Saturday, June 30, 2012

Uh, is this real or a parody?

Uh, is this real or a parody?
I found this on Reddit. I have a lot of questions.
-Why is the woman at the beginning wearing that stupid hat?
-Why are the bully kids just walking their bikes?
-Why are the bikes too big for all three of them?
-What is the message behind this story? Don't pick on people or you might get run over.
-After the child gets hit, one child is a little too happy about it. “Did you see that?”
-Why did the mom bring out drinks after watching a kid die?   

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are throwing in the Xenu Towel (Divorce that is)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are throwing in the Xenu Towel (Divorce that is)

From Reuters, ((Hollywood superstar couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to divorce, People magazine reported, citing Holmes' attorney. ))
After five years of “Free Katie”, I guess she and we will finally see that happen. Here's the kicker, this time it was Katie that filed for divorce. Karama is a bitch, because it was Tom Cruise that blindsided Nicole Kidman. And, Kidman hasn't seen her children since then.
From Huffington Post, ((According to TMZ, Holmes is the one who filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences," and is asking for sole legal and primary residential custody of Suri. Their sources add that Cruise apparently did not see the divorce coming. ))
Oh, it gets better too. Katie wants sole custody of her daughter TMZ is reporting. Double ouch. This was the shit he pulled with Kidman when she wouldn't go along with his Scientology church and they made sure to disconnect from their mother.
Katie and Tom's marriage was so annoyingly public that it seemed like it was a front constructed by the Space Church. (Oh, and remember that incident with her hands turning purple after a Space Church purification?)
You can blame the state of her career on the bad press she got from joining his Space Church and marrying him. At the time, Scientology was being attacked by the blow-back from the South Park-gate and she was caught in the cross-hairs. There was some behind the scenes battles with WB after Batman Begins. WB recast her Rachel Dawes character with another actress. When the Dark Knight came out she did Mad Money instead. That movie barely broke even. Her career hasn't fully healed ever since marrying him.
And, don't forget she was in one of the worst movies of all times...Jack and Jill .
Make no mistake about it, she wants out of the church and she wants to take her daughter with her too. It's going to get ugly. (up in here, up in here)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Krispy Kreme Da Rapper (Not the tasty donuts)

Krispy Kreme Da Rapper (Not the tasty donuts)

A song for the ladies…
He has a bit of Bubba Sparks in his vibe doesn’t he?  Actually, he is a cross between Marky-Mark and Bubba.  I’m not sure if this was done for real or created to fan the trolls.  I mean look at his face he looks Marky-Mark. 
Someone from Facebook treated (inflicted?) me to this rapper and I found him to be entertaining in a “Hot Problems” Rebecca Black sort of way. He's has some internet fame it seems, enough for there to be a Wiki page on him and his buddy Money Maker Mike.
And, yes, the tall nerd standing with him, doing nothing is called Money Maker Mike. I guess he is Kreme's DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Does Mike have any rap skills? 

To be fair, his rap skills (skillz?) have improved over the three videos.  That’s not saying much, but still. 
Why is he jumping around a playground?
Why is he named after a doughnut?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cab Driver does a pretty good Michael Jackson…

Cab Driver does a pretty good Michael Jackson…
That was pretty good.  I think he didn’t hit the notes correctly, but he got the MJ voice down that’s for sure.  I’d want this cabby to sing for me.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Judge Dredd trailer

 New Judge Dredd trailer
Honestly, I actually like this trailer a lot.  They really didn’t change the outfit that much.  And, I like that we never see Dredd take off his helmet in the trailer. 
Compare the new trailer to the old awful movie starring Sylvester Stallone.  As far as I know there will be no Rob (Surf Ninjas) Schneider.  Now, isn’t this concept of a group of cops fighting an entire apartment complex from an Asian film?
If you get a chance, re-watch the Stallone version. I will give the movie credit for its score and amazing FX for the cityscape.  It truly feels like an oversized city.  Too bad the acting and writing aren’t as good. 

Mes-sa loves this

Message to Hardcore PC gamers?
For a while PC gaming had the independent developers and games on their sides, but it seems both Microsoft and Sony have had many of these independent games on their networks.  I still do like Steam on the PC, despite not having the time to use it as much.
Gaming consoles have become light computers in a sense too. 
I am starting to see a growing trend of buggy games starting to sneak their way onto console gaming systems.    I guess because they can fix it via online updates.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

~True Blood: It is very good this year. I like some of the new stuff they threw into the world this year. HBO has had some really good shows on the network. I liked seeing the origines of Pam before her vampire turning.
~Community: I am not even sure I'll even bother watching Community this upcoming season. And, the season finale could be viewed as a series finale. It was certainly written that way. Having the major shakeup with the writing crew just can't be good for the show. There won't be six seasons and a movie.

