Sunday, May 31, 2009

about that Oklahoma City store shooting

Man charged with murder after shooting 16 year old robber

Watch here for the video.

((OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City pharmacist who shot and killed a 16-year-old would-be robber was charged today with first-degree murder. An affidavit says 57-year-old Jerome Ersland shot Antwun Parker on May 19 while Parker was incapacitated and lying on his back.

Ersland has said he opened fire in self-defense.

Parker was shot once in the head and five times in the stomach area. An autops
More..y determined Parker was still alive after being shot in the head. ))

I'm all for clerks and normal people fighting back against attackers and thugs, but I'm not sure about this one. This is because the kid was shot a few times after he was down on the floor.

Keep in mind, the kid was 16 years old and he wasn't the one armed. I wouldn't be second guessing my strong stance on crime (And, the fact people have the right to defend themselves and their property), but killing a teenager when he's on the floor is a bit much.

You don't shoot the kid after he was down.

However, it should be noted that once you go into a store with someone with a gun to rob the place, expect stuff to go down. When you think your gun is big, there's always someone with a bigger gun.

Did the kid deserve to be killed for his actions? No. But, the kid had no business going in the with intent of robbing the place either.

The victim's mother talks about the situation. I, again, thought I would disagree with this mother. Too many times they’ve been mothers talking about how good their children were even though they committed a crime. This mother however admits that she doesn’t know how her son got into this situation. She seems very level-headed about the incident.

One thing I think everyone can agree on is that DA made the right choice in arresting three more people with the crime of murder. Emanuel Mitchell and the 14 years that had the gun. (Update)

((Officers also arrested Emanuel Dewayne Mitchell, who they said drove the getaway vehicle. He is charged with the unauthorized use of a vehicle after felony conviction. ))

Why are these teens hanging out with a grown man? (The adults were 31 and 43)

((All three also are charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. The two men are charged with possession of a gun after a felony conviction. Both men have been in prison for robbery and assault. ))

The NAACP is involved, but I didn’t think they needed to be. The store guy is being charged. However, it would be nice if the NAACP focused on why so many of our young black men decide it would be okay to robbed someone with a gun. Why would a 16 year old think it would be all right steal?

We as the black community need to looking inward and start discussing these problems with our youth. Not everything can be blamed on racism. That's where NAACP needs to focus.

And to my surprise, a NAACP member pretty much said this. I was shocked.

(("These two kids made an egregious mistake," said the Rev. Reginald Mitchell, president of the Oklahoma City branch of the NAACP. "The community is going to have to take ownership. These are our problems." ))

More videos. This post has a different angle from the incident. There's a guy outside the store that completely uninterested the entire situation.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wikipedia Blocks Scientology (What would Tom do?)

Wikipedia Blocks Scientology (What would Tom do?)

MC did a great post about Scientology changing info on Wiki and them trying to be sneaky about it. (Make sure to read that post before reading on here.)

Sky Reported in the end of this video.

Well, the fine folks over at Wikipedia have had enough of the Space Church’s BS. They’ve banded them from making edits. Read on from,

((Wikipedia, the giant online encyclopedia anyone can edit, has decided to block contributions from computers owned by the Church of Scientology, saying that it has changed copy to advance its own agenda.))

This is something MC stated in his post.

((The committee said online contributors, using computers apparently owned by the church, were coordinating to change articles about Scientology and advance a single, specific viewpoint.))

This thrills me to no end, but keep in mind this won’t stop the Space Church from changing entries. They’ll just do it from different IP addresses.

Right now, Scientology is having other problems around the world. They’re fighting charges from French.

This Wiki thing is just another poop sandwich in a poop storm.

In the words of Hannibal from The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

I wonder what Mark Bunker thinks of all this news.

Free Will Smith!

Side note: Tom's friend Will Smith needs to be freed from this Space Church. Doesn't he know this usually ruins their careers? He's creating schools and saying silly comments about marriage counseling.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (trailers Green and Red Bands


(Head over to Slash Film for the rest of the info)

Green Band trailer

Comment: Even though it's clean, I still find this funny.

