Friday, March 31, 2006

Metal of Honor Pacific Assault score

Comment: Because I like free stuff, here are some free mp3s to download from EA from the videogame Metal of Honor Pacific Assault


Wife Force One

Wife Force One…

Comment: Somebody actually edited a bunch of Harrison Ford movies into one trailer. He does seem to have the same movie over and over again.

“Get off my plane!”

For fun

Okay, we know you’re single, now sit your drunk-a** down.
This image is actually part of one of my weird dreams.
Look at the guy in the middle. He’s the only one that noticed the camera. He’s kind of spooky.
“I’m a dork, and even I got a chick at this party, Word!”
Where is her chin? Everyone look around the room for it. Is that Clark Kent behind her friend on the right?

New Work Vest

oh, boy
it reminds me of this...
Lucky me. I guess because someone got injured at one of the UPS hubs, everyone that sets a foot on the ramp has to wear these yellow/green-neon vests. Now, everyone looks like crossing guards. These vest are truly lame, everyone has to wear them, including management.

Die Hard old school

Comment: Here is a strange Die Hard film edited in the old style of Hollywood movies with dialogue cards. Throw in black and white color too. Hey, it’s still better than Hudson Hawk

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Godzilla or zilla

Godzilla (the US version) DVD (MONSTER EDITION)

Comment: Why did they release a Special Edition DVD? Are they cashing in on King Kong’s DVD release? You better believe it

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

~Well, I don’t know what I did, but one of my teachers is pissed at me. She’s really pissed.

~The cop in the library is still cool. He’s been able to keep the loud talking, cell phone-talking people out of the room.

~Can I just say that I love corn, all types of corn.

~The Army called me again.

~I also got a letter from Georgetown College, and they want me to go there. But, I can’t. With me getting back into music, while I continue to write, UofL is a better option, and mainly because my UPS school program pays all of my schooling there.

~Word up

New Spiderman outfit
Here’s another look at the black Spiderman outfit. Could there be more to this than a regular suit?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Peter Jackson clip

Here’s a funny clip with Peter Jackson about King Kong.

Comment: Scroll down to Peter Jackson’s picture and click on it. You’ll find a tip to Lucas and Jack Black screwing up. I found it funny.

The A word


The word may sound strange, but it is something that does happen in Louisville, Ky. A few semesters ago, a professor mentioned this word. In Louisville, where you live is extremely important on how people view you as a person. Louisville is seen as a city that is divided by location. Once you mentioned where you grew up, people would automatically have preconceived notions about you.

City: Westend, Old Louisville, ect

County: Southend, Eastend

In the black community, this is even more important. Because of the great strides in Civil Rights movement, in the 70’s, black people were able to move out of the poor areas of the city and into the middle class suburbs of Louisville. My parents were one of these people.

Because I grew up around many white people, I saw race relations differently than many blacks in the city. I had both white and black friends. This was the case for many black people in the Eastend. Like many black people in the Eastend, they had a different upbringing than the blacks in the city. You see, before this, black people had a shared lifestyle and so everyone had pretty much the same upbringing and wealth range. My parents didn’t want me to talk in slang, and I had to talk like I had some sense. When I went to one of the local schools, there were two types of black people in the schools in the Eastend; the ones that lived in the Eastend and the ones that were bused in from the city. They didn’t always get along. Eastend people were seen as sell outs, and snotty. City folk were seen as Ghetto and loud. None of them were exactly true, but there was something there…

One guy from my African American studies classes stated, “There is a difference between the two.” And, it’s true, black people don’t like to state it, but it’s true.

Whenever I would mention where I lived to somebody that lived in the city, they would respond in a strange way.

“Where do you live?”

James answered, “Out there near Westport.”

“Oh, you live out there with the white people.”

And, does that make me less black?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nights into Dreams

Going back to the Sega Saturn days, I remember the beautiful game Nights into Dreams. This game was one of the few games that amazed many of the Saturn haters (I’m one too, and I was Sega guy at one time). Like the Sonic or Kingdom Hearts games, Nights just works on all Creative levels.

One thing I would like to point out about the title song Dreams, Dreams. It’s a pretty good song that is sung in the R&B style. When the expansion version of the game was released, Christmas Nights into Dreams, the famous R&B group Boys II Men sung a cappella style version of the song. This is by far the best version of the song out there.

Okay, a good story...

The lighter side of the Evil James

Yeah, I’m a jerk sometimes, but there are times when the good version emerges.

The same day the can incident happened, later on, I went to one of the thousand local Kroger stores. As I entered the lobby area, I noticed beer all over the floor. I saw two green beer bottles on the floor, leaking out. Another bottle was completely broken nearby a woman who was trying to pick up the pieces from her shopping cart.

