goes on in wrestling. I hate the jive talking and the over the top wild-ing out.
However, Offended Woman going “beast” on ShinBlade is way over the line. You have no right to grab another grown person and try to force them to sit down. So what he offends you. That's basically attacking someone. Tell him to STFU, but you don't attack him.  
ShinBlade actually handles himself rather well in the incident, because he only grabs her to stop her from forcing him down. He showed a lot of restraint in dealing with this offended woman. Things could gotten very racial and bad if he had laid a fist on her. And, you better believe the police would have shown up and he  would have been beaten and gone to jail. Make no mistake.  I against domestic and abuse against women, but there will always be a racial factor when it comes to this sort of thing. You have to be careful.
This video has been blowing up lately. 
I don't think this has a SJW slant to it as some are trying to make it. I think this was more personal with a scattering of social disorders thrown in for good measure. I think there is something more going on with this woman than what see and hear here. I think she was offended because she hates these type of “cooler” people joining in the nerd/geek's pastimes. I think all that came boiling to the surface with her grabbing him and trying to get him to sit down.  I am not sure why she thought she'd get a friendly response in return?  
And, I really am bothered by the dudes that start yelling “Disqualifying him!” Uh, why? He's not the one that touched her. She attacked him, but there seems to be some people that switch gears and start telling that out, as if she needs defending.  
By the way, she literally came out of nowhere and grabbed him like she was in the WWE. And, she moved in like a ninja.  That's probably why he looks so utterly confused.
BTW, I love the cup guy.  He's more worried about losing his drink than everything that's going on around him. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Star Wars Droids

 Star Wars on TV has come a long way from the 80s. After Return of the Jedi, Lucas wanted to branch out the franchise with the Ewoks and the Droids. He made them into Saturday morning cartoon shows.  This show only lasted one season and one special.  I guess they ended it because the cost of making the each episode was pretty high for the time. 
The episodes are comprised of different story blocks (with different masters for the droids). There is strong continuity between the episodes in these blocks building to a larger story at the end of the block. The droids then switch to another story and new masters.
The animation and style designs are different than what we've seen from all the Post Prequels. Truth be told, all the animated spinoffs from newer era are WAY better than these early cartoon show.  The writing in the newer shows are geared toward an older audience, plus these newer shows aren't afraid of showing death.   
The Droids and Ewok cartoons were for kids like myself at the time.  And, I really loved the Droids episodes.  
I hate the comedic shit the droids get into in each episode and C3P0 is really annoying. Every episodes has these goofy moments where R2 and C3P0 get into trouble and it is usually bad. Man, I hate C3P0. These “humorous” moments are clear indications where the franchise was going. The Droids are side characters where their masters (which I've always had a problem with) are the main stars of the episodes.  The droids just get mixed up in it. 
However, I still enjoyed these cartoons more than the Ewok cartoons and live Ewok movies because it still felt like it was part of the overall SW universe. I also liked they showed us the underside of the SW universe with all the bounty hunters and mobsters.
-The animation and style does tend to change each episode. This is also a problem in the early Batman TAS. Sometimes, it is rather striking how different the styles and colors are from episode to episode.
-The Empire kind of takes a backseat in these stories. It is a prequel to Episodes 4-6, but clearly the Empire is in power. However, it seems all these stories are set outside of the Empire's central control. They do show up from time to time as the bad guys though.
-There is a lightsaber appearance: I totally forget about that. Basically, some Jedi left his saber in a speeder and the hero in the first storyline kept it. It was kind of a cool reference.
-R2 break dances in one episode 
 Wait, is that Commander Will Riker?  Holy Shit, it is Riker.  Who knew there was a Trek/Wars crossover!  For real, he does look too much like S2 Will Riker. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Feeling Sore: I am just getting over something that was making me very, very sore all over my body. For a while, everything from my neck down was sore. I was in a lot of pain. However, now it is only my legs. I am guessing it was a flu or something. Damn. 