Red Band trailer

I'm digging it. Of course, there is more cussing in this version.

When Jeremy Piven isn't getting food poisoning, he's been playing the same damn character for years. This isn't any different. (Ari Gold Buddy Israel and Damon Schmidt are the same characters.) But, he plays these salesman type characters well.

Speaking of Progressive Girl Flo (Geico Cavemen vs. Progressive Girl Flo)

Speaking of Progressive Girl Flo (Geico Cavemen vs. Progressive Girl Flo)

In some strange alt-universe, Flo shares the same universe as the stupid Geico Cavemen.

BTW, the woman that plays Flo does stand-up (Stephanie Courtney). I can't say I liked the clip. Not my cup of tea. But, It shows her character isn't that far removed from her stand-up personality.

I want to see a three-way battle between Flo, the Cavemen and Special Agent Erin.

They keep coming

This is a great list from (Apoliticus) and they cover People who just will not go away

I pretty much agree with their list, but I wanted to add my 2 cents to it. Here are a few on the list.

Dick Cheney: Man, Dick just won’t shut up. He’s doing all the interviews he can to bash Obama. I liked him better when he was hiding in the shrubs during news conferences or shooting his best friend in the face. (With a gun, keep your minds out of the gutter.)

Bill Clinton: Give him this: He’s not in the news anymore banging 1s and 4s right?

David Hasselhoff: Makes me wish I had a drop of ‘Red Matter’ to create a black hole and so I could throw the Hoff inside. (There, a Trek reference!)

Paris Hilton: It is time for her to go away. At least Lindsay Lohan makes it interesting. (What is messa sayin?) (Yeah, I just did a Jar-Jar reference)

Gene Simmons: I don’t like KISS and I hate Mr. Simmons even more. He’s had more than one reality show and that’s too many. Mr. Simmons, KISS didn’t create the universe, so stop acting like it.

Octomom: Go away!

Sarah Palin and family: I have to disagree. The whole Palin saga is great entertainment. It is like watching a car wreck involving a train and an airplane.

Joe The Plumber: He claims he left the GOP. I think it is funny because he was poster boy for the election. Remember when people were asking him to run for office?

I'd add one more person on the list. The Progressive Auto Insurance woman “Flo”: She annoys me to no end.

Progressive my !@$

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whoa, talk about a righteous ruling

Whoa, talk about a righteous ruling

Epic fail on her part…

So, how did this story come about?

Taken from The Daily RTF,

((Haman sued Harris last year after she filed a false report claiming Haman was acting naughty while working as a security guard at Johnny Gitto's restaurant. Haman's lawsuit is thought to be the first time a city cop has sued someone for filing a false complaint against an officer. ))

She claimed that he was involved in sexual acts and taking drugs while working there part time a security guard. Officer Haman (Not to be confused with Reggie Hammond from Another 48hrs) won the lawsuit and this was the settlement.

She had to apologize on Youtube for all to see. This is brilliant, it's the best public shaming I've seen in a while.

We need more of this.

Cloud in Final Tactics (Re-post)

Cloud in Final Tactics (Re-post)

As I mentioned before, you can have Cloud (from FFVII) on your team. It takes a long sub-quest to get him, but worth it. You will get some powerful allies on the way to recruiting Cloud.

If you have the game, this FAQ will tell you how to get Cloud.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pre-Selected Seats at the movie

Pre-Selected Seats at the movie

John over at the MovieBlog discusses pre-selection of seats in the theater. He makes some good points here in the video. At the local Showcase, there is a director’s hall, where you get reserved seats for a little bit of extra money. During the matinee, I think Non-selected seats works, but in the later showings, not so much.

If the theater is too crowded, I usually just go back to the counter and ask for a later time. Some people don’t have that option.

A guy over at makes a good point that would be some stupid people that will come into the theater late now because they have reserved seating. Yeah, that is a good point too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bad Videos

Oh, no...They're allies now.

