Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Things

Random Things
~Family Guy-guy MacFarlane will be guest starring in an episode of rival show The Simpsons. I remember the rivalry got a little bit too personal back in the mid-2000s. While it is news that Seth is showing up for The Simpsons, but actually Seth sung a song for one of the Futurama movies. (Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder ) Things seems to subside between the two franchises after that. BTW, there will be a Family Guy movie, make that what you may.

~Angus Jones gets reported on Taiwanese CGI news channel: WTF?
Why is Charlie Sheen drinking a flaming bottle and getting run over by a subway? They literally took to the brain washing in the Why is there a guy with a Jewish symbol?
~Alicia Keys sings the Gummi Bears theme song: I have to say this is a very good version of the theme song from the old days of Saturday morning cartoons. I had completely forgotten about the gummi bear cartoon show. Disney doesn't really bring it up much in any of their media either. Even Ducktales was referenced in the Kingdom Hearts games. The Gummi Bears show was on for six seasons, which I wasn't aware of. Did I also mention how cute Alicia Keys is?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Russia, car films you…

In Russia, car films you…
Wow, that escalated rather quickly.  This video also proves why the Russians are tough people.  Some are saying this might be an insurance scam, but it is more than likely a drunken woman starting shit with the driver.  I also like the Russian music playing during the fight, and I also like that the other cars just drive around them.  
You have to like the head-shot into the hood.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two and Half Men actor talks shit about the show...a different actor (Angus T Jones)

Two and Half Men actor talks shit about the show...a different actor (Angus T Jones)

What is with all these actors from the same show talking shit about their own show?
First off, Who names their kid Angus? It sounds too much like anus or it makes me think about beef.
Second, it is Two and Half Men. It is meaningless.
Third, he's 19 so he's not going to make any sense.
While I can't sit through an entire episode without shooting myself, I am aware that he was that fat kid on the show, but now he's that creepy skinny religious kid. I also know that the show is a hit despite the fact it is pure shit. And, the actors get paid a lot of money per episode.
From Washington Post, ((This, one day after Jones — at one point the highest-paid child star on television — denounced the show as “filth” and urged people to stop watching. ))
I loved the fact he is currently filming episodes of the show that he is urging the entire world to not watch. And, he's getting paid a lot of money for the very show he is condemning. What kind of stupid/righteous logic is this? Is he taking notes from Charlie Sheen? Is he proud that he might actually Out-Sheen Charlie Sheen?   This means you're talking your way out of getting paid if people follow your suggestion.  
This kid got caught up with a religious group and made the video. 
  Of course, he felt the pressure and sent out an apology letter. Sadly, this will probably make the show even more popular. Do you remember the boost the show received when Sheen left?
I'm guessing we'll be seeing him in a Left Behind reboot movie or something.  And, he won't be on the show much longer.  So, we'll just call it Two Men.  Heck let's just name it Two Guys and a Girl...wait. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gangnam Style goes with everything

Gangnam Style goes with everything
This is freaking crazy and bad ass. I love how DJ Ravine gets into all his mixes. I personally like the Friday mix.   

“Get Low” Cover in a coffee shop

“Get Low” Cover
The guy can sing, and the best part is seeing him keep a straight face when singing such a dirty song. Someone, please get this guy a record deal. 
Also, I love the non-reactions from the hipsters in the room with their, “We're too cool to react.”
I still sing this song for shits and giggles. And, I have to admit that they really got into crunking things up with this hit. It is sad that I'm wishing for the crunk songs from the early 2000s given the direction that hip-hop has taken now. Now, it is more Euro with dance beats.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Michelle Rodriguez: The other Chronically Killed Actor

