Monday, March 30, 2009

A few videos

A few videos

Prolonged Death Star scene: I got a laugh out it. Btw, I like the newer Death Star explosion compared to the one in the old version.

AIG’s Butterflies ad: I love this ad. So, the people behind AIG just thought about Butterflies while they’re company went down the tubes.

Youtube Poop Nah-roo: I watched this with a friend and we got a kick out it. It’s not for everyone.

Steven Seagal still rules

Steven Seagal is the man

Old school wisdom from Steven Seagal

Comment: I just love how he just loses interest in what he’s actually saying and ends the story.

Steven Seagal Runs like a girl

I have to agree he has a very wimpy run.

BTW, after watching this clip, I’ve come to conclusion that he’s crazy. (I guess making his own energy drink didn’t reveal that fact.)

TLC-Creep (Mega-Remix post)

TLC-Creep (Mega-Remix post)

TLC is one of those groups that came out with some interesting songs in their first album. I felt their crazy acting wasn't that amusing in their first album.

That all changed with Crazy Sexy Cool.

With their second album, TLC proved that moving beyond their early gimmicks and making a mature, smooth, and jazzy album was the way to go. They showed that sexually could be handle with some maturity, such as Red Light Special, and that jazz could be mixed with hip-hop and R&B (Such as Waterfalls). On their first album, Baby-baby-baby was an indicator where the group was heading.

Creep was a prime example of the smoother style they perfected on their second album. While the actual message isn't morally sound, you can look past that for the sheer smoothness. It is just a good song period.

The music video is simple visually, but the fast editing with the music fits into each other nicely. The quick fades to black are a nice touch. Seeing three of them in silk pajamas is extremely sexy, especially Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, who I still have a huge crush on.

Beside the original song, there were many remixes. (And many of the remixes have Left-Eye rapping and commenting.)

The original version

Side note: Left-Eye supposely didn't like the song at all. And, I have to wonder if that's the reason her rap lyrics aren't in the orginal version of the song, but are in the most of the remixes.


Darp Remix (Not to be confused with the DARPA Chief from MGS)

Comment: This version uses Ghetto Boys’ ‘My Mind is playing tricks on me’. This version has more ad-libs from Left-Eye.

Maxx Power Remix

Comment: I’m not a big fan of this version. It’s too early 90s-ish for me and I hate the guitar.

Super Smooth Remix

Comment: This is probably best remix of the bunch, and I would have been okay with this one being released before the original. Did they sing this version differently from the original?

Untouchable remix

Comment: This one is pretty good, but it reminds me of Das Efx, because they used it before TLC covered it for this remix. For some reason the group Das Efx pops into my head, when I want the visions of three fine ladies of TLC in there instead.

Jernmain's Jeep Remix: I really like this loaded remix. There is a lot stuff going into this one. It is probably the second best remix.

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

~The Samurai Frog list his top ten GI Joe characters: I agree with him. I love Roadblock (The human version of Jazz or Blaster from Transformers) Destro would also be on my list too. I'd put Big Lobe on the list, he was the basketball player that never received a toy. I still think the new movie will probably stink, but man thinking about watching that show back when I was a child brings back fond memories. Yo, Joe!

~Watching Sex and the City movie, I noticed how rough Cynthia Nixon looks in the movie. She used to be rather attractive in the show. On the other hand, Kim Cattrall surprisingly looks better than she looked the later years of the show. I'm not saying she ever looked good, but she certainly has a good body for a 50-year-old.

~Kentucky fires Billy Gillispie: Two seasons and gone. I’m not a sports fan. This isn’t a sports blog, but I wanted to bring this up. Kentucky chased Tubby Smith away, and he was a good coach. They brought in this loser and they had less love for this guy. I have to blame the KY fans for the predicament they’re in now. You’re not going to win the championship every year, so stop being so demanding.

You see in Louisville U of L fans see U of K fans as being a bit more extreme than U of L fans.

~Facebook and Twitter are Myspace Killers?: Myspace has fallen on hard times. I guess we'll see Myspace on a street corner asking for spare change.

