Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
Kim Jong-un:  "Okay, which one of you just farted?  I mean talk about weapons of mass destruction, geez.  We you use your ass as weapon."  
~Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend dies by firing squad: Well, that is an extreme way to break up with your ex. Supposedly, her and other artist broke one of the worst rules in North It was death by firing squad. NK doesn't play around when it comes to porn, though I bet it was because of something else entirely.  Even the most heartless BF will send a text or tweet saying "we're done". 
~New Villain in Avengers II: Behold, James Spader is the next super villain in Marvel's movie universe. He is going to play Ultron. Ultron is an AI with a robotic body. (Think Legion from Mass Effect II) He can also mind control people and has super strength. He's kind of like what Brainiac is currently for DC. I think Spader has enough a “bad guy” vibe in him to play the character. Also I like the design of Ultron, so I hope they carry that over to the screen.  There was a time when Spader played good guys (Stargate). 

~Lady Gaga, stop taking off your clothes or wearing see-through outfits. I've seen more of this woman's body than I would like to. I can't go through entertainment news without reading a headline with nude or naked in the title. Never has a 5 gotten so much attention for her “looks” she not even hot, sorry. Remember that strange video of her yelping naked randomly? What was that about? It is like this woman begs for attention without bringing something meaningful to the table. We know that she can sing properly, but she tries to make the most anti-music songs ever.  

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