Sunday, June 30, 2019

Rob Granito's song. Throwback Sunday...

Rob Granito's song. Throwback Sunday...
I was reading up on everyone's favorite comic book goblin Mark Waid and the story of famed art-swipe-er, Rob Granito came up. I wrote about Granito some ten years ago. Not only was he stealing art and selling it off as his own, he was claiming he worked with some of DC Comics greats as well. When he got called out, he wrote this “wonderful” song for himself.
Yes, this song is very much supposed to be real and from the heart. This wasn't supposed to be a spoof. The Internet being the Internet made a great spoof song that sounds 100% better than Rob's version.
What's Granito doing today? Eating shit?

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Peter Bright update...

The Peter Bright update...
Despite being accused of “or soliciting sex with children online ” and his Twitter is STILL up. A feminist gets banned from Twitter for misgendering a person, but this f' head still keeps his Twitter page. WTF? Since no one is guarding the Twitter page, his page is filled with memes and comments attacking. One post has nearly 600+. The memes are epic. Also, the tech sites are still mum about one of their own being a villain. Hmm.
Side Note:  This appears to be his YouTube channel, but I could be wrong.  It is usually some random posting of VG and Firefox videos.  Odd.  I recognize that puffy face anywhere.  
All of his stories are still up at Ars Technica as if nothing has happened. Don't you at least want to put a warning in his stories? For more Lulz, check out his story about “toxic gaming communities”.
From Ars Tech, ((First, he calls on rule enforcement to be "vigilant, proactive, and swift," using both human resources and technology to ensure that gaming remains fun. This includes identifying features of games and platforms that are prone to abuse and seeking to remedy those problems quickly. He also makes a nod to diversity in these enforcement teams, writing that "wide-ranging perspectives can help us identify future safety problems and solutions." ))
Uh, I don't think diversity includes pedos, ass-wipe. I guess he was paying lip service to the more “woke” crowd with this story. There are trendy words like “safe spaces” not realizing people need a safe space away from Bright. He'll probably need a safe space in prison because other inmates hate pedos or they'll get into Bright's “safe space” in the showers.
And, it gets creepy after the fact.
((Second, he calls for development of features to make it easier for, especially, parents to control the kinds of content that their children are exposed to. Microsoft's child and teen accounts provide various parental controls, and the company has made it easier to find games suitable "for everyone," ))
Someone needs to created parental controls to block your creepy ass (allegedly). As he is writing this story, the FBI was investigating him and he trying to get a woman to hand over her kids for him to “break in”. I am NOT making this up. This is the best/worse story that no one is talking about. I swear.
BTW, doesn't Bright remind you of someone else?


Yes, the fat alien in Battlefield Earth. Thanks a lot, L, Ron.  Now, I am going to have even more nightmares about that damn movie. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Looper, I actually like you, but your identity politics is showing.

Looper, I actually like you, but your identity politics is showing.  
The battle between storytelling and representation rears its ugly head again with this Looper video.  I started noticing that many of the examples on the involved gay or female characters.  It seems the writer has an agenda with this list.  Most of these deaths had impacts on not only the overall arc of the show but the characters within their universe.  Regardless of their impact on social justice or representation, if it feels organic to kill off a character, then it should be done.  I am all for representation, but the shows sometimes need to kill off characters to push the narrative forward.   
I think the Buffy death was important because it pushed another character in a different direction.  As far as the death of Zoe Barnes in House of Cards, it shows that Frank Underwood has zero redeeming qualities and shocks the viewers in an organic manner by killing off the hero from the first season.  Her death pushes other characters to do drastic things.   
Trust me, there were a few characters on Lost that show have never died.  Such as Boone or Locke.  

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Deadwood: The Movie

Deadwood:  The Movie 

After leaving the series unfinished, it is refreshing to see the show receive a proper ending and characters get their arcs closed.  Watching this movie is like revisiting an old friend from the mid2000s.  It is amusing seeing how much each character looks different.  It is also interesting watching these characters looked a little worn down by living the wild-west.  Deadwood has constantly been about the grittier side of the wild west and this movie isn’t different.   
Like the show, this has David Milch's fingerprints all over it with its sprawling stories and characters.  Milch’s more flowery dialogue is still present but with less “cocksuckers” for the movie.  As the movie progresses, the dialogue improves and turns into season one levels.   
It is enjoyable to see that these characters have lived on with their lives despite the fact we haven’t seen them in nearly 10.  There are changes to some of them while others are much older and beat-down.  The west isn’t that kind to people.   
Not only do we see changes in the characters, but the railroad is in the forefront.  Instead of a telegraph, there is a public telephone at the center of town.  Progress is also the pushing narrative that sets certain storylines forward.   
The movie is clearly following certain story beats that were supposed to be paid off over a ten-episode season but had to be condensed into a two-hour movie.  However, there are also other things written into the show for the passage of time.  Certain characters address the passage of ten years and some of them die in this movie.  I like the balance between the time setting and the story. 
In the last season, the murder of the prostitute was supposed to carry on into the fourth season, but simply ends the third season on an uneven note. We finally get to see the fallout of that murder and how effects the characters around them. This co-insides with the murder of a fan favorite as well. The story weaves all these different character arcs breathlessly.
George Hurst is still the main villain of the piece.  Despite being in a higher position of power Senator in the US, he still has a hunger for taking over smaller claims.  This leads to another murder of a favorite character.  There is a nice chilling moment where a hint of regret shows on Hurst's’ face when the character declines his offer.  “Well, I am going to have murdered him.”  Gerald McRaney once again plays the greater main villain with chilling charm.   I love this version of Hurst and his hands in everything in the form of "progress".  
The dialogue can be a bit troublesome to listen.  However, it does get better as the movie progresses. Overall, it is fun to watch these characters show back up for one more movie and finish the story they left on at the end of season three.
Grade: A-

Never Change, Rusty...