While I have Myspace and Facebook accounts, I don't see why people don't use blogging more than social networks. But I like Facebook a lot more than Myspace. At one point people were mucking up their Myspace pages that my browser would crash. Now, there is too much glitter and effects streaming through the pages that it is an eye sore.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak (Series Finale) (Review part I of II)

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak (Series Finale) (Review part I of II)

This will be a spoiler filled review.

Daybreak is an action packed finale that also has some nice character moments. For a show that has always had a bleak outlook, I was delighted to see a more hopeful ending. Sure some people don’t make it, but it is good to see the fleet actually make it to the end.

With only the mini-series and a handful of regular series episodes under my belt, I can safely say I’m not a hardcore fan. However, I am a fan of Ron Moore. With the mini-series freshly in my mind, I have to say I am really impressed with what Moore and his merry ban of writers accomplished here. They’re not going to give you all the answers but they’ll give you enough to keep you satisfied.

I am really pleased the way the show ended and watching the LOST-like flashbacks were handled fairly very good. I remember Prison Break also used the Lost-like flashbacks as well to great effect. I know some have a problem with the use of the flashbacks, but I thought they showed where the characters where before the end of the show.

For once, a version BSG finally has a proper ending that has the fleet reach Earth and not in a goofy way like Galactica 1980. There are no superhero children or flying motorcycles.

I also loved the way music was used to get Starbuck to understand where New Earth was located. That was brilliant.

Speaking of Starbuck, I also enjoyed the vagueness of the fate of Starbuck. Was she a ghost, a zombie or an angel? It doesn’t matter, because I didn’t need to know just that she served a purpose in the main storyline. Some will give her character a divine origin, but I not as sure about that. Katee Sackhoff plays a fine balance between this ‘new’ Starbuck. Watch her expressions before she disappears.

The acting all around is outstanding, and I have to say this even though I’ve never been a huge fan of Edward James Olmos’ acting. He’s a better writer and director though. (Watch the amazing films Walkout and American Me that he directed). Mary McDonnell plays a great sick person filled with cancer, hold on that didn’t sound right. She made me believe she was on her deathbed.

However the best character in the bunch is the Battlestar Galactica herself. Not since Star Trek III has a ship had a better sendoff. And I have to wonder if Moore used the destruction of the first Enterprise as basis for Galactica’s fate. The best scene in the entire episode has to be when the fleet is sent off into the sun and we hear the old Battlestar Galactica theme from the 70s show. This is one best moment because the shot of Galactica and the fleet flying off is a direct reference to old show with the music and the FX.

Side notes

-The “End of Line” remark is directly a reference to Tron. The evil computer used that line.

-Is it right for me to laugh when Brother John Cavil (Dean Stockwell) blows his brains out? It almost seems it was filmed for laughs.

-I guess the debate over who is hotter Grace Park or Linda Park will go on. How about these two duke it in mud pit or something.

I’ll have more in the second part of the review.

Behold, the last moments of the Battlestar


Right now, I'm working on a review on BSG's series finale and should have it up by the end of the day, I hope.
I enjoyed it a great deal

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Word of the day Pwned

I just love this video. It is short and to the point.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Vince Offer vs. Billy Mays Round III (The Hooker Bust)

Vince Offer vs. Billy Mays Round III (The Hooker Bust)

Just after writing about the Shamwow, this came up on the Digg site about his arrest.

Smoking Gun reported that his real name is Vince Shlomi, which is a goofier name than ‘Offer’, and that he’s 44. Funny, the guy doesn’t look 44.

((Shlomi, 44, was arrested last month on a felony battery charge following a violent confrontation with a prostitute in his South Beach hotel room. According to an arrest affidavit, Shlomi met Sasha Harris, 26, at a Miami Beach nightclub on February 7 and subsequently retired with her to his $750 room at the lavish Setai hotel. Shlomi told cops he paid Harris about $1000 in cash after she "propositioned him for straight sex." Shlomi said that when he kissed Harris, she suddenly "bit his tongue and would not let go." Shlomi then punched Harris several times until she released his tongue))

Here are a few points worth mentioning here.