~Standing in Line: As I've gotten older, I've noticed I have a low tolerance for standing in lines now. I don't like having people around me anyway, but it's gotten worst to the point that I hate being around people in general. Lines are the worst of both worlds because they surround you from front and back with people. I remember standing in line to get my reserved PS2 way back in the day. Today, I won't even bother doing that. I still have that heavy PS2 sitting somewhere. Now, where is that thing?
~Oh Mickey, you're so fine You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey
Oh Mickey, you're so fine!
~That's My Boy: Well, the latest Adam Sandler movie has failed. The movie cost 70 million to make and it has only made 29 million worldwide. Ouch, even the legion of Sandler fans didn't bother seeing the movie. Where as Jack and Jill was a modest hit, this one will never make its money back. Sandler movies stick to a formula and that's it. I still like Anger Management, despite it sticking to that Sandler Formula. And, why was this movie 70 Million? It makes no sense. If you're going to make money, you have to stop making these 70 + comedies.
~I will get to my second part of the Prometheus review.  Movie reviews take longer to write than other things. 

Circus Afro Baby...

Circus Afro Baby...
I hate Justin Bieber, but this is funny. I know that Chris Rock is tired of hearing this, but damn this funny.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Major Beating on highway...(Road Rage)

Major Beating on highway...(Road Rage)

This is a brutal fight. The guy in the red shirt was actually a good fighter, but they knocked him out before he got up. They gang up on him like a bunch of punks. The worst part is when they continue to beat him after he's been knocked out. What assholes.
Here's the full video.
Here's the good news: these two assholes have turned themselves in. And, this is partly because of YouTube. From Huff Post, ((He says 21-year-old David Mendez and 27-year-old Edras Ramirez, both of Los Angeles, were jailed on suspicion of assault. They remain jailed Thursday.
Authorities believe they're the men who were videotaped beating and kicking a man on a transition road to the Interstate 5 freeway on June 12.))
Here's the kicker, the victim was arrested too for a completely different reason. From AP, ((The man who was beaten in the video, identified as Jerry Patterson, was arrested without incident in Altadena on an outstanding warrant on suspicion of DUI, hit and run and assault in a May 25 incident, the California Highway Patrol told NBC4-TV on Thursday  ))
So, yeah he's an a-hole too, but he didn't deserve the beating.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (new Nokia Trailer)

The Dark Knight Rises (new Nokia Trailer)
Holy crap that is a good trailer.  It makes me want to see the movie even more. 
-You see the famous breakout scene where Bane’s people take apart a plane in mid-air. 
-There is a clip where you see prisoners breaking out of prison.  This might be based on the Knight Fall series where Bane broke out all the bad criminals in order to wear down Batman.  So, we’re seeing a bit of that mixed into the script.
-There’s that great moment where Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to that kid.
-The Bridges blowing up is clearly a take on the No Man’s Land storyline.  And, it is an impressive scene. 
-What does the broken Batman mask mean?  Did Bane break the Batman like in Knight Fall? 
-I loved the Morgan Freeman moment.  “Remember where you parked?”
-While it has been confirmed that Liam Neeson will appear in a cameo, I still think we will see Ra's al Ghul alive and well. 
-"My wife?"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nicole Janeway (Geneviève Bujold) (The 1st Janeway)

Nicole Janeway (Geneviève Bujold)

Yes, it seems a bit off doesn't it?  
Bujold just doesn't have same warmness as Kate Mulgrew. VOY had some good performances and Mulgrew does a great job because she has a softer tone to her performance, but still keeping it strong. Bujold doesn't seem to have a strong presence either. When Bujold was playing the role the character was called Nicole Janeway. (She wanted the name Nicole) You can notice that Bujold keeps her distance from everyone while Kate seems to always have a closeness to people.
They were filming the pilot when Bujold promptly quit show after a couple of days of shooting. From Memory Alpha, ((She quit after a day and a half of shooting, with the public reason being she was unaccustomed to the hectic pace of television filming. Other rumored reasons included dissatisfaction with her performance on the part of the producers and dissatisfaction with the character on the part of Bujold ))
Rumor has it, she had a breakdown on set with the entire crew and actors watching. The director got angry with this display of weakness.  He said, "Don't act this way, you're the captain."
From Memory Alpha, ((Berman also recalled that after working on the set during the second day of shooting, Bujold went to her trailer in tears. Later, both "Caretaker" director Winrich Kolbe and Berman met with her there and asked her to go home ))

Zinc Digger?

