Friday, August 30, 2013

Littering is a battlefield

Littering is a battlefield
Man, the guy that threw the trash out was a total ass-hat. In the US, this type of d-bag would be driving a Hummer instead of the car in the video. Ask yourself this: Have you ever seen a nice person driving a hummer?
The guy throwing back into the car is a hero in my book.  In Russian, trash throws you!!!
Anyway, I love that the other guy joined in the “giving the trash back” pitch in.
Here's the full video

Random Things

Random Things
Kim Jong-un:  "Okay, which one of you just farted?  I mean talk about weapons of mass destruction, geez.  We you use your ass as weapon."  
~Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend dies by firing squad: Well, that is an extreme way to break up with your ex. Supposedly, her and other artist broke one of the worst rules in North It was death by firing squad. NK doesn't play around when it comes to porn, though I bet it was because of something else entirely.  Even the most heartless BF will send a text or tweet saying "we're done". 
~New Villain in Avengers II: Behold, James Spader is the next super villain in Marvel's movie universe. He is going to play Ultron. Ultron is an AI with a robotic body. (Think Legion from Mass Effect II) He can also mind control people and has super strength. He's kind of like what Brainiac is currently for DC. I think Spader has enough a “bad guy” vibe in him to play the character. Also I like the design of Ultron, so I hope they carry that over to the screen.  There was a time when Spader played good guys (Stargate). 

~Lady Gaga, stop taking off your clothes or wearing see-through outfits. I've seen more of this woman's body than I would like to. I can't go through entertainment news without reading a headline with nude or naked in the title. Never has a 5 gotten so much attention for her “looks” she not even hot, sorry. Remember that strange video of her yelping naked randomly? What was that about? It is like this woman begs for attention without bringing something meaningful to the table. We know that she can sing properly, but she tries to make the most anti-music songs ever.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tropes vs. Men

Tropes vs. Men

Parody sometimes is best form of flattery. I don't like the Damsels in Distress series, because she likes to twist the facts to her whim like Fox News. But, this video also makes fun of the guy gamers that truly feel games aren't for girls.

About that Indiana Jones Gun scene...

About that Indiana Jones Gun scene...
This was one of my favorite scenes in the “first” film where Indy stands there facing off with a sword swinging bad guy. And Indy just shoots him. The production planned an big fight between Indy and sword guy but later changed it to the “just shoot the guy”. Rumor has it, Ford had the shits very badly and didn't want to run around swinging his whip, so he suggested he just shoot the sword guy. (I've heard other stories too.)
They repeated this scene for Temple of Doom with a different ending.
There is an interesting discussion about the fact Whedon mentioned the problem with scene in an interview with EW and it was further discussed in the Huffington Post. And, it is a problem I had with Temple of Doom for years now.
Flash to Temple of Doom, Indy is in the same situation where now there are two sword swinging guys. He pauses and smiles (almost to the camera) and grabs for his gun to shoot them. He lost his gun earlier and panics. This is a callback to Raiders of the Lost Ark. People are supposed to laugh because he can't do the same thing as before.  This would be fine and dandy if Temple was a sequel.  Except, there is one glaring continuity problem with the scene.
Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!
Temple is set in 1935 and Raiders is set in 1936. In the continuity of the series, this “cute” scene makes no sense. We also know it is a prequel because one of his companions that goes on a lot of adventures with him is killed off at the beginning of Temple and isn't seen in Raiders. While I am still not sure why Lucas wanted to make this movie a prequel, it means Raiders hasn't happened yet.
I'm all for callbacks as long as they fit within the world of the movie or story and not “breaking the fourth” when it isn't a comedy or meant for that breaking (IE Metal Gear Solid series). I have the same issue with the Ghostbusters II logo used in the movie...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

