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About that Indiana Jones Gun scene...

About that Indiana Jones Gun scene...
This was one of my favorite scenes in the “first” film where Indy stands there facing off with a sword swinging bad guy. And Indy just shoots him. The production planned an big fight between Indy and sword guy but later changed it to the “just shoot the guy”. Rumor has it, Ford had the shits very badly and didn't want to run around swinging his whip, so he suggested he just shoot the sword guy. (I've heard other stories too.)
They repeated this scene for Temple of Doom with a different ending.
There is an interesting discussion about the fact Whedon mentioned the problem with scene in an interview with EW and it was further discussed in the Huffington Post. And, it is a problem I had with Temple of Doom for years now.
Flash to Temple of Doom, Indy is in the same situation where now there are two sword swinging guys. He pauses and smiles (almost to the camera) and grabs for his gun to shoot them. He lost his gun earlier and panics. This is a callback to Raiders of the Lost Ark. People are supposed to laugh because he can't do the same thing as before.  This would be fine and dandy if Temple was a sequel.  Except, there is one glaring continuity problem with the scene.
Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!
Temple is set in 1935 and Raiders is set in 1936. In the continuity of the series, this “cute” scene makes no sense. We also know it is a prequel because one of his companions that goes on a lot of adventures with him is killed off at the beginning of Temple and isn't seen in Raiders. While I am still not sure why Lucas wanted to make this movie a prequel, it means Raiders hasn't happened yet.
I'm all for callbacks as long as they fit within the world of the movie or story and not “breaking the fourth” when it isn't a comedy or meant for that breaking (IE Metal Gear Solid series). I have the same issue with the Ghostbusters II logo used in the movie...

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