And, this photo pretty much sums up why I am already sick of Kanye and Kim. Say what you want about Kanye, but at least he worked for him fame. Kim, on the other hand, has no talent to speak of.  Well, she did bang Ray J and that's saying a whole lot.  
It just seems like they want to the whole world to know they're in love.
We get it. You're famous and rich and in love.
After that foolish wedding, Kanye needs to watch out because she'll use him too.  
F' it.  They were meant for each other.  
Now, I am not saying she's a gold digger, but she messing with slicker.
I gotta leave

Bo Knows (Bo Jackson ads...)

Bo Jackson ads...

Do you remember these ads? They were a part of those “Bo Knows” ads from back in the day. Bo Jackson was known for playing in professional baseball and football. So, there was something to market there. Bo promoted the cross-training shoes for the Nike company.
Nike saw him as a media titan just like Jordan, but it didn't turn out that way. After his hip injury, he was never the same. He did show up in a Pepsi ad, injured.  
I guess I was not the only one to remember Bo Jackson.
And, yes that was Sonny Bono in there as a cameo. Pretty funny.
Bo Diddley
This one is my favorite one because of Bo Diddley (not Boo Diddly) appearance. I remember seeing this long version of the ad way back in the day with Bo getting better with the music. And, what's with the square guitars?
I also like that they threw in Bo doesn't know hockey.
Does Bo know Blogging?  
They should really bring these ads back, in the same way they did with the Mars Blackmon ads for Nike. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian vs. Amia Miley

Kim Kardashian vs.  Amia Miley 
Amia Miley: I find it funny that this is probably the only time so many people have even talked about the Pornstar Ania Miley. I've always found her very cute . I had no idea she had quit the business. Anyway, Kanye West's Twitter page posted a picture of a naked woman eating some while sitting on a bed. People assumed it was Kim Kardashian, but it was Amia instead.
I wouldn't mind waking up to the sight of this.
Now, why would Mr. West post a picture of a naked pornstar? It looks like Kanye's twitter account was hacked and this picture posted. You can check out the uncut picture here. The picture actually came from Ania's twitter page.

The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2
This follow up isn’t bad, but not nearly as good as the first one.  Beat for beat the movie is nearly identical to the first movie to the point that it gets a little boring.  This time around they go to Thailand, and that’s about it on the differences.  And, don’t get me wrong there are some funny moments here and there.  And, I found myself liking their exploits from the night before more entertaining than the current story being told. 
I’ll also give the movie credit for being slightly darker in tone than the first one.   However, that doesn’t make up for a weaker script than the first movie.  All the major players are back and pretty much fit right into the role they were in the first one.  Zach’s character gets them into trouble again.
The movie just isn’t as good as the first one with the entire story beats being played out exactly the same.  This sequel is more of a remake than a sequel anyway.  Then there are cheap laughs that make me shake my head like the transvestite jokes.  I like raunchy humor, but those jokes seems a little too ugly.  Again, the darker elements are refreshing, but the repeated jokes from the first film do get tiresome.  I can’t say I’d recommend the movie, but it isn’t as bad as say Freddy Got Fingered. 
Grade C-
 The Hangover crew looks at the new Lindsay Lohan movie.  
By the way, I love the hipster shirt Zach is wearing.  I'm guessing he just showed up on set with it on. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alien Deleted Cocoon Scene

Alien Deleted Cocoon Scene
I personally thought they should have kept this scene in the movie. It is a very grim scene, because it shows that the Alien doesn't only kill people but wrap them up in this shit. I believe James Cameron used elements of this cocoon stage for his Aliens movie. Where I think here it is implied that the alien was going to implant the “seed”. Aliens shows us differently.
In the movie, Dallas is seen one last time with the Alien catching him in the ducts and that's all we see of him. In the theatrical cut, it is implied that he died. Here, we see that Ripley kills him out of pity.
From IMDB, ((After Ripley discovers the remains of Parker and Lambert, she makes another discovery. Ripley enters the landing gear area of the Nostromo (where Brett got killed) and discovers a cocooned Dallas and Brett mutating into an egg. Dallas pleads, "Kill me". Ripley flames Dallas and the Brett-egg and then runs to set the ship on self-destruct. ))
So, they were being turned into eggs. That's pretty gruesome. Given what we see in Prometheus, I could actually buy the different methods of the Aliens birthing cycle.
Planning Deleted Scene
This scene is a little rough, and clearly was meant to have cut away shots and closeups. I agree that this one needed to be cut.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hell of a hailstorm: All Hail the Hail! (Texas That is)