Michelle Rodriguez: The other Chronically Killed Actor
While digging through Mr. Bean's stuff, I came across some funny things about the Character Actress Michelle Rodriguez. I love the story about MR and her less than varied roles throughout her career. She pretty much plays the same set of roles in all of her movies. From this post I came away with a few facts;
1 She doesn't smile that much.
2 She loves playing a cop
3 Always plays a tomboy. And, I like that. To be fair, most of her characters would be Tomboys anyways because of the male-dominated jobs they're in. (Marine, Cop, or Car Theft)
4 Tends to die in her movies (In Resident Evil, she dies over and over again.)
Now, it seems her character in the Fast & Furious series is alive and well after being killed fourth movie. And, she was brought back for the RE series only to be killed again...again.
Someone actually asked her why her characters keep dying in movies, and she had this amusing answer to say. From, ((Because I don't take my clothes off, and I'm nobody's girlfriend. The writers are new to the whole tough girl thing, and they don't know what to do with [me]. We've got the dude who's strong, so what do we do with the chick who's strong? We kill her. Eventually they'll get used to it, and maybe Salt will change a thing or two. ))
Wow, that's a loaded answer, ME. Actually, you're completely wrong about the writers not knowing how to write tough girls. First, all those videogames you play have a lot of strong female characters in them. Starting from the old Nintendo days. What about the strong characters in the MGS or ME series? The “Writers are new to the tough girl thing” doesn't hold water. (Did I mention Ripley from the Alien franchise?) Things started to shift after the Ripley thing. Lost, a show you were killed off on, had a few strong female characters too.
Now, technically, she hasn't fully taken off her clothes in her movies as far as Mr. Skin tells me. So, she at least is correct there, but she still shows a lot of skin, thanks to her many tank-tops.  Bu, she might have a point there.
And, the whole “Nobody's girlfriend” statement seems a bit out of place too. In F&F, Letty is the girlfriend of Vin Diesel's character. (Put your name on it)
I like that she has found a niche and stayed in it, but don't be ashamed of it and blame it on others.

Sean Bean dies everywhere

 Sean Bean dies everywhere
I think only Michelle Rodriguez dies as much as Mr. Bean (not that Mr. Bean, “Oh, noo”). Doug Benson even has a category in his trivia game about Sean Bean dying in many roles. Does the man enjoy dying in these roles? Even Sean knows about this Meme
Bean is to dying as Nic Cage is to shitty acting.  
Not only has he been killed by James Bond in Goldeneye, but by his competitor Jack Ryan in Patriot Games. Boromir gets “arrowed”. Lord Eddard Stark gets his head chopped off. Hell, he even died in a videogame.  And, the man gets killed by cows...cows!
People over at TV Tropes call this trope “Chronically Killed Actors”. As stated, not only is Bean listed, but Michelle Rodriguez as well. From TV Trope, ((This is when an actor or actress appears in any number of movies, and there's a substantial number in which their character doesn't live to see the end of the film. Of course, it doesn't have to be that; there can be a few Disney Deaths thrown in the mix, but the idea stands that these performers have an unlucky habit of dying in a good chunk of the movies they appear in.))
 Sean Bean actually had a brush with death over a piece of ass in London. He was chilling with his girlfriend (Playmate) outside a pub when some jack-hole started to make rude comments to his “old lady” and he stepped in like Ned Stark and got all medieval on his ass...literally. Bean, he didn't end up with a bunch of arrows in his body, received a knife wound in his arm. He patched himself up and continued to drink in the pub. I guess dying in at least 20 movies will make you tough.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2
Well, I just finished watching the Let’s Play of ME2 and I have to say I really enjoyed this story more so than part 1.  It is certainly more of a character-based story than the plot driven story in the first one. 
-Darker Characters:  The characters in this game are more edgy than in the first one.  They all have shades of gray.  Kasumi is a theft and Zaeed is completely a cold-blooded killer.  Thane Krios is an professional killer. 
-Shifting gears:  Instead of completing the story of the first game, they jump ahead two years with Shepard being dead and his ship being destroyed.  They take the story in a different direction with Shep working for a dark organization. 
-Paragon Ending (Perfect): The guy playing it in this Let’s Play was shockingly able to get a perfect ending to the game where everyone from your crew came out of the game living.   He actually made the correct choices and no one was killed.  I guess these characters will make cameo appearances in the third game.  I actually liked the Paragon Ending much better than the Renegade.  
 -Jack: I really like the character of Jack.  She’s always pissed off and ready to fight someone.  I like her because she isn’t a mass killer as say Zaeed.  
 -Samara was killed off and replaced with her daughter:  The guy that “Let’s Played” screwed up and let Samara get killed by her daughter.  Morinth will replace her mother as a crewmember.  Morinth will actually try to kill Shep if you let him make love to her.  You’re better off with Samara. 
-Dark Matter/energy:  They keep talking about dark energy/matter in the game.  This is interesting because this was going to be the original ending to Mass Effect 3.  Characters will keep mentioning something about these elements, but it is never paid off in part two.  It was revealed by a former writer of these series. The Reapers were supposed to stop the expansion of the Dark Energy around the universe. Do you remember all the mentions of stars losing power, and that was the dark energy subplot. It is interesting to see the elements from that concept spread around the second game.  The dropped storyline also gave a different meaning to the Reapers’ Human Reaper. 
-While I like the faster paced combat, the RPG elements are missed. 
-The Collectors are clearly another take on the Shadows physically from Babylon 5.  They really look like the aliens from that show.  They even have organic material connected to their technology.  There are a lot of connections to B5 and Star Trek throughout the series. 
-Michael Dorn as a Krogan!:  That’s just plain cool. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday and people acting like animals