Never Change, Rusty... 

I was checking the Kiwi Farms and looking up our boy Rusty.  It seems he harassing women again (allegedly, Russ, so you don’t sue me.  I am sure you read everything about yourself.) I love that this woman turns on him quickly and cuts him down.  After years of rejections, you would think Rusty would “flip it up” a bit and change his approach.  Creeping them out doesn’t work for you anymore, Russ.   
Either pay for the “gushy stuff” or stop bothering these women, Russ. Damn. I hate being the white knight, but this shit is getting ri-Goddamn-delicious. 
You know what?  Don’t change, Russ.  Just keep messing up.  It is funny. 
He's more beast than man now.  What's with the Wildling beard, Russ?  

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


From Variety, ((Amofah posted YouTube videos and live-streams focused on Nintendo games and other titles. A body later confirmed to be Amofah’s was found in the East River on Tuesday morning, according to New York law enforcement officials. Police had been searching for him since June 20, after Amofah posted a video on YouTube discussing suicidal thoughts (which has since been removed).)) 
When I heard the news, I wasn’t surprised.  I knew he was heading for suicide when he refused to get treatment.  I’ve been suffering from depression for many years now and I’ve had suicidal thoughts.  Yet, some of the things I enjoy doing always bring me back from the verge.   
Etika didn’t want to do that.  He turned away all of the people that supported him.  When police are brought in, it is time to commit people that are at that point in their lives.  Etika left his ID and wallet on a bridge and jump into a river, killing himself.   
Mental pain really hurts and I guess Etika just got tired of feeling that way, so he ended his life.   

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

If you go to a comedy show...

You have to love when someone realizes they’re going viral while it is happening.  My first question it this; Why does the comedian look like a young Ron Jeremy?  Why does everyone get triggered on everything?  Anyway, this guy handled the crowd extremely well.  He gets major points for that.   
I still get over that he looks so much like Ron Jeremy.  It is strange because he doesn’t look this way usually.   

Medical Spam?

Medical Spam?   
I’ve been noticing recent spam bombs in my comment sections.  It seems some is hired some people to spam bomb certain posts.  These spam comments are usually spammed with medication and new age bullshit.  And, I realize just by mentioning it in this post I am opening myself up to even more damn spam.  I remember the random Chinese spam, but this is a new trend.   
You would think these spammers would move onto trendier things like Twitter.  

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Our Man Kent: Reborn or Remake?

Our Man Kent: Reborn or Remake?

As I have stated before, I have been curious about our favorite INCEL Kent. Because of Kiwi Farms and other sites, I've been watching him over the years. He is a source of entertainment. However, he is unstable at times and has been committed a few times. I understand that given I suffer from severe depression, but Kent seems to go into sagas. Currently, he is in his Real Deal saga. In this saga, he has embraced the MGTOW lifestyle and abandoned his INCEL beliefs. He's working out and changed his clothing. He looks more like a WWE dude than a Mars Blackmon look-a-like.
However, he is starting to creep back into his INCEL habits. His recent video has him talking about women flirting with him and so on. His best choice right now is to stay away from women until he can learn how to talk to and interact with them without creeping them out. As far as the girl that heard about him, she more than likely has seen his old videos where he yelled at the camera. She knows about your old vids, bro. Anyway, I make a cameo appearance in the comment section. I like Kent, but I think he is backsliding to his INCEL ways.

Remember, he was like this...

Friday, June 21, 2019

Anita Sarkeesian Update

Anita Sarkeesian 

At this point, it might time for her to move onto other things like Zoe Quinn as abandoned VGs.  In the prime of her GG days, she received tons of money and attention.  It has come out that she is losing a bunch of money and doesn’t pay her staff allegedly.  Other than Mundane Matt, no one is really talking about her.  With Wu running for Congress again and Zoe Quinn leaving VG development with an unfinished game, a lot of Anita doesn’t have the allies she had back in the day.   
As I stated before, the reason her earlier videos became so popular was because of producer Jonathan McIntosh.  While I hate Fem Frequency, I have to give Mclntosh credit for giving her a voice and format.  It was never reported the manner in which she left FF, but he did leave the project years ago and the show went downhill from that point.   
The best part is Mclntosh is doing way better than Feminist Frequency of recent years.  His new project receives about 2K in cash and he gets views in the millions.  Yes, his videos actually get way more views than Fem Freq.  I love when someone that was fired from a project turns up becoming more successful.  Her channel barely receives 2K on views.  It is time for her to hang it up.   
Do I think she is finished?  Nope.  Gaming sites like Polygon with “light the beacons” and keep her name in the news positively.  After a couple of years, I was wonder why her name was popping up in my newsfeeds again given her channel is limping along.  She’ll probably shut down the channel and get paid to be an advisor to companies, but her life as a pure content creator is over.  And, Mclntosh is doing it better.  Trust me, you are not going to see her work a real job anytime soon.  Her white knights will help her out.   
One thing this does prove is “If you ignore it, it will grow stale and go away.”  You generally have to have the talent and change with the times to stay relevant.   

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