Hell of a hailstorm:  All Hail the Hail!
We had a terrible hailstorm here too, but it wasn’t as bad as the one in Texas. 
From Reuters, ((Insured losses from the massive hailstorm that struck the Dallas area on Wednesday could reach as much as $2 billion, making it one of the most costly storms of its type in U.S. history, an insurance organization said on Friday. ))
I've been caught in a hailstorm and it is very painful on the skin. Plus, you get pockets full of ice in your jacket.
Plus, think about how much wildlife died in the storm. When that one storm hit Louisville, we had a lot of dead birds everywhere.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Honest Trailers:

Honest Trailers:
I just discovered these little gems.
(Battleship, I mean Transformers)

Game of Thrones: President George W. Bush

Game of Thrones: President George W. Bush

Yeah, that was in poor taste.  I am not a supporter of Bush, but that it was a bit too far I think.  You can’t do something like that.  When a singer makes threatening remarks to Obama, we’re outraged, and this is no different.  
No one would have noticed it if it wasn’t for the producers pointing it out though. Most people would have focused in on the old hand-maiden head.  
From LA Times, (( And the creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pointed it out in the DVDcommentary on the episode.

"George Bush's head appears in a couple of beheading scenes," the duo revealed in their commentary. "It's not a choice, it's not a political statement. We just had to use whatever heads we had lying around."
We use a lot of prosthetic body parts on the show: heads, arms, etc. We can't afford to have these all made from scratch, especially in scenes where we need a lot of them, so we rent them in bulk. After the scene was already shot, someone pointed out that one of the heads looked like George W. Bush.

"In the DVD commentary, we mentioned this, though we should not have. We meant no disrespect to the former president and apologize if anything we said or did suggested otherwise." ))

Prometheus (Part 1 of 2)

Prometheus (Part 1 of 2)

Prometheus is a very beautiful film with some interesting concepts about evolution and mutation thrown in as its central theme.  I am truly surprised how much I love this movie.  It certainly didn’t disappoint.  Its roots are firmly planted in the Alien universe, yet the movie is its own story and could possibly sprout its own series of sequels.   Prometheus is a very good movie, but sometimes gets a little too carried away with its big ideas.  However, the movie is very entertaining with some thoughtful commentary about the origins of mankind.  It will not answer all the questions for you, and that’s all right. 
I don’t want to reveal too much of the basic plot, but it is about a crew of people out to search for the origins of human life.  However, they discover that there might bigger and worst things out there ready to destroy them and all of mankind
Ridley Scott does an outstanding job fully realizing the universe again with this different take on the premise of a crew going out into unknown and bringing something really bad back.  The opening of the movie has a sweeping scope that could only be realized by Scott.  The movie opens big with the birth of life on Earth.  This is a very well directed moment and it is referenced with a darker take with the “birth” at the end of the film.  So, we begin and end the movie with a “birth”.  And, I don’t want to give away what that birth is at the end, but fans of the series will love it.  It was one of my favorite moments.
The visuals are truly astounding.  The CGI and makeup effects are top-notch.  You really get the feel for the strange alien creatures and mutations.  
The film does raise some serious questions about the origins of humankind and even religion to a certain extent.  For some, many of those questions will not be answered and other questions will arise from those answers.  And, that’s what I really enjoyed about the movie.  The movie teases us with answers and they literally take them away brutally.  It is within the subtext of the movie that some of those questions will be answered too. 
The movie also works on a horror movie level too, thus going back to its Alien roots.  There are some truly disturbing scenes, such as the C-section scene and the black ooze attack.  Scott masterfully builds the tension with all the scary moments in the movie.  And, he even teases us with one scene where a character says, “There’s something else living down there.”
Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof wrote a fine script, but there are times when it seems they got too ambitious.  With the fast pace of the script, sometimes characters get a little left behind in the rush to the conclusion.
Side note:
Jerry Goldsmith’s Main Theme does appear in the film and soundtrack!  I got a big smile on my face in the theater.  It is early on in the film, so listen for it.

