Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pirates of the Caribbean parts 2 & 3?

What the heck? I know they’re making Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest which is part 2, but... They’re making Pirates of the Caribbean 3! It looks like they’re filming the movies back to back. This could be the Matrix movies all over again, 1st one being great and the other two really sucking.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II

I don’t know if anyone ever played Kingdom Hearts, but the first game was really fun for a Disney/Square Enix game. It took characters from many classic Disney films and brought them together with Final Fantasy Characters. The cool thing was they actually got most of the voice actors from the Disney movies to reprise their roles. Besides, what’s better than seeing all the Disney Villains work together.

Well, Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out and I have good news. It looks like the Characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mulan will be in the game this time. And YES, Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom will be reprising their roles in the game! This is very cool.

Guess who else may reprise his role? Eddie Murphy as Mushu from Mulan. (this one is a big IF) There are many more famous people listed to reprise their roles in the game, here is the list.

I just can’t wait to play this game.

Hey look! It’s Mulan with Donkey, uh I mean Mushu. I seem to always get those two Eddie Murphy sidekick characters mixed up. They’re basically the same character.Posted by Hello

The old(Dead?) guy from Final Fantasy XPosted by Hello

Isn’t this that guy who was a main Villain on Ducktales?Posted by Hello

Hercules: “How can I go out there knowing that people think I’m Kevin Sorbo. Well, I’m not and I can never be him!” Posted by Hello

As you can see, Captain Jack Sparrow, with that Bend it like beck-something, chick Posted by Hello

War of the Worlds

I guess I'll see this movie this weekend. I might acually like it. Could be very good. It just feels like ID4 part 2. Yet another Remake to watch this summer.

Even More Movie clips

Kung Fool?

Comment: A guy tries to do a back flip and falls completely on his face. Then, he tries to get up, and play it off, only to find himself off balance. Short but funny.

Cute Drunk Girl

Comment: A cute drunk girl keeps buzzing all the buzzers in the apartment complex to get her Ex-boyfriend outside. Not very funny, but I just love what happens when the boyfriend actually comes down.

Puke while being Interviewed

Comment: Some dirty guy is being interviewed and then pukes on the set while being on live TV. The reaction from the Newswoman is classic.

Snoop Fan gets a beatdown

Comment: extremely poor video coverage, and short. Some “jerk” gets on stage and gets a beatdown by at least 15 people including Snoop Dog. I hope it was part of the show, but I’m guessing not.

Sexual Harassment Training Video

Comment: This is a spoof and looks almost like a real video a company would put out.

America F’ Yeah!

Comment: Just watch it…

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Movie links right now

You’re the man!

Comment: Sounds like something I would do. Goofy dude at Best Buy acts like a fool in front of a display camera.

Shatner Making an Azz of himself. Rocket Man!

Comment: Years from now aliens will come to this planet and uncover remains of our culture, and they will discover this Shatner EGO trip. They will realize how primitive we really were. Then they will wipe out all the human-like people throughout the galaxy to make sure nobody will ever repeat the mistake that is Shatner singing.

I could watch this crap for years to come. This is pretty bad.

How to dance like a white guy

Comment: Want to dance off the beat? Watch this clip. I’m a Black guy, but I don’t dance, and will never dance.

Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire

Comment: I love this long clip. Jon Stewart gets many points in my book for telling these jerks how it really is. I hate that fartknocker with the bow tie. So glad this train-wreck of a show is gone.

You go Jon!!!

Follow up on the crossfire incident.


Tips on Blogging the safe way (without getting fired)

Here ya go
Comment: I dont really need to follow this, everyone that reads this mostly know me...

Flash movies 7

Funny Flash making fun of Tom Cruise’s incident with a squirting-mic.

Comment: love how he calls everyone around him a jerk.

Fave lines "Don't run away. That's incredibly rude.

"I'm here giving you an interview, answering your questions and you do something nasty. You're a jerk."

Lum the Mad=Lum the Fat

Comment: I like this one. This Lum guy reminds me of Harry Knowles. This comes straight from the Flash maker ((This is a parody of one of the most annoying, and FAT, people I have had the displeasure to read. He is sort of a main player in massive multiplayer online RPGs.))

