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The Golden Raspberry Nominations Part 2

The Golden Raspberry Nominations Part 2
Worst Supporting Actor
 Chris Brown in Battle of the Year as Rooster: Yeah, Brown really “beat out” a lot people for this role. All jokes aside, did anyone even see this dance movie? Aren't these hip-hop dance movies out of style?
Larry the Cable Guy in A Madea Christmas as Buddy: People, stop giving this one trick pony work. First that Pixar movie and now this thing. Stop just stop, Larry. I hope he wins because he might actually show up to receive the award.
Taylor Lautner in Grown Ups 2 as Frat Boy Andy : This guy is still acting?
Will Smith in After Earth as Cypher Raige : Again, I like Will Smith when he not hawking his crazy religious beliefs and his talentless children. However, having M. Knight and the smell of Battlefield Earth on your movie simply doesn't help. And, where was your rap song tie-in? Wiki Wild Wild After Earth.
Nick Swardson in Grown Ups 2 and A Haunted House as Nick Hilliard and Chip the Psychic (respectively): Crap, talk about a guy that is constantly unfunny, yet still gets a lot of work. This guy is really bad. He's like the poor man's Jamie Kennedy.
Worst Supporting Actress
Stick to making shitty dance music.
Salma Hayek in Grown Ups 2 as Roxanne Chase-Feder : I love me some Salma. She is one hot number, but she isn't helping her cause by showing up in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2. She'll probably win because I think she's gotten a few nods years before. This woman is amazing.
Katherine Heigl in The Big Wedding as Lyla Griffin : Having a diva like attitude without the talent will hurt your career. Now, Heigl is starring in cough medicine ads on TV. Heigl career is really bad and this is another misstep. She really needs to use a phoenix down on her career.
Kim Kardashian in Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor as Ava : Someone told her she was an actress. Sorry, people spend years just to get rejected for parts. Remember, she's done one of those really bad spoof movies as well and she was terrible in that as well. I hope she wins this as well.
Lady Gaga in Machete Kills as Third Face of El Chameleon : No one saw Machete Kills. It went through the theater with little to no fanfare. I liked the first one but didn't bother to see this one. Why was Gaga in this?
Lindsay Lohan in InAPPropriate Comedy and Scary Movie 5 as Herself and Herself (respectively) : When she's spoofing herself and still does a poor job, it might be time to hang it up for a while. She IS the joke now. Remember her early roles before she got drugged up ugly?
Worst Screen Combo
The entire cast of Grown Ups 2 : Just an excuse to hang out with friends and balloon the budget up to 80 million dollars. This is really a sticking point for me. Comedies are supposed to be a way for studios to make back their money on bigger projects. I just want to know where the money was spent. Then you throw in those endorsements as well.
The entire cast of Movie 43 : Not sure why anyone sign up for this train wreck.
Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5 : Yeah, you're scraping the bottom of the bowl for this shit. Two of the most set-centered drunks in one movie, how can it go wrong?
Tyler Perry and either Larry the Cable Guy or that worn out wig and dress in A Madea Christmas : It might be time to give the Madea franchise a rest for a while.
Jaden Smith and Will Smith on planet nepotism in After Earth : Shit just got real, yo.

I was touched by a special way

I was touched by a special way
Couldn't agree more. Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. Look, Cameron is a douche and has only gotten worst with age. He truly believes this shit.  BTW, was that old sitcom really that good?

Thumbs up for the Omar (The Wire) shout out. 

Hat tip to Reddit videos

I wonder if they would have gotten Gary Coleman if he was still alive? 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's 300 days in jail

That's 300 days in jail
300 days, enjoy that stay.
I love that she was angry with the notion of leaving her home when the other people show up to the house. Does she know how to keep your mouth shut.? She doesn't realize how bad it is to spend time in jail compared to prison. Jails are short term and prisons are long term and built for that.  I have a family member that is spending an extended period in jail not prison. 
The fact she knows about commissary means she's been in jail/prison a few times.
Learn to keep your mouth shut and not get the last word in and stop acting ghetto while in court. The judge is the king when he's in his courtroom. 
Did she want to stay in jail instead of paying rent?  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Trailer

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 Trailer
-Atlas in the flesh: We finally get to see the version of Atlas as the workers' leader in the flesh. Though we already know he's someone else...(clears throat) Fontaine.
-Don't trust Atlas, Elizabeth.
-The Little Sister survived: So, she wasn't roasted like a turkey.
-Booker is a ghost?: It appears this Booker is ghost that knows everything.