I had two choices, simply ignore her and walk inside, or help her pick up her fallen beer. I begin to pick up the leaking beer bottles and throw them in the trash for her. She was happy that I helped her clean up her mess. She thanked me and I moved on inside.

To end the story on a bad note: I entered the store and heard one of the Backstreet Boys songs, (Beckstreet’s back, alright). This is the way I’m thanked, Kroger!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Show Us Your Cans...on the street

As I was driving to school today, on 71, I noticed the cars in front of me slowing. Quickly, I put on my breaks and did the same. Suddenly, I saw hundreds of empty coke cans on the highway.

At first, I was like; ‘what the heck?’. Then, I saw a beat-up, rusted, blue pick up truck on the side of the road with its taillights blinking. Behind the truck, there was an old woman attempting to sweep a huge stack of cans with a broom. In the truck, there was a black bag full of cans. I’m guessing a second bag wasn’t properly secured and went overboard onto the highway, sending cans everywhere.

Being the evil man that I am, I sped up my car as I drove through the sea of cans bouncing around the street. Driving through it, I sent more cans scattering across the highway. Yes, it was mean, but fun at the same time.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

FFXI tour (the new stuff)

Final Fantasy XI Online has a new expansion pack coming out soon, just in time for its XBOX 360 release. It would appear this expansion has some major upgrades and three brand new Job classes. I’ll get to the Job classes later; I just wanted to show some of the landscape picks for the game.

I’m telling you, they’re looking extremely beautiful. The pictures almost compel me to rejoin the game. While the first expansion had an Asian feel, the new area has a Middle Eastern feel to it (and it’s set in the east.)
These are some of the new Beastmen in the expansion.
One of my favorite pictures, look at the water!
Just amazing, notice the color of the trees.

This is a Sea Horror, everyone that has played the game has story about this bad motherf’er. He randomly attacks the ships, if someone is fishing. High lvls try to defeat him all the time when he attacks the boat.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Get-R-Oh shut up Larry

I never really understood Larry the Cable Guy Thing. Then again, I’m a black man that grew up in a middle class home in a mix neighborhood. Trailer parks and mullets were frowned upon here in the Eastend of Louisville. So, I’m not supposed to ‘get it’.

Anyway, here are a few reviews on the so-called movie with Larry as the star.,0,3843972.story?coll=orl-calmoviestop

Comment: ((Larry, a.k.a. Sanford's Dan Whitney, drives his mudder pick'em-up truck, the one covered in American flag, gun-nut and Hooters bumper stickers, lets his jeans ride too low, wears his sleeveless flannel shirts and lets loose with his trademark redneck riffs as he tries to solve a series of food poisonings leading up to a city-wide "cook off."

His exclamations are NASCAR-ready.

"Good Lord, Jesus, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.!))

Oh, great…

MOVIE REVIEW: Larry's movie not even worthy of cable

Comment: ((SMW) - Larry the Cable Guy's signature line is "Get 'er done." Halfway through his debut movie, you're likely to say, "I wish this were done."))

Nice one, reviewer!

Oh, yeah, it would appear that Larry might not be a true redneck: Larry the Cable Guy

Everyone grab your flannel shirts and let’s watch the damn movie. (okay, maybe not)

Desperate Housewives da videogame. (Why?)

Now, you really get to see her polygons.

Comment: Say it isn’t so…a Desperate Housewives videogame? What in the blue hell can someone do in the game? Come on people!

((If there's one thing massive media conglomerates love, it's synergy. Need proof? Look no further than the Walt Disney Company. Today, the multibillion-dollar corporation announced it is bringing together its resurgent television network, ABC, and its nascent games division, Buena Vista Games. Hoping to replicate the success of PC games based on series from ABC rivals NBC Universal (Law & Order) and CBS Corp. (CSI), the two Disney divisions are making a game based on the hit satire Desperate Housewives.))

So, do you get points for banging as many guys that aren’t your husband?

Hasselhoff the Next OJ?

Knight: “I’m cool, and gosh-darn-it people like me!”

Okay, hell has frozen over…Hasselhoff is considered dangerous after all.

Comment: ((A judge has issued a temporary restraining order requiring that David Hasselhoff stay away from his estranged wife, according to court papers unsealed this week.))

What is this world coming to? First the Vice President shoots people, now Hasselhoff is considered evil and laying the smackdown on his wife.

((In her request for the order, Bach claimed instances of domestic violence in December and February. In one incident, police officers were summoned but didn't give Bach an emergency protective order, according to court documents.))

Where’s Kitt when you need him?