Here is the urban dictionary term.

Lum the Mad was a commentator on Online gaming back in the day. Now, He works for one of the very companies he ranted on. Hey WB you need a poor writer for one of your TV shows?

PSP (Me want one)

I think I really want a PSP. I really need a hand held machine that I can play while waiting in lines or doing number 2. A friend of mine has one of these, and it’s so wonderful. It has a crystal clear screen (widescreen) and it’s so much better than the DS. I held it in my hands, and I realized I was in love with the PSP.

BibleMan (Somebody tell Batman to sue)

One day I was clicking through the sea of TV channels, but then I saw something strange catch my eye. Quickly, I turned back, and I saw it. Is it a plane, bird, or a Jackson, no it’s Bibleman. I was drawn to this poorly acted episode like a fly to crap. Somebody decided to make a Superhero that would fight the deadly sins. The quality is really bad, and the FX is near Doctor Who style. The Acting is beyond awful.

Whenever he fights, he pulls out a light saber (it’s not called that, because I’m sure Lucas would sue. I would). Here is why he’s called Bibleman, he speaks random passages from the bible while he fights EVIL. Each sin is a villain in the show. He has a sidekick as well; I forget the loser’s name.

The best part is when one of the deadly sins (bad guys) breaks out with a music video! He starts to dance and rap about his Sin. (I forgot which sin it was, aren’t they all alike.)

Please try to watch one horrific episode of this trash if you can. Below is the IMDB link.

On his way to Walmart, Bibleman realizes that he forgot his shopping list back at the Bible-Cave.
This is his sidekick, Loser. (Okay, it’s not Loser, but I forgot his name. Robin anyone?)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Star Wars Ep 3 track by track review (part one)

Part one of the long Review of Star Wars Ep 3 CD.

I figured it would be fun to review each track in the review style as I hear it. Enjoy.

Track 1 Main Titles/Revenge of the Sith

This one opens with the normal Star Wars Fanfare. After all these years, it still sounds great. I love this theme so much. However, on the CD, it doesn’t have the normal fade to the actual score. Usually, the main theme fades to the beginning music for the film. This score changes it with a quick jump into action music and we hear the Force theme in a military style. The snare drums in the first few minutes brings that military theme to mind

Quickly, the score changes to huge base drums thumping through the music. This is when the actual music from the CD is used in the opening scene. You hear this music when the rockets are fired at our two Jedi heroes.

You see this is part of the problem of the CD; some of the score heard here isn’t used in the film in the correct spot listed. The opening portion of the music after the main theme is different than what is used in the film. The film opens up with the usual fade out of the main fan fare, and smoothly going into the score just like the rest of the movies. The music used at the beginning has a very loud drum cue as we see the Jedi Fighters pass over and under capital ships into a grand space battle. This is a much smoother cue than what is on CD.

Rating: B-

Leroy Wells (Can you dig it?)

American Idol: Leroy Wells

This guy is too much, and too high. I would slap him myself. This is entertainment?

I see that Leroy is up for attempted murder, shooting someone three times. Click here, charged with attempted murder.

If there were more crazy people like this on Idol, I would watch.

Land of the Dead Review

Land of the Dead

Review by James

First off, I am not a huge fan of zombie movies. I just never really cared for them that much. Heck, I’m more of a Silent Hill fan than a Resident Evil fan. However, I can watch them and enjoy them on a basic level. The movie is a direct sequel to the other Romero movies. It’s set in a time when Zombies pretty much have free reign of the planet, except for zones where humans live. People from the zones from time to time have to raid local towns for supplies and food. In this movie, the Zombies have learned to evolve, and think more freely on a basic level. Some even learn how to use weapons.

There is humor in the movie, of the gore kind. The movie is full of sight gags, so try to catch them all. The movie is full of no name stars except for Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo. Both are fairly good, but Dennis Hooper really steals the show. The action is good, and so is the gore-level. This is no wimpy PG-13 movie folks, it’s straight up R, with a bit of nudity thrown in.