-I love the fact he has to make sure to put it on the record it was “a Propositioned for straight sex”. I’d think that would be clear from getting a female prostitute. Unless the deal involved using his Slap-Chop.

-She bit his tongue. Uh, abusing a client that just paid you 1000 dollars isn’t a good investment. It’s like me going to Macdonald’s and ordering super-sized fries and having the counter lady slapping them out of my hand after I paid her.

-This whole scene seems like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.

-He punched her a few times before she let go. Uh, does she have some kind of lock on her tongue that resists blows to the head? Why was she so hell-bent on his tongue? It isn’t like he asked for it.

-When the cops came in, he was bloody and bruised. Did they say, “Hey, it’s that Shamwow guy!” Did Vince use a shamwow to clean his face?

-The real mystery is why did this surface today and not two months ago?

-Somewhere, Billy Mays is laughing his ass off. “Hi, Billy Mays here. You don’t F’ with the Oxy Clean guy, Vince.”

-Uh, Vince, you’re famous. Did you really need to pay for it? You’ll a lot a miles out of ‘Low mileage pitwoofies’ on being the Shamwow guy.

-I smell a conspiracy. Perhaps the Scientology guys made an unholy alliance with Billy Mays to set Vince up.

Make sure to check out the mugshot of the “Working Girl

Billy Mays vs. Vince Offer II Shamwow vs. Zorbeez

Billy Mays vs. Vince Offer II Shamwow vs. Zorbeez

The War has begun.

They’re both just rags to me.

Taken from,
((In a radio interview on Feb. 10, 2009, infomercial superstar Billy Mays claimed that the popular Shamwow has trod on the turf of Zorbeez, a super-absorbent towel he promoted in a separate infomercial about two years prior.))

They tested the two rags and Shamwow came out on top. I think this has something to do with the fact Xenu is a friend of Vince Offer. The power of Xenu is strong with this little overpriced dish rag.

Taken from their site,
((The Zorbeez measures 19-1/4 x 27-1/4 inches. The Shamwow, at 19 x 23 inches, soaks more despite its smaller size. A cold-water rinse of the beer-soaked rags caused heavy saturation of the Zorbeez, but the Shamwow sprung back after wringing and seemed to have already shed most of the moisture. Dry times in the sun proved otherwise—after 5 hours in cool air, the Zorbeez had become dryer than the damp Shamwow, though neither clammy rag felt ready for storage. After one use, the Zorbeez began shedding fibrous blonde tufts, while the Shamwow retained its rubbery integrity. Both products smelled awful.))

So, they both smell bad. Making a product that is supposed to clean smell bad in the process, brilliant.

Zorbeez seems to fall apart when it is washed. Or at least that’s what the complaints say. Hey Shamwow has some complaints too.

So, how did Vince end up in all this mess? Well, he made this shitty movie called the Underground Comedy Movie. And it pissed off some people in Scientology and it led to him fighting Mays.

Random Thoughts

"Nice Try"
Random Thoughts

~Top Ten deadbeat athletes: Some of the people on the list aren’t a surprise. I had no idea Karl Malone had a few little Malones running. Here’s the kicker, NFL player Demetrius Bell is supposedly Karl Malone’s son. And it gets weirder; Bell’s mother had him at the age of 13 when Malone was in college.

~Pharrell just got cooler: Something tells me singing and dancing won’t make McDonald’s open up any earlier, but nice try. I try this next time I’m standing in front of a closed shop.

~Square Enix eats Eidos: This is big news. Keep in mind, Squaresoft at one time was a business partner with Eidos. Eidos would publish some of Square’s PC games (Such as Final Fantasy VII on the PC). It’s kind of funny that they’re buying many of the shares of Eidos. Here’s hoping they can improve the Tomb Raider franchise.

~Reason number 700 not to like Twitter: So, 50 Cent doesn’t write his own Twitter shit. Do you really want to follow every move of Shaq, Britney Spears or Ron Paul? Can Spears even form a single twitter through her drugged up haze? I simply don’t understand this craze in twitter.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watchmen writers Q&A (From Creative Screenwriting Magazine)

Watchmen writers Q&A

Make sure to click here and download the podcast.