-So Atlas gets back to the surface and starts his civil war.   

Monday, January 27, 2014

Scarf Guy is an a

Scarf Guy is an ass

Hey, Scarf Guy, just because you're on camera doesn't mean you have to mug for it. Not every moment is a opportunity to mug you trendy hipster. Keep in mind this happened during the mall shooting press conference.
Nice hair, a-hole.
Maybe I hate this guy for his style choices and attitude as well.

The Golden Raspberry Nominations Part 1

The Golden Raspberry Nominations are here
Because I love to shit on shitty work, here are a few of the noms and my commentary on them. These are the movies from 2013.
Worst Picture
After Earth  : Holy, crap did everyone take a dump on this movie. I hate the fact that Will Smith keeps trying to shove his untalented children in our faces and failing. And, don't get me started with the Scientology bullshit meshed into the story as well. Smooth move, Will. I like you will, but you need to move away from that religion for your own good. And, I love that the studio went out of its way to remove M. Knight from all promotional materials. They asked everyone not to mention that M. Knight was directing. Uh, you all hired him.
Grown Ups 2  : Did anyone ask for a sequel to the plot-less first movie? Adding Shaq to your movie also doesn't help either. Now the movie made a lot of money worldwide, but why exactly was the budget 80 million bucks? Really, Sandler?
The Lone Ranger : Did you hear that? That was the sound of a 250 million dollar turd hitting the ground. The budget was even bigger, but Disney forced the production to remove a werewolf subplot. That should tell you the kind of mess this movie turned out to be. The best part of the shit storm is Depp blamed the American critics for the failure...while on tour outside North America. Sorry, people didn't go see your film, because they weren't interested. If critics had that much power, all Sandler movies would be flops.
A Madea Christmas : Somehow, Perry has made the Medea movies progressively worst with every release. I can't attack Perry for taking full control over his movies, but why did he hire Larry the Cable guy for this one?
Movie 43  : I had no idea there were 42 other movies in the series. All jokes aside, I've heard nothing but bad things about the movie. I see it in the Netflix menu, but I can't click it out of sheer shame.
For me, I think After Earth or Grown Ups 2 should win the title of worst movie.
Worst Actor
Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger as Tonto: I am not even going to touch the whole race thing. However, isn't Depp just channeling his Pirates character in this role?
Ashton Kutcher in Jobs as Steve Jobs : Wow, no one really watched this movie did they? That's what you get when you cast Kutcher in the role. People aren't going to take it seriously. It feels like they were trying to channel the Social Network and failed.
Adam Sandler in Grown Ups 2 as Lenny Feder : Lazy with a lazy character right? All his characters are Guy-Dude-Bro characters that are loveable. In real life, these guys are douche bags.
Jaden Smith in After Earth as Kitai Raige : Jaden, just stop acting. Okay you were good in the Karate Kid, but stop. Smith should win, but he won't
Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head, Escape Plan, and Grudge Match as James "Bobo" Bonomo, Ray Breslin and Henry "Razor" Sharp (respectively) : He's been in a lot of movies this year, all of them bombs. He might need to slow down a bit. We all know he'll win this award.
Worst Actress
Halle Berry in The Call and Movie 43 as Jordan Turner and Emily (respectively): When is someone going to come out say it. Berry is not a good actress today. Sure, she was good in Boomerang and Jungle Fever, but that was a long time ago.
Selena Gomez in Getaway as The Kid: I know nothing about her other than she banged Justin. I heard she was pretty bad in part.
Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons as Tara : She is better know for suing video game companies and shitty rap stars for her likeness than acting. Suing people is how she makes money now, so I guess she was bad in the role here and didn't get paid much.
Tyler Perry in A Madea Christmas as Madea : There you go

Naomi Watts in Diana and Movie 43 as Princess Diana and Samantha Miller (respectively) :   
You might want to wear a Hazmat suit, fella.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Justin Bieber arrested (baby baby oh)

Justin Bieber arrested
Christmas came early for me. I’ve gone from not caring about this guy to really hating him. His actions have gone beyond being a douche to being a super douche. He got what he deserved and luckily no one was hurt.
Supposedly, his people blocked off traffic on the streets so that he could drag race. Uh, who gave you the right to block off traffic, Justin? This is what I mean about being a self entitled asshole. Throwing eggs at house and pissing in a mop bucket are things that someone does because they believe they can get away with it. And, I have no doubt nothing big will come of this other than a large fine.  However, this should be a wake up call for his fans and his parents. 
Someone has to take control of him before he really does hurt someone with his reckless behavior. He also needs endure the sharp decline in fame as well, which doesn't seem to be happening fast enough.
And that mug shot, it's like the cop handed him a soft-batch cookie before taking the picture.
I was going to make a Rob Ford joke, but someone beat me to it with this picture.