Holy crap, this is bad. Faith of the Heart

Some woman decided to sing the Faith of the Heart (Star Trek Enterprise) song with little luck.

To be fair to her, the real song is terrible. Her take on it is like adding dirt to a crap-filled taco. Take note that she has a 1-star rating with only three people rating her. Wow...

I think she could beef it up with some auto-tune or a techno remix.

Stan Bush “touches” the troops...

Not to be outdone, but somehow Stan Bush has made a worst video than the one from above. Sure we should pay tribute to the troops, but singing a song about giant robots fighting it out doesn't quite make a smart connection.

Perhaps Stan Bush can remake the GI Joe theme song from the movie?


Another Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie?

Another Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie? Without Joss Whedon…

Check out the story here...

((A new incarnation of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" could be coming to the big screen.
"Buffy" creator Joss Whedon isn't involved and it's not set up at a studio, but Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are working with original movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, on what is being labeled a remake or relaunch, but not a sequel or prequel.))

Hold the phone, so they’re doing this with the guy that reinvented Buffy in the first place and made it a popular series. I guess they can do that, but what made both the first movie and the series special was the writing from Whedon.

I felt the series was pretty good and had a devoted fan base. Why start over again?

But what about Star Trek?

You see, Rick Berman and Braga ran the franchise into the ground and most people would agree with that. Buffy wasn’t really like that. I just feel if you’re going to make a Buffy movie at least keep it in the same continuity.

I’m sure you could get Sarah Michelle Gellar back, because like her hubby, she ain’t doing much.

Side Note: Here is an repost for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Animated Series. The animation is pretty good for its time.

Star Trek (2009) (Review Part 3 of 3)

Star Trek is a very good movie, but there are some problems with the movie. Here are a few. (Spoilers)

-The waiting Nero: In the theatrical version, Nero waits 25 years for Spock (Prime) to show up. So, Nero has the most powerful ship in the time period and he just sits around for Spock to show up. (He only destroys 47 Klingon ships before meeting up with Spock). (There was an entire Subplot about Nero getting captured and imprisoned by Klingon ships that was dropped.)

-Nero is an underdeveloped villain: Because of the way Nero appears and the way the movie portrays him, he doesn’t have much time to convey a villain properly.
Eric Bana certainly knows how to yell and snarl, but we only get a small glimpse into his actions. (You have to read the prequel comic book). I’m not complaining too much, because the last few villains in the TNG movies weren’t that compelling either.

-Chris Hemsworth’s acting (Kirk’s father): Okay, he’s not in the movie much, but he’s a bit too “Whoa” for me. But he does look a lot like Chris Pine, and that probably was the reason he was cast.

-Bigger Fish eats the little fish from Star Wars Ep 1: Yeah, there is a scene that recalls that scene from Episode One a bit too much.

There are a few other minor problems, but overall they won’t keep you up at night.

Just enjoy the damn movie hardcore trekkies.

Star Trek is a fun, action-fueled summer movie that had me smiling after the credits began to roll. Somehow, J.J. Abrams has balanced the needs of old fans, while he also able to bring in new fans as well. I can’t call this movie a reboot, because technically it isn’t a reboot because the reason this Alt-universe is here is because of the old continuity.

The franchise can start fresh without all the egos from Shatner or Rick Berman, and we can see a completely different view of the Trek universe through this series. For once in a long time, I’m looking forward to the next Star Trek movie.

Folks, Star Trek is back.

Grade: A-

Monday, May 25, 2009

Freakazoid: The Island of Dr. Mystico

Freakazoid: The Island of Dr. Mystico (Link Island of Dr. Mystico)

Part 2

Comment: Simply funny as hell. I love that many of series villains show up for this episode. (Even Candle Jack)

-Tim Curry voices Dr. Mystico! He’s great and his character looks just like him.

-It is funny because this is a spoof of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

-I loved the jab at the critics, because they didn’t like the episode because it wasn’t European.

