Sunday, July 31, 2005

Joey, uh I mean, Matt LeBlanc is sick of people calling him Joey.

Matt LeBlanc hates being compared to his character Joey.

From, ((The 38-year-old is fed up with fans who think he is like Joey and can't stand fans using "Joey" catchphrases on him))

Okay Joey, uh Matt, get over yourself. If I met you, I wouldn’t say any Joey remarks, because I’ve never watched Friends or Joey. I would ask you about kissing Lucy Liu, and how you felt about co-starring with two monkeys in two films (Lost in Space, and Ed).

And if we look at his career, we can see that he’s pretty much played a Joey type character all his life. Come on Joey, er Matt, who you fooling you are Joey. Now, shut up Joey and dance for the crowd.

Joey: “Hey you! Do you want to be known as a hack? Follow two steps I follow. Step one; always play the same damn character in every movie and TV show you star in, because you’ll make millions. Step two; act like you’re tired of people calling by your character’s name. Hey, if it worked for Shatner, it can work for me. I’ll be doing Priceline ads in no time.”

God of War Movie?

God of War coming to a Theater?

Comment: It looks that way. This videogame is really cool. One of the best action games out there. I just hope they keep the R-rated style of game play in the Movie.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Movies for all

This guy is cool
Hard to tell, but Ann Coulter is the one on the left.

Ann Coulter Not knowing her Canadian History

Comment: Ann Coulter tries to make something up about Canadian troops in Vietnam. Of Course, she was wrong, but stands by her statement, because admitting you’re wrong is “treason”.

Super Mario Piano

Comment: Really cool guy playing all the tunes of Super Mario brothers. This guy is beyond cool. He plays the first song blindfolded. This is a treat for all Super Mario Brothers Fans, a must see and hear.

Funny Family Guy clip

Family Guy clip where Chris ends up in a 80s music video.

Comment: Freaking funny as heck. I loved what he says after he re-enters the normal Family Guy world. This one is funny.

Tucker keeps messing up

Tucker Carlson being an idiot

Comment: Will someone please tell Tucker that the bowtie is so over? Time to drop it. This guy sucks. How can he get another show after John Stewart pretty much P’wned him on his own show?

The Girls of X-play, GamespotTV, Extended Play

I’m tore between two videogame female TV hosts. I just got done watching an episode of X-Play, and I came to one conclusion. I actually kind of like Morgan Webb, I think she is kind of active in a Fangirl kind of way. Sure, she has extremely broad, manly shoulders, and her face is somewhat funky, but she has extremely large cans. You can’t take that away from her. There are times she looks hot, and I dig tall women.

On the other hand, there is the geeky fangirl Kate Botello. She was the first Fangirl on TV that talked about Videogames. Her best skill was to contort her face in ways mere normal humans could not fathom. She left Gamespot TV and Morgan Webb took over. (Note: Adam Sessler was solo for a time, when the producers realized they needed a female on screen to keep the Fanboys from turning the channel to Cinemax or Showtime.)

The other Co-host was a little known woman by the name of Lauren Fielder. I found her to be the prettiest and the smartest out of all the Fangirl hosts. She has disappeared from the TV screen, but she continues to write for various Magazines.
See, I told you she had mad skillz contorting her face in strange shapes.
Adam Sessler with the nerdy Kate Botello. I actually like her too, because I find her face contortions kind of hot. (Note: Watch as Adam’s spiked hair slowly starts to disappear, because of male pattern baldness.)

Stay focused on her face…don’t look down. Damn, too late.

Elektra Unrated DVD

Elektra Unrated cut, coming soon.

Comment: Well, it looks like the Box Office Bomb Elektra is getting the Daredevil treatment. I wonder if they’re going show the Ben Affleck scenes that were cut from the film. I actually liked this movie, unlike the rest of the world. X-files and Terk director Rob Bowman helmed this film.

Chrono Trigger/Cross (the story) Part 7

Chrono and the gang end up locked away in a holding cell, waiting to find out what their fate will hold for them. The Prophet enters the cell and tells them that they’ve banished by Queen from entering the Zeal Kingdom. After being force through the time portal, the gang regroups and knows that if Lavos is awakened, it shall destroy the planet as it happens in 1999. They decide this is their opportunity to defeat Lavos and stop the apocalypse from happening, and they go back to 12,000 BC. They sneak back into the Zeal Kingdom with the help of Princess Schala. Schala tells them that she believes her mother is being controlled by Lavos.