George Zimmerman: Yeah, he's an a-hole

George Zimmerman: Yeah, he's an a-hole
Yeah, going to the gun factory that made the gun that killed Trayvon is a bit of a dumb move. The smiling picture is also a bit much. Does he not feel remorseful that he killed an unarmed man regardless of the situation? If I just found not guilty of the crime, I'd lay low for a few months. Yet, the man is walking around as if he's a hero. Check out the TMZ story.
It is also upsetting that people are cheering him on as if he's a hero and giving him money. Even if I knew I was in the right, I'd feel a bit of guilty about the fact I killed an unarmed kid. A freaking teenager that was just walking home. I also love that his lawyers even said it was a stupid decision.
From Yahoo News, ((We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart,” Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for attorney Mark O’Mara, told Yahoo News. “That was not part of our public relations plan.” ))
That “Shoot through the heart” statement is a very interesting one. I'm sure that was a message within the statement. The message seems to position them as distancing themselves from his actions of late.
I just can't understand this Zimmerman fellow. I guess it would be like OJ Simpson going on tour at the same knife factory that made the knife he allegedly killed his wife with. Not even Simpson did that. (But he did get caught stealing his own shit.)
Zimmerman wants Florida to pay for his legal fees in the case. Basically, it is a bail out. Uh, what about all that money he received from all those gun nuts? Did he spend it all on hamburgers and bullets? Legally, he has the right to ask for the money from the state. But, I thought he received a lot of money from people to help with his legal fees.
From NY Daily, ((Because the 29-year-old watchman was found not guilty during a five-week trial last month, state law requires Florida to pay all of his legal fees — except for the price tag of his lawyer. ))

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman? Huh?

Ben Affleck as Batman? Huh?
Ben Affleck aka Daredevil as Batman in the new Superman movie...

I am not sure what to make of this news. First off, everyone thought WB would go much, much younger for the role of Batman. I even thought they'd go young with a Batman Year One version of the character. It would be interesting to see a young Batman square off with a new Superman. But, it appears they're going with a seasoned older Batman with the casting of Ben.
Ben Affleck has become a good actor, director, and writer, but it just seems like strange choice for the role. And, I am not as pissed as other fanboys about this news, I just find it an odd choice. I am willing to give Daredevil a chance as Batman. There seems to be a trend of actors playing more than one role as a superhero. 
Looking Ben now, he does have the Bruce Wayne look down of late.  So, might just work.  Look at him.

Now, I just hope they find a way to bring in Power Girl...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Star Wars End Titles remix

Star Wars End Titles remix
I've been listening to this guy's geek remixes over the past weeks and this remix is sweet. Somehow, he's made the Ewok song (later cut) from Return of Jedi better. He also mixed the end title theme song with the prequel version seamlessly and it leads right into Duel of the Fates and into Empire Theme. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Things

 Random Things
~I've been on edge a bit lately. I guess with school starting up soon and dealing with my shitty job it has been making me a bit edgy. I am having more bad days than good. But, I think I can get over the hump once I get back into burying my head into school work. Last semester probably produced some of my best work. I hope I can put everything into this semester too.
~The Patriot: I watched that movie recently, and I have to say it still holds up. While they make the British into really evil people, I do like seeing the side of the Revolutionary War from the Southern side. And, I don't think they sidestepped the slavery issue at all. I know that Spike Lee has to be mad about something. Mel is brutal in that movie and a total bad ass.
Fred:  "Great, The Marine showed up in my house?  I guess he wants to go 12 Rounds with me."
~Fred from that annoying Fred franchise is gay: Wow, tell me something I didn't know all ready. I guess after waning in popularity, stating something people already know about is “shocking”. Gay or straight, I hate Fred the character and can't believe this turd made a few movies.
~Dick Van Dyke sits in a burning car. People are shocked that DVD sat in car that was ablaze with flames, but that's what Van Dyke does on a regular basis. He sits in flames for dinner. The man is in his 80s, he probably though he cut the cheese. I am sure someone has already said, “Diagnosis Fire” in their gossip post.   

Well, this flash mob made me cringe...