-His girlfriend is very much a throwback to the 1950s.

- Yeah, Leonard Maltin plays himself in the episode.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

V remake

Check out the trailer for the new V remake.

Link below

With all the remake TV shows losing their luster, you would think ABC would think twice before green-lighting this show that is a remake from the other series.

The people behind this (New BSG type) remake have some interesting things under their belt, so it might just work.

"The 4400" (Scott Peters)

The other guy worked on videogames before this. Jace Hall

Check out the rest of the cast here. (Yeah, Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell is in the cast.)

It would appear Kenneth Johnson, the writer, director, and producer of the first mini-series, has nothing to do with this remake. Word on the street was that Johnson was working on a direct sequel to the first mini-series, and ignoring "V: The Final Battle" and the short-lived 1984 TV series.

It was called V: The Second Generation.

From the Wiki page,

((Set 20 years after the original miniseries, The Second Generation depicts an Earth still under Visitor domination with the Resistance fighting a losing battle. They desperately try to persuade the masses that the Visitors are evil aliens bent on mankind's destruction. However, they are largely ignored, as the many technological and social advancements brought by the Visitors to the planet have convinced the majority that the aliens have their best interests in mind. They are halfway to taking all of the planet's water, under the guise of cleansing it of all polluting substances. Many people were also convinced to join the Visitors' civilian militia, the Teammates (an evolution of the miniseries' Visitor Youth), for the purposes of hunting resistance members.

Just when all seems hopeless, the message that Resistance leader Juliet Parrish sent into space at the end of the original miniseries is finally heard. An alien race called the Zedti, who are long-standing enemies of the Visitors, reinforces the Resistance in their time of need and soon the war is turned in their favour. However, all is not as it seems, as the Resistance is wondering whether they have found salvation...or have replaced one alien dictator for another.))

I remember when the first miniseries ended with the transmission to space asking for help from the Visitors' enemies. The second miniseries never bothered to payoff that set up. I would have liked to have seen the Zedti and if they were bad people.

I think the remake will not go in that direction, but I'll give this remake a wait and see.


Side Note: Remember the evil Diana? She was played by Jane Badler. From looking at her Myspace page, Badler has aged fairly well.

"Shovin' Buddies" Family Guy

Family Guy makes fun of FOX and other networks. ("Shovin' Buddies")

Ah, yes there is the rotating black man ad too.

They mocked these promotions before with Quagmire making out with Marge from the Simpsons.

I found this Yahoo answer amusing too.

((I saw it on Fox TV bug when watching it last sunday, but now i can't find the wiki or imdb or anything about it a secret show? please give me the dates, i also look foward to "rotating black man" ))

He's joking around, but I have to wonder if some really believes there's a show out there called Shoving Buddies. I know they're clearly making fun of Friends. Anyway, I'm shocked that FOX would let them bash the network like that.

Further reading.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alec Baldwin is the man

Alec Baldwin jokes about Scientology

Well, said Baldwin. (Check out the Gawker post here)

I did some searching and came across this response from Greg Garcia himself about his connections to the Space Church.

This is what he said,

(("It started with a story in [the London] Mirror," he said, which had pronounced him a Scientologist because several Earl cast members are Scientologists. "It amused me and, since then, it's just become common knowledge. But I am in fact born and raised Catholic." ))

Okay, I'll cut the guy some slack. I believe him.

Garcia seems to have had a little battle with Baldwin of late, that was until Earl got s-canned.

From Gawker,

((Our only piece of advice at this point is directed to Greg Garcia: if Alec Baldwin decides to ring you up this afternoon, be sure to let that call go straight to voicemail. ))

He might call you a fat little Xenu or something.

While the whole thing is amusing, I think all parties involved (with the exception of the Space Church) are fighting the wrong battle. They should be attacking the Network that has constantly moved away from scripted TV and has taken away their 10PM spot for Jay Leno. Pretty soon, we're just going to get all reality shows all the time. That's where the anger needs to be focused on.

