Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman? Huh?

Ben Affleck as Batman? Huh?
Ben Affleck aka Daredevil as Batman in the new Superman movie...

I am not sure what to make of this news. First off, everyone thought WB would go much, much younger for the role of Batman. I even thought they'd go young with a Batman Year One version of the character. It would be interesting to see a young Batman square off with a new Superman. But, it appears they're going with a seasoned older Batman with the casting of Ben.
Ben Affleck has become a good actor, director, and writer, but it just seems like strange choice for the role. And, I am not as pissed as other fanboys about this news, I just find it an odd choice. I am willing to give Daredevil a chance as Batman. There seems to be a trend of actors playing more than one role as a superhero. 
Looking Ben now, he does have the Bruce Wayne look down of late.  So, might just work.  Look at him.

Now, I just hope they find a way to bring in Power Girl...

Anyway, it could have been Nic Cage.  


MC said...

The new rumor is they want to lock up Ben Affleck for... wait for it... 13 movies.

And Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor for 10.

That is planning ahead.

Semaj said...

I heard that too. I have to wonder if they can tie Affleck down for that many movies given that he's now a good director and writer. I guess they want to make him the (Bruce) the Tony Stark of the DC universe.

I can see Cranston doing it because he's really into these sort of things and he seems to be a little kid at heart.

Semaj said...

He will probably show up in the Flash/Wonder Woman and GL movies as the rich and powerful Bruce Wayne, while Cranston will be his rival. IE Luthor and Wayne are business rivals in the comic books

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