David Hayter and Alex Tse go into great detail into how they developed their versions of the screenplay. Hayter explains how he became a writer, which is very interesting.

Heck, he even does the Snake (From MGS) voice.

Steven Seagal is the man

The main reason Steven Seagal sucks and is cool at the same time…

Back in his “Out for Justice” days, he would have merely jumped into the chopper and took it down with his bare hands.

Here, an overweight Seagal waddled out of his ride and shoots down a damn chopper with a handgun. What? He’s so out of shape that he doesn’t even move anymore and it is all done with slow motion.

Now, how does he kill the main bad guy in this clip and how does the guy bleed on the wall?

Man, he’s just sleepwalking through all his scenes.

By the way, just how did he get out this exploding truck in this scene below?

Teleportation or poor editing combine with no stunt double?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

~Bike Riding: I really can’t wait for some drier weather to come around. Anyway, I was traveling through the city on my bike and I entered a rather large park. I attempted to ride up a huge monster hill and I thought I was doing a good job, when a professional bicyclist blew past me. I mean he was smoking by at a great speed. He really showed me up.

Even though a fellow classmate told me they saw me flying by as they walked down the Highlands.

~China Bans Youtube?: What are you protecting your people from, vblog from teenagers, youtube poop cartoon? Oh, you didn't like that video with the soldiers supposedly beating Tibetan monks.

~As I watched LOST on TV tonight, a new ad for a comedy show came on during the break. It is called “In the Motherhood”. It's based on a web series of the same name. I can't sit through the episode because Jenny McCarthy is in it. I don't get it, but then again this is not my Demo.

~Where the Wild Things Are trailer: Remember the book 'Where the Wild Things Are'? I remember being freaked out by the monsters in the book when I was younger. Now, there is a movie out there I like the trailer, but I HATE the music in it though. (Go here to check out the test footage).

Alex Gaudino’s “Watch Out” video

Alex Gaudino’s “Watch Out” video

Man, that was hot. It combines videogames with very fit and tanned women bouncing around. What more can someone ask for? Okay, the music wasn’t that good to begin with, which is the reason to throw as many hot women into the video to distract you from the music.

I think Americans would get into soccer (Football) if they played the game like this. If you can look beyond the T&A I really like that the video does have a videogame feel to it. (MC has a post about a Music Video that has striking resemblance to Wipeout)

If you remember, Alex Gaudino did another similar video with a female marching band.

While Gaudino's videos are sexier, I think Michael Gray's The Weekend video is more stylistic and has a better music and singing in it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

These Music videos are bad

Top Ten worst videos

This list is pretty good and the number one video is really bad (I wanna love you tender)

-Plus, every David Hasselhoff song needs to be on some worst list.

-Wham made the list and and no one didn’t know George Michaels was gay after this video.

I’d nominate this little gem.

He’s channeling the Hoff here.

And, while I love this freaking Michael Jackson song, the music video is lame. It just has Michael Jackson standing behind a laser and smoke. We all know that he’s made bigger and better videos later on in his career.

Role Models

Role Models

Not exactly the best comedy in the world. That doesn’t matter because I had a lot of fun with Role Models. There are many lines and scenes that made me laugh and that’s all I need for a raunchy comedy. But, there is more to the movie than gay and poop jokes, there is heart too. The story is simple, but the actors are the real reasons the story works as it does.

Like Zack & Miri Make a Porno, there is a fun little message in this film that is full of nudity and cussing. And also like Zack & Miri, this movie feels like a Judd Apatow movie, even though he has nothing to do with it. Hell, I half expected Seth Rogen to have a cameo in this movie, though it didn’t happen. The cast is full of Apatow actors.

When two f-ups are court-ordered to enroll in a Big Brother type program, they receive two of the worst kids in the bunch. As they go through the motions to fill out their court-ordered days in the program, they start to like the kids.

Director David Wain does a fair job with all the character scenes and just lets the actors make up certain things as they go along. However, the live medieval role-playing scenes are a true treat. Wain directs these scenes as if they are real action scenes. And it is fun to see grown-ups running around and acting like they’re from Middle Earth.