Black Friday and people acting like animals
I'm too old for this shit.
I guess we've forgotten the holiday spirit. You have to love the crowds and sounds of joyful screams when people are buying things they don't need, as they camp out waiting for the big stores to open. All this just to get that crappy iPhone or iPad that they will replace in about six months. Then, next year let's repeat it.
The companies should be ashamed, the people going in like cattle should be too. It is times like this that I hate humanity. Why are you rushing and fighting over things you really don't need? It simply amazes me how stupid it all seems.
Here are a few of my favorite moments from “Black” Friday

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Thanksgiving: It's turkey time...

It's Thanksgiving: It's turkey time...
I have to thank a friend from work for reminding me of this wonderful clip. I'm not a sure having J-Lo for Thanksgiving isn't an option.  

Final Placement: Shine (This might be the worst song ever)

Final Placement: Shine (This might be the worst song ever)
Before Rebecca Black, there was Final Placement. Back in 2010, it stunk up the place.  
This is probably the worst song ever written and created.  And, I’ve seen a lot of shitty videos over the years.  Final Placement is Christian “rock band”.  FP is the afterbirth of Creed and DC Talk with those Arc Music songs. 
Somewhere all these guys listened to the entire finished product and thought, “Now, this sounds good!  The whole world needs to listen to this." 
And the best part is the guitar solo.  It is in a different key, so it makes it sound strange and out of place.  Here it is in all its glory.  I like that the guitar guy really gets into the solo and is owning its shitty nature. 
I mean look at his face.  He is proud. 
The story gets even funnier.  After the Internet caught wind of this shitty song and it a meme, the band realized they were the joke.  So, they got all butt hurt and went out and tried to remove all videos posted about and on their infamous song.  It is really hard to find much on this band via videos because they keep removing anything about them. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Extreme Hover Hand

When a woman has this expression on her face, you're doing it all wrong. Not only is she repulsed by you, but even your non-touching repulses her.  
At least this guy is doing the Hover Hands correctly...if a little creepy. 

Well, that was awkward...

Well, that was awkward...
I saw this on reddit.
Yes, it started out badly, and got worst as the “performance” went on. Plus, she isn't that good of a Ventriloquist to begin with. But, even I felt bad for her, and I am an evil person. And, it gets worst and worst as she falls apart. It is painful to watch, and I'll give her credit for trying to do it on stage.
BTW, why were they cheering after she bombed? Even though she was bombing hard, I think she should have finished the set. At that point, screw it go for it.  Part of being funny is not giving a shit and trying it out despite failing.  At one point, you have to say, "f' it".  
I also liked the George Lucas camera wipe.
Where's the sandman when you need him?
I want to know what happened to her after this incident? Did she stop with the puppet gig? Did she make a standup with her leaving the stage awkwardly as her act?

Eva Angelina...changed her hairstyle

Eva Angelina...changed her hairstyle
I was a huge fan of the adult performer Eva. I always liked her look; Nerdy, cute, and sexy with dark hair. She had the nerdy look with a great smile and that made her a fave of mine. However, she went with an upgrade recently. And, I don't really know why.  I guess it is a growing trend with women going for a more "punk" expression. 
Well, I can live with it. 
 While doing some “research” I came across a video with her new look. I think it worked for Belladonna, but it doesn't work for Miss Angelina. Now, I am not saying I would pass her up now that she doesn't have hair, but it seems a little shocking to me. 

Her look reminds me of Jack from Mass Effect 2. I half expect her to scream and fire beams of light from her hands.
She probably got the idea from Skin Diamond.