Side Note: What does this tell you about the state of hip-hop that rappers hang out with Justin like he's the tough shit? What is with all these rappers surrounding him anyway?   
 Why are you waving? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Xbox One and Machinima: XB1M13

Xbox One and Machinima: XB1M13
From Polygon, ((Microsoft would pay content producers a $3 CPM bonus (an extra $3 per thousand video views) if they posted a video with at least 30 seconds of Xbox One gameplay footage in the first two minutes, and verbally mentioned they were playing on an Xbox One. ))
Microsoft, why are you doing this strange marketing campaign? But, who is to blame for this PR disaster? Microsoft just can't get a break.

Paying people to promote your product is one thing, but the big problem is the non-disclosure of your payment from Mach and MS. You have to put the tag XB1M13 in order to get your 3 bucks and meet your view requirements. Not disclosing you're getting paid for your positive video is actually illegal.
I also have a problem with the term “stealth marketing”. There's free marketing and paid marketing I think MS wanted it both ways.

((2. "You may not say anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One or any of its Games in your Campaign Video;

3. "You must feature at least thirty seconds (:30) of gameplay/footage of any Xbox One game within the first 2 minutes of Campaign Video

4. "You must verbally mention that you are playing the game shown on the Xbox One console." ))
(("You agree to keep confidential at all times all matters relating to this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Promotional Requirements, and the CPM Compensation, listed above." ))
I have to side with most of the people in the discussion. It might be more Machinima's fault than Microsoft's fault. Who put that confidential text into the agreement? This whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. I kept hearing about the bias of Mach when it came to MS, but I never believed it. This might validate some of the conspiracy claims. It just feels like Mach trying to cover its ass so that the network doesn't look bias.  But, they got caught with their pants down.
I am all about getting review copies and demos and promotions. If I get paid from the product maker to review their product I have to come clean with that, because it is the law. I wouldn't take their money anyway because I have to give a honest review.  Anyone that reads this blog knows that.  I get e-mails from companies trying to get ads on my blog (Legally) and I won't do it.  So, something like this XB1 promo thing is too underhanded because of the money and non-disclosure.  
On the MS side, MS has done a lot of damage control recently with the pulling back of DRM shit. And, the XBOX One has sold pretty good, not as much as Sony, but still impressive. So, why are they still trying to do damage control...and failing at it?
By the way, you can do a YT search for XB1M13  tag and watch all the videos with the promo gameplay still up there. What is sickening is some of the YT people are really spamming the XB1M13 videos. And, I can't seem to find that many English speaking videos with the promotion up.  Did they take their videos down?  
Oh, I haven't got to EA yet...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hidden Valley: I'd actually buy this...

Hidden Valley: I'd actually buy this...
It almost seems real. I want my house to smell like Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing. God, bless you Reddit
More like Found Valley Dressing. 