I happen to like like Scrubs, 30 Rock, and My Name is Earl.

Church of Tom, don't f' with Jack Ryan.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Urban Legend my a**

Urban Legend my a**
Once again, let’s play an Anonymous comment tries to attack me claiming none of it is real. This time it has to do with my infamous Cheerleader Post. (I'm still getting hits off that 2007 post, geez)

Here’s the comment,

((Anonymous said...

Jeez... Not one scrap of tangible fact. Not one reliable or known news source covered this "story." This is an urban legend...aka complete bunkum.))

This just cracks me up. Uh, it is true. But I guess you want me to prove there was a reliable source to the story. It came from the damn school newspaper.

Read on. (You can read it here!) For some reason, none of the local news channels talked about it and kept it under wraps.

It is not an Urban Legend.

((He went on to say that Manns had been "victimized and has suffered greatly from this personal tragedy."

Sharp also said that the photos, taken completely separate of the cheerleading squad, were pieced together on the Internet alongside photos of her in uniform on the Internet sites. "They had nothing to do with each other and this is not a positive thing for U of L cheerleading or for a young woman's life," Sharp said. ))

I like this bit.

((Sharp said that there are many Web sites and blogs online that have posted the photos and given a "poor reputation" to U of L.))

I wonder what blogs he's talking about.

((She has also voluntarily left the university and returned to her home state of Virginia. ))

And, yes I heard this was true too.

One of the amusing bits about this site is the newspaper mentioned and interviewed her in a unrelated story.

Here's a quote from her,

((“All of our workouts and practices lead up to nationals. It is always on our minds,” sophomore Name))

Side note: At one point, she did have a Wiki Page, but someone took it down.

I'd like to also point out, she also had her own presence on the Internet before the scandal broke.

So, no it wasn't a hoax or urban legend.

Anonymous commenter, you can officially go F-yourself.

Side note: Actually, a number of none Nude photos have turned up.

I'd personally like to interview her, but I'm guessing that won't happen.

Lost stuff

Interesting Lost background information from showrunner Damon Lindelof

Here's the video (Third video in the post, which is 40 mins)

- Cynthia Watros isn’t being too helpful in returning to the show. I heard she wasn’t too happy about having her character killed off in S2.

-Mr. Eko was planned to have a 4-season arc. You can tell they were really building up this character to be an Alt-version of Locke.

-There was going to be another viral game, but it was scrapped.

-Lindelof likes reality shows, yuck. He won’t mention how he feels about Heroes. Heroes has some serious problems and I could not get through the second season.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Touch (Sam’s Theme) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen version (Stan Bush)

The Touch (Sam’s Theme) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen version

Just try not to laugh at the video. I 'Dare' you

It would appear Stan Bush went out and made this video by himself and I at least hope it was him. Because if the studio did this video, they should be ashamed.

However he would later release a better edited version of the video.

While Stan Bush is cheesy and corny, I'd say let him have his song on the soundtrack. There will be so many horrible songs on the soundtrack anyway. Plus, this is sort of a throwback to the 80s song.

Michael Bay, let him have his 15 minutes.

Side Note...

(By the way, here's Linkin Park's “New Divide” Transformers song) Composer Steve Jablonsky is supposed to use portions of Linkin Park’s song in the actual score. It should be interesting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesse “the body” Ventura rips Mr. Hannity a new one

Predator Vs. Hannity: In space, we all loose.

Jesse “the body” Ventura rips Mr. Hannity a new one

Like I said before, I am not a political blogger, but I think the appearance of Ventura gives it that pop culture vibe.

I don’t agree with everything Ventura says or stands for, but many times I find myself agreeing with him. This is one of those times. (I hate both the left and right equally)

Besides, he ain’t got time to bleed.

My Name is Earl=My name is canceled

Bye Bye, Earl

My Name is Earl has been canceled. NBC continues to make stupid mistakes. Hey, I wasn’t a regular watcher, but I loved this show and you can’t go wrong with Jaime Pressly. It feels like a Kevin Smith show.