Anyway, who I am I to talk?  When you consider I cut my hair off too.
It is going to take me some time to get use to this, Eva.   I'm willing to talk about it over dinner some time...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mitt (The Pit) Romney pumping gas

Reddit posted a couple of pictures of Former President Hopeful Romney sadly pumping gas at some gas station. I guess then none-47% pumps their own gas too. He looks like he's had a bad day. To me, this is the saddest thing I've ever seen. He's being blamed for this loss, but there is much blame to go around. But, don't feel too bad for him, he's still rolling in the money.  But, this picture give me pause...then a smile.  
I went to sleep and this story has been blowing up everywhere online.  It is interesting how much information we have at our fingertips.  We would have never seen a picture like this of a presidential hopeful after a loss in the past.  We live in an age where every little gesture and appearance can be posted and archived.    
What's next, pictures of Romney going to McDonald's?   
This one looks creepy.  It's like he's waiting to pounce.  He'll add you to his binders of women.  
Well, a loss of 300+ electoral college votes will change a man.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Star Wars Kinect: Is this the reason Lucas sold his shares of Lucasfilm and arts?

Star Wars Kinect: Is this the reason Lucas sold his shares of Lucasfilm and arts?
I've never understood the attraction to Kinect anyway. Making the connection to the SW Kid is brilliant. And yes, the dance off was and is a stupid idea. But, damn it is funny to watch.
Will Disney release another one of these?

Psy and MC Hammer: Gangnam Style (mash up)

Psy and MC Hammer: Gangnam Style (mash up)
Hammer Time
It will probably get taken down, but I actually found this mash up pretty good. It works better than the Madonna one. The best part is watching some of the lamest people in the crowd attempt to dance and failing.
This event happened at the American Music Awards, which I didn't bother to see.  
Can't touch this?  Please note the expression of the dancer in the background.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

T-Mobile Employee stabs customer and gets arrested

T-Mobile Employee stabs customer and gets arrested
From Huffington Post, ((An argument over a billing issue escalated into a stabbing this week when a clerk at a T-Mobile store allegedly attacked a customer as he was leaving the Pennsylvania store. ))
Something tells me stabbing your customers isn't the best way to keep them coming back. I might be wrong.  Maybe it's in their customer handbook. Is stabbing your customers a new policy?
Yeah, the guy that got stab is alive and will make it. But, what I found amusing is that Darnell Schoolfield (The stabber) came to work with a knife, meaning he was prepared to stab someone at the store. What the hell? So, does the Employee of the Year go to Schoolfield?
And, by the way, shouldn't the victim receive free minutes for a lifetime?
By the way, I am a T-Mobile user.  I use their pre-pay plan.  I've used it and the same phone since 2005.  
She may be cute, but she'll stab you in the back... Literally.   

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~The Onion makes fun of Lost: This is very funny. Yes, the guy is in on a world of hurt. I was just letdown by the cheat that the Alt-world was heaven instead of a real world. And, the last season was jammed up with stories that some things were never paid off. We never figured out who was on that other Outrigger did we?
Full of death?  I'll have two then. 
~5-Hour Energy Drinks cause death?: Well, you better believe somehow this product will find its way of being banned by the government. Will they go after normal energy drinks too? There is a bit of personal responsibility that needs to be enforced as well. How about moderating your consumption? While I am not a Tea Party guy, we don't need the government banning everything that might cause harm. Remember the banning of booze?
~Don't stop for bus, gets a sign: Do you remember that woman that drove pass school bus on the damn sidewalk and got caught? She had to hold an idiot sign for two days for one hour. I love this. It is like the grown up version of a dunce cap.

~American Chopper canceled after ten years: Did anyone even know that the show was still on? Ten years is a very long time for a reality show.  Get to the chopper?  

~Worst Gangnam Style "flash mob": Everyone involved in this sorry mess you hold their heads down in shame. Why would you even record it? Unless, you wanted people to see how badly you can screw up a flash mob. By the way, the video has 84 likes and 1,230 dislikes. I didn't even bother adding my own dislike to the video. 