It should be known that the movie has many flaws and logic issues. For one, there is the “ Big message”. Zombie aren’t really that bad “they’re just looking for a place.” What? The movie has no ending what so ever. It was as if the writers ran out of time and simply said, “Okay, let’s call this an ending.” Not a great movie, but entertaining, but do you want anything else from a Zombie movie?



Two Enterprises (D&E)

the two enterprises of the 24th Century

Test 1

Test on image hosting.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Site of the week

Site of the week

This site is basically a spoilers site for 24 fans.

People who run for office Suck

Hero worship is fine. Heroes are fine. Police and Firefighters are heroes, servicemen are heroes. However, politicians are not. Despite their past record, when they become Politicians, they’re not heroes. We shouldn’t look up to them, let alone make Action figures. Unlike the Rep and Dems, these Police, Firefighters, and Servicemen, don’t take huge hand outs from big business and unions. These people do their JOB despite politics, and put their lives on the line for us. Please make Action Figures for real Heroes, not money-grubbing politicians like Bush and Clinton.

Despite this rant, here are the Action figures I want to in Toy Stores.

Pretzel Choking President Bush Action figure

This one will be a hot seller during Christmas. The doll will come with its very own “action” pretzel that will fit into his mouth so he can choke.

Clinton Sitting at Oval Office Desk

This one is a complete replica of the oval office of the White House. Everything is exactly how it was back in the 90s during Clinton’s term. Even comes with a Monica Lewinsky “action” doll that sits right underneath the President’s desk. Cigars are sold separate.

Newt Gingrich (family values) Divorcing Doll

This former speaker of the House doll comes with an older wife, which then can be divorced after the wife doll grows older. If you show three proofs of purchase to the company, they will then send you a much younger Wife doll for Newt (Family Values).

The Bush Daughters Collection

These dolls come with beer cans and two toy kegs. The set is complete with secret service dolls to bail friends out of jail.

Showbiz news yo!

Entertainment News.

Beyonce says its not really a break up (huh?)

Comment: Why does EVERYTHING need to be spun now? A break up is simply a break up. Some reason Beyonce doesn’t want to call it that. Trust me, this break up is because of Beyonce and nothing more. She has outgrown her fellow singers, and she wants to boost her solo acting/singing career. But, after the poor treatment the Pink Panther remake is getting from the studio, she might want to rethink that.

Tom Cruise drops the squirting mic charge.

Comment: Surprising, I side with Tom on this matter. I would be pissed if some jerks did that to me. I would have lost my cool and went after them, but Tom kept his cool. These guys did it for a “reality show” stunt. Can we end these “reality shows” now, please?

Has HBO lost its edge?

Comment: Nope, not at all. While the crappy big four networks fill their time slots with “reality shows”, HBO has been bringing some of the best dramas and comedies on TV. And, HBO let’s the showrunners run their own shows with little interference. However, other cable networks are coming up (FX, USA), taking a cue from HBO and are trying to push the envelope. If I ever wanted to create a show, I would take it to HBO first.

Vanna White and Judge Judy get Stars (Why?)

Comment: Why is Judge Judy AND Vanna getting stars? It takes a lot of acting skill to turn lit squares on Wheel of Fortune. My goodness this world sucks.

Chrono Trigger/Cross (the story) Part 3

Story Behind Chrono Trigger Part 3

Lavos is an alien parasite from space disguised as an asteroid. Chrono and gang at some point make it to the distant past, 65,000,000 B.C.

In this past, reptiles rule the planet. They have large kingdoms and some technology. They stand up-right and can talk. While on the other hand, humans are basically cavemen living in tribes in the forest. Chrono befriends a cavewoman by the name of Ayla, who is the chief of one of the tribes of cavepeople. After a little adventure, the reptiles and Chrono clash. After defeating the reptile leader, the leader says changes are on the way. The rule of the reptiles is about to end, and nature on the planet will soon be off balance.

After the reptile leader dies, the sky grows dark and then a fire ball in the sky comes hurling toward the surface of the planet. The ground shakes violently from the thunderous impact. Ashes and dirt fly into the atmosphere, shielding the sunlight from the planet. The planet grows cold, and most of the intelligent reptiles begin to die off. The humans are able to cope with the weather change. Thus, Lavos’s arrival starts the Ice Age.