Anyway all that’s gone. But, this is coming from the same Network that feels the need to give Jay Leno the 10PM slot.

Maybe, Jason Lee can pray to Xenu to bring the show back.

Check out what the creator of the show had to say.

(("It’s hard to be too upset about being thrown off the Titanic."))

((Garcia found out NBC no longer wanted his series during a phone call with Jeff Ingold, executive vice president of comedy programming -- just 30 minutes before NBC released its schedule to the media.))

NBC, you might be the new FOX. At least they gave Prison Break a proper ending.

Ravage=USB drive

Simply the coolest Transformer tie-in product ever. (Source Topless Robot)

Granted I liked the old tapes and Soundwave being a tape player, but it is out of date with today's technology. Lord knows if Soundwave was a Zune, he'd lock up and never work correctly. But imagine Soundwave as a laptop and Ravage being an USB Drive. Well at least they got the USB right.

I wish Bay would have given him a resemblance to the original of Ravage from the 80's cartoon.

I'm not sold on the new Ravage as he appears in the new movie. But have a look.

What's with the one eye?

Mary Carey takes a jab at Drew?

Mary Carey back in the porn seat, so to speak. (TMZ link)

Safe for work trailer.

So, Dr. Drew tried to help her, and how does she repay him? She stars in an adult video spoofing Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab. When I heard her life story on the Adam Carolla Show, I felt bad for her. But after obviously relapsing, she not only ignores Drew's advice about staying out of the adult business, she makes fun of Drew in the video with a look-a-like character.

From TMZ, here's Drew's reaction.

((UPDATE: The real Dr. Drew just twittered about "Pornhab," saying, "For those of you wondering about my feelings about Mary Ellen Cook's [Mary Carey's] choice to mock : Res ipsa loquitur. Makes me very sad." ))

In the behind the scenes video, she makes a remark about liking Dr. Screw better than Dr. Drew. Sounds a little ungrateful to me. While it was on a reality show, he did try to help you.

If she continues on this path, we'll hear about her dying from an overdose or worst.

Side Note: On her Twitter page, she says this to Dr. Drew through a tweet.

((DrDrew I hope you don't hate me, it wasn't my idea. @DrDrew John Irwin refused to put me on anymore shows. It is his fault ))

Michael J. Fox Pepsi ads II

More Michael J. Fox Pepsi ads

Because people liked my first one here are a couple more.

Michael vs. a very smart dog

Here’s the original version of that

-Look for Robbie the Robot in this version. I'm not making that up. (He has his own real appearance in this AT&T ad)

-This one has the real ending to the ad, where the hot chick has a roommate. The other version just has him shrugging.

Bonus ad, Paul Reiser and his AT&T ad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At some point...

At some point, I'm going to really have to discuss this cheerleader thing, because a certain comment for that old post got me pissed off...
I just love when people challenge me.
I'll have more on this later.

Lil song

Remember when he was a part of the Hot Boys?

Lil Wayne (Hot Revolver)

Head over to Mayren's post (link above) with the video and hear Wayne's rock song. I'm not sure what I can say about the song. The background music is alright, but the auto-tuned of Wayne's voice doesn't fit with the music. I'm not saying auto-tune doesn't sit well with rock music, but this song doesn't work with it. (Yeah I used a triple negative)

Myspacer Brags about her misdeeds and gets caught.

Talk about crazy...

Some lady decides to throw paint all over her 'former' roommate's house and then talks about on her Myspace.

Check it out from the link above,

((Portlyn Lauren Miller, who splashed paint all over the inside of her roommate's St. Paul house — and then bragged about it on her MySpace page — will have 30 days in jail to think about her behavior. ))

Maybe she'll splash paint on some else's prison cell.

If you're going to go through the trouble of painting my walls, can you at least take out my trash too?

BTW, she painted everything in the house, including his cat. Come on, do you have to bring the cat into this?