Anger Management

Anger Management (promotional)
The Special effects for just this mere ad are pretty good, but there is a problem.  Are they selling the TV show or the personality of Charlie Sheen?  Are we all Charlie Sheen-ed out now? 
Part of me hopes this TV crashes and burns just like this ad.   And, I know this is based on one of Adam Sandler’s better movies, but is Sheen the right person for the job?  
I think FX is throwing their money away. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The “Best” of Gigli

The “Best” of Gigli
I was reading the Jabootu review on this horrible movie and I can't believe how bad this movie is.
I hate this movie a lot.
Yes, J-Lo is very hot in the movie, but this?
Ricki: It's turkey time. 
Larry Gigli: Huh? 
Ricki: Gobble, gobble. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poor Chyna…

Poor Chyna…
I’ve always said, “Would your past self be disappointed with yourself current self”. Chyna (doll) would be this type of person. 
Has anyone worked as so hard to get to the top only to fall so far?  She “The Ninth Wonder of the World” was born in Rochester, New York and busted her ass to become a bodybuilder.  She came from a broken childhood, so that was probably what drove her to be something different.  And, looking at her Wiki page, she went through a lot bad shit, but became a collage graduate. 
She began working in the WWF (f’ the E).  I remember being drawn to the background “bodyguard” of Triple H.  She had an amazing look to her that made her stand out.  I think her prime in WWF was when she left DX and teamed up with Eddie Guerrero.  I think they also softened her looks up a bit during this time. 
I still think Triple H broke her heart when he started dating Stephanie McMahon.
From Wiki, ((Laurer also defended her title against Lita at Judgment Day in 2001.[53] Although she won the match, she soon vacated the Women's Championship, as this was Laurer's final WWF match. The relationship between Triple H, her former real-life boyfriend, and Stephanie McMahon (with whom Laurer claims he had an affair and then left her for), was a major factor in her departure.[38] She left World Wrestling Federation on November 30, 2001, several months after she had been taken off of television.[54] Jim Ross later claimed that she was not fired, but rather chose to leave for personal reasons. ))
And, I think that made her slide into the depths of shit that she's in now. After leaving or getting fired from the WWF, I think she went about aimlessly.
After showing up drunk and high in many places, she is now doing porn. That's right porn. Most people that go into porn see it as misguided way of moving up to better things. Somehow, Chyna managed to go from being at the top to lowering herself into porn.
And, now she looks like this.
 Yep, I am sure she's okay.  (eye roll)
Oh, and she just starred in her newest porn movie. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pitbull: That Men in Black III song…is bad

Pitbull: That Men in Black III song…is bad
I have to agree with Todd in the Shadows.  This is the worst tie-in song to a movie in a long time.  When you think about the first song MIB by Will Smith, it is light years away from this garbage.  The music video is way better than this and the lyrics actually tell the plot of the movie, unlike this mess. 
While I didn’t like Danny Elfman’s score for this movie, I wished they had used it for the closing credits instead of this crap. 
Don’t take my world for it…

Fiona Apple: Criminal

Fiona Apple: Criminal
Ah, the late 90s, sweet. 
After watching this video, why do I feel so dirty?  The music seems to be an ending to an extremely wild orgy of some kind with all the sweaty people sleeping around the house.  I’m sure the post party smells like beer, corn chips and weed.  It almost makes me want to go this party, but then realizing I would have to drop by the clinic the next day for a screening.
I have to give the director credit for making the whole video seem very seedy with the side-pans throughout the entire video.  It almost gives it a 80s porn feel with the brown colors and strange edits. 
This music video and song put Fiona Apple on the map thanks to her different look and strong voice.  The song is very dirty with its message, and probably something today’s Fiona wouldn’t sing.  This song proved that she was a good singer with an interesting video to back it up. 
While Fiona isn’t “my type” in body shape, she looks pretty damn good-looking here.  I guess it is the way they shot her and put focus on her very pretty eyes. 
-What are you trying to say with the “long” nose stuffed doll? 
-A vacuum cleaner?  What are you trying to suggest there, Fiona? 
-Why are you in a closet, Fiona? 
-Did you catch the little noose tied to the chair at the end of the video?  What was that about? 
-Why are there oranges in the bath?  Are people worried about scurvy?