When Chrono and the gang get within the kingdom’s mainland to stop the Queen Zeal from harnessing the power of Lavos, they notice most of the soldiers and scientists have disappeared. The Three Gurus have also disappeared; these are the three wisest men among the kingdom.

Deep under the sea, Queen Zeal begins her test runs on the Mammon Machine that lies safely inside her fortified underwater palace. The Mammon Machine shall drain the power straight from Lavos. Quickly, Chrono and the gang fight their way through the palace to the main center of the Mammon Machine. Queen Zeal summons Lavos and Lavos takes Chrono and the gang to a strange realm. The Prophet appears, wanting to seek his revenge on Lavos, and uncovers his hood. The Prophet is Chrono’s old enemy Magus, from 600 A.D. After being defeated by the Chrono gang, Magus was sent back to 12,000 B.C., where he disguised himself as wise Prophet that could tell the future.

But, how does Magus know everything about the year 12,000, including Chrono arrival? Simple, Magus is the young Prince Janus, the same Janus that has a sister named Schala. Janus saw all the events as they happened. Magus wants revenge for what happened to him and his family when Lavos was awakened by the Mammon Machine.

Lavos during this time is the most powerful it has ever been, because it’s feeding off the power of the magic of the Zeal Kingdom. Before Chrono and the gang cam help Magus, he’s defeated by Lavos and disappears. Lavos turns his attention on Chrono, and fires a power beam, killing Chrono instantly. Schala quickly appears and rescues the rest of the gang, but at the cost of her own life. She is able to send the rest of the gang away, but she stays behind to give them time to escape. Did she sacrifice her life? (Find out in Chrono Cross).

Lavos gets angry, surfaces from the underground, and destroys the Kingdom of Zeal, killing millions in the first attack. The remains of the floating castle come crashing down into the ocean, creating a massive tidal wave. This tidal wave kills billions of humans that lived on the surface of the planet.

Inside the Ocean Palace, Queen Zeal gets the power she desired. Her first act is to exile all her friends and family to various time periods. She sends Janus to the year 580 A.D. where he is taken in by the Mystics, and grows up to become the bitter Magus. History repeats itself. Queen Zeal and the Palace disappear with Lavos.

How will the Chrono Gang deal with the loss of their leader? What happened to Magus?

Find out next time…

Friday, July 29, 2005

Superman The Movie (thoughts) Part one

I really should review Superman the Movie, but I'm too lazy. So instead, I will give you some of my thoughts about the movie. This movie is THE best superhero movie ever created and I would like anyone to disprove that statement. Before there was Batman, Spiderman, there was this movie. A movie that took the source material seriously enough that comic book fans today still think it’s the best film. Posted by Picasa

The movie opens up with a child reading the comic book of Superman, telling the moviegoers this is a comic movie. I like this beginning even though it has nothing to do with the story. It does feel a little disconnected. Posted by Picasa

The Salkind family paid and produced this film. At first, WB had very little to do with the movie. Later the Salkind brothers would have a falling out with Director Richard Donner, and would fire him before he completed Superman 2. Posted by Picasa

Marlon Brando plays Superman’s father, Jor-El. Brando gets top billing because they paid a LOT of money for him to show up in the movie. Brando was suppose to be in Superman 2, and even filmed scenes, which were later cut due to lawsuits by Brando. Please note Brando was not the star of this movie. Posted by Picasa

Gene Hackman Plays Lex Luthor. Unlike some people, I like the way he plays the character, I’ll have more on this guy later. Posted by Picasa

Really cool streaking effect that makes the extremely long movie credits really enjoyable to sit through. John Williams’s main theme bellows out of the speakers as the FX sounds come crashing in with every name. I wish more movies would do intros this way, Spiderman kind of does this. Posted by Picasa

Curse of Monkey Song

Curse of Monkey Song

The Monkey Island series is one of the funniest computer series out there. In the game you have to pick the right lyrics to make the characters stop singing. Here are the lyrics