Geek Culture II: The Geek-ening

Geek Culture II: The Geek-ening 
 I wrote two comment postings on the blog about Geek Culture. Make sure to read MC's counterpoint to my posting over there, because it is a good point of view. (I really need to stop typing POV because it means something else in the Porn culture and I keep thinking about that when I type POV.)
I was a child with a lot social problems growing up and a lot of attitude. I had trouble with learning things like math and had to take speech classes to stop the stuttering. I found myself spending more hours by myself and playing with toys alone than most kids. I couldn't relate to the other kids, so I turned inward. One of the bright spots, was getting a model of the X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars A New Hope. 
 My imagination exploded with me playing with the X-Wing outside my house, flying it around. Later, I would get a really detailed Enterprise D die cast model that even had a separation mode where you could pull apart the saucer from the drive section. 
 My imagination, playing videogames and other geek things helped me from turning my anger inward, causing great harm to myself. Being a geek and soaking in uncool facts and information probably helped me from being a total loser. Because I was an outsider and a geek (not a Nerd), I knew I would never be one of the “cool” kids. I knew loving TNG wouldn't get me laid during my developing years. Actually, the girls wouldn't even look my way because of my status and appearance. Back in high school, this caused me great confusion and anger because of how I looked and what I liked.
Because I wasn't a Guy-dude-bro or a cool kid, I would never see that kind of popularity. It was frustrating to see the jocks and cooler kids get all the respect and attention, while I just became more of a shut-in. I watched other geeks shed their geeky nature in order to fit in, and that even troubled me more. Was it so important to fit in with the mainstream that people would completely change who they are?
I had it even harder because I was a black geek. Black geeks were even rarer than a gold Chocobo. We had to misfortune of being made fun of by the black community as well because we didn't conform to rest of the group. Because you spoke properly, you weren't consider black but a sell out. That's whole other post. 
 Flash-forward to 2014, everything that made us geeks, to be mocked and ignored, is now cool. Star Trek, Dr. Who and Star Wars are completely mainstream. I've people that I wouldn't normally view as RPG gamers discussing the latest Final Fantasy spin off game Lightening Returns. The paradigm has shifted so much that it is now a bit confusing for me.
So, all the mocking and being in the fringe group is now socially acceptable?
Being an outsider was kind of a badge of honor because we went through it. We sort of earned our right be called geek/nerd. “You're a geek” was considered a bad thing to mainstream and popular people. We took it as our own name.
-Cool Friends: You know, the ones that constantly get laid by hot chicks discuss Marvel movies and Star Trek movies.   This is so strange.
 -Wearing Glasses is perfectly okay now. “Hey four-eyes” is a term of endearment. Before, you either wore the glasses and got mocked or you went with contact lenses.
-“You know, I grew up watching...”: How many times have we said that to younger people? Transformers My Little Pony Dr. Who GI Joe
Have we gotten so old and bitter that we can't accept this new age of Geeks? Probably.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~Batman vs. Superman delayed: There are a lot of rumors that there is a lot of trouble behind the scenes during the pre-production. There are rumors that the movie might changing into a Justice League movie. All this trouble in making a DC universe just isn't a good sign that they don't know what they're doing. BTW, why not fold the Green Arrow TV series into the Superman/Batman universe? It works for the Marvel universe. Why would they cast the skinniest woman as the Amazon Wonder Woman? 
 She can bulk up I guess now that she has some time. 
 ~Palin “Stop playing the race card, Obama” on MLK: What in the hell? Where did that come from, Sarah. Has he played the race card recently? I don't think so. I really wish she would just shut up sometimes. She really doesn't have anything intelligent to say. 
 ~Rob Ford is at it again: This time drunk while at a restaurant. It is at this point that he needs to get some serious help and take some time off. By the way, is Ford Jamaican? Why is he speaking with a Jamaican accent? Ford is also hanging out with a guy that's been charged with some serious crimes and doesn't seem to give two shits about it. Ford may be stupid, but he has some balls. Sadly, he reminds me of a family with the same drug and drinking habits. He acts out in the same manner in public just like Ford and doesn't give a shit.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you, Foamy. Geek Culture

Thank you, Foamy. Geek Culture
Yes, really geeks don't get the hot chicks and we are socially awkward. When did geek culture become popular? Was it the Xbox and PS3 age? Remember when the cool kids would make fun of you for playing games all the time? Now, the guy-dude-bros play Call of Duty and Madden all day. 
Now, everyone has heard of the Final Fantasy series.
And, I actually do the Tom Baker test on new “Dr. Who” fans. I encountered an attractive girl claiming to be a Dr. Who fan and I asked her about Tom Baker. She actually passed the geek test and said she loved Baker as well. You can also do this test on Transformers fans too.
And, if a person claims to be a DBZ fan, see if they think most of the movies are in continuity with the show. (Most of them are not.) 

Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher (2012)
 Tom: "If I hear one more Xenu joke..."
Stupid name for a movie and the character, but the movie is actually entertaining. The movie is based on a series of by British writer Lee Child and they based this movie on the book One Shot in the series. Part John Grisham, part detective story, part action movie; the movie handles both aspects well. There are a few clich├ęs here and there that tend to be annoying, but it doesn’t overshadow the movie or take you out of the story.
When a sniper shoots up a bunch of people, the man accused of the crime asks for Jack Reacher to show up. Reacher is a former MP Before Reacher can talk to him; the suspect ends up in coma. Jack and a defense lawyer must piece together what happened that day. What was the real reason behind the crime?
I may hate Tom Cruise for his involvement in that kooky church, but damn he does put a lot into many of his roles. He actually gives a shit about his character. I truly think Tom got into role of being an anti-hero. Reacher isn’t exactly a good guy. He is more in tune with Wolverine when fighting. Plus, he beats people up and lies to get answers. These were some of my favorite portions to watch.
There is one great action set piece that is worth the price of the movie. Jack rides around in a stolen muscle car while cops are chasing him as he’s chasing down the bad guys. He gets tracked down while tracking down the bad guys. It feels like a chase scene out of a 70s and 80s movie. It is pure fun to watch and the conclusion the chase is funny and neat.
The musical score is fairly strong with a nice central theme. Joe Kraemer has this smooth main theme played through some French horns that is very distinctive. I loved the score a great deal.
Probably the weakest part of the story is the weak main villain played by Werner Herzog. Herzog mainly sits and talks on the phone the whole time, so it doesn’t make him a compelling villain. Don’t get me wrong the henchmen are entertaining though. The final boss just isn’t that scary.
Despite the weak main villain and the uneasiness of sniper attack, Jack Reacher is an entertaining little movie that surprised me how good it turned out. And, the car chase is worth watching period. Well played, Tom.
Grade: B-

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kellen Winslow: You can't keep it in your pants...literally

Kellen Winslow: You can't keep it in your pants...literally
From, (( reports court documents reveal police were called to the scene in a Target parking lot because a woman alleged she saw Winslow masturbating in his vehicle ))
First off, you're rich. Why aren't you knee-deep in a pack of groupies? Second, why are you masturbating in a parking lot at Target? Do you “get off” on low prices and car fumes?
Hey, Winslow, there's this thing called the Internet that will provide you with a cornucopia of porn and spank material. A Target parking lot is not ideal location for such tomfoolery. Maybe tomfoolery is his thing too...
Pump 1 pump 2
Now, let's get to the witness.
From, ((As she exited her vehicle, she commented to the male regarding how cold it was. As she stood near the open driver side window of the Escalade, she observed the males [sic] erect penis. She stated that she believed he was masturbating. [The woman] provided a written statement regarding her account. ))
If there is an Escalade with its windows down, don't walk up to it and talk to the person inside. Nothing good will come of it...literally. Plus, there is the danger of "friend;y fire" if you get too close.  And, I am sure he was very aware how cold it was considering he had one of his most sensitive parts of his body exposed.
The kicker is he had synthetic weed on him when the cops rolled up (pun?). Why didn't he zip up and make a dash for home?  Did he need to finish?  
Winslow had a completely different tale than the “concerned” lady. From NY Daily News, ((Kellen pulled over to a parking lot to smoke what he thought at the time was a legal substance,” the spokeswoman, Denise White, said in a statement released Friday morning. “He changed his clothes in his vehicle as to not smell like smoke when he returned home. ))

I half want to believe he's this naive.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Random things

Random things
 ~Hit and Run Leaf Pile: You read that right. A 19 year old girl was driving a SUV ended up driving through a pile of leaves when she ran over two young girls who were hiding inside. She actually heard a thump, but thought nothing of it. The problem was she didn't come forward after learning of the accident that caused her to be found guilty. After the accident, the 19 year went to Wal-Mart and got ice cream. Her boyfriend even took the SUV to the car wash. Yes, that's extremely low, I wouldn't be able to do anything let alone conceal evidence or go out for ice cream.That's pretty heartless. 
By the way, what are you doing driving a suv through someone's piled up leaves?  
~Three-Wheel Car AKA Elio Motors New Car: I call it a tricycle and ugly. And, you better believe that hundreds of hipsters will start buying this car. It is a fuel economy type car, and that's a good thing. However, too many annoying people will make this car a symbol of their douche baggage. The car looks like something out of Demolition Man. The future has shown up at our doorstep. 

 The one from the movie. 