 Well, this flash mob made me cringe...
While the out of place and out of sync guy was distracting, the annoying Black Eyed Peas song was worst. So, this is the song you pick to flash mob to?
Note: If you look closely, there is another guy that's out of sync in the far left corner. I mean he's almost as bad as tight shirt guy on the right, check him out.

The whole thing is a mess and should have been canceled halfway through.   I think a few flash grenade could have solved the problem of this flash mob.  

Giant Metal Deer vs. Overpass

 Giant Metal Deer vs. Overpass
I love how everyone slows down just as the truck goes under the overpass. I also like that the two dudes give the truck driver shit as they pull up. I didn't like the annoying techno music playing on the radio though.

Now, where was this giant deer being transported to? Why did they use a dump truck when a flatbed would be better suited.   

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

I was writing this review when Film Brain did his review, so I'll post it here. I got a kick out of it.
This Jack and Jill has nothing do with the fable story. If you want to see man in his 40s walk around in drag with unfunny jokes, this movie is for you. The movie is a mess, but not a total mess. With a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, Jack and Jill is that kid in elementary school that smelled bad and everyone hated him.
Well, it isn't the worst Adam Sandler movie, but that isn't saying much. Jack and Jill are both played by Adam Sandler, so that means one of his characters has to put on an annoying and loud voice. In this case, it is Sandler's Jill character.
Jill is loud and stupid. Sandler tries his best to make sure you hate Jill, but then tries to make you feel sorry for her. She goes out of her way to annoy you, but then cries when people confront her about it. She gets upset with her brother over some of the dumbest things and runs out into woods to hide. What the hell? She also has a difficult time finding a date, so they shoehorn in lame romantic storyline with the Mexican gardener.
Jack, on the hand, is a successful ad guy with a lot of famous actors doing ads for him. And, this is where all the famous people make their cameo appearances. We get really shitty appearances from lame celebrities like Vince Shamwow Offer and Jared Fogle. And, you get the box office poison that is Shaq. These are really bad cameos and clearly Sandler calling all his friends to show up. Most of the cameos don't bring anything funny to plot, namely Shaq and Jared. So, why are there in here? I guess to fulfill Sandler's ego. Look for a better cameo by Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.
Speaking of Sandler ego, this movie also just fits into the Sandler formula of plot conventions that he puts into all his movies. Every resolution happens in a crowded room and someone makes an ass of themselves in the process. Here we get to see Al Pacino dressed up and David Spade dressed in full female drag with latex boobs. Why was David also subjected to playing a woman too? What was the point? Hell, what was the point of the entire movie?
Speaking of Al Pacino, he's in this movie a lot playing himself. And, some of the funnier moments are with Sandler and Pacino. There aren't that many moments that are funny though. He's kind of like the villain in the movie, but not really. And, there really isn't a true villain. Anyway, Pacino isn't bad, but he's just doing his Devil's Advocate character for the most part.
~Katie Holmes: She is completely useless. I know that her career was dead, but did they have to throw her a bone.
~Nick Swardson: Once again Nick shows up in his friend's movie and once again he's not funny either. He plays a douche bag underling of Sandler's character.
This movie isn't as raunchy or terrible as That's My Boy, but it isn't good either. Actually, the movie comes across as being more lazy and annoying than terrible. Don't get me wrong, Sandler's Jill character is embarrassingly crappy, but the lame script is what really hurts the movie. Everything is string together with a weak overall plot.
Grade: D+

 Adam:  "Let me get this straight, there's this dude named Xenu that rules over the galaxy?  And you want me to join your religion? 

 Well, we know they aren't watching That's My Boy.  
It is certainly not Depp's worst role.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gas N Fuel Training video

 Gas N Fuel Training video:
This is fake, but it is funny. Wow, this is a crazy training video. These people are too happy to be working at a gas station. The worst costumer service is always at the gas station. I've never seen employees so pissed to see you enter their store.
Found this gem on reddit. It is spot on in the real training video vibe.
-Mopping is exciting: They even try to make this job seem exciting. I can tell you it is not.
-Gas N Fuel: Isn't that a little redundant?
-Why did they throw in the sliding video with the horses?
-Why is there a can of paint-thinner inside a running microwave? Who put that in there and why? I love that the training lady is perfectly okay with this knowledge.
-Nails on the floor: I am going to start doing this too.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Commander Riker sits a certain way...The Riker Maneuver?