So far, there isn’t any evidence of Kitt the Car involved in any domestic violence reports.

More FF music

FF XII opening score

Also, this site has the opening music track to FFXII on its site. Just read through the text to find it.

Final Fantasy music jam

FF music

Comment: For all the Final Fantasy fans out there, here’s a link to some free Concert music from the FF games. It sounds really cool to listen to the score with a live orchestra. (I really liked the FF8 selection).

(On the left side, Go to download, and then to mp3 for the music )

Friday, March 24, 2006

Super Director

An Interview with Richard Donner

Comment: This man was responsible for one of the best Super Hero movies out there. He has some interesting things to say about his Superman 2 (Director’s cut). Just Remember that much of the Superman 2 footage was filmed while they filmed Superman The Movie. After the producers fired Donner, Lester was brought in to finish the second movie. It looks like we’ll see Donner’s version after all.

Now, will we see the famous cut scene where the three villains kill an innocent child? I don’t know, I heard that scene was too intense. (It did make it into an ABC broadcast cut). However, I’m not sure which director filmed that scene.

Donner also talks about Superman Returns as well.


((Some versions show a young boy in the small town get killed by Zod as he rides away for help.))

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oldman smokes Potter

Gary Oldman Returns to Potter.

Comment: After all the behind the scenes BS, it looks like Gary Oldman is back in the role of Sirius Black.

(("Gary Oldman is now set to play Sirius Black in The Order of the Phoenix. A deal was concluded this morning," Urbanski advised

So long Lem...(you had a blast) hee-hee

The Shield

Comment: Here’s a rundown of everything that happened in the season ender episode that aired a few nights ago. The last 30 mins of the 90 min episode was extremely intense and sad at the same time. I never expected what I saw toward the end. They killed off one of the “good” guys in such a brutal way.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WTF, Arnold?

And you thought Jingle All The Way was bad…

Comment: Here’s a strange Japanese commercial with a cute Japanese woman looking tired and having Schwarzenegger explode out of her head. I thought Arnold only had trouble with English words, but it seems he can’t speak Japanese too well either.

Smash Vending Machine

Fat guy vs. Vending Machine

Comment: I’m not even going to explain this short clip…

Geek vid

The reason Geeks don’t get laid…

Comment: Dressing up as your favorite World of Warcraft character as you run around the woods, will not get you a date. Do this stuff behind closed doors on the computer.

The Star Wars Girl

The new Clone Trooper model, and an Improvement too!

Flame Wars Ep1

Flame Wars

There are times when I just love reading Flame Wars on message boards. They’re just funny. There’s something fun about reading about people duking it out over the Internet.


ight i dont know if anyone else remembers but last season wen dani got shot remember how julian was takin care of her n it was da last few episodes n he was at her house watchin her n dey said somin to eachother n looked at eachother n kinda had that look in there eyes and he was leavin but he turned n looked at her n it did that look thing, well it just cut to another scene n never went bak to that then next season she pop up wit a kid, n rememeber wen she asked the season before or that season i cant remember wen to "chill" wit vic and he said he couldnt maybe some other time he had to go see his wife n kids n she got all pissed n said nevermind n for a few episodes she wouldnt talk to him, but then she told him it was a mistake to ever do anything n to ask again. so yea who yall think da baby daddy now?))

Here are some replies.

((uh huh?

haha...yeah, not the easiest thing to understand there, friend. But basically what they are asking (I THINK?!?!) is if Dani and Julian knocked boots and if the baby is Julians.... (I wouldn't doubt it at all)

ha ha ha. sadly I read through so many message boards that I can work my way through them. Whats really said, is it probably takes a lot less effort to actually type like a normal person.

can someone translate this?))

Here is Rip responding…

((i love how people talk *beep* on the internet, and whos actually gonna waist time to talk all proper on the INTERNET im relaxing at home y would i need to be proper, anyway, wat i was sayin was yea wen dani n julian had that lil connection wen she got shot. and to everyone thats sayin its vics, last season she came up to him and asked if they could *beep* and he said no, so she got pissed n said it was stupid to ask, and never asked again.))

Other people reply to that statement…

((Because nobody can understand a g*ddamned word you just said.

You talk like a retarded baby. If you actually SPEAK this way off the internet, I feel sorry for anyone that has to endure listening to you.

Do you think it's 'cool' to talk like a ghetto-dwelling, uneducated thug simpleton?))

Here is Rip getting mad

((can you please learn how to hop off n stop dickriding, ITS THE *beep* INTERNET if your not smart enough to comprhend slange than just kill yourself))

Another reply…

((Are you acting stupid on purpose or are you really retarded?))