~History of Game of Thrones: I've been watching these videos of the history of the GOT series. They are voiced by the actors that play the characters on the show. It is even written in the point of view of the characters. Check them out

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lena Dunham, you're partly correct and partly wrong

Lena Dunham, you're partly correct and partly wrong
I am actually one of those people that will never be attractive in the conventional manner. Women have never found me attractive mostly, so I know I am not one of the good looking people. Plus, I keep as much clothing as I can on in public. I am in that same boat as Lena as far as being unconventional and not falling in today's standards of attractiveness. However, there is more to her response that troubles me. It is a very loaded response.
Lena Dunham is correct is showing a woman taking off their clothes in their normal life as the show displays. I actually find that interesting, and to be fair she isn't at all unattractive. If the show actually centered on an “real” ugly person that kept getting naked, would it be so popular? I'd say no. There really isn't anything ugly about people. I find Lena to be appealing as any other woman and I would date her, if her attitude was better. I just feel there is a constant crusade with her at every corner.
That's the biggest problem I have with Lena. She seems to always have this anger chambered and ready to fire whenever some people ask about the “excessive” nudity. If someone doesn't ask her about her appearance, then she makes the statement on her own.
From, (("It's because it's a realistic expression of what it's like to be alive, I think, and I totally get it," Dunham replied. "If you are not into me, that's your problem, and you are going to have to kind of work that out." ))
The “that's your problem” portion is a tell-tell sign of deep seeded anger at people judging her body. I know this anger because I felt it back in high school when every woman would ignore me because I wasn't attractive or popular enough to “demand” their attention. I got angry and blamed them in same manner as Lena displayed. Just because someone doesn't find you attractive isn't a “problem”. People have types and you can't just point your finger at them a say, “guilty of finding me unattractive”. We all get the attractiveness hand we're dealt. We can make adjustments here and there, but what you have is what you'll have for the rest of your life. I still struggle with judging my own appearance, which is the reason I almost never take pictures of myself or let others take pictures of me.  But, I've learned it is not their problem all the time, but a matter of taste. 
Lena has turned that outward.
I feel that she does the excessive nudity, which I personally don't have a problem with, on the show just so she can challenge people to say something, and so she can make a statement. It is like when a hipster or goth person wears an offensive shirt in public waiting for someone to say something to them.
Tell the story first and then make the statement within the context of the story.
I have to also put the shame on Tom Molloy for falling for that trap and asking that stupid question. You've taken notice of the offensive shirt and commented on it instead of ignoring it. Now, you have people swooping in and rallying around her “cause”. You know that she says this sort of thing all the time. Why would you even ask the question?
I have a much bigger problem with the show.
I really can't get into the show, not because of the nudity, but that I hate most of the characters on the show. When I understand the motives and like the characters on The Wire and Game of Thrones more than the ones on Girls, you know you're doing something wrong.

That's my problem, right?  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Armond White gets kicked out of that Critics group