Next up the strange connection between the Humans and Lavos… Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fortune Cookie Jam

I went to a Chinese restaurant a few days ago. After eating tons of food, I received a fortune cookie. I snapped open the cookie, as if there was gold at the center. In fact, the strange magical pieces of papers in the center should be worth a gold chip. With these nuggets of wisdom, you can learn Chinese and get an insight into life.

Here is what my fortune said; Fearless courage is the foundation of Victory.

Now I know a new Chinese word, Student=Xue-sheng!

When I really think about it, I want to become Fortune Cookie writer. Here are some I want to write up.

1 If you’re reading this fortune, you suck.

2 Hey you, yeah you. See that hot woman over there at the table, well she likes you. Nah, I’m just joking.

3 Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

4 Don’t read this fortune, it’s cursed.

5 Your girlfriend is cheating on you right now.

6 That shirt you’re wearing is ugly, don’t ever wear it again.

7 You are about to get some bad news.

8 Buy stock in Fortune Cookies. Trust me on this.

9 Boxers or briefs?

10 Don’t forget to leave a tip, ya bum! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Short TNG review.

I re-watched the episode “Justice”, the one where the Enterprise crew beams down to a planet filled with sexed-up half nude aliens. Oh, did I mention that the sexy aliens all run whereever they go? I believe this planet is every fanboys’s dream, (certainly mine). And there is a subplot about Wesley tripping over some flowers and given the death penalty. Picard is talking to a wind chime-like god. There were at least three episodes crammed into one. This one is right up there with “spock’s brain.” This ep won’t get a F because the women in the ep are hot. Man, these early episodes of Star Trek: the next generation are not very good.



The first ever encounter with inter-galactic Wind Chimes  Posted by Hello

People say that Kirk's show was Sexist, what about this episode.

 Posted by Hello

Worf: Nice planet. Posted by Hello

longest comments number ever, 82

Strange, came across this one.
they should have used IMs instead.

Looking up the Term Blog

When the truth hits home…

I was bored and looked up blog on These all sound like my piece of crap blog. Boy, do I have an ego…



Short for weblog.
A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."

a place where people bitch about their daily activities which nobody is interested in. topics like why they argue with boyfriend and how they end up together at last, daily aneroxic activities like drinking blended organic fruits and vegetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, talking about cutting themselves with a razor blade and how good they felt, bitch about their shopping activities and what they got.

just another way to seek attention and sympathy from other people.

A web log that no longer has useless personal moments of one's life that nobody cares about, but instead has stuff in latin, chinese, spanish and italian, and when in english, is usually about hair care products, condoms, newspaper headlines, or cut+copy+paste jobs from wikipedia or
Basically a load of shit you never want to read.

head over to and keep clicking on next

n. (short for weblog) 1. summary of webmaster activities in the form of a journal, hosted on a website
2. short writings on the internet of poor quality

"Nobody gives a sweet Christ about your website, let alone your blog"

Short for weblog. Blogs originally had purpose when the few people who had them actually had interesting and/or informative things to say. These blogs still exist, and are quite enjoyable to read, however the advent of and has changed this once meaningful application into utter shit, allowing every day idiots to write about how shitty their lives are and why everyone should care.

Good Blog: Informative news, real humor and entertainment. Often build and published by someone with a brain.

Bad Blog: "School sucks", what you had for lunch, why your depressed because your 14 year old boyfriend dumped you and its the end of the world.

Next movie Herbie: Goes ApeS***

It looks like Herbie: Fully Loaded, isn’t as bad as people thought, most are calling it popcorn fun, here are some of the normal viewers comments

Comment: I’ll watch this one on DVD,

More Bewitched

Another Bewitched review

Comment: Chud and aint it cool, are two sites I usually trust, this isn’t looking good for this movie.

Could this be the Next Catwoman movie, hmmm...

Ever tried random Blog jumping?

There many interesting blogs out there, here are some I’ve found while skipping along.