Pitbull: Shake Senora

Pitbull:  Shake Senora
This song just proves that I’m too old for this shit. 
I have a friend that has completely different taste in music from me.  She likes some really bad songs from some really bad artists.  She tends to lend toward the 2000sdance stuff, which I tend to loathe a lot.  This song is no different.  She posted this on her Facebook page and I almost cut my ears off with a PS2 controller. 
Pitbull has certainly kept his losing streak of bad songs with this piece of shit.  This might very well be his worst song ever, and that is saying a lot.  Somehow, he took a classic and turned it into a beeping and blooping dance mix that sounds like a distance cousin to the Hot Problems and Friday.  I mean who the hell can dance to this mess? 
This is almost unlistenable.  This sounds like something on demo from those old MTV videogames.  
Oh, let’s makes it worst by adding T-Pain and Sean Paul and you get a cornucopia of shitty dance music from the 2000s era.  Nothing on this song is redeemable.
Best lines from the track…“My girl got a big ole booty.  Your girl got a little ole booty.”
Thanks, Pitbull for comparing another man’s old lady’s ass with your lady’s ass.  That’s mighty d-bag of you. 
I dare you to listen to the entire song all the way through.  Thank you, Pitbull for making me feel that much older.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wanna Be Startin Somethin (Sega Genesis Remix)

 Wanna Be Startin Somethin (Sega Genesis Remix)
Wow, this is all kinds of badass-ness.  They really capture the Sega vibe and sound with this remix.  And, they threw in some of that Sonic 3 voice samples (which was partly written by MJ himself)


While the movie has a few flaws, Skyfall is miles ahead of Quantum of Solace as far as story and style go.  It feels more like Casino Royale than Quantum.  However, the movie also has a true link to being a James Bond film especially from the 60s.  Director Sam Mendes does an outstanding job bringing the series back to its roots while keeping it fresh with the reboot of the series. 
The opening chase/fight scene is amazing and fun to watch.  Bond chases a villain in Turkey. It keeps building on itself with each minute.  The opening Bond credits are very interesting and the Skyfall Adele song is very old school.  It is clearly homage to the 60s opening songs.  Adele does a wonderful job with the song. 
There are some dark elements in this movie, but there seems to be a sense of fun to the franchise again.  The moments between M and Bond are nice and heartwarming.  There is a neat bond between the two.  This movie will show you why Bond respects her and she respects him.  That’s just one of the better aspects that are stronger in this movie.  I should also mention that the story is as much about Bond as it is M. 
The movie has totally one of the strangest and interesting villains in the Bond franchise.  Javier Bardem completely steals the movie away from Daniel Craig.  Bardem has one of the best entrances into the film with a very chilling speech.  Bardem has a great presence in each scene.  He’s a smarter version of his Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men.  And, you get the idea this villain has smart plan and might actually win.  I also found it amusing that he doesn’t show up until deep within the second act. 
The score by Thomas Newman isn’t the strongest in the series.  Newman’s music isn’t as solid as David Arnold’s recent scores, and it is one of the weaker aspects.  It is a bit too action Zimmer-ish for me, and I’ve grown to love Zimmer.  They went a bit too far with the “modern” tracks in this movie.  However, the very old school James Bond themes do come back toward the end of the movie, and they are a welcome return. 
The other negative is there are a few pacing issues in the third act.  However, it is interesting to actually see Bond’s origins.  Some of the preparing scenes drag on a bit too long, yet the actual final battle is an interesting diversion from the other Bond third acts.  The ending is very heart wrenching, which I won’t give away. 
Skyfall almost feels like an apology for the mess that was Quantum of Solace, the script is better balanced and sharper.  The movie is very pretty to look at with the strange locations, and the action scenes are sharp and not too shaky thankful.  You get the sense where things are the whole time, especially that opening chase/fight scene.  Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are at their top game.  In this movie, you can clearly tell that Dench’s M truly cares for Bond almost like a Grandmother.  Javier Bardem is a strange take on a Bond villain and somewhat creepy.  I found myself really enjoying the movie and desiring to see another one hopefully with Sam Mendes at the helm. 
Grade A-

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mary Kate Olsen and some old dude

Mary Kate Olsen and some old dude
 Check out the dude on the left.  You couldn't have captured a dumber expression.  His friend/brother isn't doing up better.  He has an expression of a guy that just smelled the worst fart ever. 
Why does it look like she was taken to this location again her will?  
Look, they're both adults, but still. It seems a little...creepy mainly because the Olsen twins were always viewed as children even when they were teenagers. These photos came from the Huffington Post.
By the way, this old dude is the half-brother of former France President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Hobbit score is online (fully)

The Hobbit score is online (fully)
You can check it out here. The only downside is that you can't jump tracks or move it forward.  Don't pause it either. You have to listen to it straight through. It is good to hear Howard Shore's music again from Middle Earth.
Most of the Hobbit themes from the Fellowship of the Ring show up here. However, there are some nice new themes I'm currently hearing right now. Yes, I am listening to this track as I type this. It sounds very cool.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nicole Westbrook: It’s Thanksgiving

I never wake up this happy.