((Not even Webster could correct all your spelling errors. Deliberate and willfull incompetence is the most abhorent practice. Why don't you grow the f u c k up, learn to spell, drop the ebonics, and try to act like you've had some kind of education past the first grade. Hell, my kid is ten and writes an order of magnitude more coherently than you do. Do you really want to be perceived as a semi-literate dumbass? Do you? If so, you're well on your way.))

((Thank you. When I first read the first post in this thread I stopped and said, "why the *beep* is this guy talking like this. It is seriously easier to type normally."))

((you need to go back to elementary school "ripdns032204" and learn how to speak proper english and use punctuation. I can not understand what your uneduacated @$$ is saying. sounds like word salad.))

Thank you, ripdns032204

Monday, March 20, 2006

Star Wars cues and themes

Because I am a movie score freak, I found this for your reading. It’s a nice read of Williams’s various score cues throughout the film.

One of things that bugged me about Ep IV was the fact some cues are introduced and never used again. One such cue is the Death Star theme, it’s only heard in IV and never heard again. For some reason, Williams and Lucas never reuse it for VI, when the second Death Star is around.
Sorry, there is a short return of the theme, when Vader’s ship crashes into the Death Star in VI. But, why not have it return all the way?

James Update

James update

I’m currently writing a full music report on Terence Oliver Blanchard. I can’t believe how much Bullsh*t you have to put into reports. Place facts around walls of Bull crap.

Because I’ve had to write this major mid-term report, I haven’t had time to write more for my book. I’ll jump back into it after this stupid report is done.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Star Wars on Blu-ray?

Could we see the final version of Lucas’s Star Wars movies in the future?

Taken from

((2007 Blu-ray "archival" editions

Lucas has hinted in the past, and it is most likely assumed, that he will release his definitive, often called "archival" editions of all six of his Star Wars films on a next-generation home-video format in 2007. This release would coincide with, and celebrate, the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga. It has been speculated that he will take this opportunity to make any final adjustments, changes, additions, and/or subtractions to his films for this final release. It is said that this edition will be released in a "saga" box set, and the home video format will most likely be Blu-ray, as 20th Century Fox, as well as he himself have said they prefer this format. Lucasfilm Vice President of marketing Jim Ward confirmed that in this final release, Lucasfilm is likely to return to John Lowry to do even more work on the films (possibly digital contemporisation of the original trilogy). He says "As the technology evolves and we get into a high-definition platform that is easily consumable by our customers, the situation is much better, but there will always be work to be done."[2]

Producer Rick McCallum, as well as Ward, have also explained that they have been holding back a large amount of bonus material for this release, including deleted scenes, as well as numerous previous Star Wars "making-ofs," spin-offs, television specials, etc.))

Blu-ray is the prefect format for all the deleted footage out there. There’s so much deleted stuff that I hope he releases it.

just a follow up

Well, it looks like the word on the stunt Tom Cruise pulled is finally getting out to the rest of the press.

Comment: Cruise’s people are putting a fast spin on the whole thing it seems.

((Cruise's rep, however, did comment: "This has nothing to do with us," publicist Arnold Robinson said Friday.))

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tom Cruise Censors South Park

Tom Cruise and more falling out with the South Park Episode

Comment: Hmm, over at byron, Byron has reported that Tom Cruise has pulled a power move to ban the famous Scientology South Park episode.!-SCIENTOLOGIST-TOM-CRUISE-BLACKMAILS-VIACOM....html

((Sources from inside Paramount and South Park Studios report that parent company Viacom pulled last night's scheduled repeat of the high-rated "Trapped in the Closet" episode after the humorless Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise threatened to cancel all publicity for Mission Impossible:3 if Comedy Central aired the episode that satirizes Scientology and mocks his sexuality again.))

Cruise is a total asshole. He’s already blocked the EU showing of the episode, and now he has made sure no one else can see it on TV again. What is this guy really afraid of?

Watch the episode as it was shown on TV at Crawford’s site. (Not being a South Park fan, I found the episode extremely funny.)

Friday, March 17, 2006

V for Velveeta cheese

V (not about Green skinned aliens taking over the world.)

Comment: Here’s a very positive review on the (troubled production) movie V for Vendetta. The movie looks very promising now. However, the movie was supposed to be released last year, just like The Pink Panther.

I might just check this movie out this weekend.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Terence Blanchard

Terence Blanchard

Comment: Because I am doing a Mid-term report on him, here’s an insightful interview with Terence Blanchard. He’s a film composer that started out as a jazz player, but he’s moved toward more John Williams type scores. Some of his best work is in the movie Malcolm X.