Armond White gets kicked out of that Critics group
 From The Hollywood Reporter, ((Armond White, the film critic for CityArts who allegedly heckled director Steve McQueen, has been expelled from the New York Film Critics Circle, the organization confirmed Monday. ))
He received what he deserved. White, for his part, claims that he was just talking among his entourage at the table and not heckling the director. That maybe so, but I am sure he wanted everyone to hear his conversation with his peeps.
Oh, and he's also blamed us bloggers for spreading the lies. Thank you, Armond. For my part, I will let you listen to Armond's side of the incident at Slash
As I wrote before, I am all for shitting on someone's work if they deserve it, but at least let them have their time during an award speech. 
By the way, you can clearly hear the heckle on the update on slash film's post.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies 
 The concept of a love story between a zombie and a living chick seems like a stupid premise for a movie. It actually works in its quirky way in Warm Bodies. Part Twilight and part parody, Warm Bodies straddles that line finely. Thankfully, it never crosses either one too hard with exception of a few moments in the third act. I am shocked that I liked the movie as much as I did.
Warm Bodies is set in a post-apocalyptic world were zombies have taken over and humans live in well-guarded encampments. The young people will go out into the doomed cities in order to gather supplies. One group encounters a zombie group and two individuals from both sides find themselves connected to each other.
A portion of this movie’s story is based on Romeo and Juliet while some of the more soapy moments are taken from Twilight. I mean the concept of a young lady falling in love with a rotting corpse is so out there that it works, damn it. The movie is making fun of Twilight, while still telling a straight story that almost works in its universe.
It also doesn’t help matters that Teresa Palmer is made up to look like the Twilight female lead. And, her character’s name is Julie (Juliet) and the zombie goes by R as in Romeo. Very clever, movie.
The “love” that the star zombie R has for the girl is more than a little creepy and overboard stalker-like. It reminds me of like how the male character in Twilight behaves around the female lead. It is very creepy.
It is toward the last act that the movie starts to lose some of the humor and parody that it built up to that point. You see, there are two types of zombies. The normal zombies we see in movies and the boney zombies. The boney zombies have completely lost their humanity, and they turn out to be the main villains in the third act. It gets a little silly at the end even for me with the humans and zombies fight side by side.
Overall, I have to give Warm Bodies a good rating because it actually tries to turn the overused zombie tropes completely on their heads with a strange merging of Romeo and Juliet and Twilight. For the most part, it works. I actually liked the movie.
Grade: C+
 We can dance if we want to. 
 Zombie 1:  Look, there is a lot of work out there for zombies more so than vampires.  Resident Evil, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones etc.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Mood Improving...somewhat: I've had a couple of days of being in a good mood. That usually doesn’t happen. I guess because the weather has turned warmer, but my usually downward mood has been up a bit. Sadly, I know it won't last.
~Justin Bieber is still a douche: Allegedly, Bieber egged his neighbor's home. Really Justin? Supposedly, the Bieb threw the eggs while the neighbor and his daughter were on their balcony. And, they filmed him chucking the eggs at their house. You are a smooth criminal, Bieber. After being caught banging a call girl, can he still claim to be a Christian?  I really hate this guy a lot.  
~The Legend of Hercules at 4%: At one point, it had 0%. However, two reviewers gave positive ratings to the movie. The percentage moved up to 4%. When a studio releases a movie in January, that means that have little faith in it making money. Keep in mind there are two Hercules movies coming out this year. And, this is the shittier version it appears, and the next Hercules movie might have problems due to this movie. Renny Harlin is the director, so you know the movie is going to be bad. (He directed 12 Rounds and The Covenant ) He spent 70 million dollars on this project and it has only made 8 million bucks domestically. Welcome back to director jail, Harlin.

Pornstars without makeup=shocking

Pornstars without makeup=shocking
Yeah, a lot of these “adult actors” are downright shockingly unattractive. The least attractive one are the ones that seems to have a lot of plastic surgery.
And, Cult of Dusty has a point. Most of the “girls next door” are cuter than the pornstars...mainly because they're not doing Gangbang Girl 101. Porn seems to wear these working girls down real fast.    
If you can find a girl that doesn't spend a hour fixing herself up, that's a keeper.  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thug Cycle is real

Thug Cycle is very real, sorry TYT
I love the Young Turks, but sometimes they go way too far left that I have to disagree with them.  Being a black man, I can say there is a huge problem with thugs for life cycle.  It has become a huge problem today with thuggish people bringing their children up in the same violent foolish nature as they were brought up.  That's what you call a cycle it seems fitting to me.  
TYT seems to not want to lay the blame on the people bringing this baby up.  This is a huge problem with the left.  Many of the problems the black community come from within and not outside.  Sure, there is a lot of police brutality, but we do just as much damage to our communities with the drug and gangbanging (non sex version).
The mother of the kid claims she didn't record it. She says her son wasn't brought up to act like that. I am calling bullshit on that, but I have no proof to deny her claim though. The Omaha Police Union is completely correct about the Thug Cycle and until we in the black community admit this we will never see it change. The union is taking a lot of heat for the posting.
I've met a local judge and he told me one the problems he sees in his courtroom is most of the black males that end up there have one similar situation. No father figures in the home, meaning a terrible family structure.  And, he’s right.  If we could stop these unwanted pregnancy and take care of our children, part of these problems would go away.  And, please stop looking up to thugs around the hood.  It’s okay to listen to thug-rap music, but to follow by example is just foolish. 
Some points
-If we put more thought into our future and education as we did our new Nikes, we get somewhere in our community.
-Birth Control:  Please can we start actually using it?  It seems like we get more and more unwed children with young mothers. 
-More nerds and fewer thugs:  We need more bookworms and less thug worms. 
My problem is this; why did it take the police union to bring this up? Why did it not spawn from our civil rights leaders’ mouths?  It is like people like Jackson and others are afraid to bring this up.
I am now off my soapbox and high horse.    

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