Commander Riker sits a certain way...The Riker Maneuver?

I've always got a kick out of Riker's sit down motions. I didn't realize he did it this much though.  I do this movement sometimes when I sit in a lower chair. But, Riker is a tall man and can swing his leg over any chair it seems.  I guess this is swagger. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hawaii Five O “Bing It”

Hawaii Five O “Bing It”
I'm okay with product placement, but this is just stupid and awkward. No one says “Bing It” when ordering someone to search for something online. They say Google it, but not Bing it. I also like that show literally stops in order for us to get a close up of the Bing homepage. Thank you for that.
Bing is the Zune of search engines.  It just seems forceful to me. 
Which one is worst? The Subway one or this one?

Obi Wan returning in Star Wars Episode VII?

Obi Wan returning in Episode VII?
Lantino Review reported that there is strong possibility that Ewan McGregor might just come back as Obi-Wan in ghost form. Latino Review has had good scoops in the past, so this could probably be true.  I'm sure they're just into talks. 
From Latino Review, ((After all, Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared throughout the original trilogy, despite his death in ‘A New Hope’. I have confirmed this with three close sources that are on the project and they all confirmed to me that Ewan McGregor would be back as a Force Ghost in the upcoming sequel trilogy.  ))
While Ewan has bashed the prequels in the past, but it appears he has changed his tune once Disney took over the Lucas franchise. Ewan has now stated he'd come back to play Obi-Wan. If Disney doesn't comment or shoot down the rumor, there may very well be validity to this story.

Anyway, I am totally down with Ewan returning as Obi-Wan. I'd be down with a standalone movie as well. He was great in the prequel movies.   

Justin Bieber, You're a Strange F'

Justin Bieber, You're a Strange F'
I've, unfortunately, endured the totally bizarre photos of Justin Bieber strutting around his grandmother's house naked, with a guitar covering his junk. I don't know if this is a Bieber cultural thing, but we don't do this at my house. Heck, I hate seeing myself naked let alone letting my 70+ grandmother seeing my wang-chung.  I am sure she'd have a heart attack.  
I have no idea how this is a treat or prank for anyone. Click if you want to see him turn the other cheek, NSFW. I'd love to stop talking about him, but he keeps doing stupid things.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar and his daughter does what?
I know nothing about football, but this got my attention because the porn angle. If you throw porn into any story, my ears perk up.  Doing color commentary, Bernie said something about a player stating his parents should be embarrassed. I guess Bernie has his parents trumped with the fact his daughter very well be an adult star. When you bring up parents in a stupid game anyway, I think all gloves are off. Perhaps you shouldn't mention parents and embarrassment in the same breath. 
And, I am sure he's not too happy with the fact she is doing porn, either. Keep in mind that it still hasn't been confirmed yet, but it is fitting if it were true. I'm sure Laurence Fishburne feels the same same way as Bernie.
Either way, she's pretty cute. Lexxi Silver, allegedly his daughter's stage name, works with a lot, but I won't put the link in the post.  And, hey, I am not hating, you got to make ends more ways than one, Lexxi.