 This comes from this site
Haggis: We're a band of vicious pirates! 
Edward: A sailin´ out to sea. 
Bill: When you hear our gentle singing... 
Haggis: You'll be sure to turn and flee! 
Guybrush: Oh, this is just ridiculous. 
Guybrush: Come on, men! We've got to recover that map! 
Bill: That pirate will be done for, when he falls into our trap! 
Bill: We're a club of tuneful rovers! 
Haggis: We can sing in every clef! 
Edward: We can even hit the high notes! 
Haggis: It's just too bad we're tone deaf! 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: Let's go defeat that evil pirate! 
Edward: We know he's sure to lose, ´cause we know just where to fire at! 
Edward: We're thieving balladeers. 
Haggis: A gang of cutthroat mugs. 
Bill: To fight us off ye don't need guns! 
Edward: Just really good ear plugs! 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: All right, crew, let's get to work! 
Haggis: Our vocation is a thing we love, a thing we'd never shirk. 
Haggis: We'll fight you in the harbor. 
Bill: We'll battle you on land. 
Edward: But when you meet singing pirates... 
Guybrush: They'll be more than you can stand. 
Bill: Ooooh! That was a good one! 
Guybrush: No, it wasn't. 
Guybrush: No time for song! We've got to move! 
Bill: The battle will be long, but our courage we will prove! 
Bill: We're a pack a´ scurvy sea dogs. 
Haggis: Have we pity? Not a dram! 
Edward: We all eat roasted garlic... 
Haggis: ...then sing from the diaphragm! 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: Less singing, more sailing. 
Edward: When we defeat our wicked foe, his ship he will be bailing! 
Bill: If ye try ta fight us... 
Haggis: will get a nasty whackin´! 
Edward: If ya disrespect our singing´... 
Bill: ...we will feed ya to a kraken! 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: I´m getting so sick of you guys and your rhyming. 
Haggis: We´re ready to set sail, through the cannons need a priming. 
Edward: We're troublesome corsairs! 
Bill: And we've come to steal your treasures! 
Haggis: We would shoot you on the downbeat... 
Edward: ...but we have to rest five measures. 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: Stop! Stop! Stop! 
Bill: The brass is what we'll polish and the deck is what we'll mop. 
Guybrush: You say you're nasty pirates... 
Guybrush: ...scheming, thieving, bad bushwhackers? 
Guybrush: From what I've seen I tell you... 
Guybrush:'re not pirates! You're just slackers! 
All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
All: Trim the sails and roam the sea! 
Guybrush: We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange. 
Haggis: And...! 
Bill: Well... 
Edward: ...err... 
Bill: Door hinge? 
Edward: No, no... 
Bill: Guess the song's over, then. 
Haggis: Guess so. 
Edward: Okay, back to work. 
Guybrush: Well gee. I feel a little guilty, now.

Wedding Crashers Review

Wedding Crashers

The basic plotline to this movie is that two guys go around, sneak into weddings, and pick up chicks. They do it every year around wedding season, however this year is different. Owen Wilson’s character starts to grow tired of banging countless chicks (I wouldn’t). He reminds Vince Vaughn’s character that they’re not getting any younger. Of course, Vaughn doesn’t think so. Things start to change for the two of them when they crash the ultimate wedding, Secretary Cleary’s daughter’s wedding (one of his daughters, he has three.) The wedding crashers encounter something they’ve never experienced before, love.

This movie is R-rated, and proudly states that it’s R, which I like. There is nudity in this movie. There are many flashes of bare breasts in a montage where we see the two Crashers bedding many women. Well, besides the breasts, we also see the two of them actually have fun crashing the weddings; they really enjoy being there. This part of the movie works well. I enjoyed watching them bluff their way to women’s hearts to get into their underwear. All of this happens in the first half of the movie, and the movie moves along at break-neck speed. Vaughn plays the same character he plays in all the Frat Pack movies, the dirty fast talking guy they enjoys taking advantage of women. Owen plays the loveable guy that starts to realize there’s more to life than banging strangers (there is?).

The movie even works when the Crashers actually make it the house of Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken). The Crashers have to keep up their act while there. The best part is when Vaughn bangs one of the Cleary daughters and the daughter falls in love with him. She becomes a total slut in mere minutes.

