Tuesday, August 27, 2013

George Zimmerman: Yeah, he's an a-hole

George Zimmerman: Yeah, he's an a-hole
Yeah, going to the gun factory that made the gun that killed Trayvon is a bit of a dumb move. The smiling picture is also a bit much. Does he not feel remorseful that he killed an unarmed man regardless of the situation? If I just found not guilty of the crime, I'd lay low for a few months. Yet, the man is walking around as if he's a hero. Check out the TMZ story.
It is also upsetting that people are cheering him on as if he's a hero and giving him money. Even if I knew I was in the right, I'd feel a bit of guilty about the fact I killed an unarmed kid. A freaking teenager that was just walking home. I also love that his lawyers even said it was a stupid decision.
From Yahoo News, ((We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart,” Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for attorney Mark O’Mara, told Yahoo News. “That was not part of our public relations plan.” ))
That “Shoot through the heart” statement is a very interesting one. I'm sure that was a message within the statement. The message seems to position them as distancing themselves from his actions of late.
I just can't understand this Zimmerman fellow. I guess it would be like OJ Simpson going on tour at the same knife factory that made the knife he allegedly killed his wife with. Not even Simpson did that. (But he did get caught stealing his own shit.)
Zimmerman wants Florida to pay for his legal fees in the case. Basically, it is a bail out. Uh, what about all that money he received from all those gun nuts? Did he spend it all on hamburgers and bullets? Legally, he has the right to ask for the money from the state. But, I thought he received a lot of money from people to help with his legal fees.
From NY Daily News.com, ((Because the 29-year-old watchman was found not guilty during a five-week trial last month, state law requires Florida to pay all of his legal fees — except for the price tag of his lawyer. ))

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