  ~Selfie Camera: Man, these things look dumb. I generally hate taking pictures of myself, but I do like taking pictures of things. But, I can't imagine getting a dumb device to help me take more pictures of myself. I guess this is part of the dating scene now with couples taking pictures of themselves in locations using this stick. Well at least now they don't have to ask me to take a group picture. I get asked to do this ALL the time. “Hey, there's a angry single black guy. Let's bother him and ask him to take our stupid group picture.” Now, you have a stick that cuts me completely out of your plans. Use them and stop asking me. 
 "Say Turds."
  ~Blackhat is the first bomb of 2015: Congrats? With a 70 Million dollar budget and a 4 Million opening weekend, it is not going to make its money back. I guess the overseas markets might open it up to a bigger money grab, but not that much. I am almost sure the studio didn't have faith in the movie because they released it in January. This is the dumping ground. Things aren't going well for Michael Mann. I also think Sniper took away from its thunder with its huge take.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Strange Beast from the South Pacific (Guest Blogger)

Godzilla: A Strange Beast from the South Pacific (Guest Blogger)
 Preface: I grew up watch a whole bunch of Godzilla movies. Heck, I even cried when Godzilla died in Godzilla: 1985. I loved the monsters fighting the military and fighting each other.
Beth K asked to be a guest blogger and she wrote a story on the deeper meanings of Godzilla. Like many Japanese stories, there are deeper meaning to their fictional icons. Godzilla is no different. She goes into that with her post.
She's a very good writer and I hope to read more from her in the future.
Anyway, here's her guest post.
A Strange Beast from the South Pacific

Toho Studios, which produced the original version of Godzilla (known there as Gojira) in 1954, is currently in the midst of planning sessions to release a modern version of the film. Their hope is that it will forever change the sentiment of people toward the true meaning of the original motion picture.

The plan is to begin filming this year, coincidentally (or perhaps not) the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Japan, followed by release in 2016. With prominent 2015 commemorations taking place, an awareness of the original horrors may linger long enough for the message to finally get through to Western audiences.

Godzilla as a Symbol

The character of Godzilla has been derided by Western critics as the “star” of a badly dubbed monster film, but that fails to take into account the original context. Coming less than a decade after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the film is a metaphor for the destruction of war and the lengths to which leaders are willing to go to end it.

More than any other group that watched the film, Japan was able to grasp what the intent of the filmmaker was, since scarred survivors of the bombings were still around, serving as lasting reminders.

Godzilla stood for war and the weapons used to kill him were meant to symbolize the atomic bomb. However, the toll that the reality of nuclear destruction took on future generations makes this tale still relevant.

Entertainment as Education

That metaphorical approach allows for entertainment of its audience, while still showing the lethal effect of such weapons or the insanity caused by such continuing scourges as war and terrorism. By framing the tale through the prism of science fiction allows the filmmaker’s imagination to take on these topics without resorting to falling back on a heavy-handed polemic regarding the dangers.

The monster in question (whatever form it may take) comes to symbolize any societal danger that lingers, or the beast within society. While war and nuclear weapons bring fear into everyone’s heart, using such creatures to take on such political hot potatoes as climate change or alien treatment also exists. In that way, the filmmaker makes a statement in entertaining fashion, which limits the contentiousness that is a tiresome byproduct of all such attempts at social relevancy.

Watered Down Remakes

Six decades ago, that reality was too much for international audiences, which saw an edited version that completely emasculates the nuclear war metaphor and replaces it with a Western reporter (played by Raymond Burr) who documents the destruction of a savage beast.

Unfortunately, the latter film is the one that’s had the most impact, with even Japan filmmakers succumbing to the benign monster approach with 27 different sequels that paled in comparison to the original. In spite of that the Godzilla franchise, bad seeds and all, has a cult following and the remakes are often aired for their camp quality like the recent Godzilla marathon on the El Rey network (click here for info). Recently though, Gareth Edwards was able to breathe some life back into the franchise with his 2014 remake that garnered positive reviews and a solid take at the box office.