Where the movie starts to fall apart is toward the end. The movie shifts gears from being a raunchy guy comedy to a chick-flick! That was when I realized that I’d been fooled once again, damn those marketing people. Despite having two movies in one, it’s a fairly good movie, and you’ll actually smile at how good they really are at picking up women. Trust me, I took some notes from them. Don’t be surprised if you see me at some stranger’s wedding.

Guy Portion: B-

Chick Portion: C

Owen: “When you see a movie critic, shoot to kill.”

Vaughn: “What about Harry Knowles?”

Owen: “He’s a Critic?”
Old people with guns, some reason this is suppose to be funny. I find this dangerous.

So Owen Wilson wouldn’t mistaken himself for his brother Luke Wilson, he has his name written on the woman’s head, so he wouldn’t forget.
It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding, they still show up.

Vaughn: “Want to swap? I like short chicks.”

Owen: “Good, because my back is killing me.”

Total MILF, trust me. She is the wife of Secretary Cleary, but wants to give Owen a try.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this scene is in the movie, not sure.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The warmth of Fantasy

As I play many RPGs during my time, I’ve thought about writing a more Fantasy based story. There is something warm and spiritual about fantasy. There is something special about throwing out science and simply focusing on the characters. Yet, there isn’t much science in my current novel.

Scion Junk

Scion Junk

About a year ago, I was in a Toyota dealership and noticed a huge display of promotions. They were promoting a new brand of cars and vans called the Scion. I watched the Widescreen digital TV screen for all the flashy ads. There seem to be a hip-hop angle to all the commercials and posters. They were aiming for the “hip” generation to buy these cars, promoting the fact that you can custom make the cars in anyway you want.

Now, I think the Scion vans are ugly. They’re just huge squares with wheels. Freaking ugly-ass vans. Now, maybe I’m not hip, but I don’t think the ladies would like to see themselves sitting in the passenger side of an ugly Box. I have one word to describe these things when I see them, ugly. (Uh, the van not the ladies.)

I Just don’t get it.
Please somebody tell me why this Box is supposed to be cool? Anybody…
For the junior Mobsters in your family, the trunk space is just big enough to put a body inside so you can get rid of it.
Scion from the inside, wow, looks Ugly from here too. Note: you can customize your interior as well.

The small car looks like a compact version of that Boxy van in the background, sorry still not buying it.

Come on, by putting wood (fake?) on the sides, are older people suppose to buy this crap? By adding the brown wood favor, it looks even more like a box. Lame…

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I am going to check this out

I'm going to see this movie today.

Yojimbo From FFX2

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X-2 lately, and loving it too. But, I am kind of stuck. Every time I keeping doing a Calm Lands sidequest, I keep getting Pwned by Yojimbo. He reduces all my characters to 1 hp and then kills them before I can heal them.

I find it kind of funny that he was an Ally, very powerful one at that. But, in X2 he’s a bad guy.

Yojimbo is a great Aeon that you have to pay to fight for you. The more you pay the more damage he dishes out. I always like using him, because he wasn’t doing it for the good guys, but for the money. I was surprised he returned for X-2.

He has the coolest intro of all the Aeon. Plus, he has a cool little ugly dog that fights as well.
Why am I putting a pic of Rikku in this post, because she's cute that's why.

The Bitter Worker

Someone told me I am the most irritate and bitter worker he’s ever seen. I felt proud. It takes a lot of hard work to keep anger consistent. People just don’t know how hard it is to hate one’s job as much I do. But, it’s good to know someone is noticing. All truth be told, I’m not sure I can hold out another year at this place.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Big Ron Moore Interview

This the link to Ron Moore (the creator of the "Battlestar Galactica") interview where he talks pretty raw about Rick Berman and Braga his long time friend. They had a major falling out, which seems to have healed over the years, because they have done two commentaries together.

IGN: Ronald D. Moore please note its about 18 pages long but a good read about the creative process of writing.
I really look up to this guy.

Joel Schumacher, this is for you

Okay, I feel a little bad about Bashing Joel Schumacher. He was a good writer and director back in the day. He wrote the excellent cult classic Car Wash. He helped write a strange take on Oz called the The Wiz.

