Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cloud in Final Tactics (Re-post)

Cloud in Final Tactics (Re-post)

As I mentioned before, you can have Cloud (from FFVII) on your team. It takes a long sub-quest to get him, but worth it. You will get some powerful allies on the way to recruiting Cloud.

If you have the game, this FAQ will tell you how to get Cloud.


Mayren said...

kick ass thankies. i'm always looking for re-playability in older games.

Semaj said...

I really love this game. You will get some amazing allies just trying to seek out cloud and his sword.

MC said...

Speaking of Square Enix tactic RPGs, I am wondering if you have every played Front Mission 4... I've been looking at getting it and I am wondering if it is any good.

Semaj said...

Very good game, it has a very FFT feel to it. (with HPs to all body parts)

I didn't finish FM4, but I beat 3 though. The FM series is very addictive.

Give it a try

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