U-Scan vs. Old peeps

Old guy: “U-can take that U-scan and shove it up U-A**.”

Old woman: “Word.”

Old guy: "This technology runs on dark magic! Or, at least Microsoft.
Semaj: “Same thing.”
U-Scan/I scan, we all scan.

Because I work at nighttime, I’m up during the day. So, I do some shopping during 8am-2pm. Usually in the grocery stores during this time, there’s nothing but old people in there. They spend a great of time in the stores, because there aren’t many young people walking around during this time.

As you know, there are regular checkout lines and then there are U-scan machines as well. Old people will not use the U-scan machines. They would rather stand in a long ass line than use ‘evil’ technology.

Today, I went to Walmart (evil), and I went to the very empty U-scan machine section. With no waiting, I got through within a minute. As I scanned my stuff, I looked right across from the machine at a long line of old people that were standing there waiting for the human checker lady to get to them. They all looked pissed. I looked behind me, and I noticed that all the U-scans were empty except for mine. None of these old people dared to use the machines; they didn’t trust them I guess.

There could be a larger study on this. (Being that some old people are set in their ways and don’t like to try something different or new.)

I wonder if they’re still in line right now…

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

16 Blocks

Bruce: “Excuse me, do you know the way to Die Hard Street?”
16 Blocks


((Bruce Willis plays Jack Mosley, a burnt-out detective assigned the unenviable task of transporting a fast-talking convict (Mos Def) from jail to a courthouse 16 blocks away. However, along the way he learns that the man is supposed to testify against Mosley's colleagues, and the entire NYPD wants him dead. Mosley must choose between loyalty to his colleagues and protecting the witness, and never has such a short distance seemed so long...))

While not a great movie, the movie isn’t that bad either. There are many problems with the story and some of the acting choices by Mos Def are annoying. The action sequences were pretty well constructed and exciting, for the most part. Then again, you have to remember Richard Donner directed this movie. (The Lethal Weapon series, Superman.) This movie is a step up from his last movie Timeline, but he’s still not up to his The Goonies standards (that didn’t sound right).

Grade C-

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Madonna puts an end to her acting 'career'

Acting like a Good actor

Comment: Yeah, that’s right she has said she doesn’t want to do another movie. Well, it took her long enough, because we’ve had to deal with some real stinkers over the years.

Who can forget…

Who's That Girl?: Some of the worst acting ever.

Dick Tracy: I remember how bored I was when I saw this crap in the theater as a child.

A League of Their Own: Many liked this movie; I just hated Madonna’s part. She’s just playing herself.

Body of Evidence: I kind of remember this one.

Four Rooms: I saw this on HBO a while ago, not much to say about it. She had a very small part in it.

Girl 6: What happened to Girl 1-5?

Evita: Don’t cry for her poor acting…

Swept Away: This movie is so bad that I couldn’t turn the channel

Die Another Day: She stunk this one up too.

(("What film can survive people saying it's going to be a bomb from the second it's announced?

"Making movies is such an effort, and to do that over and over again, with the possibility that I am going to get the sh** kicked out of me - and they really enjoy doing it - I mean, it doesn't make sense. I have sort of let it go" said the pop songstress.))

Sounds like spin to me. Your movies bomb because they suck, Madonna.
Now, if she can put an end to that fake accent…

Isaac Hayes leaving South Park

Hayes is pissed and leaving the South Park show.

Comment: ((Hayes, who has voiced the character Chef since the series began in 1997, released a statement through his spokesman Monday requesting a release from his contract because he "is disappointed with what he perceives as a growing insensitivity toward personal spiritual beliefs."))

There seems to be a major falling out with voice actor/singer Isaac Hayes and the South Park Creators. I guess this was stemming from Tom Cruise Episode. Come on Hayes I like you and your music, but everyone and everything gets lampooned by this show.

More from…

((Stone has fired back at Hayes saying, "This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology... He has no problem - and he's cashed plenty of checks - with our show making fun of Christians." Last November South Park satirized the Church of Scientology and its celebrity followers in a top-rated episode entitled Trapped In The Closet. In the episode, a cartoon version of Scientologist Tom Cruise locks himself in a closet and refuses to come out. Stone adds that he and Parker "never heard a peep out of Isaac in any way until we did Scientology. He wants a different standard for religions other than his own, and, to me, that is where intolerance and bigotry begin." Parker has previously said the show had avoided the controversial topic of Scientology out of respect for Hayes and his religious beliefs. He explains, "Finally, we just had to tell Isaac, 'Dude, we totally love working with you, and this is nothing personal, it's just we're South Park, and, if we don't do this, we're belittling everything else we've ripped on.'"))
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