Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Mood Improving...somewhat: I've had a couple of days of being in a good mood. That usually doesn’t happen. I guess because the weather has turned warmer, but my usually downward mood has been up a bit. Sadly, I know it won't last.
~Justin Bieber is still a douche: Allegedly, Bieber egged his neighbor's home. Really Justin? Supposedly, the Bieb threw the eggs while the neighbor and his daughter were on their balcony. And, they filmed him chucking the eggs at their house. You are a smooth criminal, Bieber. After being caught banging a call girl, can he still claim to be a Christian?  I really hate this guy a lot.  
~The Legend of Hercules at 4%: At one point, it had 0%. However, two reviewers gave positive ratings to the movie. The percentage moved up to 4%. When a studio releases a movie in January, that means that have little faith in it making money. Keep in mind there are two Hercules movies coming out this year. And, this is the shittier version it appears, and the next Hercules movie might have problems due to this movie. Renny Harlin is the director, so you know the movie is going to be bad. (He directed 12 Rounds and The Covenant ) He spent 70 million dollars on this project and it has only made 8 million bucks domestically. Welcome back to director jail, Harlin.

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