((The same day as the paint episode, Miller posted a message on her MySpace social-networking page that read, "I win ... It's a fact. You (messed) with the wrong (woman)," the criminal complaint said. She also posted a photo of herself posing by Thompson's paint-covered door. ))

More like you lost, lady. Way to snitch on yourself by posting pictures of yourself standing by the crime.

Now, I've said that being former roommates just doesn't cut it for the behavior she should here. There has to be something more, because she took the time to break in and paint the damn house. It feels more like these two were in a relationship that went south.

((Her attorney said the two were "involved," but Thompson denied that. ))

Yeah, I thought so. You don't behave in this manner unless he was 'breaking off a piece'.

The fact that she thought it was a good idea to do it and then brag about it shows that she thought she was justified in her actions. Then she goes about posting the pictures. Not exactly a harden criminal.

You break up with someone and you move on. Plain and simple as that. Why waste time getting back at someone?

BTW, please Ms. Miller don't come and paint my car and dog for writing this post.

I wish I could find pictures of her misdeeds, but I can't find them anywhere.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

This is for Bio-dome.

Random Thoughts

~Keith Olbermann is 100% about this Carrie Prejean stuff. I don't know why she keeps talking about it. I don't agree with her stance, but she was asked for her opinion. BTW, Carrie is a bit fake with all the makeup and boob job. Why do women feel the need to get breast implants.

~Here's another reaction to Steven Seagal's famous Energy Drink. It's priceless. For some reason, I can't find anyone selling his drink anymore. I mean how can someone continue to fail at everything and still have a multiple careers?

And, now we the story behind Steven's search for the ingredients to Lightening Bolt drink. The best part of this spoof video is the ending. He rips something off a guy and proceeds to eat it. Bonus video: A guy attempts to drink Steven's drink. He has some bad aftereffects. Notice the cat nearby runs away after he drinks it. Perhaps, animals know the true evil.

~Mr. T gives out Life Lessons. Why is Mr. T always in a school area the whole time? Does he live in a school when he's not working for the A-Team. Mr. T talks about people not messing around with other people's stuff, but ask him exactly how he got all those gold chains. (People didn't give him those chains.)

~Why is Pauly Shore in this video? Don't blink or you'll miss him. Why is Shore punching him?

~The termination of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Well, most people knew this was coming. I've been looking forward to watching this show for some time, but I never had a chance.

~Speaking of canceled shows, did you know Knight Rider was canceled? Most people didn't. It was canceled on the down-low. I guess NBC was embarrassed that they had high hopes for the show. How much longer before Heroes is canceled? The new Knight Rider was bad. (Wiki has no mention of its cancellation.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Auto-Tune #3

Auto-Tune #3

This one is even better than the second one. Best highlights

-Dick Cheney glaring at the woman is priceless. (Notice Cheney doesn't have auto-tune on his voice.)

-Ron Paul jamming and singing “Gotta believe!”

-The return of “Very Thing Ice” and Katie Couric singing.

-Playing Donkey Kong with you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Transmundane Award II ( I won! )

Red 2: "There's too many of them!"

Good news, I just won my second Transmundane Award. (Thank you, MC)

My first award was about Mr. Sulu and his attraction to Tim Hardaway, and now I have to thank Mr. Jeff Foxworthy for making his Beef Jerky. (That still sounds strange.)

On a side note, I was talking about this with coworkers.

I asked, “Guess which famous comedian has his own beef jerky?”

Right off the bat, someone answered, “Jeff Foxworthy!”

I asked him how did he know that from the first try.

“It just seems like something he'd sell.”

Other people have discovered the power of his Beef Jerky Goodness too.

I have a question; Do you gain some of Foxworthy's powers when you eat his beef jerky? What exactly are his powers? Tell the same joke over and over again? Being unfunny?


Friday, May 15, 2009

No Chicken at Popeyes (Can't get dat bucket heahnah)

No Chicken at Popeyes (Can't get dat bucket heahnah)

My brother told me about this.