Facebook “Middle” Names

Facebook “Middle” Names
Someone mentioned this to me at work, and I’ve noticed this too!  He sent this to me on FB (of all places) and I decided to share it here with you. 
Now, I refuse to use my real middle name on most things because I hate it.  I guess people want people to know who they are up front. 

Prometheus stuff

For those that have seen Prometheus, Screen Rant has a very good story on the connecting tissue between the Alien and Prometheus movies. It is an interesting and good read. I still haven't seen Prometheus yet, because I've been really busy these past days. But, I read it anyway despite the major stories.
Side note: Event Horizon is currently on TV right now, and it could have easily fit into the Alien universe. (EH is a good movie often overlooked.)

Friday, June 08, 2012

On the street...

The longest and dumbest public pee ever...
There are so many questions to be asked.
Why did he feel the need to pee right in the middle of the street?
Why did the dude on the scooter stop and talk to him? If you see a man with his wang out, nothing good can come of it...nothing.
Why did the cops just drive right by and do nothing? Cops have better things to do than to get pissed on.
What happened to all the bikers and scooter people that drove through his piss stream? Will they get a smattering of piss mist?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Looking forward to Prometheus, just not sure if it is the movie I wanted. However, right now on RT the movie at 73%, which is a good thing. Ridley Scott crafted a good space movie in the form of Alien and I am hoping he does the same here. Yes, we know its a prequel. I've been listening to the Soundtrack recently too. Now, will I see it tomorrow or Saturday? Probably early Saturday. This was the movie I wanted to answer certain questions left from Alien.
Dish people will miss out on Joan, and that's a very bad thing.  
~Dish Network, aren't you being a little childish here with AMC? I swear some of these network Dish disputes are just plain petty. Because of the negations getting heated between Dish and AMC, Dish decided to bury AMC to the depths of channel hell to channel 9609. Talk about giving them the shaft. If AMC loses Dish, they will lost millions in this dispute. And, Dish will lose a highly rated network too. But, moving AMC to 9609 just seems childish to me. It's like when the chubby kid takes his ball with him because he didn't get to score (in more ways than one).

~Drew Barrymore married again: Maybe three times is the charm. I am not sure why she married Freddy Got Fingered director/writer/actor. Maybe the Chad was really great. Do you remember her being in Batman Forever as the henchmen (girl) Sugar? She looked very good in that movie, but her character was one of the weaker aspects of that movie. Too campy and too Batman 60s for my taste.  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Men in Black 3 (Review Part 2 of 2)

Some of the stronger elements from MIB3 are the concepts of time travel and alt-timelines.  I am really surprised the movie actually digs into these concepts given that it is a summer movie.  Michael Stuhlbarg plays an alien that can witness various and different timelines and calculates the varying factors that can change the timeline.  I found this character very interesting to watch because he’s unstable, because he views all the different versions of history.  So, his character is a little…off.
There is a great moment in the movie where Griffin shows J and K a baseball game using his timeline viewing powers. It is a very cool moment.  He also discusses how the game could change given certain small elements in the past were changed.  It is an interesting part of the movie that you don’t see much of in summer movies.  This goes back to the theme of smaller elements having impacts into larger in the first movie.  Somewhere, all of this got lost in the translation of the second movie with all its still plots and product-placements. 
Speaking of product-placements, I smiled when I saw that they removed all the stores plastered in the MIB HQ in the second movie.  I got tired of seeing the Burger King store in the HQ.  I also found it amusing that the movie goes out of its way that to shove the goofy aliens like the Worms.  And, there is no Frank the Pug in this one.  I always got the feeling that the studio gave them the note “More Worms and Pug, please” for the second the movie.
Will Smith hasn’t really aged it seems since the last movie.  Actually, he’s in better shape in this movie than in the last one.  Smith really has to carry this film this time around.  Tommy Lee Jones on the other hand looks a bit more haggard.  He’s one of the weaker aspects of the movie, because he looks tired in all his scenes, if limited.  When Josh Brolin does a better Tommy Lee Jones than Tommy Lee Jones, you know something is wrong. 
Overall, I am really surprised that I like MIB 3 as much as I do.  It is certainly back to form from the train wreck that was MIB 2.  There are some major plot holes that surface because they play around with time, but I am willing to look past them for the enjoyment of seeing another MIB movie.  It isn’t prefect, but it reminds me of the first film. 
Grade:  B-

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