 Side Note: Bernie has had some legal troubles.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Day the Clown Cried footage

The Day the Clown Cried: Jerry Lewis' crap film has some footage.
Like the Star Wars Holiday Special, Jerry Lewis wants no one to see this movie. However, some of a “making of” footage has surfaced and uploaded to the Internet. Lewis directed and rewrote the movie.  Lewis made the clown more likeable in his version of the script. 
 No one besides a handful of people have seen the movie fully. And most of them have blasted the movie. It became apparent that Lewis' ego was in full effect with this misguided project. I'd like to see someone's pet project go down in flames (Battlefield Earth and After Earth), but Lewis and others dropped the movie.
From Yahoo, ((Harry Shearer, longtime voice of several "Simpsons" characters and part of the comedy band Spinal Tap, echoes Lewis's thoughts. After seeing a bootleg copy of the film, he said (according to a 2006 Variety print article), "This movie is so drastically wrong, its pathos and its comedy are so wildly misplaced, that you could not, in your fantasy of what it might be like, improve on what it really is." ))
Many things factored in shelving of the film. The movie lost funding and Lewis took the rough cut and the studio took the negatives away and they both parted ways. At that time, Lewis still wanted to release the movie, but there were legal issues. Recently, Lewis has become downright hostile toward people mentioning the movie. He feels it should never be released, but I'd like to see this train wreck.
 I hate clowns, but I am willing to see this piece of crap.

Monday, August 12, 2013

State Farm: A talking mime, baby, and The Yellow Ranger!

State Farm: A talking mime, baby, and The Yellow Ranger!
This ad has two things I hate, a baby and a mime. Yet, something caught my eye. I noticed that the mother is the former Yellow Power Ranger. Did some digging and confirmed it is the “third or second” Yellow Ranger. (Nakia Burrise) She looks great by the way. 
 I do kind of like that she seems to okay with the fact she gave birth to a mutant baby.  Talking babies are annoying, because they've done too many times by now.  I hate clowns and mimes even more, but the Yellow Ranger softens the bad stuff. 
The Black Nerd did an interview with Nakia Burrise last year during a convention. Check it out.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Star Wars Binary Sunset

Star Wars Binary Sunset
This is one of my favorite musical cues from John Williams in the Star Wars franchise. I remember hearing the sweeping music as Luke stares off into the double sunset. It is always an important moment. It shows the frustration Luke has in mind. He's conflicted because he hears the calling on going out on adventures in space.
The French Horns really sell it in this track.  This is the "force theme" first time in all its glory.  
Now, this wasn't the original track for that scene. Williams wrote and conducted completely different version of this cue. It is so different that it would have changed the way people would have perceived the scene.

Sounds darker doesn't it? By the way, skip ahead to the 5:00 mark to listen to alt versions of the main theme.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street
You know what?  This movie is actually very funny.  The movie not only works on as remake but a sequel to the original TV series.  After watching a bunch of Adam Sandler movies, it is a breath of fresh air to finally a see a good comedic movie.  It handles the rauchy jokes in the correct manner, while not linger on them; I am looking at you That’s My Boy.
This movie is set in the same universe as the TV series from FOX.  You will actually see characters from the old show appear in the movie while being played by the same actors.  It is a nice little treat and shows the makers of the movie are actually fans, while also parodying the franchise.  Even Channing is in on the fun by making him seem like a total idiot. 
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry together.  They actually seem like brothers, one being the nerdy-fat kid and the other being the jock.  They play on these high school tropes a lot in the movie, as both characters get a second chance at school.  I really liked their views of the new type of clicks that were born after they grew up. 
Speaking of tropes and clichés, the entire movie is about spoofing and turning cop tropes and clichés on their heads. There is one gag that deals with things that should explode, but don’t.  And, another has a paragraph that pretty much sums up all these remakes and re-imagining of old shows and films. 
((Deputy Chief Hardy: We're reviving a canceled undercover police program from the '80s and revamping it for modern times. You see the guys in charge of this stuff lack creativity and are completely out of ideas, so all they do now is recycle shit from the past and expect us all not to notice.))
That was when I knew this movie was going to be good.  You see this works within the context of the movie universe and the actual “breaking of the fourth wall”.  The movie shits on its own premise, this is something Sandler and those Spoof-Movie guys could learn from.
A lot of the kudos should fall squarely into the hands of Jonah Hill, because you can see all the fanboy-isms front and center within each scene.  Things are goofy and silly, like the 21 Jump Street program, but the character comment on the goofiness.  Even the main plot seems like a lost episode from the show…with a little bit more murder and mayhem. 
21 Jump Street is a nice send up to that older show, while also paying respect to it by placing it in the same universe.  The movie does live up to its R-rating with its violence and dark humor, but it doesn’t go over the top like some movies.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Well done, Jonah Hill. 