You will enjoy the role-playing scenes.


-Paul Rudd: Sure Rudd is playing the same type of character he’s played in the Judd Apatow films, but I can relate to this character. He’s a guy that appears to hate human interaction and gets frustrated with stupid people. He’s disconnected from people.

-Seann William Scott: He’s just playing Stifler again, but I like him in this role. He has a strange furry/sex thing in the deleted scenes.

-Bobb'e J. Thompson: He’s the bad-mouthed little kid in the movie and he is freaking great. Thompson is the best thing about this movie. You will love this kid.


-There really isn’t a reason for Scott and Rudd’s characters to be friends and I believe the movie never gives us the back-story into why these two are friends. It’s only a minor point.

-Elizabeth Banks: I love Ms Banks, but her role here is rather bland and underused. Most of her stuff ended up on the cutting room floor.

With a simple story, the movie really shines in the same way Kevin Smith’s movie (Zack & Miri) does with the raunchiness and poop jokes. You can have all the dirty jokes in the world, but you have to have characters I cheer for and movie has it. It handles the R-rated material with the touching bonding story with ease.

Grade: B

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Pulgasari: The North Korean version of Godzilla movie!

While reading the entertaining post on North Korea on, I came across the story about film-freak/communist dictator Kim Jong-il wanting to make his own Godzilla movie. I guess he sat around and looked at the old Godzilla films and said, “Hell, I can make this.”
And, he failed.

So, did he look for ‘talent’ in his own country in order to make the movie? Nope, he decided to kidnap South Korean film director Sang-ok Shin. That’s right Kim Jong held him captive for many years before escaping and living in the US. He forced him to make this reimagining Godzilla film.

Sang-ok Shin died 2006, but what kind of movies did he direct and produce before his death? The 3 Ninjas franchise. That’s right the last movie he directed, according to IMDB, was 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up. He also produced a few of the 3 Ninjas movies. I blame Kim Jong-il for this.

Anyway, Pulgasari doesn’t hold a candle to the far superior Godzilla films, despite using people from the Godzilla Company Toho (Plus the actor in the Godzilla suit), the movie just doesn’t cut it. The music is horrible. Remember the cool music from the Godzilla movies? You get none of that here just bad keyboard music.

The one positive thing this propaganda-monster film has going for it is it is set during feudal Korea. The Godzilla films are always set in our present time or near future. It’s interesting to see that aspect of it.

You can watch the entire movie below, if you dare.

Btw, the monster likes eating metal.

If you don’t want to watch the movie, here are a few clips.

I say like Tim Burton remake this movie
You can check out more info here.

Priceline Negatiator: Someone does Shatner better than Shatner

The newest Priceline Negatiator ad is great

Oh, man this actor has all of William Shatner’s mannerism down to a T. In many ways, Priceline is the reason Shatner has the career that he has now. The ads poke fun at him and his bad acting. And, Shatner is willing to make fun of himself.

The actor in the ad seems to be channeling Shatner of the 60s than the Shatner of old. Hell, he does a better job with Shatner than Shatner does today.

While the above is my current favorite, the one below is still funny.

This is because Shatner always felt upstaged by Nimoy and complained to Gene that Spock always received more fan mail than he did. And the reason he even got a directing gig on STV is because he wanted what Nimoy had. So, this ad is a play on that.

And here is a bonus re-post of the Shatner Remix of Whoo!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I seem to find myself around mentally unstable people all the time. And, I'm not even sure why. They seem to always want to talk to me and interact with me.

~Coolio's Tour canceled: I didn't realize he still had enough 'juice' to even have a damn tour. He's canned his touring in Australia. While Coolio doesn't have much of a career here in the US, he's really popular around the world. But, crack, come on?

~May the Internet Gods bless Keyra Augustina and her fine booty (NSFW): She was one of the earlier webcam girls that danced and bounced her way into many computer screens. The only problem I have with her is that this ushered in some women that have no business shaking their thangs for the whole world.