Just by hitting the next blog button you’ll come across some cool people, and a LOT of spam. I just went blog jumping a few minutes ago, enjoy.

Heidi in the desert

Some drawing blog that’s pretty good

I ran into of these SPAM blogs (they’re just porn) I think blogger really should end those Spam blogs.

Crap, I keep running into these Spams, here are the rest of them.


This one has pretty pictures, this guy/girl is good

I actually like this dud, he flips you off with his profile pic.

This one is Star Wars, but it goes under the WTF list.

This dude is pretty cool, it reminds me of my blog a bit.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gas Station+James=Heck

Why I hate people, reason number 247 (Gas Station Blues)

I swear that every time I leave the house, I regret it. Gas stations are the worst places in the known galaxy. First, I park my car at a gas pump and realize it is out of order. So after finding a pump that works, I entered the station to pay for a pre-set gas amount. However, I noticed a long line of unhappy people on both ends of the counter. My first thought is to turn around and go to another gas station, but I was already here so I stepped all the way inside.

One line was usually longer than the other line, plus I knew the clerk that was working in that line. He’s known as one of the slowest clerks on Earth. He used to work for Wal-Mart, and I remembered standing in his slow-a** lines back in the day. Plus, he does that annoying thing where he licks the end of his thumb with his nasty tongue. Then, he takes that nasty thumb and touches MY change with it, yuck! You don’t see me licking his casher-machine do you?

Well, I head for the second, shorter line. However, there is craggy man that is kind of standing there kind of off to the side, so I don’t have a clue if he’s in line or not. He’s wearing a white t-shirt that is more yellow than white, and he has poorly grown beard. He has brown-dusty dirt on his arms, so I surmise he worked in construction. He had a long can of some type of beer in his hand and a cup in the other. I let him kind of get in line in front of me, that was me being nice.

Fairly quickly, the line moves up to the dusty guy in front of me. I look across the counter and see that the other line with the slow-a**, thumb-licker hasn’t moved an inch. I smile slightly, knowing that I made the correct choice.

The dusty guy in front of me places his “junk” on the counter. The old clerk scans his junk, and says, “Is that all?”

The guy mumbles, “Let me have a pack of something cigarettes.” His voice is so low and so garbled I had a hard time understanding the dusty guy myself.

The old clerk has to lean in to understand him. After nodding to his garbled request, he looks around the millions of cigarette boxes and packs.

Let me step out of the story for a second and say how bad Gas Stations are. Not only are they one of the leading causes of gas use and environmental damage, but also they sell more tobacco products than any other place. It’s like your one stop, death store.

The old clerk can’t seem to find his special brand of cigarettes. It takes the old clerk a LONG time to realize that he has to open a box from a supply place from behind a shelf. I start rolling my eyes, because I’ve been in the damn station too long.

After a few minutes, dusty guy leans over to me. “My bad, Dude.”

Through tightened teeth I say, “It’s okay.”

With his cigarettes now on counter, the man then mumbles, “Could you get me some numbers?”

Lottery Numbers, one of the things I hate the most. They slow the line down even longer. I generally have a problem with people that play the Lottery. It seems people want to get rich quick, instead of working for it. They hope they’re the one person that gets lucky, and never have to work at their crappy job again. I am not against gambling, just lottery numbers. Don’t slow down the line for foolish dreams.

It takes the old clerk forever to understand the garbled numbers, and he finally gets it right. Now, I’ve been in this damn store for TSG long. The dusty man finally leaves, with me cursing his name.

Bewitched Doomed?


Well it looks that way…

Comment: I wasn’t going to watch it anyway. I might watch it when it comes out on DVD. Date/comedy/remake/chic-flick isn’t my calling, unless some hot girl WANTS to take me out on a date, and she WANTS to see this movie.Posted by Hello

Many faces of Robin part 3

Robin IV

Stephanie Brown was her name. She was a teenager with an already established superhero past, known as The Spoiler. For a time, she was Tim (robin 3) Drake’s girl friend. She would go out at night with Robin and help him on cases. I believe she gave up a baby she had for adoption.