Chalk this up to News organizations making black people look bad. They just had to interview some of the most crazy sounding black people in the video. And why is a dirty-ass store running out of chicken news-worthy?

“How you going to run out of chicken?”

As a black person, I'm embarrassed. Maybe I'm not in the loop, but I've never liked Popeyes Chicken.

Do you have to yell at the Drive-thru speaker?

This guy pretty much sums up how I feel about this clip.

I wish I could exclusively blame the news people for this report, but the people in the video are the ones making an ass of themselves.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final Fantasy 7 Demo

Final Fantasy 7 Demo

I’ve already posted FF8’s demo, so here’s FF7’s demo. Many people have stated that there are differences from the original game.

It seems a little harder than the actual game.

There is no celebration music after you win a battle.

Aeris is in the first mission.

I have to agree with the Vlogger that the battle models are amazing to look at.

My Bike

Anyone that wanted to know what my bicycle looks like, this is same exact model that I have.

Check out the specs here on the official page.

It is a Trek 7000 and it is a very good looking bike. I've gotten a lot of positive responses about it.

Few things about it

~It has a nice silver/black paint job.

~It is a Hybrid Bike. Meaning it has characteristics of both Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes. I can get more speed out of Hybrid bikes on the open road than Mountain Bikes, but I don't have the speed of road bikes. I can explore some off road trails.

~Hybrid Bikes are the Red Mages of bikes. Here's a video on the subject.

~The bike is very light compared to my old mountain bike.

Given I've had department store bikes all my life, this is the best non-department bike I've ever had.

Janeane Garofalo 1/Fox 0

Janeane Garofalo gets ambushed and does a great job defending herself.

I'd be the first one to say that I'm not a huge fan of Garofalo. I've always found her to be too serious too far to the left for my taste. She's like the female version of Sean Penn. But, damn did she defend herself well in the video in the link.

I've noticed Fox does a lot of these ambush interviews against liberals, but not so much with the right. I bet the Fox producer thought he'd get a Rose moment out of Garofalo, but that simply didn't happen. She was very calm in her responses.

Then, there's Greta Van Susteren. She has no room to talk considering her association with a certain Space Church.

I never thought I'd say this but: Well done, Janeane.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fail videos

Fail videos

-Food Critic has a lot more on her mind than eating food: Now, the whole world knows what she is thinking about all the time. Hey, she can give me a call.

-Stupid Bike Jumper fail: His whole entire bike breaks apart. I've never seen anything like it. I'm guessing it was his father filming it. Listen to what the kid says when he's on the ground. Now, this is video of a fat guy getting pwned is almost as good.

-Wimpy Emo kid vs. heavy weight: You have to see this video and watch the Emo kid literally lose his hair. I guarantee that the “heavy weight” wasn't even hurt. No matter who wins, we all lose. They're both annoying.

-How not to ride a bike...into a wall

Tony48219 (Anthony Powell) controversy Part 2 of 2

Tony48219 (Anthony Powell) controversy Part 2 of 2

((This account is closed. )) It says on his youtube link.

While most Anthony Powell videos are gone, he did leave some Live-video movies. At a certain point, Youtube kicked Tony off their site and he migrated to Livevideo. It seems a lot of the more unstable youtubes hide here to make videos.

(You can check them out here) (Here are all his live-videos)

Watching Tony’s videos, I get the strong impression that there was a lot of violence simmering inside him. His videos here are certainly more focused on hatred against women, especially black women, than atheists.

I have to wonder if this was the reason he decided to kill Asia before killing himself. Or did he have a stalk/crush on her and went searching for her before he'd turn the gun on himself. (They shared a class together.)

It is at this point, that I truly knew he had lost it. This video shows him just totally loses it.

This is really disturbing.

Anyway, here are a few more links.

More videos from Tony.

It seems the person Tony looked up too has fallen off Youtube as well.

This is supposedly his myspace, but I find it strange that no one has removed it or Asia's page, whom was his only friend on his page.

Anyway, my heart goes out to the family of Asia McGowan.

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