I feel that somewhere along the way he lost his edge and gave in to money. He started to play it safe. It happens to many people, such as Lucas. One of the things that humbles us is our failures, such his Batman and Robin movie. It knocks us back down to our basic levels, because sometimes we forget where we came from and how hard we worked to get to the top.

Here is a list of his good movies and bad ones.

Good Movies

The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Falling Down, A Time to Kill, 8MM, Phone Booth

Bad movies

The Phantom of the Opera, Bad Company, Batman & Robin, D.C. Cab (yes the movie with Mr. T)

Smile Joel, things are looking up for you. Then again, please don’t I haven't forgiven you for messing up Batman like that.

Batman Begins Review (day late and a Penny short)

Batman Begins

It’s been many years since there has been a Batman movie. Thanks to Joel Schumacher and WB, the last one was complete and total crap. Well, many years have passed and a new team of creative people has come in taken charge of the project. These people seem to understand the long history behind Batman, and they respect that rich history. And, you can tell these people are fans of the comic books, unlike Tim Burton and Schumacher.

I went saw this movie again a few weeks ago. The movie was even better the second time around. Unlike the 89 version of Batman, this movie is an origin story. In a way, it’s more about the growth of Bruce Wayne, than about Batman. David Goyer (writer of the Blade Series) weaves a dark tale of how Bruce Wayne comes to believe the things that he believes in. Goyer has one central theme to his story, and that theme is fear. Many reviewers hated the early 89 movie because Bruce wasn’t really a character in the film, because the Joker outshined everything else. Well, that’s not the case here. This is a Bruce Wayne movie.

Director Christopher Nolan has to get as much credit as Goyer. His directing style is very sweeping, yet he has knack for directing action well. He seems to keep the camera moving at all times, which is something Tim Burton didn’t do (can’t do?). For a director that’s really only done about six movies, he’s off to a good start.

Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne. He just fits the role of Bruce unlike the rest of the actors that played Wayne before him. I only had a problem with his voice for Batman. Michael Caine as Alfred plays him warm, charming, and funny. Gary Oldman is great as Jim Gordon, even though there isn’t that much of him in the movie. Liam Neeson is outstanding playing yet again another father teacher role, but that doesn’t it really matter. Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors we have today on screen and he owns the role of Lucius Fox. Every scene he’s in works because of his straight-face wit. The only bad actor in this all-star cast is none other than Katie Holmes. She seems to be taking classes from the School of George Lucas with Wooden Acting 101. I give her this though; she plays being stoned very well. (Been doing research I guess.)

James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer wrote the music for this movie. At first, I really didn’t care for the score. Zimmer seemed to really like his Last Samurai score so much, that he brought it back for this movie’s opening scenes. Yet, the more I heard of the score the more I begin to like it. Please note, I like Zimmer much more than I like James Horner.

In conclusion, great story and great acting. This is a Batman movie to be proud of. I will be buying this DVD when it comes out.
Grade A

Things to Look For

~At first, I didn’t like the design of the Batmobile. However, now I actually like it, it’s a completely different take on the concept. It has a tank quality to it. Strangely enough, this car also seems to ride on rooftops like the other version in the older movies. I kind of like that tip to the old movies, except this one isn’t goofy. There’s a great car chase that only a good action director could conceive, luckily this director has that skill.

~The teaching montage was nicely done, with sweeping shoots of the snow tipped landscape. You have to give credit to the director for the moving shots. Every movie has to have a montage!

~One of the central themes besides fear, is using one’s power to help people less fortunate than yourself. The Wayne Family has a long history of using their money to help people and influence others to do good for others. A nice touch is the fact the Wayne family was involved in the Underground Railroad movement.

Bruce Wayne’s father helped create a Rail-system so people with less money could get around the city. It was father Wayne’s dream. In order to save the city, son Wayne has to destroy it, to destroy his father’s dream.

~This movie is base on the work of Frank Miller’s Batman Year One.

~Unlike Tim Burton’s version, this Batman doesn’t kill. That always bothered me about the 89 film.

End of Line

“You want gun control, THIS is gun control.”

Bruce: “Weren’t you in Jaws 3?”

Alfred: “Jaws: The Revenge, actually, sir.”

Bruce: “I can’t believe you admitted to that.”
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