After Robin III left the position, she filled in. Batman was impressed with her skills. But, she disobeyed a direct order and was fired by Batman. Trying to impress Batman, she tried to take on one of the meanest bad guys around, Black Mask. She was severely beaten and left for dead. Just like Jason Todd, Batman found her broken body and rushed her to the hospital. Later, she died from her internal injuries with Batman looking over her bed.

With his own father killed, Robin III came back and joined Batman again.

Robin V (Not really, this is set in a alt-world, so she really isn’t a part of the current storyline.)

Carrie Kelly was a nerdy 13-year girl who lived in an alt-world future Gotham city. She was bright-eyed young girl that believed in doing the right thing. All her life she grew up as a huge Batman fan.

With Batman retired, the bad guys pretty much won the war, and Gotham is in shambles. The US pretty much has become an Empire and Superman is an agent for this “NWO” empire. Even though an old man now, Batman comes back and takes control. This has a ripple effect and people start standing up for what they believe in. Of course, the Government can’t have this and sends Superman in to fight Batman.

She doesn’t die, and actually is taken in by Batman. She looses her innocence when she sees the bodies of an entire group of dead boy scouts. The Joke killed the boy scouts with Poised cotton candy. She later becomes Catgirl, and still is by Batman’s side.

Note: none of this version of Carrie Kelly is in the real DC universe. That doesn’t mean she won’t show up.

Yes, this is Robin IV, cute isnt she Posted by Hello

Carrie Kelly putting on the Robin suit. She takes it upon herself to become robin. Posted by Hello


This is Klayman from the strange videogame Skullmonkeys. A very strange videogame from the makers of Earthworm JIM. It has some of the coolest and funniest music for a videogame ever.

Klayman has showed up in three games over the years. Boombots, NeverHood and Skullmonkeys.

Strange facts

~Klayman has the ability to “Fart” a green clone of himself. This clone of Fart gas can move around and think just like him. However, the “normal” klayman can’t move during this time.

~One of the lvls is named “Worm Graveyard”. That’s because you are in a worm graveyard and you’ll see ghosts of worms flyby, lots of them.

The bonus room song is the best. It is sung as a whisper. Here are the lyrics

The Lil' Bonus Room

from the album "Imaginarium"
(Soundtrack to "The Neverhood," "Skullmonkeys" & "Boombots")

Words & Music by Terry Taylor
©1998 Songs of SKG
Here's a little bonus room, because I know you've had it tough
Here's a little bonus tune, about collecting real cool stuff.

Yes, here's a little bonus room, where you can play.
Don't be frightened, don't run away.
You can linger, 'cus I'm your video friend.
Think of me as a father figure, with a hand to lend.

Here's a little bonus room, where you don't have to worry.
Take your sweet time, you need not hurry.
Oh, you're looking incredible, you're the bomb!
And me, I'm kind of like your dad, and a little like your mom.

There are no Monsters here, hey wait, look over there.
I was just kidding. don't be scared.
And when you turn this game off, in the real world once again,
You won't have to play make-believe, or try to pretend.
'cus I'll be right there when you open your hand,
'cus I'm your little invisible musical friend.

So, show me to your pets, or show me to your pals.
You really will impress every nifty guy and gal.
Show them you are individual, show them you are BOLD!
Besides, I get residuals for every game that's sold.

I'm your little invisible musical friend for life.
I'll never leave you.

If you have time, try to find this little game, very cool PS1 game.

Posted by Hello

This potato hits him in the head. Posted by Hello

He eats the Potato. He reads the note that was attached. The P.S says "Don't eat the Potato because it has been known to cause huge rashes." Posted by Hello

After eating the potato, he has a major break out. Posted by Hello

What's that yellow water made of back there, use your imagination, rhymes with Miss Posted by Hello

Wooden Nickel

Way back during my early blog days, I mentioned wooden nickels.

Well, it looks like people will actually pay for wooden nickels.

50 cents, wormholes and TSGs

Mad am I.

Okay, I’m kind of mad. I went to the Kroger Store up the street, and I left the store feeling thirsty. I looked to my left and noticed the Coke and Pepsi machines shinning like a lighthouse to a wayward ship in a stormy sea. Reaching into my pocket, I noticed I had enough change and pocket lint to get a soda. I went up to the machine and slid two quarters into the tiny slot, and nothing happened. I pressed every button on the machine, and still nothing.