Nicole Westbrook: It’s Thanksgiving
From the ashes of Rebecca Black, we have a new horrible song to burn.  This time we get a 12-year-old girl singing a stupid song about Thanksgiving.  And, we can thank former/not former Arc Music Factory guy Patrice and his new site  for this mess. 
It seems strange to center a song around one of the more mundane holidays because I don’t see people pumping this up in a club in the middle of July.  It has a short shelf life, where Friday can be played any time. 
You also have to love how Patrice (the rapper dude) sort of pops his head into frame being all creepy and shit.  Why is he hanging out with a bunch of pre-teens?  And, it gets worst when he shows up with a damn turkey suit on.  Did I mention he has the turkey suit on during the 4th of July too?  What? 
Throw in bland lyrics with the poorly constructed techno beat and you have another bad music video and song.   I am just perplexed about Thanksgiving and her attachment to the holiday. 
This song is like serving a freshly squeezed turd for dinner at Thanksgiving.  Thank you.
-First thing, where are her parents?  Isn’t Thanksgiving about spending time with your actual family?  The music video implies that she made all the dishes.  Why is she living alone when she’s only 12?  Why is she spending it with a bunch of her friends and a grown black man in a turkey suit?  Does any of this make sense?
-Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful:  Shut the F’ up. 
-She’s marking the days till Thanksgiving.  She must really be into this holiday about a bunch of people wearing belt buckles on their shoes and had to have the Native Americans bail them out.  I always say to never trust anyone that wears belt buckles on their shoes.  

-Patrice Wilson, thank you for telling me what month each holiday is on.  I had totally forgotten about that.  And, thank you for the really bad green screen fireworks. 
-I love the reaction from the black girl when Nicole starts rapping. 
 Oppa, Turkey Style!  
 Superman:  Funny, I've never seen turkey eat turkey before. 
 The Food is made of real people I tell ya.  People!
 Solid Snake has nothing on Patrice.  He can sneak into any random party even when you didn't invite him.  
 Roasting Parents:  Well, we now know what happened to her parents.  She made them pay for "not understanding, because parents just don't understand".  
 Billy:  "This is made from a man's heart.  He watched as I ripped it from his chest and roasted into this flavorful dish."

Denise Helms: Really hates Obama…

Denise Helms:  Really hates Obama…
Such a delightful woman…I love the fact she doesn’t get why people are offend by her comments.  Hey, Denise, calling Obama the N-word is just plain stupid.  This man worked his ass off to get where he’s at, you reduce him to the n-word.  Then the assassination thing is way out of line. 
Because of her newfound fame, she ended up losing her job as manager of a Cold Stone Creamery store. From Huffington Post, ((@poojababyy This employee is no longer w/the company. Her comments are outrageous, completely unacceptable & in no way reflect our views. ))
Time for one of those "hand outs" from the government, Helms.  
I love the fact that she still doesn't get it.
What this election does show is the downright mean spirited nature of some of these people.  They don’t hate him because of his policies, but because of his race.  They can’t see pass that fact.  And, it is a sad thing.  I hated President Bush, but I didn’t call him anything racist because he was white.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Uh, is this real?

I saw this ad picture on some friends Facebook Page and it caught my to speak. There is so much implied. I as liberal as it comes toward sex and the porn business. How, please tell me this is just some jerkoff photo-shopping this.
Yes, it is clearly implying that the woman with no pants is giving a BJ to the said guy with the Nike shoes. Or she forgot her pants and was looking for her car keys in his underwear. Oh, and she at least had to good sense to wear a good pair of shoes...and underwear.
As I said before, selling the notion of sex with clothing seems a bit counter to me. Remember those American Apparel ads with the pornstars?
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