Saturday, August 10, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Leah Remini files a missing person report: She reported Shelly Miscavige as missing to the police. Of course, they will pull her out when the time comes. But, you have to love the trolling by Leah. They kept messing with her and sending her little messages via twitter, and now she is even going to write a book about the Scientology. By the way, if you Google Scientology into Google News, you get a lot of hits from Leah Remini vs. the church. You f' with people long enough, they will bite back. That's what the Church doesn't understand. 
 I want to file a missing Money Report for renting Battlefield Earth.   Damn you, Xenu!
~Restaurant bans kids after during dinner: I have to say that I agree with this completely, because I have no kids and kids annoy me. Your loud kids are only adorable to you and your family, not us single people. Stop having them run around and being loud. Kids be damned!
 ~This Oprah Thing: I guess you heard that someone in Switzerland turned Oprah away from some expensive handbag that she was interested in. She asked three times to see the bag and the store person refused, believing that Oprah was someone without cash. Did they not know that this woman has 3 billion in change and could easily bought the entire store. It probably was a misunderstanding, but this is Oprah we're talking about. I think she could afford everything in the store. 
 ~Foxy Brown: Now, on the other end of the class world, we got Foxy Brown trying to steal a $900 weave. Talk about ghetto. First, why would you pay so much for some fake-ass hair? Second, why would you try to dash out after the service was completed? They know who you are, Foxy. You're that has-been rapper that fell off stage recently.  Remember when Kimberly from Different Strokes robbed that store? 
Make no mistake, you're hotter than Lil-Kim, especially now, but damn, pay for your fake hair. And, yes there is video of the caper.
Sure, she has some work done but at least she doesn't look like a puffed up cat person.  

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