Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar and his daughter does what?
I know nothing about football, but this got my attention because the porn angle. If you throw porn into any story, my ears perk up.  Doing color commentary, Bernie said something about a player stating his parents should be embarrassed. I guess Bernie has his parents trumped with the fact his daughter very well be an adult star. When you bring up parents in a stupid game anyway, I think all gloves are off. Perhaps you shouldn't mention parents and embarrassment in the same breath. 
And, I am sure he's not too happy with the fact she is doing porn, either. Keep in mind that it still hasn't been confirmed yet, but it is fitting if it were true. I'm sure Laurence Fishburne feels the same same way as Bernie.
Either way, she's pretty cute. Lexxi Silver, allegedly his daughter's stage name, works with a lot, but I won't put the link in the post.  And, hey, I am not hating, you got to make ends more ways than one, Lexxi.

 Side Note: Bernie has had some legal troubles.

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