It was as if a small wormhole formed within the coin slot and sucked up my 50 cents, sending my coins to the far reaches of another galaxy. The coins then fell to an alien planet. This was where they were worshiped as the Twin Silver Gods, TSG for short.

Anyway, I should have tipped the machine to get a free coke. Then again, it might be tip proof. Now, I’m 50 cents poorer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

X-Men 3 in trouble, might be

Ain’t it cool news has a review of a early script of X-Men 3. This movie might be heading into development hell.

Comment: There have been bad things going on behind the scenes, that don’t sound too good. With Bryan Singer gone to direct Superman Returns, no one seems to have a vision for the new X-Men movie. They really should scrap the whole thing and let Singer direct X3, with HIS writing team.

The only problem is Singer and FOX departed on not so good terms. It was all political on FOX’s part. FOX settle the beef and let Singer finish his vision, please.

Please read the whole thing it is a very good read.

Batman Begins Again!

Some News from a message board, Batman Begins 2 looks like a go. Link below…

Comment: Looks like Katie Holms is out of the second movie, Freeman, Caine, Bale are coming back. The links says there are two reasons for Katie’s departure. One, the fact she is on every news channel talking about her marriage proposal. Tom and her are taking away press from the movie with their public display of love. WB knows that people are getting tired of seeing them on newspapers, news channels and magazines. Lord knows I am. Two, her bad performance was one of the few things most reviewers agreed on.

This is all good news to me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shatner EGO

((I remember how I felt when William Shatner dismissed me on the set of Star Trek V. humiliation and disenchantment is easy for me to recall, and I do everything I can to ensure that I don't inflict it on another person.))

Wil Wheaton said these words about what happened one-day. Wil Wheaton played the crappy Character Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: the next generation.

This is a famous story among trekkers. Shatner has been known to have a huge EGO. One thing I always found funny was that William Shatner always felt threatened by the Next Generation Crew. He didn’t like the fact that a new group of actors were moving in and taking HIS screen time. Whenever he spoke to the press, he would go out of his way to bad mouth TNG people. I always found this type of behavior from a grown man funny. I nearly laughed when TNG lasted 7 seasons, even though William Shatner felt the show would never last. Yet, Shatner claimed he NEVER watched the show.

One day during the shooting of the movie Star Trek V, which Shatner directed, Wil Wheaton decided to take a trip to the set of movie, which was right next door to the TNG Set. Wheaton was a huge trekkie and saw Shatner as his childhood hero. Like me, Wheaton grew up watching the old show on reruns. Shatner played a selfless hero named Captain Kirk, THE Captain Kirk. Well, Wheaton introduced himself to Shatner. When Shatner found out he was from the TNG show, he treated the young boy like Sh*t. Rumor has it, Shatner said loudly, “I would never let a boy fly MY Enterprise.” He made sure Wheaton overheard it. Rumor goes that Wheaton was seen running from the set, upset.

What kind of grown man would do such a thing, Shatner EGO!

I was a little upset with the fact that Rick Berman asked Shatner to reprise his role as Captain Kirk for Star Trek: Generations. The man has been had been putting down TNG for years, and then he ASKED Shatner to join the movie.

Another thing, Shatner hated TNG, but had no problem using many of the sets from that show for his poorly received Star Trek V. What a Klingon azz.

Spock: “Captain, would you like to try these Vulcan Mushrooms? Logically trippy. Posted by Hello

Kirk: “Sure, Spock. Anything is better than reading anymore of this bad Script.”

(Kirk Munches on a few mushrooms, and starts seeing things.)Posted by Hello

Kirk: "Wow, am I trippin on these mushrooms or am I behind a really bad Green screen?"Posted by Hello

Kirk: "a little bit of both, i think." Posted by Hello

Kirk: “Spock?”

Spock: “Yes, Captain?”

Kirk: “You have anymore of those Mushrooms?”

Spock: “Yes, Captain.” Posted by Hello
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