Grade: B+

Ice Cube:  "Today was a good day mainly because I didn't have to use my AK." 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Leah Remini files a missing person report: She reported Shelly Miscavige as missing to the police. Of course, they will pull her out when the time comes. But, you have to love the trolling by Leah. They kept messing with her and sending her little messages via twitter, and now she is even going to write a book about the Scientology. By the way, if you Google Scientology into Google News, you get a lot of hits from Leah Remini vs. the church. You f' with people long enough, they will bite back. That's what the Church doesn't understand. 
 I want to file a missing Money Report for renting Battlefield Earth.   Damn you, Xenu!
~Restaurant bans kids after during dinner: I have to say that I agree with this completely, because I have no kids and kids annoy me. Your loud kids are only adorable to you and your family, not us single people. Stop having them run around and being loud. Kids be damned!
 ~This Oprah Thing: I guess you heard that someone in Switzerland turned Oprah away from some expensive handbag that she was interested in. She asked three times to see the bag and the store person refused, believing that Oprah was someone without cash. Did they not know that this woman has 3 billion in change and could easily bought the entire store. It probably was a misunderstanding, but this is Oprah we're talking about. I think she could afford everything in the store. 
 ~Foxy Brown: Now, on the other end of the class world, we got Foxy Brown trying to steal a $900 weave. Talk about ghetto. First, why would you pay so much for some fake-ass hair? Second, why would you try to dash out after the service was completed? They know who you are, Foxy. You're that has-been rapper that fell off stage recently.  Remember when Kimberly from Different Strokes robbed that store? 
Make no mistake, you're hotter than Lil-Kim, especially now, but damn, pay for your fake hair. And, yes there is video of the caper.
Sure, she has some work done but at least she doesn't look like a puffed up cat person.  

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Chris Brown retiring, make it so, Number One.

Chris Brown claims that he might just leave music behind, due to the “haters”.
From, ((Don’t worry mainstream America,” he wrote, “After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.” He followed that up with the statement, “Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!” ))
So long and thanks for all the hits, to coin and distort a Douglas Adams phrase. 
It is probably because it seemed like you were really sorry for your mistake, when you destroyed an office of morning news room. While I don't but that he's going to leave music behind, it would be good for him to sit aside for a while. This was something he should have done when the incident first happened.
The man has a lot anger and hostility toward women and it's only a matter of time before we hear about another attack.
I hope he does “fall off the face of the Earth” for a while, but something tells me his retirement will not stick.
Side Note: Rihanna doesn't help matters by messing with him on Twitter or getting back with him a few times. Stop sending this boiling pot mix messages.  

