Friday, January 10, 2014

Thug Cycle is real

Thug Cycle is very real, sorry TYT
I love the Young Turks, but sometimes they go way too far left that I have to disagree with them.  Being a black man, I can say there is a huge problem with thugs for life cycle.  It has become a huge problem today with thuggish people bringing their children up in the same violent foolish nature as they were brought up.  That's what you call a cycle it seems fitting to me.  
TYT seems to not want to lay the blame on the people bringing this baby up.  This is a huge problem with the left.  Many of the problems the black community come from within and not outside.  Sure, there is a lot of police brutality, but we do just as much damage to our communities with the drug and gangbanging (non sex version).
The mother of the kid claims she didn't record it. She says her son wasn't brought up to act like that. I am calling bullshit on that, but I have no proof to deny her claim though. The Omaha Police Union is completely correct about the Thug Cycle and until we in the black community admit this we will never see it change. The union is taking a lot of heat for the posting.
I've met a local judge and he told me one the problems he sees in his courtroom is most of the black males that end up there have one similar situation. No father figures in the home, meaning a terrible family structure.  And, he’s right.  If we could stop these unwanted pregnancy and take care of our children, part of these problems would go away.  And, please stop looking up to thugs around the hood.  It’s okay to listen to thug-rap music, but to follow by example is just foolish. 
Some points
-If we put more thought into our future and education as we did our new Nikes, we get somewhere in our community.
-Birth Control:  Please can we start actually using it?  It seems like we get more and more unwed children with young mothers. 
-More nerds and fewer thugs:  We need more bookworms and less thug worms. 
My problem is this; why did it take the police union to bring this up? Why did it not spawn from our civil rights leaders’ mouths?  It is like people like Jackson and others are afraid to bring this up.
I am now off my soapbox and high horse.    


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