Friday, January 24, 2014

Justin Bieber arrested (baby baby oh)

Justin Bieber arrested
Christmas came early for me. I’ve gone from not caring about this guy to really hating him. His actions have gone beyond being a douche to being a super douche. He got what he deserved and luckily no one was hurt.
Supposedly, his people blocked off traffic on the streets so that he could drag race. Uh, who gave you the right to block off traffic, Justin? This is what I mean about being a self entitled asshole. Throwing eggs at house and pissing in a mop bucket are things that someone does because they believe they can get away with it. And, I have no doubt nothing big will come of this other than a large fine.  However, this should be a wake up call for his fans and his parents. 
Someone has to take control of him before he really does hurt someone with his reckless behavior. He also needs endure the sharp decline in fame as well, which doesn't seem to be happening fast enough.
And that mug shot, it's like the cop handed him a soft-batch cookie before taking the picture.
I was going to make a Rob Ford joke, but someone beat me to it with this picture.

Side Note: What does this tell you about the state of hip-hop that rappers hang out with Justin like he's the tough shit? What is with all these rappers surrounding him anyway?   
 Why are you waving? 

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