Sunday, January 11, 2015

I hate both of these type of Gamers...however (bit of a rant)

I hate both of these type of Gamers...however (bit of a rant)
Thanks to Redditfor showing this. I hate the Guy/Dude/Bro gamer that talks so much shit and belittles the nerd type gamers. You're insults aren't funny. We get it you made fun or beat up his types in high school. A lot of nerdy gamers took to gaming to get away from your types.
The nerd guy is someone that needs some sunlight and he's annoying too. He's like that one creepy gamer that hangs out in arcades alone and waits for you to play a player vs player game. He'll join in beat the crap out of your player and take over the game as if it means something. We've all had those encounters.
Both of them have forgotten that gaming should be for fun and escape.
Is this staged? It feels a bit too WCW to me
However, the worst person in the video is the hype man/second banana/promoter guy in the background. He's the guy in the red shirt looking over the Bro-dude's shoulder and keeps looking at him as if he wants to make sweet love to him. I mean look at red shirt's expressions. He keeps pointing, mugging and nodding to the camera. He's like those annoying promoters in those wrestling promos that keep bouncing around. Usually, heels have these type of promoters.
Please note the “fake” drinking from the bottle. Come one, dude.
These ass-hats are the same guys that try to start a fight between two people by egging them on. “Bet you won't hit!” These are the guys hate the most out of everyone.

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