~I've watched the first part of the series finale of BSG and will watch the second part whenever puts the second part online. I hope to have a review up too.

Best Buy Gives you “Buckets of DVDs” with your purchase of a not so new DVD player.

Uh, Best Buy DVD players come with porn DVD? Where's the closest Best Buy?

(The Original flickr post not safe for work)

I guess this is way to keep customers buying your product. If a DVD magically popped out of my newly bought DVD Player, I’d give a fist-pump. (Poor choice of words.)

The new owner of the porn-ready DVD had this to say about their bonus purchase.


((To the Consumerist:

This is my photo and my husband and I really did find this DVD in our player.

We bought it at the Best Buy next to Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara/San Jose.

If anyone returned a DVD player there with Buckets of Cum in it, contact us and we'll give you your DVD back!!

Yes, it was pretty funny! At first my husband was thinking, "Sweet!!! Score..." when we opened it up. We got a good laugh, but then I started thinking, "Wait a second, we bought it as a regular item, not open boxed. Why is there a DVD in there then?"

We were going to complain, I called Best Buy that night, but they were closed, so I was going to call or complain later. Never really got around to it and my husband was happy we got free porn out of it.

Too bad most of it was cheesy porn. It was a great laugh though. =)

Thanks for the post. =) Love the site by the way.))

The best part is that this 'came' out in 2007! I have to wonder if there was a guy running around his house looking for that missing DVD of porn, never realizing that it made its way into another person's house.

He's probably checking around the Internet and realizing where his favorite DVD went too.

Rule 1: Always remove the tape/DVD from your player after use!

Rule 2: If your going to sell a DVD to costumers and claim it to be brand 'spanking' new, then check the disc drive before repackaging it. Oy...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Liam Neeson: He shows up to pay tribute to his wife.

((As Broadway paid tribute to Natasha Richardson Thursday night with a symbolic one-minute dimming of its marquees, the late actress's husband, Liam Neeson, her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, and her sister, Joely Richardson, were comforted by Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick as well as fellow actor Ron Rifkin. ))

I really feel bad for him. I can’t imagine what is he is going through.

He just lost his wife, but he’s able tot show up Broadway for a Tribute to his wife. Broadway dimmed the lights on the streets. I always enjoyed Neeson's work.

My heart goes out to him over the loss of his wife

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Things

Random Things

~What is up with OctoMom? She seems to have drama everyday, and she keeps ending up in the news. This time over Gloria Allred. She called the cops on Allred. That's crazy woman on crazy woman action. Listen, If I had an Gloria Allred in my house, I'd call the cops too. Those Allred's are hard to get out. What is funny is that now she's had second thoughts about her decision to create a tribe.

~NBC's Jeff Zucker just doesn't get it: He's little upset with John Stewart's attacks against D-bag Jim Cramer. I find Zucker’s remarks just plain stupid. Doesn't Saturday Night Live this kind of stuff too? You don’t like it on the other end of the table, Zucker. And, I still think having Jay Leno on at 10PM makes no sense. John Stewart's big boss defends him though.

~I'm noticing a trend in radio stations. Talk radio seems to be phasing out all together. I'm no fan of Opie and Anthony, but the station they were on has switched to a Top-40 format in New York. It is kind of a repeat of this. Another station changed formats in LA too. It went from Talk to Top-40 (Amp Radio) I think the Podcasting is where you’re going to see your talking DJs.

~Speaking of Jim Cramer, did he really need to have a cameo in Iron Man?

Really, you couldn't have gotten someone else for the Iron Man movie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stan Bush Returns for Transformers II?

Stan Bush Returns for Transformers II?

Slash Film is reporting that the missing in action rocker Stan Bush might return with another 'rocking' version of his song The Touch. I know all is right in the universe when a Transformers movie has a little bit of Stan Bush in the soundtrack. Now, what about Lion?

From Slash Film,

((According to Bush, “The Touch” will be featured on several of the toys for the new film and might even be featured in the movie itself. Stan says he has recorded a new “killer version” of the song, and submitted it for the film.))