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star
This might be the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.  It is disjointed and poorly directed that it makes the spoof movies look like high art.  I am not lying.  The movie takes everything that is bad about the recent Happy Madison movies and turned it up to a worst grade of shit.  What it boils down to is that the jokes aren’t funny.   The main character is a drip and the script is nothing but jizz and penis jokes.  I am all for that, but there has to be a good story behind the crude jokes, but there is nothing there. 
Nothing here is redeemable.  The movie is a complete steaming turd, and it seems to be proud of its stinky nature.  
The basic plot is Bucky finds out that his parents were huge pornstars from the 70s.  Bucky decides to become a pornstar too, but he’s penis is too small.  But, he has the ability to shot a lot of sperm without even touching the woman.  He becomes a big hit with fans.  That’s the whole story and joke.  Enjoy.  
I’d take a new Eddie Murphy movie over this shit! 
The movie is a collection of “jokes” rammed to together to make this loose feature.  There isn’t really a cohesive narrative in the same manner as Strange Wilderness.  Throw in sex and porn jokes with jokes about the main character’s appearance, and they keep doing over and over again with.
I dare you all to attempt to watch this movie fully through.  You won’t be able to make it. 
There is nothing that stands out as being funny or an appearance of a movie.  Forget this movie and everyone else in it. 
-Nick Swardson is terrible as Bucky Larson.  This is sad because we have to be around this annoying and dumb character the entire movie.  Nick seems to only get work with his friend Adam Sandler, and this one is no different.  This is a Sandler joint and Swardson shows again he’s not that good at acting, but leeches onto Sandler's stuff.  Why do people find this guy funny?  
-Christina Ricci, this is below you.  Why are you end up in the movie?  I felt bad for her.  Spoiler Alert: Ricci doesn’t get naked. 
-Don Johnson:  He’s in this movie and he cusses a lot.  There is not much else to say about him. 
-Kevin Nealon:  He yells a lot at Bucky and then leaves the scene.  Nothing else happens. 
Grade: F-
Note: If I could give this movie a Z, I would.  
 What's wrong with your Faaaacccceeee!
 The same damn Buck Teeth joke over and over again.  We get it, movie. 
 The Adams Family Reunion was a huge hit.  
 Christina. you should know not to look into bushes after hearing strange sounds.  
Damn it, Frost is still alive. Blade didn't kill him. Stephen Dorff is in this movie as a weak villain. He's playing a poor man's Peter North. (Note: Looking up Peter North is not safe for work or anything dry.)  

Monday, August 05, 2013

Michael Ansara RIP

Michael Ansara
Mr. Ansara died a few days ago at the age of 91. I was a huge fan of Ansara's work in the Star Trek franchise. He was one of those powerful actors that stood out from the rest. His low and powerful voice and tall stature was great. Kor was the first Klingon, but Koloth was what Klingons would turn into later in the franchise.
91 is a good run with such a great character actor.
From, ((The veteran character actor was probably best known for playing the Klingon leader in the original "Star Trek" series, then again in the legendary sci-fi series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek: Voyager." ))
Yes, he played the third Klingon Captain to guest role on TOS.  The character Kang (and actor) went on to show up in an important DS9 episode with Kor and Koloth. Kang was the one Klingon that seemed more somber and honorable than Kor or Koloth. Ansara's performance seems to have inspired Michael Dorn's Worf in some manner. 
 Ansara would later act in some other amazing roles in other franchises as well. 
 All DC fans will remember his power yet mournful take on Mr. Freeze in the Batman Animated Series. His take on the character would actually change the Mr. Freeze character completely for every version after his role...even in the comic books. 
 He also played an important part on B5 as Elric.
Elric had the best line in the series (B5), and it predicted what would happen in the end too with Mollari.
"As I look at you, Ambassador Mollari, I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand is your hand. And I hear sounds of billions of people calling your name. Your victims." 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Bioshock Infinite: New DLC Burial at Sea

Bioshock Infinite: New DLC Burial at Sea
We get to see Rapture in its prime!  This is going to be an interesting DLC and one that fanboys wanted to see since the reveal in the last act of Bioshock Infinite, the return of Rapture. 
-December 31, 1958:  Note the date on Booker’s desk.  Things are already set in motion by 58.  Big Daddies are commissioned. And, the biggest thing to know about Rapture’s history is the start of the Rapture Civil War.  This mean this DLC is set right at the beginning of the big event told by the first two Bioshock games.  The game will be in two parts for each main character.  One for Booker and one for Elizabeth. 
-Booker’s debt:  Note the racing forms on his desk.  This version of Booker has money problems too.  Hmm…
-Woman with the baby stroller:  Is this the same woman we encounter in the first game with the gun inside the stroller? 
-Little Sisters:  They’re already messed up at this point. 
-Elizabeth:  She’s a little different, but the same. 
-This time around, Booker wants to get out of the city.  
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