Friday, May 01, 2009

Crossfire! ("Crossfire... you'll get caught up in the... Crossfire" )


Here's the Wiki entry on this “rad” game.

Remember this board game?

We’d use to sing this damn song at work all the time. I also remember when board games were almost as popular as videogames and actually had better TV ads.

Basically, Crossfire is a simple game where you and another guy shoot little balls at these rolling spike things and try to get them in the other person’s area. (Okay, that sounded really dirty didn’t it?)

I always remembered this being like that damn Hungry-Hungry Hippos or that dumb Mr. Bucket. Come to think of it, there were a lot of board games involving multiple balls going in or coming out of creatures’ mouths. What’s up with that?

(Note: I had Hungry-Hungry Hippos)

I find the ad a little misleading. In the future, I don’t think the population will be playing Crossfire. I could be wrong.

The Crossfire theme song live

This man puts everything into that damn song.

Here’s a full band performing the song

You’ll get caught up in the Crossfire! Crossfire!!!!

Look at this kid's face, no kid should have this much fun shooting balls out of a gun. And, why is there lightening going on over his shoulder. Where's his parents? Don't they care about him getting "caught up in the Crossfire"?


MC said...

The Crossfire theme live is the only way I can hear it ever since I saw the video way back when.

Semaj said...

Lol, I need to my version of the song time. I started singing this song around work today and got a lot of strange looks

Mayren said...

O my gawd...
Ok this is tune to Crossfire is one of my personal themes...
It's like a joke i pass to all my friends. when something funny happens or crappy i take a word for the situation and insert it into the song... so if you fell and broke your butt i would sing "" Butt-breaker... you got caught up in the Buuuuttt BREAKer.. YEAH""

just sayin. it's my personal theme

Semaj said...

That's funny, I need to do that. Again, I'll probably get strange looks again.

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