This has my fanboy emotions all hyped up now. But something tells me that Michael Bay won’t have his song in the film. Bay isn’t exactly an expert in the Transformers and I think he won’t have any thing connecting to the 80s film.

Anyway, Stan Bush (Not exactly a great last name to have right now) has a myspace page and make sure to check out his 'rocking' songs that sounds like they're from the 80s. Other than having shorter hair, he looks pretty much the same.

Besides, only someone named Stan can come up with 'amazing' lyrics like this.

You got the moves, you know the streets
Break the rules, take the heat
You're nobody's fool

You're at your best when when the goin' gets rough
You've been put to the test, but it's never enough

Till all are one!

Here’s a Stan Bush re-record of “The Touch” for a montage from the show Chuck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seth MacFarlane on The Adam Carolla Podcast

Seth MacFarlane on The Adam Carolla Podcast

Like him or hate him, Seth is an interesting guy. I loved listening to him talking to Adam.

-Seth talks about religion

-He goes into the story about missing the flight with the airplane that went into the tower on 9/11. That would have freaked me out.

-He goes into the reason why Norm Macdonald was replaced with Adam Carolla.

Worst Star Trek TNG clip ever

Not Worf's best moment...

Worst Star Trek TNG episode ever

Holy crap, this clip is horribly funny. Somehow, this old woman shape-shifts into a cheap TOS style creature and threaten to kill a sick crewmember. I love the fact Worf gets punked by this creature and only attempts to hit her when she changes back into the old woman.

This episode is called The Dauphin.

Taken from the IMDB page,

((A pretty girl, Salia, comes aboard the Enterprise with her diminutive guardian. She is to be taken to her home planet where she will fulfill her duty as the one to bring peace to the warring factions. Wesley falls for the girl and is no good to anyone as he woos her. Later we find she and her guardian are allomorphs, what in later sci-fi series are called shape shifters. Her guardian transforms into a monster that takes on Worf, and wins. Salia's natural form is something not as attractive to Wes, souring his ardor. ))

In other words, Wesley Crusher gets some booty episode. Naturally, Wil Wheaton stinks the episode up, but not without help from the poor writing.

If I had a shape-shifting girlfriend, I’d have her shift shape into Kim Kardashian or Vanessa Hudgens.

Anyway, yeah, the clip above is simply terrible. But, you have to hand it to Worf in this clip.

Wow, this is embarrassing. Look at how bad the suits are in this picture. Very TOS style.

If a hot Shape-shifting chick changed into this, I’m not 100% sure I’d date her again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Leonard Nimoy's Star Trek Memories video, and that PrimeTime video

Leonard Nimoy's Star Trek Memories video (1983)

This is purely a fluff piece, it is interesting to watch something vintage. One thing that Nimoy doesn't mention is the fact the NBC Network didn't want Spock back for the second pilot because his character looked too demonic.

Part Three: He tells the story about the origins of the Vulcan Salute.

Part Four: The Star Trek The Motion is mentioned here. Nimoy softballs the story about the transition between TMP and The Wrath of Kahn. The studio forced Gene Roddenberry out of his producer duties and brought in Harve Bennett and Nicholas Meyer. The studio demoted Gene to an executive consultant where he couldn’t do anything about the second movie.


Deforest Kelley visits the set of TNG

This is another fluff piece, but it still rather entertaining. I loved the original series, but I felt TNG is a better written and crafted series, mainly because Gene was pushed out of the show and Piller and Berman ran the series much better.

I remember watching this on Primetime live about 20 years ago.

Anyway, here is Dr. McCoy only cameo on the show.

I love the moment when McCoy checks Data's ears for points. And he says, “Androids are almost as bad.”

Shepard Smith is goofing on Glenn Beck

Shepard Smith is goofing on Glenn Beck

Smith is a total badass. He simply doesn't care what FOX things about him and says whatever he wants to. Hey, Glenn Beck is such as dick that he's on the site Dickipedia. Check out his entry.

Random Things

I guess I should be happy that my school is the number one seed in the NCAAA Tournament, but I really don’t care. But, I do like Rich Pitino and it just pisses off the stupid UK fans. (UK fans are calling for the school to fire their coach.)


