Friday, January 16, 2015

Dinosaurs: Changing Nature (That last episode)

Dinosaurs: Changing Nature (That last episode)
I was listening to the TV Guidance Counselor podcast and the host has mentioned the rather dark ending to the comedic show Dinosaurs. The episode might be one of the most grim ending to a show ever. Plus, this show was kind of aimed at children and teenagers. While I hated the baby and the old grandmother, I thought the humor and the puppet stuff was amazing. 
I loathed everyone that did the baby reenactment.  I never found the baby that amusing. 
While Netflix has the episode listed as episode 7, it was supposed to be the very last episode of the season (series). There were a bunch of episodes un-aired because the network canceled the show earlier than the producers had intended. So, they put this episode out early to tie the show up.
I just watched it on Netflix. Man, I am bummed out.
Since it was the last episode, they literally kill off the entire family and the entire world. And, the main characters is partly responsible for it too! And, the grim part about it is that they basically end the show with us knowing that the entire family is in their house freezing to death. Wow, that is very bold.
The other thing worth noting is the Dinosaurs did it to themselves. They nuked volcanoes in order to fix an environmental problem and pretty much killed themselves in the process. Instead of a giant rock from space, it was the Dinos themselves that created the Ice Age. 
  Actually, the episode isn't as preachy as people say. They  tell a story (in 30 mins) that has an organic moral or message without the story grinding to a halt. It shows you how killing off an entire race of smaller animals could have a bigger impact on our surroundings. How many times have we tried to solve environmental problems, but it made things worst in the long run? This does it in a story form without stopping and say, “You see...”. And, basically the main character is partly the reason things go from being bad to terrible because he should have stood up.
The show ends with these characters certainly dying off in a freezing house. That is just harsh, but it takes balls to do that. 
However, I am a little depressed.   

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