Another Western Version Coming

There is a something of a clock on the discussions to offer a modern Japanese update since a Western version of Godzilla 2 is expected in theaters in 2018 that will again be an updated monster film. This film will likely be geared more toward exploiting technological advances in special effects than addressing the ills of society in a subtle, but effective manner.

Much like the original, the 2016 Toho effort will have an audience that has felt massive tragedy and nuclear danger in its recent past. Next year will mark five years since an earthquake and tsunami struck with such force, the Fukushima nuclear plant released substantial amounts of radiation.

The main question that remains to be answered is whether a more open-minded approach to what Godzilla truly means will translate into stronger awareness for all audiences.

The Legend of Hercules

The Legend of Hercules 
 You will believe turds can be filmed.
Wow, Renny Harlin really should stop making movies or either go back to directing school...or something. If I am being honest here, Harlin hasn't made a good movie since Die Hard 2. His latest movie is one of the two movies about Hercules that came out last year. I heard this was the worst of the two, and the critics were right. I have never seen characters written this idiotically, CGI done so badly, and music so poorly written before. It has the whole package of a bad movie.
This thing not only stinks, but it is a CGI flaming turd.
When you're opening battle scene looks like a CGI opening to a PC game from the early 90s, you're doing something really wrong. The really shitty CGI is one thing, but the acting is another can or worms altogether.
When you have a block of wood as your leading star, Kellan Lutz is bland and boring, it just drags your already bad movie down even more. Lutz is just plain dreadful as Hercules. And, it gets worst when he turns into a freedom fight/leader in the third act. Are we supposed to believe Greece will rise up with this hunk of driftwood as their leader? Lutz is not the only one that stinks in this thing, but he's the one that stands out.
The script is beyond being shitty. Every character reminds other characters of their motives and backgrounds in every scene. And, the dialogue is so stilted that George Lucas would be jealous. I haven't seen writing this bad since Grown Ups 2 (I just did that one). I can't believe any writer would left this script out of their sights without punching this up a bit. However, you merge Gladiator with 300 and the Hercules story you get a movie that's trying to poorly remake of Gladiator/300.
Speaking of 300, why do we need the fast/slow ramping speeds in every freaking scene? It no longer special when you keep doing it over and over again, Harlin. I have to wonder if Harlin even has a style of his own because he keep aping every action director in the world in just this very movie. Say what you want about Michael Bay, but he at least has his own fingerprints on his style, even if it is a jumbled mess, but Harlin wants to be Tony/Ridley Scott and Zack Snyder so bad in his direction and editing of this movie is sad and a little depressing.
This guy did Die Hard 2, while not a great movie, it was still really entertaining. Harlin has drained all the talent he had with every movie's he's made since then. This movie might be the height of his shit-pile.
The movie is even structured in the same plot setup just like Gladiator. Hercules gets captured and sold into slavery. There's even a gladiator master just like the one from the real movie. Then the movie shifts into 300 with its poorly done ramping-speed fight scenes and CGI rain. We get a third act that no one cares about and then it proceeds to “reset” any meaningful emotional ending we wanted out of the last battle with a happy ending that completely comes out of left field.
This is NOT 300 or Gladiator. Stop it.
For a 70 million dollar movie, EVERYTHING looks cheap. Everything! It screams TV movie with every green screen and CGI shot. The sets are below most of the sets from a Xena episode. Actually, the Xena episodes looked better. Even the score is produced with a synthesizer, thus making the music sound like the shit from Hercules the TV series. I am not sure where this 70 million dollar budget went, but it certainly wasn't on screen.
I hate this movie, but it is so bad that it needs to be seen. You might get a laugh out of it. You'll marvel at how much money wasted on the cheap green screens, the bad CGI, and piss-poor acting. The movie ended up losing money and didn't do as well as the studio thought it would overseas. Harlin knocks it out of the park again with another bad movie, thus keeping his losing streak intact.
Grade: D-
 Dude in the Water:  I am not going to lie, Lutz is a good looking man.  And, this is coming from a straight guy. 

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