Random Things

~Lex Luthor wants a Bailout too: What happens when Lexcorp needs a bailout like the rest of the companies. Superman can't bring down Lexcorp but the economic downturn can. I guess Superman can spin the world around in reverse and stop the economic crisis.

~I’ve re-watched Higher Learning. It is a good movie, if a little unfocused at times. Tyra Banks is annoying, but very attractive in this movie. I keep thinking about the fact she dated John Singleton and probably did it to further her career.

~Ron Silver dead at 62: Wow, I didn't even know he was sick to begin with. He was good at playing villains if I remember correctly.

~I fell completely asleep in class last week. It wasn't a nap but a full blown REM sleep. And, I'm not talking about the annoying group that always sound like they're crying.

~So there was this riot/stampede for a America's Top Model: My question is why are there so many people wanting to become famous? In this age of twitter and myspace, can't people simply handle that much fame? Do they need to be on a crappy reality show? Plus, this just gives Tyra Banks another reason to put the focus on her with her huge ego.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Surprisingly, this Kevin Smith movie is entertaining, charming, and nasty at the same time. The movie is a strong R-rated movie with bodily fluids and dirty jokes, but it is also a date movie and a nod to the porn industry.

As I watched this movie, I started to notice most of the actors were from the Judd Apatow camp with a few crossovers from Smith’s Jersey Universe. Plus, the movie does feel like an Apatow movie with a lot of reflective Kevin Smith dialogue thrown in.

One character, Gerry Bednob, is playing nearly the same character he played in 40-Year Old Virgin. I’m sure put this character in the movie as a tip to the hat to 40-Year Old Virgin. I guess the other guy from 40-Year (Shelley Malil) couldn’t make it into the movie because he attempted to kill his girlfriend.

Somehow, Smith strikes the right balance with nudity, cussing, and romance that he couldn’t handle in Chasing Amy.

You see on the surface the movie is about two people (losers) that are down on their luck and need to make rent. They come up with a plan of making a Porn movie to help pay the rent. Hilarity and missteps happen along the way. In the end, people do get f’ed. (On camera) Yet, there is a weird love story deep within the lube and fart jokes (and bubbles). What happens when two friends start to see each other as more than friends? This movie tries to show that.

Like I stated earlier, this is Smith doing a better job handling romance than in Chasing Amy. Chasing Amy wasn’t fun or entertaining, but a more skillful and older Smith has fun with Zack and Miri while still carrying love story to its predictable conclusion. And, I don’t mind predictable ending to love stories.

Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen have great chemistry together. I can really believe these two live-in friends are very close, but don’t have a sexual relationship. Rogen plays a loveable loser that works a coffee shop, while Banks is simply charming in every scene she’s in. Her character loves the one-night stands, but she makes the character someone you’d like to date.

While I really enjoyed the movie there are a few problems that seem to crop up from time to time.

- Jason Mewes: I liked him in all the movies before this one, but all he plays in this movie is another version of Jay from the Clerks movies. There are some funny moments with him, but still…

-The last 20 minutes are rushed and seem off-putting. At a certain point a character runs away and the movie jumps ahead a period of time.

- Craig Robinson needed more screen time.

-More Pornstars would have been nice: Uh, what about a cameo by Ron Jeremy or Teagan. How about Aurora Snow?

If you don’t like people talking about gay porn, Katie Morgan naked, or seeing Seth Rogen’s bare ass, then this movie isn’t for you. However, if you liked the Judd Apatow or Kevin Smith movies before this one, I think you’ll enjoy this little raunchy love story also.

Grade: B

Lights, Camera, Boner.


Dr. Manhattan showed up to the casting call and showed his blue glowing 'Hang Low'.


Ah, Traci Lords the woman that almost brought down the entire Porn Industry all by herself. I still remember her small role in Blade. She's one of the few ex-pornstars that has made the transition to legit acting, sort of...


Katie Morgan , I loved your work in Desperate Housewhores: Butt Hole in One and Fleshdance. That was some brilliant work.


Seth: "Okay, you want me to put the milk crate where?"
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